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Billing Explorer DeskPro8 Vista7 2010 Full + Keygen

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Billing Explorer DeskPro8 Vista7 2010 Full + Keygen | Billing Explorer DeskPro8 Vista7 2010Full + Keygen can be downloaded, for the internet cafe owner who still use the 2007 version F.09 DeskPro6 please use this new version. Version DeskPro7 / 8 2009-2010 DeskPro7 F10 Can Control All Volume / Sound PC Client. Can Billing Server Small Large Volume Set Each PC Client, Disable / Enable Client Messages to Client or Client to Server, More Security, Full Anti Ctrl + Alt + Del, Task Manager Protection, Blocking Controller, Auto Shutdown, Client Settings From Server etc..

DeskPro8 F12 2010 Such facilities could DeskPro7 All Volume Control / Sound PC Client With Additional follows: USB Lock & Unlock USB Lock Menvegah Virus Loading from USB. Unlock USB to USB Open return Point System With the Point System, Owner figuring & Bonus Game Online can give to the Member or User Internet Game in place.

ABCDE in figuring example: Users who use the Internet, at least 1 hour, will get the point = 1. If 10 hours, got a point = 10 ff. These points can be collected as much as possible. Owner figuring Bonus Game will give, for example as follows: Point number = 4, can be exchanged with soft drinks. Number of Points = 5, can be exchanged with the bag. Point number = 8, can be exchanged with HP Voucher. So the owner can define their own figuring Game Point Rewardnya. Voucher System Time and Money With this system, figuring & Game Owner can distinguish Rates for The computer type. ABCDE in figuring example: PC No. 1 to 30, cost per hour = 2000 Online Game, but to direct Package 5 Hours bianya = rp. 7500, PC No. 31 to 50, cost per hour = 2500 Online Game, but to direct Package 5 Hours bianya = rp. 10.000, Game owners can sell Voucher figuring Rated 10,000, - and 7,500, - for Package 5 Hours. It could cost the division Rates Per Type 1 Group Computer In Room Can Set Rates as follows: (Personal, Group, Games, Prepaid, Voucher, etc.) For example: 1 Rooms There are 30 PC Client Client No. 1 s / d 10 Using Type QuadCore PC, equipped with a WebCam, and AC There was. Tariffs rp. 3500/Jam, Game rp. 3200/Jam, Member rp. 3000/Jam Client No. 11 s / d 20 Using PC Core2Core type, equipped with a WebCam. Tariffs rp. 3300/Jam, Game rp. 3100/Jam, Member rp. 2800/Jam Client No. 21 s / d 30 Using a PC type Pentium 3, Without a WebCam, and his No AC. Tariffs rp. 3000/Jam, Game rp. 2900/Jam, Member rp. 2700/Jam With DeskPro8, a room can be arranged Distribution Charge VIP Rates, Economy Rates, Etc. Standard Rates

In the version DeskPro8: 1 can be different Member Account Fee Rates In the example above, if the Member page. PC using the No. 1 s / d 10, the fee was rp. 3000/Jam. If using a PC No. 11 s / d 20, 2800/Jam fare. If using a PC No. 21 s / d 30, 2700/Jam fare. Report To do List (Admin, Operator, etc.) Billing Activity Report carried out by Admin, Operator, Owner, Such As I entered the Menu Member Area, Configuration Settings, Setting Fees, User Management, Billing, etc. Close. User Account Management Edit the register or account that is used to Access Billing, Like List Group Adds Super Admin, Group Admin or regular User Group. Setting Different Password Each Group Super Admin, Admin, User, etc. Save Report Data (The program will detect Billing Report is removed) (The number of unused Memorandum and the Memorandum which can be deleted unknown) * Move Admin Mode Move function can be enabled / disabled by Administrator * Full Screen Display Client PC line can be displayed more * Maximum Screen Any resolution PC monitor, the screen can be displayed Billing * Mode calculations can be up to 999 hours * Protection encrypts data and passwords * File sound / noise when user disconnect * Automatic email send report * Support mail server smtp

* Buy / adding voucher account updates / automatic pre-paid user when online or offline * Move the automatic client * Change the background of the client server * Display and more complete * Password can be distinguished each login package * Detection of the ip address client is logged into the server, etc. A. Facilities The Same As DeskPro3 & DeskPro4. DeskPro5 & Feature The Same As Having DeskPro6 DeskPro3 and DeskPro4 latest version, with facilities for the Coupled Other extras.

