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50 Occidental (CA) UC Berkeley (CA) 41,860 60 13,392 11,990 14,060 1,180 1,202 1,100 56,180 28,714

4,5 3,4,5

yes: Upon review of the student's written request, the Office of Admission may grant a deferral for one year, then the student must pay a $600 fee. Two years may be granted in special circumstances. ? Yes: Admitted students who would like to defer their enrollment at Dartmouth for a year can do so by emailing the Admissions Office at by July 1st in the year that they have been admitted. Admitted students who defer their enrollment may not apply to any other colleges or universities during their gap year. The Admissions Office asks students with deferred enrollment to write to the Admissions Office before January 1st of their gap year to provide an update of experiences, activities, and course work, if applicable. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to review the status of any admitted student and to rescind the offer of admission if a student's academic or personal record does not remain satisfactory in all respects. ? Yes: After receiving your admission decision, you may request to defer your enrollment for up to one academic year. If your request for defer- ral is approved, you must agree not to enroll as a full-time student at another college or university, and you must not apply to other col- leges or universities in the deferral year. Deferral requests should be directed to the dean of admission by the appropriate reply date and must be accompanied by the non-refundable enrollment deposit. The deposit will reserve a place in the desired entering class and will be applied toward tuition. If the deferral is not granted, Reed will return your deposit and note procedures for applying again at a later date. Please write or call the financial aid office if you have applied for assistance and are considering deferral.


Dartmouth (NH) Target Emerson (MA)

41,736 65 32,128

12,649 13,422

1,851 976

1,260 600

57,571 47,721

4,5 4,5


Reed (OR) 45/
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At the present time. a foreign university. If you’ve had the opportunity to visit campus. you must indicate your intended major on the UC application. risk you have taken. Because the Dartmouth faculty evaluates each individual course taken by an enrolling student before awarding credit. 3. 4. There are thousands of colleges and universities. Identify and describe a personal habit or idiosyncrasy—of any nature—that helps define you. Topic of your choice (Common Application) Dartmouth (NH) Common application Targets Emerson (MA) Common app Reed (OR) . individual circumstances as described by the candidate will be considered. describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you. As a junior transfer applicant. and describe that influence. 4. or online. Yes: You can apply to Reed as a transfer candidate if. Discuss some issue of personal. local. what are your current academic and intellectual curiosities? 5. and life experiences adds much to the educational mix. it can be difficult to predict how many courses taken at another college or university will count towards a Dartmouth degree. Yes: Dartmouth rarely awards credit for coursework completed at a community college or two-year program. Evaluate a significant experience. please indicate when and in what capacity. 2. Why are you applying to Occidental? In your opinion.0 grade point average in previous college coursework.School Transfer Policy Reaches Occidental (CA) Yes: Transfer students must spend a minimum of two years at Occidental to receive a degree. and briefly describe your visit experience. achievement. or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you. Dartmouth professors award credit for courses that are similar in content and rigor to coursework being taught at Dartmouth. as your application for admission will be reviewed based on the completion of prerequisite courses for a particular academic program at Berkeley. A range of academic interests. you have graduated from high school or the equivalent and will have: • completed one or more terms (such as a quarter or semester) as a full-time student working toward a degree from a App Availbl/Due Date Essay ? 1. Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you. UC Berkeley (CA) Yes: Transfer admission is limited to students who have or will have completed a minimum of 60 UC-transferable semester units by the end of the spring term of the current academic year. Choose a book you have read—at any point in your life—that most affected you and clarify its effect. national. While we realize your interests may change in college. however. To be eligible for transfer. you must be a high school graduate or have a GED and have completed at least one semester of full-time college coursework. carried a full courseload. 2. by the time you would enroll at Reed. what distinguishes it from your other choices? 3. exceptions to this policy are made for United States Military Veterans. Given your personal background. You also are encouraged to complete all general education requirements before transferring. Yes: An official transcript is required from each college or university attended. personal perspectives. If submitting a transcript from a university outside the United States. Successful candidates typically have maintained a 3. and maintained a GPA of 3. 5. In general.3 or better in academic courses. please view our international requirements. or international concern and its importance to you. 1. The most competitive students have completed at least one full year of coursework.

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