INT: LOIS’S CUBICLE DAILY PLANET (CONTINUOUS) Lois inserts the flash drive into her computer.

A single file appears and she clicks to open it. The LexCorp footage of Lex Luthor with Deathstroke begins to play. “Catching up on the latest YouTube sensations?” The voice startles her. She turns around to see Clark standing behind her reading a magazine. She quickly closes with video. Lois: “Just taking a little break.” Clark takes his attention from the magazine. Clark: “What are working on?” Lois looks around to see if anyone is listening. Lois: “Have a seat Clark.” Clark looks puzzled and takes a seat. Lois leans in closer to whisper. Lois: “I met him last night.” Clark: “Met who?” Lois: “Him” Clark: “Superman?” Lois: “Yes he came to me, my balcony. He wanted to talk.” Clark: “That’s the big break you wanted. What did he tell you?” Lois: “Everything. Why he’s here, where he came from. This is the story Clark. This is Pulitzer Prize journalism.” EXT: ULJIN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT-SOUTH KOREA Cargo truck drives up to front guard gate. Guardsman checks driver’s clearance and allows truck to enter.

INT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING- REACTOR CORE HOLDING AREA (CONTINUOUS) Korean scientists scout the restricted area with haze mat suits cataloging various energy readings.

INT: STEAM GENERATOR CONTROL ROOM Technicians man computer consoles with a large viewing screen at the room’s front monitoring reactor core temperatures.

Lead Technician: “Core temperatures steady?”

Steam Technician: “Yes sir”

EXT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING-CARGO DOCK Cargo truck backs up to loading dock.

INT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING- REACTOR CORE HOLDING AREA (CONTINUOUS) One of the scientist checks the time of a nearby wall clock and unassumingly steps away to side console.

INT: STEAM GENERATOR CONTROL ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Steam Technician looks at the time of his wrist watch. He then goes to work at his console quickly maneuvering his way through busy screens. He then stands from his area and walks toward the exit.


Four workers open the trucks cargo door and before they can react are jerked into the truck without a sound.

INT: STEAM GENERATOR ROOM (CONTINUOUS) The steam technician swiftly walks to one of the generator control panels opening it to reveal rows of complex circuits. Amongst the complex network a small bulb turns from red to green. From this bulb, wires lead to a detonator tucked behind a circuit. With tears and fear in his eyes the technician presses the button.

EXT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING-CARGO DOCK The explosion shakes the entire plant. Deathstroke, a dozen armed men along with a hooded figure wearing a black cloak emerge from the truck.

Deathstroke: “The bell has been rung. Let the revolution begin.”

INT: STEAM GENERATOR CONTROL ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Sparks and alarms shake the room as the men attempt to regain control. Lead Technician: “Give me an update!”

Steam Technician 2: “The generator is offline!”

Lead Technician: “Can we get it back?”

Steam Technician 2: “I’m trying but nothing is responding. It’s completely gone.”

The Lead Technician looks up at the large viewing screen showing a rise in the reactor core’s temperature.

Steam Technician 2: “I can’t predict the exact time but the core will become unstable if something is not done. Flooding the core may be our only chance.”

Turmoil and internal debate strain Lead Technician’s face: “Do it” Steam Technician 2: “Yes sir.” He quickly begins working at his console bringing up emergency flooding security files. Immediately his screen turns to a cartoon animated scene of explosions.

Steam Technician 2: “We’ve been locked out. I can’t access the system.”

Another technician notices an empty console computer screen reading “Virus Upload Complete”

Steam Tech 3: “It’s a virus.”

Lead Tech: “We must use the manual override. It’s our last chance. Get there now!”


Clark: “Does he trust us?”

Lois: “I think so. He’s been reading all my stories. He said they were the reason he came to me.”

Clark: “Put in a good word me?”

Lois: “Don’t get jealous yet Clark.”

