experience, we should not pretend to clarify the sense of the term communion, I think that one has the

duty to dwell upon this concept and extract from his reflections a clear point of view. Can the reader conceive the idea that a human being - through the use of whatever practice, putting in it all the earnestness and skill he is able to develop - becomes equal to God? Despite the conflicting interpretations, I believe that the experience of the Divine, which is obtained by the mystics anywhere, is always the same. According to their reports, I conclude that the answer cannot be but negative. Merged in a recollection state, with a hint of delightful regret for a state that was not yet totally theirs in the very moment they were writing, they found words that, also after centuries, arise in us an unambiguous

one thing is to sustain to have become God. Their experience was a movement toward a condition of perfection which seemed to escape in front of them . There are people who. in certain occasions he affirms his identity with the Divine. Nirvana. prefer to ban the term "communion" or "union" and define mysticism as the process of illumination: to be awakened from the illusory dream that our life is.to be sought indefinitely. Mantra-like affirmation. in order to avoid misconceptions. accepting any sharp difficulty that comes across his path.they affirm and they deny the same fact . contrary to our expectations. any spiritual experience can be pointed at. by employing words like Samadhi. Moksha. Yet some texts. quite another thing is to affirm the endless nature of one’s own soul. Personally. The affirmations of the mystics are amazing. man is able to live in the best of the ways.intuition. Selfrealization. The mystic uses expressions like "I am That" as a declaration of his intention and repeats them while increasing his aspiration toward the Goal. Once achieved the Goal. it remains in us as a tension toward the total reintegration of our being with the eternal truth and this is going to be confirmed through our unceasing effort in every aspect of our life. I do not consider authentic any mystic who expresses his sure conviction to be God. This is not a play with words. It doesn't care through what name. paradoxical . a shining. and through what play of words. at the same time I can accept that. The first is a colossal falsehood. being able to face what he was not able to perform when he was blinded by the powerful illusion of Maya.but we can each time understand what they mean. an unpleasant and even comic utterance. which is identification with God. the second is a means to rouse the realization of our nature. 205 . Such a Mantra has the power to prolong the immensurable joy experienced in the state of deep ecstasy. While discussing quietly and judiciously. refer to a state of accomplished union.