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Renewable energy
Promoting Renewable Energies in Moldova
"This project marks the beginning of the large-scale use of biomass fuels in Moldova and sets the basis for a new industry. Besides reducing the consumption of imported energy sources, we are introducing the agricultural residues into the economic cycle. These will no longer be perceived as wastes, but as a new business opportunities."

EU Partners
UNDP Moldova Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Regional Development and Constructions, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Environment, Energy Efficiency Agency, etc Local public authorities
Valeriu Lazar, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy

The Republic of Moldova is one of the few countries in the region which almost entirely depends on imported fuels. The dependency on external energy sources leads to high energy prices and large debts to foreign suppliers. Moldova has great potential to produce energy from its own renewable sources, which has not yet been exploited. The Energy and Biomass project aims to promote the use of renewable energy, mainly in rural communities.

Facts and Figures

EC contribution: 14 million (96% of total budget) Duration: 2010 - 2014 130 biomass heating systems, with a total capacity of approx. 35 MW, will be installed in public institutions in rural communities 500 households will be equipped with briquettes and pellets boilers

Objectives More secure, competitive and sustainable energy production

To improve heating system in public buildings by using waste straw from local agricultural enterprises. To increase awareness about renewable energies and promote energy efficiency.

72 rural public buildings to be heated with biomass during next heating season, out of which - 41 schools, 25 kindergartens, 3 community centers, 2 mayoralties, 1 dormitory. 13 903 kW total capacity of biomass heating plants to be installed in 58 communities. 1 046 mayors and local civil society representatives trained in community and resource mobilisation, project management, biomass heating solutions and energy efficiency. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Award MOLDOVA ECO-ENERGETICA created.


Renewable energy
Promoting Renewable Energies in Moldova


The kindergarten of Ermoclia village in Stefan Voda district has declared its independency. Energy independency! Since January 2012, the kindergarten is no longer heated by imported gas, but with energy produced locally from biomass resources. It is nice to come to the kindergarten. It is warmer than at home. I think it is because they use straw to heat it. I will tell my mom and dad to heat our house in the same way, says Mihaita, a four-year-old boy. We have the same temperature in the classrooms as when we were heating the kindergarten with natural gas. The only difference is the cost we pay for heating. It is now twice cheaper than it used to be. For instance, previously, we used to spend over 1,500 Lei (127 USD) a day to heat all premises, and now it costs us only 700 Lei, says Svetlana Sargarovschi, director of the kindergarten. The kindergarten from Ermoclia village is the first public institution heated with energy from biomass in the framework of the Moldova Energy and Biomass Project. I am proud that due to Energy and Biomass Project, our kindergarten is heated with energy from biomass. The village becomes less dependent on the rising prices for natural gas. The community obtains the energy produced locally. Besides, the money normally spent for fuel stays in the village and contributes to the development of new business, creation of new jobs, and community development as a whole. Besides the financial benefits, the renewable energy protects the environment affirms Alexandru Pavlicenco, Mayor of Ermoclia village.

The kindergarten of Ermoclia village is the first public institution heated with energy from biomass in the framework of the project