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Enough. It can be confusing enough when people think loudly, let alone when a split personality develops.

Carrie, you are of two minds at this time, and self doubt is running rampant, so I will tell you something. You are your own worst enemy. Right now you are too focused on weakness, when you have no reason to do so. You set off a trap, and you blame yourself for that, right? Think about it, did anyone else say anything about the trap? You clearly weren't at fault for not knowing it was there, since if anyone did they neglected to mention it. You think you should be able to beat the effect of the trap so easily, but because you can't you are weak? Big whoop, you can't beat something designed to immobilise pokemon with much more advanced body structures than humans. If you had won out over the trap easily you would be praised as the luckiest or most powerful human alive. And you think I think you're pathetic? I have spent my life hating myself, growing up in a society where I was a freak, to such a degree that I don't trust psychics, I don't trust myself. I never trusted anyone, they were all a threat to me because of what I am, and I had no safety from them anywhere, so I grew up alone, hating myself, and everyone around me. With the life I gave myself, until GenCo of all groups pulled me out of that, do you think you're the pathetic one? You really doubt yourself, but you can stop now. Nobody has any reason to doubt you. Of course, if you don't want to listen, there's also the shock method of attempting to snap you back to what semblance of normality you had. And no, not an electric shock. Fuck off Ian! He's just trying to help. Bullshit, he's trying to make me go soft again and then striking. You just can't accept he's trying to help you. When was the last time someone tried to help me?? He's right you know. Fuck off, and even if he is right does not mean he won't use you. Hugh said that-fuck him too! They are probably together on this, trying to soften me up, I am not going to let that happen, never again! ...Idiot, can't you see he's trying to help. But he is right, nobody said anything about the trap. Maybe they all want to hinder me, to attack me. Does it seem like they are attacking you? No, and you know it never does! Why should we trust them? You know it never works out for us! It never has. Ever. He has a similar story to yours and opened up so why-he's trying to soften me up! I am not taking that chance! He's just going to use me to his own ends, just like everybody fucking else. You... You talk as though the two sides have different experiences. I won't pretend I understand what's going on, and I don't expect you to explain, but try to keep the internal conflict quiet, if you can. If Hugh works out what's going on he may try to take advantage of it. We've been in the background this entire time. Shh, don't tell him that, he'll use to against us! They will all use it against us! You can't know that. You knows what happens when you trust someone! It's not the same... Yes, yes it is! And now he knows! He doesn't comprehend what we are talking about it. Or does he? He is spouting lies! Lies! He wants to get our guard down. We can't move, our guard is already down. ...Fuck, it's your fault you know, you should have seen it coming, but nooooooooo, you triggered it like an idiot and put us in this position! Shut up. Now. Before he thinks of us as insane. But he already does! That is why he is trying to silence us! In the background? So... Wait, there's a background in the mind? We? How many... Argh, whatever. Look, I have enough trouble lifting things when I can concentrate, and all the... Noise you're making is a bit distracting. I need you all to get along for a while so I can focus on carrying you, because if I can't focus and I drop you then it will take a while to get moving efficiently, and by that time everyone will be split up, which leaves everyone weak. You can bicker and sort out your problems another time, okay?
Just please. Please be quiet. There's too much going on in your mind and it's starting to hurt. I can't even shut you out if you project your thoughts out so wildly. Please...

Carrie continues to mentally struggle. She views Ian as more and more twisted and shadowy version of himself while he carries her. Let go of me, let go of me, let go of me, let go of me, let go of me. ...You know he said he was

detremented by this so maybe we can get him off that way? Fat chance. ...I dunno, he could be lying. Carrie attempts to concentrate a bit. ...How would you like it if someone you know for a few days grabs you and drags you along while you are so helpless you can't even mutter a scream,let alone fight back, into deeper into an unknown place? ...Whatever you are going to do with me, just make it quick. Ian feels Carrie withdrawling and trying her best to ignore what is happening in attempt to protect herself. Someone I met just a few days ago? You do realise everyone I've met in the past few days is more trust worthy than anyone else I know. Hell, even Hugh is. I'd certainly prefer one of you drag me along than leave me alone in the forest. Heck, it would be nice to let someone else be the one taking care of others. It's hard trying to make sure everyone is safe, while nobody appreciates you, and people even hate you for it. You know, when you get a grip I'm going to want an apology for treating me like this when I'm trying to protect you. so you say. Nobody is trust worthy. Nobody. They want to use you, and when you give into them then they strike when you trust them, when you let your guard down. No. No more. I have thus far counted five people in our party that I have no reason to doubt. Though it's clear we have had different lives, since nobody has really attempted to gain my trust before turning on me. Normally if people have wanted to cause me harm they have just started with a punch to the face. To sale my curosoty, which five are talking about? You would count yourself obviously. Carrie is obviously trying to avoid the other subject. Sam, Danica, Mace, Sal, and you. You're wrong in the assumption that I trust myself. I am no exception to my doubts of psychics being able to control themselves as well as their powers. Why do you think I strive to be a good person? I am afraid that if I let up for a moment I will lose my grip on reality, on what is right and wrong. You have shown at least one alternate personality which seems to fear the actions of others, but I only have the one mind, that I am aware of, and it always fears its own actions more than anything else. I'm trustworthy?!? How? Carrie is pretty surprised. ...Nevermind. How can you trust others if you cannot even trust yourself? You have no idea what others will do to least you have some regards to your own actions. ...Even when powers go out of hand. ...Why the fuck am I helping you? And who says that psychics are the only ones with powers that can go awry? Last might I was suddenly in my frillish, the same thing happened not to long ago. And right now I am barely restraining myself to go into Hobo, and my condition does not help things. ...And you think me as insane. Greeeeat. Insane? Perhaps, but no more so than I or Hugh. Split personalities are not all that rare, though some people refuse to accept that the other thought they hear are other sides of themselves. I treat it as just another difference in minds. We have powers because our minds are different from those of other people, and we can access hidden talents that others cannot. Who is to say that the others in your head, that have been "in the background" are not also an aspect which many people have, but is normally locked away.