The volume of a nearby TV increases as people crowd around it. Lois and Clark’s attention turn to the news report.”

“Areas around the Ulijin nuclear plant are currently being evacuated as moments ago a distress call came from the plant citing multiple system failures. The particular systems are unknown at this time. Officials are still assessing the situation, but one expert reports if the plant was to become unstable the fallout would be catastrophic.”

Lois: “That’s one of the largest plants in the world. South Korea would be wiped off the globe. Do you think this is another Cell Six operation?”

There is no reply to Lois’s question.

Lois: “Clark?”

She turns to find Clark gone. Lois looks mildly annoyed.

Lois: “Here we go again.”

INT: CONTAINMENT BUILDING HALLWAY Deathstroke and the cloaked figure lead their team down the hall of panicking men and women. A security team rounds the corner with guns aimed.

Deathstroke: “Our first causalities.”

He unholsters his swords slicing through the helpless security team in a matter of moments before a single shot could be fired.

Deathstroke turns toward the cloaked figure: “You’re up.”

INT: CONTAINMENT BUILDING HALLWAY Steam Tech 2 flanked by half a dozen security personnel race toward the manual override station. As they near the cloaked figure emerges from around a corner. The men stop in their tracks with the security guards drawing guns.

Security guard: “Hands were we can see them! Get on the ground!”

The cloaked figure removes his hood and cloak revealing to be Superman. The men are shocked.

Steam Tech 2: “We need your help with the manual override.”

Superman does not respond and slowly walks toward the men.

Steam Tech 2: “The core will become unstable if we do not cool it down.”

Superman violently punches the first security guard through the wall. The guards return to a defensive position but to no prevail. Overmatched each one is battered into the floor and thrown down the long hallway.

Steam Tech 2 (terrified): “I don’t understand you are here to help us.”

Superman picks him up by his throat: “Help? That’s all you people ever cry for.”

He then snaps his neck dropping him to the floor. Superman looks up toward a security camera for a long moment and then enters the Manual Override Station.

INT: MANUAL OVERRIDE STATION (CONTINUOUS) Amongst the complex set up is a large lever with “Manual Flood Override” written above it. Superman grabs the lever and with a

swift pull rips it from the wall. Sparks and hydraulic pressure steam erupts from the wall.


Lead Tech: “Why haven’t they pulled the override yet? They should be there by now.”

Screams are heard from the hall as a body crashes through the wall into the control room. Through the debris Superman enters immediately grabbing the closest person throwing them across the room into the view screen. Helplessly the entire room his ripped to shreds by Superman’s rage as all security cameras video the footage.

INT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING- REACTOR CORE HOLDING AREA (CONTINUOUS) Deathstroke and the armed men pile into the area gunning down all remaining personnel scrambling toward exits. The men scatter to the consoles.

Deathstroke: “Kill the security cameras. He should be arriving soon.”

One of the armed men accesses the security system mainframe deactivating the entire system. “Security network is down.”

Deathstroke: “Now we wait.”

INT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING-HALLWAY Superman continues to rip through security guards and fleeing technicians. Violently pounding the life out of every being in his reach he tears the hallway apart. He approaches a helpless female employee hiding behind a large ceiling fragment.

Superman pulls the fragment away from the terrified woman.

Superman: “You humans feel so much fear.”

He then lifts her by the throat off the ground she gasps for oxygen against his strength.

Superman: “What is it you truly fear? The darkness? The unknown?”

All of a sudden, like a meteor crashing to Earth, a 2nd Superman crashes through the ceiling. He pulls the woman from his grasp and lands punch to his jaw knocking him to the ground. Superman 2 picks him back up hitting him again, again, again, and again. Superman 2 slams Superman 1 against the wall and fires his laser vision into his face. After a moment of not fighting back, Superman 1 overpowers his grip head butting Superman 2 away. Once the melting flesh and smoke clears the face reveals to be John Corben.

Superman 2 stunned by the realization.

