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Obama blinks, pushes Syrian debate towards mid August as a distraction from budget, Obamacare, immigration and PPT, which he plans to push through quietly. GOP should not take the bait and should call Obama on his bluff
Posted on | August 31, 2013 | No Comments Press release from Dr Orly Taitz, ESQ 08.31.2013 Orly Taitz Obama blinks, pushes Syrian debate towards mid August as a distraction from budget, Obamacare, immigration and PPT, all of the programs he plans to push through quietly. GOP should not take the bait and should call Obama on his bluff. Today Obama issued a statement on Syria, which was nothing but a joke and an insult to intelligence of very American. Obama started his speech by saying that Assad gassed his people and needs to be held accountable immediately and Obama authorized the strike. He continued by saying that he will wait for the congressional resolution and will wait for the debate to start when the Congress is back from the summer vacation. Really? Yet again Obama is treating this whole nation as a conglomerate of 315 complete morons. If Obama genuinely wanted to strike immediately, if he saw this as an issue requiring an immediate response, he would have called an emergency session of Congress. He would have done, what British Prime minister David Cameron did. Cameron called and emergency session of Parliament, had 1 day discussion, a vote and was done with it. Obama stated that he will wait for 10 days until the U.S. Congress is back from summer vacation and he expects a debate then. Obama knows that the Congress will not authorize those strikes, so why wait? The answer is simple: Obama wants Syria to dominate the debate and media in papers, so he can quietly push for higher debt ceiling, Obamacare funding, passing large amnesty that will cost Americans billions of dollars in the cost of Social services for illegals, and maybe even pass PPT (acific Partnership Treaty-free trade with Pacific Rim countries), which would rob Americans of even more jobs. Obama is building on the fact that every Republican and Democrat will start giving lengthy speeches and posturing on Syria and the fact tat Obama regime took estimated 500 billion, nearly half a trillion, from the retirement and disability fund of federal employees in order to subsidize lavish travel and spending of the Obama regime , to subsidize billions in bogus loans to Obama’s donors, will not be mentioned. What should GOP do? GOP should call Obama’s bluff. They should circulate a petition not to get involved in Syria until UN inspectors come up with their findings. The moment this petition is signed by the majority of the House of Representatives, GOP should submit it to Boehner and Obama and state that the vote on Syria is not needed, as the majority oppose intervention until the UN commission comes with findings, so Obama should withdraw this demand on Congressional vote voluntarily. If Obama refuses, or they should call for the immediate cloture, end of debate, quick “no” vote within hours and shift the attention to the budget debate.

GOP should vote that the US Congress has no Constitution and legal authority to fund half laws. Since Obama unilaterally postponed the requirement for the employers to comply with the Obamacare, Congress cannot fund a half program, as it would be discriminatory against ordinary US citizens, as the compliance is be required from them, but not companies. Congress has to vote to postpone funding of the Obamacare until at least 2014. Further the U.S. Congress should highlight the fact that lavish and uncontrolled spending of the Obama administration has caused Obama and Secretary of treasury Jack Lew to take approximately $10o billion dollars from the retirementand disability account of the US Federal employees, which will lead to bankruptcy of those funds. (see reports below) Further Obama donors were getting estimated $25,000 in federal grants of federally insure loans for every dollar they donated to Obama. (read Peter Schweitzer “Throw Them All Out”) This is an unprecedented looting of the U.S. treasury done in Chicago pay to play style. It is time for GOP to draw a line in the sand, state: we are broke, we are de facto bankrupt. When the President quietly dips into the account of Federal retirees and takes half a trillion dollars, it is time to act. GOP needs to concentrate on cutting funding to agencies which are duplicate in both State and Federal government, such as the Department of Education, as education is funded by the states and the federal Department of Education is mostly redundant. GOP should concentrated on cutting funding to NSA, which misuses funding on spying on millions of Americans: we do not need an American Gestapo. There should be a cut in funding to the IRS, Department of Treasury, FEC, which were caught misusing the resources given to them and engaging in retaliation against Americans. By staying on track on the issues, GOP will get support of the public and will address the real issues of de facto bankruptcy of the US government. Lastly, GOP leadership should state that before they are addressing any immigration bill and assuring Americans that the E-Verify of millions of illegals will be checked, they have to address Barack Obama’s failed E-Verify and seek some answers from Obama: why is the Social Security number he is using in his tax returns, failed E-verify?

