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Step1: Please ensure that you have installed the VAG-COM software.

Step2: Plug your disabled cable to the USB. There maybe be a pop-up window to in dicate you to install the driver, for damaged cable, let it be, skip it. Step3: Right click "my computer", select " hardware", then "device manager", the n "Other device", the " USB device". Step4: Right click "USB device", select "properties", select " detail", there wi ll be a line information displayed. VID_xxxx & PID_xxxx, please write down the 4 letters or number for VID and PID. Step5: Unplug the cable, select" my computer" --"C:/"--"Program files"--"VAG-COm "--"VAGUSB.inf". Step6: In item [FtdiHw], please add one more line as " %USB\VID_xxxx&PID_xxxx.De viceDesc%=FTD2XX, USB\VID_xxxx&PID_xxxx", please ensure the four number or alpha bets are the same as the ones you write down in step 4. Step7: In the end of the text, add one more line as " USB\VID_xxxx&PID_xxxx.Devi ceDesc="VAG-COM Compatible USB Interface", the four numbers or alphabets are als o the same as the ones you write down in step4. Step8: Save "VAGUSB.inf" file and then exit. Step9: Unplug the cable, and then plug the cable to dication found new hardware, and will pop up window have the pop up window, let it be, Right click "my ", then "device manager", then "Other device", then lect update drive. the USB port. System will in for driver update. If do not computer", select " hardware right click "USB device", se

Step10: Let the driver point to C:/program files/vagcom Step11: System will search the drive for several seconds, then it will indicate that find the driver and then install it. Step12: Open the software "vidpidfix.exe" i sent you. Click "search", there will be indication two lines of information. First " found one device", second "0". Step13: Click "0", then click "open", the information will be displayed in he bl ank dialogue. Click "write default EE data", if success, there will be a pop up information " wirte successful". Then click "ok" and exit. Step14: Unplug cable and then plug cable. Step15: Just as the step 10, update the drive and let the file point to the file "VCR_CDM 2.00.00" that i send you. There will be a indictaion information that it install completrly. step16: Open the file" Mprog2.8_setup.exe". Click" device" and then"scan", if ab ove steps are all well done, there will be information " find one device". Step17: Use Mprog2.8.exe to open file " genius vag com ept.ept" that i sent you. Then click "erase", if succeed, there will be a information " successful", and then click " program" , if succeed, there will be a informtion " programmed seri al under disabled" Step18: Your computer can recognize the cable now and your cable is ready to use .