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1. "Someone has to win, and someone has to lose," Dad said. 2. A dead bug was in the bottom. 3. Bobby and I do many things together. 4. But she wasn't interested. 5. Four brothers are older than me. 6. Four sisters are younger than me. 7. He accidentally pulled the trigger. 8. He bit into the raw apple. 9. He enjoyed the apple. 10. He gave it to the horse. 11. He gave the cat a bowl of warm milk. 12. He looked at five different light bulbs. 13. He looked into the bottom of it. 14. He lost at checkers. 15. He lost at chess. 16. He lost at Monopoly. 17. He loved gangster movies. 18. He opened a book to read. 19. He opened a kitchen cabinet. 20. He played checkers. 21. He played chess. 22. He played Monopoly. 23. He put his hand into his pocket. 24. He put the bug into the trash. 25. He put the horse in the barn. 26. He reached out and picked an apple off a branch. 27. He removed the glass globe. 28. He replaced the globe. 29. He rode the horse back home. 30. He said hello to her. 31. He said it was a beautiful day. 32. He sat down on the sofa. 33. He screwed in the new light bulb. 34. He screwed in the three screws. 35. He shook it. It made a noise. 36. He stopped under the tree. 37. He threw out the old bulb. 38. He turned on the light switch.

49. 75. 40. 80. He unscrewed three screws. His gun fired. She would send the company a check immediately. I hope they like our stories. 77. . I have friends in every class. She went back upstairs. Soon we will all be history. His dad said that being a good person is important. I have four brothers and four sisters. He went back into the hall. 43. 56. She never opened junk mail. 47. 59. She made an appointment. I am in the middle. It went straight into the trash. 62. History is a story about our past. 61. 79. 69. He went into the kitchen. 76. It was from her dentist. 45. One day Jerry was shopping at Wal-Mart. 78. I have a large family. 41. 44. She said hello to the mailman. 48. 63. His dad told him not to worry. 64. She called her dentist. 57. Jerry watched gangster movies. 50. 54. His wife came home. One of them was 100 watts. 53. 66. It was time for her visit. She cooked the raw apples. My favorite class is history. 55. He unscrewed the old light bulb. I am in the sixth grade. 42. She agreed. I have many friends. My best friend is Bobby. 72. It was time to change the bulb. 71. 51. 60. 81. 74. 70. She saw her dentist twice a year. 73. She opened her mailbox. He walked into his house. That was the one he needed. 65. 46. She walked downstairs. His horse turned its head to look at him. I have many other friends. She made an apple pie. 58. 67. She heard the mailman.39. 68. 52.

The junk mail was from her phone company. 97. 107. 118. These screws held the glass globe in place. The horse enjoyed the apple. 108. The farmer picked another apple off the tree. 83. The hall light went on. Then kids in school will read about us. 106. The horse ate the raw apple. . They shot each other with their guns. 89. 92. The bullet went into Jerry's foot. Then he heard a popping sound because the light bulb blew out. 86. 99. There was also a postcard in the mailbox. They ate bread and hot soup for dinner. 105. They both enjoyed the apple pie. We ride our bikes together. 109. 90. 96. 100. 91. 87. The phone company sent her junk mail every month. 88. The ambulance took Jerry to the hospital. The cat rubbed up against his leg. There was also junk mail in her mailbox. 102. 114. We swim together. The police came. We tell jokes. 103.82. 110. There was a bill from her insurance company. 104. 93. We all go to the mall on weekends. Then the police took Jerry to jail. They enjoyed the bread and soup. They shot enemies with their guns. The globe protected the light bulb. The mailman went to the next apartment building. 111. 95. The mailman made noise when he delivered mail. 115. 112. 94. The farmer put a dozen apples into a bag. 117. The farmer was riding his brown horse. 116. Victor never won at anything. 113. The light went on. 84. The gangster had guns. They had hot apple pie for dessert. The tree was full of red apples. 85. 98. The ambulance came. 101.

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