As for trust, well, I've dealt with others trying to hurt me long enough to accept that. They can try all they want, I lost the fear of them when I was very young - probably why I so foolishly put myself in danger - but what I have never lost the fear of... I don't want to become some sort of monster. I don't want to hurt people. You can connect to pokemon, so I imagine you know what they feel when they are threatened and hurt. I am linked to all the humans near me. I experience the fear, the anguish, even the pleasure felt when causing such fear. And it's horrible. What happens to me if I begin to enjoy the fear? That pleasure is inhuman, and my direct link to people's minds would enhance it. I wouldn't be human anymore. I don't know how I can explain it to you. You don't seem to care what you are but... What I am, what I have been for as long as I can remember... Has been chaos and fear. Both of which originate and focus on myself. There is no way I can better explain it to you. I could not even conceive a way to let you feel a small portion of it. ...Don't tell others I argue myself. It's bad enough as it is. Though I still don't see why you trust me. Why should I be trustworthy? I'm just a pile of shit with some magic powers. Psychic and mystic powers are not that much different. You aren't the only person that attacks themself. ... The fuck. Why am I trying to relate to you? We are nothing alike! Fuck o-let him stay. ...So you became docile to the pain? To let them do whatever they wish to you?! To not fight back? To not defend yourself? They can do horrible things. Worse than just punching you. Much worse. Unlike you, I still see many reasons why to fear them. You are at least comfortable enough with your surroundings to sleep outside while in the city. If people do that where I live, they get mugged and shot at. At the very least. Makes me want to kill every person on this fucking planet so that there's some fucking peace! Pokemon don't kill each other for stupid things. Nor do they torture others for their own pleasure. They don't make others feel like trash. They are not monsters. Am I a monster for thinking that? Shut up! Maybe because my abilities are not based on people.
Maybe because I let them guide my actions.

Of course I'm not going to tell anyone what's going on inside your head. But who said I let people do what they want to me? I accepted the fear, not their actions. I prioritise helping and protecting others, but if someone attacks me they will find themselves quite sore when they wake up wrapped in bandages. So, part of you wants to know why I trust you? It's hard to explain, but... You say sometimes you want to kill everyone. You also say I'm the only one attacking themself. And yet... I feel like you hate yourself for thinking like that. You're just afraid, and if I want to help you then I have to trust you. That and... I have felt nothing truly malicious from you. Good. But if I find out you did... Sometimes you can't over power people... power you, abuse your weakness. Attack you when vunerable. Sometimes they over

...I said you were not the only one that attacks themselves. Can a psychic be mentally deaf? What do you mean I hate myself for that? Why? That's stupid. All of humanity should die, me along with it. Wait. No malice? Are you sure? How is that even possible? I should be full of it! Full! I hate people and want them dead, what's more malicious than that? This work just like any normal conversation. I can miss things quite easily, and sustaining enough contact to talk like this for more than a few seconds can get a little disconcerting, if I'm not focused entirely on it, which would mean laying face first on the ground if I tried out here. As for the lack of malice... Perhaps I'm reading you wrong, and mostly I try to mind my own business, but I don't think at