Corben smirks: “Seems I can take the heat this time.”

Superman: “Corben?”

Corben: “Never forget a face.”

Superman: “What did they do to you?”

Corben: “I’m the upgrade, the reengineered perfection of humanity. Molded after you down to the very last detail.”

Corben’s eyes turn to a glowing red, firing lasers at Superman knocking him through the wall.

INT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING- REACTOR CORE HOLDING AREA (CONTINUOUS) Followed by an explosion of debris Superman falls to the floor crashing through a control panel.

Deathstroke walks toward Superman as he climbs from the debris.

Deathstroke: “You’re late. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show up.”

Superman: “You’ve got me now.”

Deathstroke: “Seems that we do but I’m afraid it’s too late. The core is beyond saving.”

Superman looks over to the unstable core that is beginning to spark. Deathstroke: “Unless you have a way to cool the temperature.”

Superman takes in a large breath and begins to exhale but feels the strong grasp of Corben behind him.

Corben: “Not gonna be that easy.”

Superman breaks free of the grasp landing a punch to Corben’s chest knocking him into a support beam. Deathstroke lands a round house kick to Superman’s face. Un-phased Superman picks Deathstroke up by the throat.

Deathstroke: “Look at you and all your strength. You truly are a man of steel but you’ve never realized humanity’s ability to adapt.”

Superman: “Don’t make me kill you.”

Deathstroke: “That’s not going to be your choice.”

Corben slams a metal beam into Superman’s back knocking Deathstroke loose. Superman drops to a knee and then upper cut by Corben’s punch. Superman gets back to his feet, prepares to crush Corben’s face, and a gunshot goes off. Superman stops feeling a sensation never felt before. He touches a spot on his back and finds blood on his fingers.

Corben: “Superman bleeds red. Our planet has given you so much. Now see what your planet has given us.”

Corben pulls back the battered Superman logo to reveal the Kryptonite chest piece that begins to glow with energy. Superman falls to a knee becoming short of breath.

Superman: “What are you?”

Corben: “I’m the last little token of what Zod left behind. He may not have been able to kill you, but we have his instrument.”

Superman gets back to his feet landing a weakened punch to Corben who does not flinch.

Corben: “Where’s your strength now?”

Superman lands several more punches to Corben’s gut and face. Corben blocks the last punch.

Corben: “Different point of view not being the strongest in the room. You’ve become obsolete Superman.”

Corben reaches back with all his strength knocking Superman across the room toward Deathstroke who close lines Superman to the floor. Deathstroke kneels down to Superman.

Deathstroke: “I can see you’re not taking well to our new toy. Blood shot eyes, shortness of breath, intensifying pain, and pounding headache. Sounds like a man to be put out of his misery.”

Deathstroke puts his gun to Superman’s head.

Deathstroke: “We were able to construct bullets from the Kryptonite itself. Not a sophisticated as the Metallo project for Corben, but extremely effective.”

Deathstroke moves the gun toward Superman’s stomach and pulls the trigger. Superman yells in pain.

One of the armed men comes over to Deathstroke.

Armed man: “Two minutes before core detonation. Drilling pods are on standby.”

Deathstroke: “It is time to leave my dear Superman. I do not know how your Kryptonite filled body will handle a nuclear blast, but if you do survive I suggest you keep a low profile. They will come for you.”

Superman grabs Deathstroke’s collar pulling him in close.

Superman: “You will see me again and I will destroy you.”

Deathstroke: “Again not your decision to make.”

Deathstroke head butts Superman causing him to release his grip.

Drill pods with laser drilling apparatuses attached to the front explode through the floor. Deathstroke, Corben, and the armed men make their way to the pods and exit.

Superman, bleeding, slowly gets to his knees then feet. Reactor core alarms and warning signals scream has pipes burst and the core itself begins to crack. He looks around to see people continuing to flee for their lives. Helplessly all he can do is watch. His teary eye catches a time clock on a console counting down. 4…3…2…1…0.