B. Full Anti CTRL + ALT + DEL, ALT + Esc, Alt + Tab, Shift + Del, etc. For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/WinXP/WinXP2/Win2000/Win2003 In the Administrator Mode or Limited Mode, While both Windows Loading Nor Already Login. C. Encrypt Password Protect Encrypt Protect: Billing Administrator Password MengEncrypt Data, Database Password, Password Admin Password Client and All That Billing is on both Server and Client, so that more Safe & Secure. D. Voucher System Packages & Pre-paid Voucher At DeskPro5 & DeskPro6, Log Packages can include Prepaid Package (paid upfront) or We Pay Behind after User Done. The Voucher System Version DeksPro5 & DeskPro6 is Complete, Figuring Game Owner or Admin, live Defining The packet type, The cost rates, the Old Use, Access Blocking / Non Blocking Each Package, Disposable package or can be used again and so on. The operator later made easy for voucher for User / User, The packet type living Choose which have been defined previously.

There are a variety Voucher System Costs, Each voucher can also be configured to login Disposable (One Out) or can also be set the rest of the account can be used to login again. In addition, each voucher can also be configured, Are We vouchers of Money (Money) and a voucher package Time (Minutes). Discount vouchers can also be configured as well, What time is it can be activated Voucher during a certain time span from what time until what time. At Games Online & Warnet, Available Rates as follows: a. Package 7 pm to 6 morning (11 hours) Rp. 20,000, - One Out. b. Package 9 pm to 5 morning (8 hours) Rp. 15,000, - Remaining Account Can be used again. c. VIP room, Packages At 8 pm to 6 morning (10 hours) Rp. 25.000, - One Out. d. Package 4 Hours (Login hour is free) Rp. 5000, - One Out e. Package 4 Hours (Login hour is free) Rp. 6000, - Remaining Account Can be used again f. 10 Hour Package (Login hour is free) Rp. 15,000, - One Out g. 10 Hour Package (Login hour is free) Rp. 20,000, - Remaining Account Can be used again. h. And so on. In the example of a. System voucher Rp. 20.000, Discount vouchers can only be used Start Time 7 pm. Users can log in anytime, starts at 7 pm or 8 pm or 9 pm and so on. Promptly at 6:59 am, Billing Automatic disconnect. After Disconnect, vouchers can not be used again. If you want to add, users can buy a voucher again. In the example b. Together with a sample, but If the user has been disconnected, Users can Login over the rest of the Account is still there. If you want to add, users can buy a voucher again. In the example c. together with a sample, example is used to differentiate tariffs for VIP or More Rates. In the example d.

Together with a sample. However, the voucher package can be used no matter the hour. After 4 hours, Billing Automatic Disconnect. In the example e. Same with example d. Upon disconnect, users can login for the rest of Account is still there. If you want to add, users can buy a voucher again.

All Packages, Setting Duration and Cost, time does the package can be activated, can be set for itself very easy. Vouchers of each package can also be distinguished, Are Vouchers for Game Online or Voucher for figuring. E. Ordinary Member & Member System Prepaid. Besides the Voucher System, can also use the System Ordinary Member and Member Pre-paid. Both the ordinary Member or Member Pre-paid, Everything can be set same as the Voucher Pack, can be set The cost rates, the Old Use, Access Blocking / Non Blocking Each Member, Login or Disposal etc. Can be used again. The operator later made a member is easy for the user / user. F. Update Account Voucher Packages / Prepaid Update Account equipped facility, used for Updating a User Account that are either online or offline. Users can extend the account runs out or buy After the cashier vouchers. Later easily add live operators User Account through the menu Update Account.

G. Tariff Calculation With or Without Minimal Time Minimum Time At Games Online & Warnet, Tariff as follows: Minimum 10 Minute Time Rp. 1000, - Further Rp.75 thousand per 1 minute. Option 1. With Minimal Time, Login first duration to 10 minutes, costs Rp. 1000, At minute 11, the cost to rp. 1075, At minute 12, the cost to rp. 1150, At minute 13, the cost to rp. 1225, and so on. Option 2. Without Minimal Time Minimum 10 Minute Time Rp. 1200, - then a 5 minute Rp 500 thousand. Login first duration to 10 minutes, costs Rp. 1200, In the minutes to 11-15, the cost to rp. 1500, In the minutes to 16-20, the cost to rp. 2000, In the minutes to 21-25, the cost to rp. 2500, and so on.