any point I've noticed you actually wanting to cause me serious harm. You talk big, but... Well, I suppose you don't devote yourself fully to causing problems. So talking makes you faceplant? There is some confusion when talking about not doing things. ...........Huh. ...I don't...I didn't....I had the perfect chance to kill but......I didn't do anything.....not even hurt him....why? I had the opportunity....but....I did nothing?...What the fuck is wrong with me? If I were to focus on keeping the link up I would likely end up walking into trees and tripping over roots. I have trouble seeing where I'm going without putting most of my consciousness into telepathy. As for what's wrong with you, well it's a little thing most people have called a conscience. It's the little voice that tells you not to hurt people, and listening to it generally makes people want to hurt you less as well. And don't say you don't have a conscience, because the people who do are legitimately classified as insane, murderous, psycopathic and such. And I'd rather not have to deal with having a crazy person about. Though you clearly do have one. I've witnessed parts of your mind arguing, and I think the friendlier side was your conscience, on top of the fact you didn't have a bear attack me while I slept. I do appreciate that you didn't attack me at Sam's. I have a feeling the bear would have been rather difficult to beat in a boxing match, probably impossible to beat in such a small area, when I'd also have to worry about getting Sam hurt. On that note, I'm rather fond of Sam. You ever get him hurt intentionally, and I will not be so friendly as I have been. True, you seem very blind. But I...I...why? ...Others don't seem to care when someone gets hurt, why should I? ...I don't....just get out! I don't want to think about this! Liar, why would you let it get this far if you didn't want to talk? Things got out of hand, yes. You're just scared. ...I don't know. Why did I not attack you guys when I had the chance? I had the possiblity of doing so...but I did...nothing. Why? Whhhy? I don't ...just go away! I hate you and don't want to talk to you!

Ian can tell she didn't mean it. You are just afraid. You'd rather push people away from you. Look where that has gotten you. He's just like the others! He's trying to soften me up! Is that so bad? Yes! He'll just use me like the others! You don't really think that do you? ... Look, I... I don't know what I can say. It's clear there's a part of you that may never trust anyone, but I might as well ask, how can I show you I have no ill intentions for you? ...I don't know! I don't know! I don't know! I don't know! of this! I don't even know why I am telling you all

You're telling me things because of a strange feeling called loneliness. Perhaps you've heard of it. You've secluded yourself from other people for quite some time, maybe it's time you just... Be with people. I normally seclude myself too, though I have on occasion felt the need to have company. I don't think I can make a better suggestion than to talk to someone. And perhaps it would be easier for you if you were to actually talk, rather than have me an intruder in your mind. Of course, if we were to begin talking plainly now, it would be best to change the subject, as I imagine you would prefer the others not hear this line of conversation. ....I don't mind you being in my mind. It makes things more..private. And's very similar to my own powers. If anything, it's better than talking.

...I still don't understand why you don't trust psychics, but trust someone that has powers similar to yours. Because psychics have a direct link to humans. To have this connection, I just need to focus, I don't have to expend energy like you do to make the connection, so in a way it's like I'm always linked. And while I don't agree with what you said a while ago, that there are no good people left, I know there are many bad people. Maybe it's foolish, but what if I'm near bad people for too long? If they want me to know what they're thinking, I can't really shut the door on my mind, what if the evil thought are just there so long that they become part of me? At any moment while I'm in contact with these people, I fear that I could become a threat to the people I've worked so hard to protect. You, on the other hand, have a choice of when to be connected. If you don't want to connect with a pokemon, you won't. And if you decide being connected isn't a good thing anymore, you can just disconnect. You don't always have to worry about their minds overriding yours. I suppose it's less psychics that I don't trust, and more that I don't trust the ability to maintain our sense of self, because if we lose ourself then then there's nothing but an empty husk and survival instincts, which will lead to hurting people. The uncertainty of that possibility is the real problem. I have often tried to learn more about psychics, but I have never found a definite answer as to whether a psychic's mind could be lost, or perhaps the opposite and I could accidentally turn someone else into an empty shell. It's these unknown possibilities that make me doubt whether psychics can be trusted. It's built into us to distrust the unknown, and my powers are one of the greatest unknowns to me. I... I don't like thinking about this. About th- the chaos that my powers could lead to. Can we change the subject? Would that mean you wouldn't trust mons that can read minds? They can't turn it off either. ...I don't think that...people's minds would...make you ...hurt ...people and's not...part of you...already... I also doubt you have the ability to make people into husks. I can't do that to mons, even if I tried. I know our abilities are different, but I think this is one of the similarities. ...Hobo can talk to minds, and I am this close to possessing him since I am slowing you down anyways, and at least I know when my body is useless and you won't have to waste something on me until after we come back, if any at all. You can lift with your mind and with that and Hobo we can carry myself. When we go into battle, I can just easily drop my body carefully away from the action. I think in my current situation this maybe the best course of action. Perhaps that would be a good course of action, but you can expect to be dropped a fair bit. I tend to be inconsistent with my strength. <I am pretty sure you can't read my mind now. Hugh couldn't when I was in Princess....This is a bit...odd. I'm not sure if this is is the same as your power but similar. I can't read minds but...I can malice?? > <...I can see you trying to use telepathy on me...but I don't hear anything. have to physically talk.> ...Looks like you will

"Okay, so you can send thoughts to me, but can't send them back now. That complicates things. So, you can see that I don't want to hurt you now, so you're okay with me and don't hate me now?" <...What you say is true. I...Maybe I'm wrong...> Ian gets a feeling of confusion. "Wrong about what? Me being a threat, or my not resonating evil? Well, either way, at least you aren't threatening me anymore."

