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Blogging in the Classroom: 28 Reflections over 14 weeks

We will be looking for new digital resources (and pinning them) throughout this class. In fact, you should always be on look out for new ways to improve our teaching and learning strategies. One of these strategies is to read what other educators write. Of course, to do this you will need a list of education websites created by teachers to follow and get you started on your way to learning. Many of the blogs mentioned below were the finalists for Edublogger Awards 'Best Teacher Blog for the year. And some are past winners or some are just my personal favorites. The list is in no particular order. But there are plenty to select from, I am sure you can find many that

lorem ipsum dolor met set blogs/websites from the list to explore and write your reflection. You will write two quam nunc parum

Each week (14 weeks beginning week 2 total, 2 reflections each week), select two

reflections each week (14 weeks, 28 total). Select from the list below and write your


reflection about what you learned, discovered, your wow moment, what surprised you, etc. The reflection each time is added to your website/blog with the specific title. Make sure all your writing is hyperlinked. Hyperlinked means that it has live clickable links to what you are discussing, (like you are finding on this page). Always include live links for everything you are discussing on your website, ALWAYS, not just for these posts, but for every post on your website. Additionally, make sure all reflections and text on your website include hyperlinks and at least one image (but the more, the better) that goes with the story. Take a look at my blog as well as pay attention to the blogs you are reading. You will discover they include images and links too. Kinda boring without them....... NOTE: How to make a Hyperlink in WordPress is under the Help Logo, How to make a screen capture in also under the Help Logo. Select 2 different blogs/website from the list below EACH week. If you find a blog you really like, you may use it more than once. It is your choice. But you will need to have 28 reflective writings by the end of the semester from not less than 7 different blogs/websites. Twenty eight reflections total and up to 10 additional reflections may count as extra credit. So you could have as many as 38 if you choose to do the extra credit. Each reflection is a new post. TITLE your reflection as follows:
Reflection Week 2: title of the blog and the exact title of the Post you are reviewing Title: Reflection Week 2: title of the blog and the exact title of the Post you are reviewing Reflection Week 3: Title of the blog and the exact title of the Post you are reviewing Reflection Week 3: Title of the blog and the exact title of the Post you are reviewing

Please MAKE SURE YOUR POST IS TITLED PROPERLY Don't forget to add categories and tags. Categories and tags are explained in a video below under the Help Logo. I have had added some basic categories and tags

for you to use, but feel free to add more as appropriate. The more specific you are with your tags, the better. Categories and tags are how you index your website and make it searchable.

See choices list below...............

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