Camit, Daryl O.


TREDFOR August 31, 2013

To start off, I would like to relate my realizations from Tredone, Tredtwo, and Tredtri with the concept of Vocation in Tredfor. Tredone taught me the importance of religion in our lives, especially Christianity, while tredtwo showed me the Christian Morality that should be followed by every Christians. And tredtri discusses the history and the different books in the Bible in order to find out the foundations of the Catholic religion. All of these knowledge and realizations help me discern what vocation will be the best for me, whether to be married, religious, or be a celibate. The first thing that I learned in tredfor is the three kinds of relationships, namely interpersonal, intrapersonal, and metapersonal. Interpersonal means that there is a connection or interaction between two or more people, while intrapersonal relationship implies that it only exists within the individual self or mind, and lastly metapersonal means that there is a connection or bond that occurs between the self and God. I also realized that there are many misconceptions about the Christian Creation Story in the Bible. Firstly, many people believe that the Creation Story happened in real life or is historical, but instead it is just a symbolic representation of mankind. Furthermore, there is no actual „Adam‟ or a single man created by God, but instead it represents humanity or „Adamah‟. Also, there is no apple in the story, only the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which symbolizes the loss of innocence of mankind. And finally, the snake is not Satan, but it represents the servile will or concupiscence that is built inside the human person as an inclination to do wrong or evil things. Secondly, Tredfor taught me the meaning of vocation and its two primary types. Vocation is a way of life that is discerned by people through the help of God. The two kinds are Married and Celibate life. The married vocation requires people to undergo the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, while the Celibate life forbids it. A celibate can enter in a religious life such as a priest, nun, decon, etc. Celibates can also lead a life of single blessedness. Similarly, I learned that Christian Anthropology is the study of humanity from a Christian or biblical perspective. It is primarily focused on the nature of humanity - how the immaterial and material aspects of man relate to each other. It tells us that Man is created in the image and likeness of God. Christian Anthropology deals with who we are and how we relate to God.

birds with wings that cannot breath air) cannot exist. any universe is bound to have the appearance of being designed. Daryl O. by watching the film “Maging Aking Muli” I reflected on the evangelical counsels of Poverty.g. nature is very complex and it appears to be designed by an intelligent being. Christian Anthropology helps us to understand ourselves from God's perspective.Camit. as an existentialist. according to one of David Hume‟s criticisms. and that there are inherently evil and good actions that we must consider in how we live our lives. However. existentialism states entails that every action can be traced back to his subjectivity. the ones who lack these favorable mutations cannot adapt and will eventually perish. Moving on. This is directly related to Darwin‟s theory of natural selection which states that through time there are random mutations that makes some species well-adapted to the environment. as His adored children. It states that. another Christian assumption is the Teleological Argument or the Way of Design. Firstly. there is a predestined path of Man to follow and that „essence precedes existence‟. or everything that has happened in a person‟s life is directly caused by his own actions and decisions as opposed to predestination which states that man has a defined future that a higher being (God) imposes. since only species that could exist or that can struggle for survival will ultimately flourish and survive. this being is God. 2 . 2013 Whether people are inherently good or inherently sinful is crucial in determining how our relationship with God can be restored. we get a clearer understanding of our fallen nature. Chastity and Obedience that were exhibited by Junjun—Poverty can be seen in his existence because he lives a simple life devoid of any extravagance and greed. that we are created solely to follow in His footsteps and teachings. Christian Anthropology also instructs us that. Whether the souls of human beings carry on after death determines in large part our view of our purpose in this world. It is this new person who can relate to Him as we should. because a universe in which all parts were not adapted to each other (e. When we accept that sacrifice and appropriate it as our own. When we delve into this subject. On the other hand. Furthermore. contrary to existentialism. 11041714 TREDFOR August 31. and this leads to a sense of wonder at the love of the Savior who saw our helpless state and went to the cross to redeem us. There is an intelligent creator or benevolent architect that designed everything around us. our natures are transformed by God who creates in us a completely new person. nature exists because of order and adaptation. I tend to disagree. But instead.