<...About every person being full of malice.> "Oh? So... Out of curiosity, would you mind telling me what we look like? Or at least what I do?" <I don't know what mine looks like, I am unsure if a mirror would show it... But...have you been cut a lot? I see a lot of silvery cuts.> "Uh... Cuts? Y- yeah, I suppose I've been in a lot of fights against armed opponents. I... Why would you see them though? And why silver? It's a strange perception you have with Hobo's body." <I have no idea why...but I think it's connected with this speech. Maybe I can show you what I see?> Carrie sends an image of Ian and his Aura. "That... Really? That's me? I... All I can say is, that's really strange." <Yep, that's you. And I agree with you, it is very odd. But...From what it looks like I can somehow tell intentions.> "Hmm... Sounds like that's some sort of sense that would be hard to explain. Like how I can sort of 'see' thoughts, though I can't tell you exactly how I do it, even if I have a general idea of how." <I think I have a much better understanding than you think. It's not the same as telepathy, but this is also something I cannot turn off and I can send emotions and thoughts into people's minds. I can't read them...but I can tell kind of what you are going to do. It's kind of pretty...don't tell others I said that. >.> I like this ability he has. Shame when I go back I won't have this. "Oh? That sounds remarkably similar to my telepathy, though there are certainly differences. And if I can't let the others know what you said that I have to be very vague if I want to talk about it. Well, I hope you're right about the others. I find this view of myself to be... Well, I don't know how to explain it. I can't decide whether it's sad, pitiable, heroically romantic," this said with a joking grin, "or just plain worrying... It's also very shiny. I find it hard to understand why the cuts are shiny and silver, and aren't leaving me covered in blood." <Yes, it seems to be VERY similar to that, perhaps even more so than channeling. Perhaps if I possess a psychic pokemon that can communicate by telepathy I would know exactly what you mean. ...Just don't say I think it's pretty. ...What did I say about the others? Did I say anything about them? ...As for the cuts, I think it may have to do with people physically harming you it left scars in your own....aura. Even if though you try to hide from it and say it doesn't affect you, it still does deep in your subconscious. You still feel the pain in a way. The cuts no longer hurt you physically, but...they still affect you. No one can hide forever. I think you are likely to cause your own demise. ...I'd rather you... not.> "Is that a hint of... Affection I hear? Heh, am I starting to grow on you, perhaps? But yes, perhaps you are right. I've tried to give you advice, but maybe I need some advice of my own. <No, no let's not get too hasty here. That was not something I want others to know about.

"What, you didn't want them to know I'm a charismatic guy who help his friends out and is undeniably likeable? Why, I'm not sure if it's possible to avoid having people know that." <So much keeping what I say to you privately confidential. keep that secret for a reason! So much for trusting you. I wanted to

Speaking of secrets, Hugh is hiding something. Something malicious. We need to be wary of him.>

"Oh, come now, don't get upset. I'm just having a little fun... Yes, I do think I've told you that before. Though maybe you didn't take me seriously, with everything else I've said concerning related topics." <You are an ass Ian. You know that? ... And it looks like I am going to get a lot of attention right now. Joy.> "You say I'm an ass, but you know you can't stay upset with me. I'm like a lost puppy, it's just not possible for you to be angry at me. So, that was the owner of the pokemon? What do you think, is he hunting for them too?" "Alright, alright, if you're going to be so upset, then I'll ease off, but I'm just trying to have some fun. You need to lighten up a bit, or your sour mood will scare away the pokemon. Have some fun, make some friends. We'll be out here for a while, and it doesn't take that long to make friends. Heck, this morning I made a friend in the form a lovely young lady, and it took no more than a minute or two. If I, with my ridiculous, bedraggled appearance and damaged glasses, can have a complete stranger decide to be my friend, then surely it won't be any trouble for you, while we all know each other so well already... Okay, maybe some of us will have trouble being your friend, since you have sort of threatened people. Or at the very least, you've threatened me, but hey, I'm still fine with you! ... If you were still in your body, or if I weren't helping to carry it, this would be the ideal time to shape your mouth into a smile. I could attempt it on Hobo's body, but I don't want to put my fingers anywhere near those teeth." <Good. I want you to lay off. What good would making friends solve asides making one more vunerable and make it easier for people to extort you? I am sure you made a 'friend'.

And I am sure you will have fun togetger later.