EXT: SPACE-EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE Quick flash followed by mushroom cloud explosion goes off over South Korea.

INT: FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE The Drilling Pods break through the icy surface into the great fortress. The men exit the pods. They make their way to the Orion Star device.

Deathstroke runs his hands over the alien device: “Doorway to another world.”

Corben is now wearing the black combat suit as the other men: “Ripe for the taking.”

Deathstroke: “Earth is no longer the only thing getting smaller.”

The armed men begin securing the device with cables.

EXT: ULJIN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT-SOUTH KOREA Blazing fires rage across the massive crater left from the explosion. The once busy area desolated from disaster.

INT: DAILY PLANET-MEDIA FLOOR Empty cubicles, phones ringing with no answer as the entire floor watch the television as the horrific breaking news is being reported for the first time.

News Reporter: “No official details have been released on a cause of the explosion at this time. Death toll is predicted well into the thousands while contamination will continue to spread over Asia. Rescue teams will be deployed as soon as contamination levels are determined and provisions can be made. As for now our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.”

INT: INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM INVESTIGATIVE DIVISION-PENTAGON Busy analyst work diligently at terminals. Quickly entering the room, a frantic analyst, carrying a disc, runs to the Lead Analyst.

Frantic Analyst: “Just came in from the Koreans.”

Lead Analyst: “What is it?”

Frantic Analyst: “You’re gonna want to see for yourself sir.”

Lead Analyst: “Put it on the view screen.”

The disc is inserted and security footage from Nuclear Plant of Superman killing security guards plays.

Lead Analyst (stunned): “Unbelievable--does President know about this?”

Frantic Analyst: “Not yet it just came in.”

Lead Analyst: “Get Washington on the line.”

INT: WHITE HOUSE-OVAL OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) The President and advisors watch the live broadcast coverage of the explosion. Phone rings and the President answers.

The President’s expression changes from the news reports quickly to shock and confusion.

President: “Say that again.”

INT: DAILY PLANET BREAK ROOM Lois pours herself a glass of water. Jimmy enters.

Jimmy: “Lois you need to see this.”

Lois: “What is it?”

Jimmy: “Superman was at the plant before it exploded.”

Lois: “Was he able to save anyone?”

Jimmy: “They’re saying he caused it.”

Lois: “What?!”

Jimmy: “Security cameras caught him killing the guards. It’s all over the news.”

Lois and Jimmy exit the break room onto the main floor.

INT: DAILY PLANET MEDIA FLOOR (CONTINUOUS) Agent Tanner with four police officers surround Lois’s cubicle.

Tanner: “Miss Lane I need you to come with us.”

Lois (confused): “For what?!”

Tanner: “Your involvement with Superman.”

Lois: “I’ve already told you I don’t know anything.”

Tanner: “He was at your apartment the other night. So Miss Lane if you would please cooperate.”

Lois: “You were spying on me?”

Out of Tanner’s view she slips Faraday’s flash drive into a magazine.

Tanner: “Necessary surveillance. You wouldn’t answer my questions the first time I asked.”

Jimmy: “If you don’t have an arrest warrant how can you—“

Tanner: “Doesn’t involve you. Miss Lane this is not an arrest but if you do resist.”

Jimmy: “Lois don’t do anything.”

Jimmy gets in Tanner’s face: “My brother is an attorney and if you don’t leave right now--”

Lois pushes the magazine into Jimmy’s camera bag that was sitting on her desk.

One of the officers punches Jimmy in the nose.

Lois stands: “Jimmy!”

An officer grabs Lois’s wrist.

Perry: “Zip it Lois. It’s not worth it. An arrest would be professional suicide. Just answer their questions.”

Lois calms down.

Tanner: “Thank you Mr. White. I’m sorry we had to make a scene.”

Tanner, Lois, and the officers exit toward the elevator.