and beautiful”. Daryl O. This means that love is not only nature‟s way for tricking humans to procreate but it should be a part of the developmental process that improves the physical. When Junjun rejects the temptations of Dolly. worldly desires or the love of passion and ecstasy. in such a way that women can now work just like a man should. his family lives in a small house and has little material possessions. Scott Peck. and its relationship with marriage. and spiritual aspect of the couple. Therefore. Nowadays. Scott Peck also posits that romantic love is only a myth or an illusion and even a dreadful lie. imparted me with the knowledge of the Christian perspective regarding the terms Eros and Agape. he is very obedient to the old priest in the church that he lives in. mental. These two should come hand in hand in order to have a fruitful and good marriage in the eyes of God.Camit. and that is that “falling in love is love or at least one of the manifestations of love”. 11041714 TREDFOR August 31. The subject. descending love of others or brotherly love. Augustine (his teachings of Manichaeism) misconstrue Eros as lust or evil but as John Paul II tells us “Eros must not be confused with lust for it represents the interior force that drags man toward everything good. Agape is the outward. I realized that the definition of love is “the will to extend one‟s self for the purpose of nurturing one‟s own and/or another‟s spiritual growth”. falling in love is invariable temporary. Industrialization breaks the gender roles in the family. The book states that it is a misconception because it is especially a sex-linked erotic experience. I learned that a couple's true acceptance of their own and each other‟s individuality and separateness is the only foundation upon which a mature marriage can be based and real love can grow. the notions of Marriage and Family differ with the ancient times. 2013 Furthermore. And lastly. 3 . he is practicing Chastity. only the man or the husband must provide for the family while the wife or the woman must stay inside the house and take care of the children. we fall in love only when we are consciously or unconsciously sexually motivated. On the other hand. Many people such as St. since there is no one man or woman that has been predetermined “in the stars” or that a man or woman was “meant for him/her”. By reading the pages 81 to 120 of the book “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Eros is the inward. true. Before industrialization. And lastly. There are also misconceptions regarding love.

For us to extend our ego boundaries through love. 2013 However in the latter part of the book. the lover must first be attracted. It should also be a thorough and careful decision to love another. 4 . It should imply commitment and the exercise of wisdom. therefore it must be avoided since love aims to develop and nurture both the lover and the beloved. And therefore. Peck contradicts himself by saying that the myth of “falling in love” actually contains a grain of truth and it is also a part of the great and mysterious scheme of love. without the other partner) must exist in love. as good and evil are objective and not purely subjective phenomena. Peck also states that love is not a feeling but it is an action. 11041714 TREDFOR August 31. by falling in love and in sexual intercourse leads us to make commitments to other people from which real love may begin and also gives us a foretaste of the more lasting mystical ecstasy that can be ours after a lifetime of love. the lover is incorporated the beloved within him. which can be explained and analyzed not only through religious means but also of scientific methods such as psychology. The person only gives and gives but he does not receive. It is a self-destructive behavior because there is not spiritual growth that exists in the relationship. Mr. love and non-love. investment and commitment) another person. and by this incorporation of his self has become enlarged and his ego boundaries extended. I also realized that love is not simply giving but instead it is judicious giving and withholding. there is self-sacrifice. Daryl O.Camit. invested and committed beyond the boundaries of one‟s self.e. it destroys rather than builds relationships and people. It should not be the case since it seeks to receive rather than to give. By loving and cathecting (i. On the contrary to dependency. the process of attraction. In summary. In conclusion. in order to maintain balance and harmony. And lastly. it nourishes infantilism rather than growth and it works to trap and constrict rather than to liberate. Another misconception I learned from the book is that love is the idea that dependency (or the inability to experience wholeness. Love requires judgment and thoughtful and often painful decision-making since a loving relationship should imply a give and take process.

Daryl O. As a result.Camit. And last but not least. annulment is sometimes permitted since there is a deception that is involved prior to the marriage. I also learned that divorce is not allowable by the Catholic Church since only God can make or break the union of marriage. 5 . Abortion is sometimes acceptable if and only if the woman is raped since the union is not of holy origins. homosexuality is permissible if it is not acted upon or if the couple does not engage in homosexual acts since it does not respect the predestined purpose and functions of sexual organs that was designed by God. 11041714 TREDFOR August 31. In addition. homosexual marriage is forbidden since the Bible only states that marriage should only be done between a man and a woman. However. Birth control especially contraceptives are prohibited by the Catholic Church because it bastardizes the purpose of making love which is to procreate. 2013 I also learned that premarital sex is a sin because sexual love must be reserved to marriage and it also destroys the sanctity of the union between the man and the woman.

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