Meh. People don't like me and i don't like them. And I should be hated. >.> I will bite your fingers off. ...Ian, can you block psychics reading your mind?> "Oh, you're just jealous, Carrie. I prefer not to be alone with anyone, anyway. Though it was fun seeing how evenly matched we were as trainers... Blocking... Ah, I've spoken to Sam about this before. There are techniques to stop a psychic from reading your mind, such as one which relies on you being able to identify one is attempting to enter your mind, and then covering your mind by thinking about a complex game. You see, at least weaker psychics like myself and Hugh, I do not know of more advanced psychic's skills, we can only read your surface thoughts. On an untrained person, this isn't too hard to use to get what we're looking for. Have you ever tried specifically not thinking about something? It's not something just anyone can do without practice, so with just a single word we can normally make someone then try not to think of it, which leads to eventually thinking of the subject. So, with training, you can stop our basic telepathy from working on you. If you're interested in me specifically blocking, though, I can hardly dull the noise of other people's minds enough to let you have some privacy when I'm around, so I'm not getting any special benefits in blocking them out. Though I might be more able to pick up on when someone is actually trying to access my mind... Why? Are you worried about something?"

<I am not jealous! Why would I be? It's not like I like you or anything. footing when you were 'training'.


I am sure you had equal

Well, being in a mon seems to prevent people from accessing my mind currently, and I'd rather stay this way for a while. Probably when someone leaves and is far away. Something is bothering me, but if you can't block...then...I can't tell you.> "Sounds like jealousy to me. You wouldn't be saying these nasty things things if you didn't care. Don't worry about it." <I say nasty things all the time! This is no different! Cunt.> "You're right, you do have quite the foul mouth. But you don't normally mutter curses at me. Normally you're more forward with your anger." <Oh yea? You know what I think? Fuck you. ...I hope we capture this mon soon. I want to go back to those lakes.> "Oh my, How your words cut! I... You know, I'm not so eager for this hunt to come to an end, when we inevitably split up again. Then I'll have nobody to talk to again, and I'll just be left to think about what you showed me. About myself." <...You can ...come along ...if you want. ...I..I..don't mind.> I... Yes, I would like that." <Hopefully away from others. Should be less noisy and I don't want to deal with other people. I have a fishing pole you can borrow, if you want a water type. It's where I got Kipper. How many mons do you have currently?> "I'm not certain what types of pokemon I'm after, but I suppose having a water type could be useful. And, I have three at the moment. I'm not too fond of Bizz, though, so I think as soon as I have another pokemon that can fly I'll either be selling her or giving her to someone who wants a beedrill." <I am not really sure either. I do prefer water types, partially because I live in a desert with barely any water. Let alone clean water. And the further away from Orre the better.> "Separating yourself from that place seems like a good idea, from what you've said of it. So water type are your favourites, then? Personally I favour psychic types. I know, it doesn't make sense, with how I feel about psychics in general, but I feel like I'll be able to best connect with them. Except for maybe Finn. He'll always be my favourite. I wouldn't mind having you there, Sam, so I suppose leave it up to Carrie. Need to ease her into this whole 'friendship' thing." <...Yea.> Carrie pauses and then gives him an image of a slum, with various people being aggressive with each other, and there are a few dead around. There are shots in the background, but nobody seems to care. There is a bit of sky darkened by a many factories. There is another image of a pit with two mons. The trainers have odd machines on them and they start battleing and there are a few instances where one of the two trainers captures the others to fight against the owner. The mons are scarred and bloodied. One of them dies but nobody seems to care.

Another image, this time in a very small room. It takes a while to notice that it's the full house. There is no appliances in the house and seems fortunate that there is a sink and what seems to be a place to sleep. The water from the sink is not clean at all. <... ... ... I guess water types are my favourite type. I think you feel a connection towards them. A kinship, perhaps? Something to relates to you? Heh. I used to hate slakings and slakoths but Hobo showed me my error. I am quite fond of him now.> "That place... I can see why you left. It seems horrible." <Yea. It is. And I was only able to come here because of GenCo bringing me here. I don't want to go back. Ever. Fortunately there are almost no wild pokemon there so it is very unlikely they will send us that way. ...Can we talk about something else asides...that? Anything.> "Well, I... I don't really have much to talk about. I suppose that's the problem for the two of us, we don't exactly have many happy memories to share. So, uhh... What would you say your strengths are?" <Yea, talking to people is not something I am good at. Strengths? Hmm. Well, I am able to survive decently enough, I tend to notice things some people don't notice. I think I might be smart enough to be a psychic...if I even have that potential. I think talking to mons counts as a strength, yes? I am a decent swimmer even though I barely swam before I got here. Hmm...> "Well, you're certainly varied. I'm rather confined in what I can do well. I have, of course, got my psychic talents, but other than that, my only great strength is getting beaten up a lot. Which I suppose is a mixed blessing, since I'm at least taking the focus off of others, though it can hurt quite a bit." <I have to be in order to survive...I ruined your day did't I?> Carrie sends him something that she cannot explain in words, what she feels like when possessing a mon. There is a feeling of being more comfortable, slightly more lax, more soothing, along with the sense of belonging there. There is a connection with both minds, and a feeling of being one with the mon. There is a hint of happiness. <...Is that ...better?> "The fact alone that you want to cheer me up helps. Thanks. Though, it's not that bad. It may sound bad, but I don't mind having to little I can do, so long as I can still protect people, human or pokemon." <...Good. I am still...uncertain about the protecting people part. I don't see the reason why I should protect a random stranger. That's likely to get you killed faster. And if you die, then that won't help the stranger at all!> "I don't expect you to understand why I protect people, Carrie. Protecting people, it makes me happy, it can't be explained in words how I feel when I see someone safe. And hey, I haven't been killed yet. I don't intend to see that change." <....Don't get too hurt. Okay? I don't want you to end up like Hugh. And I don't want to see it either.> "Hah! Relax, I Can Take A Hit... Okay, I can take certain hits. I could probably take at least one hit from that bear you had, so long as it weren't to get off such a hard hit as it did on Hugh. But hey, if you don't like the idea, don't get yourself into danger, then I won't be throwing myself into the thick of it for you, and you won't have to witness it. Look, you can see the cuts. As far as I know, each of those fits to an actual injury. And yet I'm off no worse for wear. I'm not just going to up and die." <No worse for wear, physically. Mentally, I am unsure.>