Tariff System can be set with ease. H. System Discounts On Happy Hour At Games Online & Warnet, Tariff as follows: Minimal Time 15 Minutes Rp. 750, - per 15 minutes then Rp.750 thousand. 9 pm s / d 6 in the morning, discounts rp. 500 per hour. On the Billing, Hourly rp 500 discount if the division of Time 15 minutes, So great discounts rp.125 per 15 minutes. Discount on the Happy Hour, Fill a large value of 125 for the discount. I. Usage Discount Based System Lama. At Games Online & Warnet, Tariff as follows: Minimal Time 15 Minutes Rp. 750, - per 15 minutes then Rp.750 thousand. If you play 2 hours, discounts rp. 800.

On the Billing, Cost of Setting, Load Group Costs, Duration = 120 minutes, a large discount rp. 800 A. Edit / Cancel Transaction Sales Sales Transactions menu has been equipped with amenities Edit / Cancel, Transactions and a more complete system, Can be combined into one with the flag being active, or Online User is not. K. Move Client Move Client facility is easy, just one click, To Move a User from one Computer to Another Computer. Equipped with the System Checks Computer Connection Client to Server.

L. Lock Facility Billing While Windows Loading Functions are used to protect the PC Client during loading windows So that billing is really close / lock the screen before the user's desktop to the LOGIN. M. Client After Disconnect, No Option: Auto Clear Desktop PC, Logoff or Restart Client N. Support Deepfreeze & Northon Go Back & Protection Others O. Level Password Security Level Password Security, Password DATABASE etc. In contrast to the Previous Version and more secure. P. Billing Protection Withdrawn From Cable LAN Card Q. Equipped For the Seeing Automatic Computer Name and IP Address Billing Server Here's how: File Menu - Settings Configuration Fill in the Admin Password, If true, it would appear the information

Computer Name & Billing Server IP Address on the General Tab R. Equipped Send Email Automatically Revenue Report may be sent to Email Owner figuring Game Every How many minutes can be set in the Send Email Automatically or it could be any change Operator S. Client Monitoring Server Activity Log Activity Report Server and Client, to see the live-time function from the Billing server PC and the PC Client, Server Can Know the condition or conditions Billing Billing for each PC Client Billing in offkan whether or not on one day or several days. T. Remote Monitoring Application Server users can see what is being run by Each Client PC. Server can be close to or Kill Client applications that are running. How To Installation: Show Video Tutorial

Installation in Windows 7 or Vista: Billing Prior to Install, make sure to Transform the User setting before. Go To Start - Control Panel Select User Accounts and Family Safety Again select User Accounts Click the User Account that is, Let Any Admin or Windows that will run this. Select "Change User Account Control Settings" Scroll down to Never Notify option on (the box at the bottom) press OK After that, your new Billing Install Client and Server

Installation on Windows XP sp3: FOR SERVER Billing Prior to Install, make sure to Transform the User setting before. Go To Start - Control Panel Select the Security Center - Windows Firewall Change became Off Then install as usual FOR CLIENT Install as usual Make sure all active security features to prevent a burglary attempt if necessary use additional software, like: Deep Freeze anti Exe Winlock etc.. HOW TO REGISTER ver DeskPro8 Vista7 Billing Explorer 2010 Go to the Help - REGISTRATION input the admin password is "008" Figuring the relevant data contents IMPORTANT! Do not Forget to empty the column Contact Service Press next, Open KeyGenerator Enter Serial Number from the Server to KeyGenerator Bex Then press the "Generate" to KeyGenerator Copy the entire data registration, billing id, id Deskpro, server id, license number and activation code into the field on the billing SERVER Having filled in all Hit the "REGISTRATION" Press Yes and then OK Exit billing server, the admin password "008" Then run back, check the Help - Test Register If the code is correct, it means that appropriate measures are If it was wrong, did go back over it again more thoroughly. Special thanks to Jaisyullah IDWS Please Buy Billing Explorer Deskpro From Website Password : Download Billing Explorer DeskPro8 Vista7 2010 Full + Keygen Download Mirror Billing Explorer DeskPro8 Vista7 2010 Full + Keygen Download Mirror Billing Explorer DeskPro8 Vista7 2010 Full + Keygen Download Billing Explorer DeskPro8 Vista7 2010 Keygen Only

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