Jimmy is left with a bloody nose beside Perry.

Perry: “You ok?”

Jimmy: “They just can’t take her like that.”

Perry: “CIA can do whatever they want. Go get yourself cleaned up.”

Perry hands Jimmy his camera bag. Massaging his jaw he notices the unfamiliar magazine. He picks it up and the flash drive falls to the floor. Curios he, picks it up.


INT: JET Lex sitting in leather recliner seat eating steak dinner watching news report.

News reporter: “White House Speaker is saying the President has called an emergency meeting with his chief of staff and advisors to determine a plan of action. We will keep you updated as more information is released.”

Lex smirk grows as the stuartist approaches.

Stuartist: “We are beginning our approach to Washington Mr. Luthor. If you would please fasten your seat built.”

Luthor: “Of course. Thank you.”


President: “Do we have a final survey on the damage?”

Analyst: “Yes Mr. President, causality count has reached 354,197, the blast radius was 70 miles in diameter while reaching the outer atmosphere and leaving a crater 1 mile wide and half a mile deep. Based on current wind speeds fallout debris has been sighted in both China and Japan. It’s a total loss sir.”

President: “What about satellite feeds of security cameras? Have we verified them?”

Analyst: “We have and facial recognition does confirm Superman on site attacking the plant employees.”

President: “Aiding Cell Six?”

Analyst: “Yes sir.”

President leans back in his chair letting out a sigh of grief: “How is this possible?”

Defense Secretary: “Mr. President as unfortunate and unexpected as this is Superman is now an enemy combatant of terrorism. The evidence is clear.”

President: “But are we sure?”

Luthor: “With all due respect Mr. President I understand that no one in this room wanted this, but the truth is the alliance we formed did not work. He has betrayed us.”

Faraday: “Betray is a little strong to stand on. We’re still here it’s the Koreans who I believe were betrayed.”

Luthor: “Excuse me, who are you?”

Faraday: “James Faraday SHADE division.”

Speaker of the House Banks leans back in his chair: “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Luthor: “I’m not familiar with that division.”

Banks: “Super-Human Advanced Defense Executive, idealist treasure hunters.”

Luthor: “Ah yes, the vigilante division. I thought you were shutdown and reassigned.”

Faraday (sarcastically): “Is that what they told you?”

Luthor: “It doesn’t matter. If we can get back to the agenda that Superman has murdered innocent men in cold blood and is now working with a dangerous terrorist

organization. We must counter before this happens again.”

Faraday: “How do you exactly plan to counter Superman?”

Defense Secretary Hanson: “The same way we counter any terrorist. We are the strongest military in the world. We will stop him.”

Luthor: “My team is prepped and ready with full battle suit capability.”

Faraday: “People are you forgetting who we’re dealing with. Our military and battle suits will be ripped to shreds.”

Luthor: “What’s exactly is your alternative?”

Faraday: “Allow my team to speak with him. Diplomatically there has to be some sort of compromise that can be reached.”

President: “What sort of compromise are you implying?”

Faraday: “At this time Mr. President I don’t know, but this situation doesn’t make sense. All the good he’s done for us why turn now? I’m just asking we exhaust all options because once we cross that line there’ll be no going back.”

Luthor: “This is ludicrous! You can’t reason with him. This is not a man. He is an alien from another world who just declared war on our planet. Justice must be found.”

Faraday: “Is it justice or vengeance you’re really after? Seems like a convenient plot to go toe to toe with someone you have a documented hate for.”

Luthor: “Can someone please get this man out of here! What authorization does he have to be here?”

Faraday: “The same as a business owner funding terrorism.”

Luthor stands with aggression. “Exactly what grounds do you even pretend to stand on making those accusations?!”

Faraday: “Mr. President I am urging you to consider your options and not engage Superman.”

Luthor: “Mr. President this lunatic is going to get everyone on the planet killed.”