"Well, I'm not raving like a lunatic or blathering like a child, so I'd say I'm fine. Or maybe I am a raving lunatic and just don't realise it. I mean, I am technically having a conversation a pokemon right now." <Eh. Maybe. Maybe not. Um...I am bad at this talking thing. I'd rafher not talk much to the others.> "I'm not particularly good at talking either. I tend to be alone most of the time. I can help with communication if you want, though." <...Maybe. We'll see. Yea... Stuff. ...So um. ...What to talk about?> So... What about work, then? You ever have any jobs, Carrie?" <Jobs? ...Well, yea. There was a lot of manual labour and it was kind of dull. But I didn't have to deal with people. I had to do something to support myself. > -------<Typical Hugh behaviour. Hmph. He was the one that wanted Mace to skip classes so badly, yet he is not attempting to help find him when he could be in danger., and doesn't actually give a shit about someone who he suggested to bring along, and is trying to follow the trail instead. I knew he didn't give a fuck about Mace. Or his abilities. Oh and watch him suddenly following us to look for him because he likes to fucking watch everything. Hugh, if you hear this: fuck the hell off! ...Why the fuck am I trying to help? >

< trying to help...and trying very hard not to hurt her for messing with your mind. Please...listen to me. She's the one making you stay, I know it. Please. I'm trying to restrain myself, to not hurt her. for you. Please. "I... Okay, let's go." <She turned your brain into mush, because of that stupid fucking ability she has! ...I'll make sure you are fixed. I want the real Ian back.> "Mush? I... Maybe I... Oh, what if wild pokemon find her while she's asleep? She could be in trouble, but she told us to go. Mnm, what am I supposed to do? Is she going to be safe, Carrie?" <You need to be cured. Come on.> "Cured? Am I sick? Is that why I'm so... Confused?" <Yes. She made your brain sick and made you confused. Hugh has some juice which can cure it.> "Oh. Okay. Thank you for helping me, Carrie." <N-no problem. I...I want you to be b-b-better.> "You know, you're a good person. You may not think so, but you... Not many people have wanted to help me before, and I don't feel right, and... You're a good person." <I-No, no I am not! I wanted to kill her for what she did to you! I wanted to rip her apart, tear her to shreds! "Everyone wants to hurt people sometimes. But you didn't hurt anyone. I would have been sad if she got hurt. I might have even been angry. I don't know what I'd do if she got hurt. I... It's not happening is it? I'm not going to start hurting people am I? Please don't let me hurt people."

