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PHILIPPINE REVOLTS AGAINST SPANISH COLONIAL RULE Name of Revolt Lakandula Date 1574 Place Tondo, Navotas Cause

Failure of Gov. Lavezares to fulfill Legazpis promise to Lakandula Abuses of Spanish Encomienderos Desire for Independence Leader Lakandula Failed Result

Pampanga Todo

1585 15871588 1589 1596 1601 1621

Pampanga Tondo, Cuyo, Calamianes

Failed. A woman betrayed the revolt. Magat Salamat, Failed because the plot Martin Pangan, Juan was discovered. Banal, Pedro Balingit Leaders were executed. Failed. Easily suppressed. Magalat Failed. Hired Assasins killed the Magalat. Failed Felipe Cutabay, Gabriel Dayag It was not materialized due to Fr. Pedro Sto. Tomas preaching. It was suppressed by the Spaniards and Cebuanos. Failed Failed. Leaders were pardoned and later killed when they revolted anew.

CagayanIlocos Magalat Igorot Irrayas

Cagayan, Ilocos Norte Refusal to pay tributes, tyranny of tribute collectors Cagayan Northern Luzon Cagayan Valley Abuses of the Tribute Collectors Desire for religious toleration Oppression of the Indios by the Spanish officials


16211622 1621 1625, 1627, 1639


Desire to abandon Babaylan Tamblot Christianity and return to old religious faith Desire for Religious Toleration Bankaw Pagali

Bankaw Cagayan

Leyte Cagayan

Desire for independence and Miguel Lanab, punishment of a woman Aldaban whom displeases certain Spanish officials

Caraga Cagayan Ladia Visayan

16291631 1639 1643 16491650

Caraga, Northern Mindanao Cagayan Malolos, Bulacan and Southern Luzon Eastern Visayas, Northern Mindanao, Zamboanga Bacoor, Cavite and Pampanga

Dissatisfaction of townspeople to Spanish rule Dissatisfaction with Spanish rule Weariness from Spanish oppression Caused by Gov. Fajardos order to send Visayan laborers tyo Cavite for shipbuilding Pedro Ladia

Failed It was suppressed. Failed

Juan Ponce Sumoroy Leaders were captured and Pedro Caamug and were beheaded.



Failure of officials to pay rice Francisco Maniago purchased; repeated requirements for polo y servico

General amnesty granted to rebels. Initial payment for services.

Pangasinan Ilocos

16601661 1661

Binalatongan, Pangasinan San Nicolas, Bacarra, Laog, Ilocos Oton, Panay

Quarrel between Fr. Gorospe Andres Malong and Failed and Malong Pedro Gumpaos Spanish aggression Juan Magsanop, Failed. Leaders were Pedro Almazan and executed. Gaspar Cristobal Tapar Matienza It was suppressed. Failed Failed but rebels were pardoned. Failed. Diego was assasinated . Failed. Palaris was executed

Panay Agrarian Dagohoy

1663 17451746 17441828 17621763 17621765

Desire to put up a modified form of Christianity

Bulacan, Morong Usurpation of Filipino lands (Rizal), Cavite, Laguna by religious orders Bohol

Refusal of Fr. Morales to give Francisco Dagohoy Dagohoys brother a Christian Burial Desire to expel the Spaniards Diego silang and from Ilocos Gabriela Silang Demand for reforms especially the changing of Juan Dela Cruz Palaris

Silang Palaris

Ilocos Pangasinan

local officials Basi 1807 Ilocos Government monopoly of basi manufacturing Pedro Mateo Failed. Rebels were crushed by government troops.

Hermano Pule


Quezon Province

Being a native, Pule was Apolinario dela Cruz Failed denied to be admitted as a monk. He founded the religious brotherhood, Confradia De San Jose, which the government outlawed and ordered to be dissolved.