President: “I understand the risks! Believe me I understand the unprecedented nature of what we face. But I also understand that the disaster which just occurred cannot happen again. Do we have a plan for finding him?”

Secretary Hanson: “We are collaborating with Chinese and Russian satellites to have total air space coverage. When he flies we’ll be able to trace him. We just need the order Mr. President.”

President:” Prep whatever military assets we have available, and Mr. Luthor, have your men ready. God be with us all.” INT: KENT HOUSE-LIVING ROOM News Reporter: “In what is being labeled the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, has left an estimated 350,000 dead and South Korea’s coastline in shambles. Japanese and North Korean governments have already declared a state of emergency and currently preparing to assistant in a relief effort. South Korean President Park Geun-hye has yet to release an official statement on a cause, but reports are beginning to surface stating the plant came under attack. We can confirm Superman was onsite when the explosion occurred with several theories placing him as the disaster’s cause. As the pieces of this devastating event fall into place it is without question this day has torn at the hearts worldwide.”

Clark’s empty gaze, of disbelief, holds the television a moment longer. He slowly rises from the couch as if holding the world’s tears on his shoulders. His mother and father watch him, without emotion, walk out of the room toward the porch.

Jonathan and Martha share a saddened look. Martha gives Jonathan a reassuring nod has he follows their son.


Clark grips the porches’ handrail staring off at the sun lowering itself over a corn field. Jonathan takes his place beside Clark breathing in the same view.

Clark: “I should have never walked down those steps.”

Jonathan: “You needed answers.”

Clark: “And I found them.”

Clark turns to look his father in the eyes.

Clark: “I can’t save this world.”

Jonathan: “Don’t lose faith in people Clark. There is still good. They just have to be shown.”

Clark: “How can I show the people something they do not want to see?”

Jonathan: “Be the example. This world needs Superman to be the very thing it cannot.”

Clark: “I can’t be the world’s hero. Deathstroke, this Cell Six has won.”

Jonathan: “Tyrant’s only achieve what the weak let them have.”

Clark: “What’s next?”

Jonathan: “They’ll ask you to turn yourself in. Put down your guns and succumb to authority.”

Clark: “Should I?”

Jonathan: “The choice is yours. If you stay here Superman will become an outlaw. Everything you stood for lost. If you go to them they will question you, spit on you, destroy your name.”

Clark: “A crucifixion.”

Jonathan: “That leads to an opportunity. You will embrace a stage for the whole world to see what a Superman stands for.”

Clark: “And what exactly is that?”

Faraday: “Peace, nice to see you again Mr. Kent.”

Agent Faraday along with another man sporting a S.T.A.R Labs logoed shirt walk up on the porch.

Jonathan: “Welcome to Smallville.”

Clark: “You know this man?”

Jonathan: “We met once.”

Faraday: “You are the example humanity needs Clark. My name is Agent Faraday and I am part of the S.H.A.D.E organization. Our mission is to aid and assist those of a higher calling like yourself.”

Clark: “And how do you plan on doing that?”

Faraday: “Giving you the edge above the enemy. will come as no surprise but Lex Luthor is the Cell Six. Deathstroke, John Corben are fronts. the nuclear plant was staged. Luthor is trying you by going after your image.”

This head of We know to bury

Clark: “That image is dead. Trust me from someone who works in an industry based on image. This can’t be fixed.”

Faraday: “I’m going to keep it simple Clark. Lex Luthor found Superman to have a single weakness, and we’re here to remove that weakness.”

Clark: “I don’t think it’s that simple.”

Faraday (smiles): “I would like you to meet my associate from S.T.A.R. Labs, Dr. Silas Stone.”

Stone walks up shaking Clark’s hand.

Stone: “I have something to show you.”

INT: KENT HOME-KITCHEN TABLE (CONTINUOUS) Faraday, Stone, and Clark sit at the table while Jonathan and Martha prop on the counter.