<I know you would have...that-You think I am trying to force you to hurt people? No. Never. I don't-I don't want you upset.> "No, not you. But I don't... I'm not thinking right. And thinking about that lady being threatened makes me angry. When we were around her I didn't know if you were actually my friend or if you just didn't like her, and I'm so confused, it feels like all the fears I told you about are starting to happen. Please, don't let me hurt anyone." "Wh- when you wanted to take me away, I wasn't sure. But then she said we should go. She wanted the same thing as you, so you're okay. You want to help me. I know you want to. And you didn't hurt her. So I can trust you. I don't- Just don't leave me alone. She made me leave, I don't want to be separated from you too." <I...I am not going to hurt her. I hate..but...I...I am trying...I am trying not to hurt...I don't...I don't want you get harmed. ...Y-you don't trust me now do you? I...I am not going to force you to do anything that will upset you...I...I don't want to. ...If...if I d-didn't c-care I would have just l-left you, I would ke-keep you in this state...I..> Ian's face is taken slight amount of panic, "N-no, don't let me stay like this! I can't stand this, it feels like my mind is coming apart,everything is unraveling. Everything is just confusion and tugging and hurting. Please. Help me. Make it all stop." At this, Ian's eyes begin to water, and he clutches onto Hobo-Carrie at he continues to stumble along, "It has to stop. Please." <No that's not what I meant at all! I-I want to help you! I-I...I want to help.> "Oh. Okay. I don't know why she would do this to me, though, she seemed so nice, and innocent. She hardly even smiled. But you say you can make it stop, and I trust you, so it's okay if you don't trust her." <She did this to you. She's the one that made you this way...I tried to make her stop, but she played innocent, and nobody believes me... We will fix this. We need to get the lumium juice from Hugh.> "You really think she was that bad? I don't understand why you believe she was so bad. You keep saying you know she did something to me, but... She didn't touch my brain. I would know if she tried to get into my mind, it's so intrusive to use telepathy, I've never known anyone to not notice it, even when I really tried to be quiet. She couldn't have done anything to me. She couldn't have. I don't know how anyone so lovely could do this. What could make you think she did this?" <She's hardly innocent. I don't know why the fuck she'd do it, maybe to get more attention, maybe because she could, maybe to make you lower your defenses. I am pretty sure if I was in my own body she would have tried the same thing with me, and I don't find girls attractive. That's probably why she was looking for me. "....You alright, Ian? You look like you've seen a ghost." "I... I don't know. I feel wrong. Carrie says there's something wrong with my mind, and that someone did something to me. Everything is wrong, I can't think clearly, it's starting to hurt, and I don't know why. It hurts, and I'm scared, and I can't control my mind. If I can't control my mind then what if I can't control my powers? I might hurt somebody, and if I hurt someone for no reason then everything I've done is pointless, and everyone will hate me again. And... I can't think clearly. I'm so scared." "Did... did something happen to you while I was gone? Who did what to you, what's Carrie saying?"

<...Someone made him...confused. And not when you were gone either. But you won't listen to me don't believe me.> Mace furrows his brow, "'re talking about Eri?" He raises an eyebrow at Ian. "You're fussing this badly over her? Ian, I get that she's attractive and all, but I think you're overreacting a little bit." <The same thing happened to you. That's why you defended her. That's why you fucked her even though apparently you seemed to want to be only with this...Sarah girl.> "What are you...? Sarah-(!!)" Mace's face blanches white completely, his eyes go so wide that they seem to bulge out of his head, and he stops dead in his tracks. Ian can feel an almost-tangible dam bust in Mace's head as a flood of touching and intimate memories of Sarah come rushing to the forefront of his mind, while Hobo-Carrie can see his aura visibly dim and the normally-swirling strands from his back freeze up completely. After a moment, Mace puts a hand on the back of his neck, takes it off, looks around at nothing, his breath quickens, his eyes begin to water, and otherwise shows very obvious signs that all is not well in Mace-land. Ian can hear numerous questions of "what have I done?", "what do I do?", "how could I forget?", and varying degrees of sadness, anger, panic, disbelief, and regret. Hobo-Carrie can see his back strands coiling frantically around Mace, around each other, and otherwise spasm in the air. He glances up and only barely notices his teammates. He takes a shuddering breath and quietly follows along, still preoccupied with his own thoughts. <Yes, I do. I saw her aura and it was dark. I think...she went after your hormones with her abilities. That's why you are so confused. That's why you like her. Because she made you like her. Even if you normally wouldn't be attracted to her, she made you attracted to her. And she would have done the same to me. I-I h-have e-e-enough t-t-troubles. I wouldn't like being in your position either.> "It's worse than you imagine, Carrie. I feel like everything I've worked for is gone. All the careful work to control my emotions, so rarely vented, and now the seal on that bottle is broken, but it won't let everything flow out, it's just enough to destabilise the pressure. I feel like a water-balloon which has just been pricked with a needle, the hole too small to release the water, but enough to upset the water so it tears through the rest of the balloon until all that is left is a shriveled shape vaguely similar to the original, before it was filled with water. It feels like it's tearing at my mind, at my emotions. I don't want to be like what I used to be. Having to manage the pressure was better than that. I don't want to be alone again, and I feel like this tugging... It's like some sort of answer to being alone, but it isn't quite right." Ian turns to Mace, anger on his face "And you! You panic now, you worry now, but you don't understand half of what I feel! Since she said we should go, I've felt like everything is wrong. I have to leave, because she said to, but without her the loneliness is back. Do you know the loneliness?! Did you grow up alone, with everyone hating you, using you as a tool because you are different?! Do you know what it feels like to have everyone who cares about you begin to fear you for something you have no control over?! I spent ten years with that pain! Then, about four years ago, I finally got rid of it! Blocked out all the feelings, all the people, so nobody hated me, nobody feared me, I helped people, and all I had to handle was people who saw a saviour, grateful faces, smiles for the person who would go through Hell itself to get a girl her cat back! I was finally seeing people happy, I was finally happy! But now the loneliness back, and it hurts more to have it come back that it did before I got rid of it! I can think of nothing but her and the loneliness because of leaving her, and the years of work to control my mind so I wouldn't accidentally hurt someone again? It's gone! And now that it's gone I can't control anything!