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Russia calls Obama’s actions on Syria “utter nonsense”, suggest he should be stripped of his Nobel Peace prize if he launches an attack on Syria. I say he should be stripped of this prize regardless of Syria, as he got it based on fraud, getting into the position of the U.S. President with fabricated IDs
Posted on | August 31, 2013 | 2 Comments

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Thank you Colonel O’Reilly and all of my friends and supporters for well wishes
Posted on | August 31, 2013 | No Comments

Harry 199 approved

Submitted on 2013/08/31 at 6:18 am happy birthday – there are millions of Americans that stand with you Orly- who admire your tenacity against this evil-

I would like to thank everyone for all your very warm birthday wishes 6View Post

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Rubio went down 12% in approval rating, being heckled due to his support for anti American worker amnesty. please, forward this to other congressmen, who contemplate supporting mega amnesty
Posted on | August 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

Marco Rubio heckled by conservatives over immigration push
The former tea party darling is booed at a conservative conference in his home state. Yahoo News

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I would like to thank everyone for all your very warm birthday wishes
Posted on | August 30, 2013 | 13 Comments

Willard Rockwell 0 approved

Submitted on 2013/08/30 at 2:32 pm God Bless you on your birthday for the relentless pursuit of the truth. Although I believe the Christ is the only authority who will remove this evil person from our Presidency, I stand with you fervently until the very end.

I wanted to thank everyone for the Happy birthday wishes. I did not find one honest judge or one honest official yet, but I found a lot of honest and good people who care about this country, who do not want it to become a hostage to tyranny and lawlessness. Together we will prevail, let’s hope it will be sooner rather than later.

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Jay Leno agrees with me
Posted on | August 30, 2013 | No Comments As you recall, when I filed FOIA requests for information on National Debt, the FOIA officer responded that they searched and could not find any documents. I wanted to know, how much money they took from the retirement and disability accounts of federal employees to cover up their excessive spending and in order to create an impression that they did not surpass the debt limit. They claimed that they searched and could not find any documents responsive to my complaint. Don’t they have any accountants in the Department of Treasury who could add up numbers for 3 months and figure out how much did they take from the federal employees: soldiers, airmen, FBI, CIA officers in order to keep showing that the debt did not change by 1 cent since May 17? Unbelievable! A couple of days ago Jay Leno was saying that Obama wants to hold Assad accountable. Leno asked: how in the world Obama will hold anyone accountable as they never employed any accountants in Obama administration No wonder this NBC pro-Obama mafia is trying to get rid of Leno.

Submitted on 2013/08/30 at 1:17 pm joe 31 Wait…..the US treasury doesn’t, “does not” have any approved records on the national debt? That’s pure genius. I’m going to add a note to my credit card payment saying “no record of this debt exists, and no cash exists to pay it, either”. Why haven’t I heard a SINGLE word of this on MSM?

Press release: More stonewalling, Inspector General of the Department of Treasury claims not to have information

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Tuition assistants for the member of the US military is under a question mark, but Charlatan in Chief Obama and corrupt members of Congress are pushing for amnesty and free tuition for millions of illegals
Posted on | August 30, 2013 | 1 Comment


Future of tuition assistance remains uncertain


August 30, 2013 – 10:13 AM Most of the military remains in the dark about what changes will be coming to tuition assistance, with just one month until the start of a new…

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“Obama is a cosmic joke foisted on America,” Dr. Savage said to his listeners, adding: He’s one of the greatest tricksters in history.
Every day, we’re supposed to take him more seriously, but every day, we take him less seriously. Obama has lost his base except the welfare recipients and the fraudsters making billions of dollars. Even the legitimate left has turned against him. They can look right through him. They see Obama flying here and flying there, and the next day he gives a speech about the poor. Nobody buys it anymore, except the idiots at the bottom who don’t know anything.

All they know is that they can ship their food stamp groceries to the Caribbean in a shipping container. The rehab racket. The disability racket. It’s one racket after another. It’s all a cosmic joke, and the last power you have left is to laugh in their faces.

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The Perfect Home for Liberals
Posted on | August 30, 2013 | No Comments Never thought about it this way before….

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If Obama gave waivers to his buddies, to Congress and to the companies, there should b e a waive for the America people. No funding for Obamacare until we can afford it, until we are solvent financially and until all other waivers and exsemptions are removed
Posted on | August 30, 2013 | No Comments

Fellow Conservatives: This is Ted Cruz.

Over 900,000 freedom-loving Americans have now signed the petition to defund Obamacare! But, we need 1 million to truly send a signal to Washington that we want Obamacare defunded. If we work hard, we can accomplish this goal by Labor Day. Please help us reach 1 million signatures by forwarding this email to your friends and family. Encourage them to join hundreds of thousands of other Americans who are expressing their opposition to Obamacare at DontFundObamacare.com. Then, spread the word by sharing it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. If we work together, we can reach 1 million signatures and send a message to Washington that can’t be ignored. We can stop Obamacare, but we need a grassroots tsunami to do it. There are far too many Republicans scared of the fight, but together we can unite Republicans to stop this huge train wreck. Thank you for standing strong for freedom.
I have great news to share. Sincerely,

TED CRUZ United States Senator, Texas

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Rubio went down 12% in approval rating, being heckled due to his support for anti American worker amnesty. please, forward this to other congressmen, who contemplate supporting mega amnesty

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