Stone: “Exposure to Kryptonite causes your cells to rapidly begin decomposing very similar to how cancer attacks our own bodies. Depending on the amount and concentration of Kryptonite I estimate your heart would fail in 8 to 10 minutes. From the autopsy performed on Zod I was able to discover the exact antigen in his body that prevents the effects of Kryptonite.”

Stone places a small steel briefcase on the table, opens it, revealing a syringe gun.

Stone: “I have the antigen here.”

Clark: “You can make me immune to Kryptonite?”

Stone: “Yes”

Clark: “How long will it take?”

Stone: “Twenty four hours. Once injected your body will experience normal Kryptonite symptoms momentarily before your body accepts the antigen. After it is accepted your body will begin producing it and you will become immune.”

Clark: “How do you know this will work? You don’t have a sample of my blood to test it on.”

Stone: “True, it is all based on theory, but what choice do we have?”

Faraday: “One thing the Doctor is sure of is your strength will be limited until the cells make a full recovery.”

Clark: “How limited?”

Stone: “Hard to say. The overall process could take several days. Either way we have to act now.”

Clark nods his head.

INT: CLARK’S BED ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Clark lies supine in bed resting. Martha comforts him holding his hand. Dr. Stone places the syringe gun on Clark’s arm. Clark feels pain.

Clark: “I’m already feeling it.”

Stone: “It’s just the syringe. I had to make it out of Kryptonite.”

Clark and Martha look at him puzzled.

Stone: “How else could we puncture the skin?”

Stone pulls the trigger injecting the serum. Clark’s body tightens in pain. His body begins to convulse.


Small Kryptonite crystals attack red blood cells causing them to decay by the thousands. A blue particle begins latching onto the decayed cells regenerating them.

INT: CLARK’S BEDROOM-MORNING The sound of birds chirping, wind lightly knocking a tree limb against wood, sun light seeping through a window onto Clark’s eyes as they slowly open.

Martha: “Welcome back.”

His mother still holding his hand by his side leans over kissing his forehead.

INT: KITCHEN (CONTINUOUS) Faraday, Stone, and Jonathan sit at table drinking coffee.

A cheerful Martha enters followed by a drowsy Clark.

Martha: “Look who’s awake.”

Jonathan stands up hugging Clark.

Jonathan: “How do you feel? Can’t say you look any different.”

Stone walks over assessing Clark.

Stone: “Very good question how do you feel?”

Clark: “Different, my head hurts.”

Stone: “Just side effects from the procedure. That was more than your everyday penicillin.”

Martha: “How will you know if it worked?”

Faraday: “The one and only way.”

Faraday tosses a larger suit case onto the table, opens it, revealing a Kryptonite crystal.

Faraday: “Put it to the test.”

Clark walks over to the brief case cautiously, picks up the Kryptonite slowly, and crushes it to dust in his hand.

Stone: “I’d call that a very good prognosis.”

Clark: “I want Luthor.”

Faraday: “We’ve got a plan for that.”

INT: LEXCORP UNDERGROUND PARKING GARAGE The black SUV rolls down the entrance ramp into the dimly lit garage. It comes to a halt. Doors open Lois with bag over head is escorted by Tanner and 3 men to an elevator door. INT: ELEVATOR Tanner removes the bag from Lois' head. She blinks her eyes several times readjusting to the light.

Tanner: "I'm guessing you probably wish you had been more up front with me in the beginning." Lois: "Is that what this is? Trying to prove a point? You government types do have the ego." Tanner smiles: "Miss Lane I think you're about to realize my ego is the least of your problems." INT: LEXCORP HALLWAY Elevator doors open and they begin making their way down the hallway. Lois: "Intimidation and riddles. You're a man of many talents." Tanner:"I call it intuition. I've served my country wearing this suit asking the difficult questions. Chased thousands of useless tail wagers into the shadows. I finally decided to chase something that really mattered." Lois: "Starting to sound like another insane burned out black suit." Tanner: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So I changed the game." Tanner opens a door entering a secured room. INT: SECURED ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Standing at the room's back with arms folded is Deathstroke. Lois is shocked. Tanner: "I joined a new team. A winning team." Deathstroke uncrosses his arm and walks over toward Lois and Tanner. Deathstroke: "Lois Lane, so nice of you to join us." Lois turns toward Tanner. Lois: "You're working with Cell Six."

