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Name of Student: Kenardo Nevins Name of school: York Castle high Territory: Jamaica Subject: agricultural science Centre

#: Registration #: Year of exam: 2014

Broiler Production

Location: School farm Duration: Six Weeks

The unit was washed with disinfectant and was cob webbed Rat blocks were placed in the coop One week prior to the arrivals of the bird The walls of the coop were white washed The waterier and feeders were washed with disinfectant The litter was applied to the floor The side curtains were placed around the brooding area The brooder was set up The lights in the brooder were checked The foot bath was prepared with drase The litter was covered with newspaper The birds were collected and placed in the house Birds were fed and given water, feed and medication when necessary The litter was turned daily The birds were slaughtered and dressed The slaughter area was cleaned up The birds were marketed

Projected expenditure 1 pack of pokchoi seeding @ $513 Total $513 Fertilizer provided by school farm

Projected income Pockchoi 90 heads of pokchoi 2 per bag @ $50 Total 45 bag times $50 = 2,250 Projected profit and loss Profit = income expenditure 2,250 513 = 1,737

1 pack of Pokchoi @ $513 Manure provided by the school farm Total $513 100 heads of pokchoi 2 per bag @ $50 per bag 50 heads times $50 = $2,500 $2500 - $513 = $1987