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By Riddhi Goswami

Word power

Airport and travel

1. Aircargo: Cargo transported by an air carrier An air cargo helps us to carry and transport goods. 2. Air hostess:- A flight attendant The air hostess asked the passengers whether they wanted tea. 3. Air pressure:- The force exerted by air, whether compressed or confined, on any surface in contact with it The passengers started to feel discomfort as the air pressure inside the flight got reduced. 4. Airline officers:- The people who assist us in the airline offices The airline officers asked the manager about our enquires. 5. Arrival:- An act of arriving The arrivals of the flights were announced clearly and the names of the flights were displayed on the screen. 6. Baggage:- Luggage We dropped our bags in the baggage drop area of Emirates terminal. 7. Cafeteria: - A restaurant where snacks are sold We went to the cafeteria to have a quick snack and drinks. 8. Cargo:- load or goods The cargo was transported by air for export. 9. Check in:- the act of checking into a place We should be doing online check in to avoid queue in the airport. 10. Coach :- the instructor or teacher who coaches us The coach demonstrated the instructions clearly before starting the game. 11. Conveyor belt:- an endless belt or chain to carry goods or materials We picked up our bags from the conveyor belt. 12. Crew :- a gang of pilots, sailors The crew announced the landing of the plane. 13. Currency:- money We had to go to the currency exchange office to get some US dollars as we were going to a foreign country. 14. Customs: - the usual way of giving circumstances. It is a custom for them to wear sari. 15. Departure :- the act of departing We went to the departure side of the airport.

16. Duty free: - a store for selling goods in an airport We went to the duty free to buy things for our trip. 17. Elevator:- a lift in a building We took the elevator to go to the 2nd floor of the mall. 18. Emigration:- the act of leaving a country and going to another We went to the emigration office to get our passports stamped. 19. Escalator :- a moving staircase We went on the escalator as the lift was under maintenance. 20. Ground staff:- the staff who help us until we board the aeroplane The ground staff helped with our queries where the gate to board the aeroplane was. 21. Guide :- leader who leads a group The guide helped us with the trip around the country. 22. Guidebook: - a book which tells us about places of sightseeing in a country We bought a guidebook from a local store. 23. Hangar:- a building for aircraft We proceeded towards the hangar for boarding the aircraft. 24. Immigration:- the act of coming to live in a country for sometime We needed to go to the immigration before proceeding towards the duty free. 25. Jetlag:- Extreme tiredness felt after a long journey I felt jetlag and I wanted to go to sleep again. 26. Lobby:- an open area inside the entrance of a public building We rested in the lobby before boarding the aeroplane. 27. Lounge:- lie , sit ,or stand in a relaxed way Riana lounged about in the classroom during recess. 28. Luggage:- suitcases for a travellers belongings Tina and her parents dropped their luggage in the baggage drop. 29. Passport :- an official document certifying the holders identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel aboard Ivana showed the passport to the authorities and they put a stamp on it. 30. Pilot:- a person who operates an aircrafts flying controls The pilot announced the sudden landing of the plane. 31. Plane :- aeroplane

When we boarded the plane we were greeted by the air hostess. 32. Restaurant:- a place where meals and drinks are sold and served to customers We went to the restaurant as we were tired and hungry. 33. Runway:- a long wide level roadway or other strip of land on which aeroplanes land and take off The plane raced along the runway. 34. Security check :- a place where we are checked thoroughly for guns and other equipments which are dangerous We passed the security check and we were ready to board the plane 35. Sign boards:- boards which tell us where to go We followed the sign boards to reach the lobby. 36. Steward :- plane or ship manager The steward helped the old woman to find her seat. 37. Ticket:- pass for entertainment or travel pass Wendy bought her tickets from the Emirates office. 38. Tour operator: - a person or company that provides package holidays Emirates also have its own tour operator like Emirates Holidays. 39. Travel:- go on a journey Linda hopes to travel more when she passes college. 40. Trolley:- wheeled cart pushed by hand We pushed the trolley down the slope. 41. Visa:- passport insertion We went to the visa department and applied for our visa.

1. Ambience:- atmosphere The ambience of the restaurant was beautiful. 2. Appetizer:- starter The appetizers served were mouth-watering and was delicious. 3. Bar :- a counter ,room, cafe etc where alcohol is served In the comic Andy Capp, Andy loves to be at the bar with his friends. 4. Bearer:- carrier The bearer bore the abuses till his dying date.

5. Bed spread:- quilt We tucked into the cosy bed spread. 6. Bell boy:- Porter; or a person who is called for room service We asked the bell boy to carry our luggage to the 2nd floor. 7. Beverages:- drinks and soft drinks I had some beverages before I had my meal. 8. Buffet:- a meal in which guests serve themselves Verne and friends ate their meals through buffet service. 9. Cafeteria:- a self service restaurant Benny ate at the school cafeteria during recess. 10. Check in:- the act of checking into a place Nancy checked in the hotel at 1:00 pm. 11. Check out:- the act of checking out a place We made sure that we checked out of the hotel. 12. Chef:- cook The chef made lip-smacking and finger- licking food. 13. Cocktail:- a mixed alcoholic drink Minas dad loves to drink cocktail. 14. Cutlery:- cups ,saucers ,plates We bought a new set of cutlery last week. 15. Decor :- the furnishing and decoration of a room We need to buy decor for my brothers room. 16. Delivery:- the act of delivering Lulu supermarket gives free home delivery. 17. Elevator:- a lift in a building The elevator under maintenance caused trouble for the old people who lived in the building. 18. Enquiry:- an act of enquiring I asked my enquiries to the hotel manager. 19. Finger bowl:- a bowl full of water which used for washing our fingers The waiter placed a fingerbowl in front of me. 20. Housekeeper:- a person/servant who takes care of our house The house keeper stole some money from his employees house. 21. Information desk:- a place where ask our enquiries The tourists dropped their suggestions in the suggestion box placed on the information desk. 22. Lobby:- an open area inside the entrance of a public building We rested at the designated lobby. 23. Main course:- the main meals we eat like lunch, dinner We had our main course after having a soup. 24. Menu: - a folded sheet where the foods prepared are listed

We had a look at the menu and we realised that this restaurant served nonvegetarian food. 25. Mock tail:- A non-alcoholic drink Mocktails and cocktails are served in the bar. 26. Napkin:- a handkerchief I put the napkin inside the collar of my shirt. 27. Operator:- a person who operates equipment or a machine The operator died when he got an electric shock while fixing a broken machine 28. Placing an order:- ordering a food I was placing an order when my phone rang. 29. Reception :- the area in a hotel ,office, etc where visitors are greeted We asked for the key to our room in the hotel. 30. Recipe:- a list of ingredients and instructions for preparing a dish We followed the recipe and managed to make the food. 31. Recreation :- enjoyable leisure activity Swimming with dolphins is a really great recreation. 32. Restroom:- washroom I needed to go to the restroom urgently. 33. Room service:- A service provided in a hotel allowing guests to order food and drinks to be brought to their rooms. Good hotels always provide room service facility through out twenty four hours. 34. Sizzler :- Hiss when being fried(of food) I like to eat sizzlers especially, when they are hot. 35. Spa :- a place with a mineral spring believed to have health-giving properties My mother occasionally visits the spa.