Tanner: “Did I ever mention the CIA was the contingency plan. It was never what I wanted. My true art was business. America was founded on the act of trade and bartering to make oneself better.” Lois: “And this is your answer. Playing in the shark tank with terrorists.” Tanner: “Still not seeing the big picture. You know I would have thought the Daily Planet’s pride and joy would’ve considered all the possibilities.” Deathstroke (interjects): “Mr. Tanner your services are no longer needed. You may leave.” Tanner: “Leave? I’m not going anywhere until I get what I came for.” Deathstroke: “What did you come for?” Tanner: “Luthor and I had an agreement.” Deathstroke: “Your agreement is no good with me.” Tanner: “Our business does not concern you! Take me to Lex Luthor!” Deathstroke: “Do I look like a business man?” Tanner: “You have no right.” Deathstroke: “We will re-negotiate. You are allowed to walk away with your life in exchange for Miss Lane. Your end has been held up so allow me to hold up mine.” Tanner: “I’m not going anywhere until I have Metallo! That was what I agreed to. Luthor gets the girl and I get the procedure!” Deathstroke: “So be it.” Corben enters the room shutting the door behind him. Tanner turns in fear.

Deathstroke: “Metallo is here Mr. Tanner. Collect on your agreement.” Tanner and the 3 men draw their handguns at Corben. Tanner: “No-No-No we will shoot you!” Corben continuous walking toward the nervous men: “Surely you realize that will do you no good.” Deathstroke grabs Lois escorting her away from the future blood shed. Tanner points his gun directly at Corben’s head: “Stand down now!” Corben does not flinch at Tanner’s threat. Corben: “No” Corben grabs Tanner’s arm twisting it until it snaps then punching him to the floor. Corben then turns his attention to the other men. The supreme strength of the Metallo obliterates the helpless men breaking their necks in a matter of moments. Tanner’s whimpering is the only sound following the quick battle. Corben kneels down beside a bloodied Tanner. Corben places his hand gently atop Tanner’s forehead. Corben: “Shhh it’ll be over soon. Try to relax.” Tanner(gasping): “You’re a monster.” Corben: “A monster? Thirty seconds ago you wanted to become this.” Corben grabs Tanner’s neck squeezing the final breaths from his lungs. Tanner’s body becomes limp with the arrival of death. Corben: “However point of view is everything.” Luthor: “Very good.” Lex’s voice echoes in the room. Lois turns to see the billionaire in the doorway.

Luthor: “My apologies Lois. I’m sure what you just witnessed was very disturbing but this line of work can be very rough around the edges.” Lois: “What’s this all about Lex?” Lex casually walks over to Lois. Luthor: “I believe Bob Dylan said it best with “these times are changin.” The boundaries, laws, and foundation modern day society was built on have become obsolete. History has taught us cultures, no matter how extravagant, eventually run their course and require new structure.” Lois: “I don’t think that’s exactly what Bob Dylan had in mind.” Luthor: “And I don’t think you understand the gravity of the world’s status.”
Lois: “Do tell.” Luthor: “The arrival of Zod and your one night stand Kal-El have forced man’s hand. Mankind is significantly ill equipped to counter such forces so I have decided to change the game.” Lois: “You’re not changing anything Lex. It’s a competition for you. Somebody showed up stealing your spotlight and you can’t handle it.” Lex gently places his hand on Lois’s cheek. Luthor: “It’s so much more than that Lois. But don’t worry you’ll see.”

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