And what's worse than the pain is the FEAR! I've lost control of my mind, the very base of my powers, which I believed I could use to help people. The only thing I have feared more than the loneliness for the past four years has been losing control and hurting someone! I haven't been concerned about my safety, or the chance of success, or anything that normal people worry about, because the fear of hurting people overrode all of that! The only consolation was that I was in control, that I could make sure I didn't hurt anyone. But that's gone. Now I don't know if I can stop myself. My mind, my life, is in chaos, and now it may happen again! The only people that I know may end up hurt because of me again, and knowing that I hurt my only friend, that she will hate me because I couldn't control myself, the happiness of seeing people find happiness in that city, where everyone cares only about themselves, four years of work, it won't be worth shit. I don't expect you to know what it's like, the only person that matters fearing you, hating you, calling you a monster! My father left me when I was five because of my powers manifesting. FIVE. And now, just like then, I don't know how to control them! One of two good things in my life is gone, and because of that I could hurt the other good thing. What if I hurt her? What if I KILL HER?! She is the only one who understands the pain, the only true friend I have ever found, and now I'm not afraid of the loneliness, it's already back! But everybody has fears, everyone is equal, so now I only have one thing left to fear, and that fear is intensified to balance the loss of the other fear! All of my being is loneliness, anger, and fear. Fear that I'll hurt somebody, that I'll hurt my friends, that I'll hurt Carrie! I can't stand the idea of hurting her, of having her fear me, it would be as bad as when my father left me! And if I hurt someone else, then I'll be proving I can't follow the control that I try to have her use! Then she will hate me! And that will be WORSE than when my father left me! He took care of me, but he didn't care about me! He went to no extents to make me happy. And Carrie has done more for me in a single day than he did! And now she will hate me! The best friend I've ever had, the only person who has ever understood me, the only person who has ever helped ME, without having me jump through hoops and torture myself first, THE ONLY THING I HAVE LEFT! And now all I have is her pity! Because there is something wrong with me, and I can't understand what! The person I trust most in this world is telling me that it's because of this girl, but my mind can't accept it, can't accept she could possibly have caused me this pain. And yet at the same time , what little I have left is screaming that Carrie is the only person I should trust! My head and my heart are at war, and every little blow causes pain you can't possibly imagine!" <...I...I know exactly how that feels. I shut myself off from the world, from everybody. I shut down every emotion until there is only anger and hatred left. I...I thought I enjoyed pain and suffering of others... I thought that no matter what I would hate everyone. I got used to it. And...I am not sure what to do with myself. I...I don't know what is going on with me...and part of me is trying to fight it. You aren't the only one that is confused. I...I don't hate you. Y-you a-are probably the only person I-I llike. It's okay if you hurt me it's kinda-> Ian says nothing, just slumps his shoulders, hangs his head, and sobs, his free arm covering his face. Carrie looks a bit uncertian what to do for a while and is clearly uncomfortable. She looks at him sadly. Then she does something she'd never expect herself to do ever to a person, she hugs him. Ian tenses a bit as Carrie wraps Hobo's arms around him, and he feels the claws press against him slightly, then relaxes and returns the hug, tears stream down his face. Carrie starts licking tears off of his face. <I will make this right again. ...I...I feel your pain...I...I don't know how...I...I want you to be better. I don't want you to suffer. are the only one I don't want to suffer...I-I don't know why... I...I want you t-to be happy...why though? I...I don't know what's wrong with me.> Ian jerks his head back, startled, then wipes his face before burying it into Hobo-Carrie's shoulder. She looks uncertain as to what to do as she starts to carefully pet his head for a while.

At first Mace doesn't even seem to register that the others even exist, let alone are talking anymore. Eventually, though, his mind is pulled out of his cloyster shell and back into the present by Ian's frantic monologue. His own thoughts of self-regret and remorse are steadily eased into the back of his mind, replaced by a growing concern for his fellow human being. After Ian's monologue is over, and seeing Ian and Carrie bond as they are, Mace seems a lot more level-headed and back to reality, like he usually is, though with a bit of a somber note to him. "At least you've got someone else or something else to blame for most of your problems. Me? Well I just messed up. BIG time. Eri didn't know anything about it, so I've got no one to blame but myself for what happened." Mace shrugs, "so, what I'll do is I'll pick up the pieces and try to fix this myself. That's all I can do. And if I can't, well, that's what happens - I brought it upon myself." "That's just how I look at problems." "You, though, you don't sound like you have that luxury...." "I can't pretend to know what it's like growing up with the world against you - I grew up a lot more mundanely than that." "But, that means most of my problems are from me doing something stupid, and so I have to dig myself out of it. Any problems that aren't my fault I either get help with, or I don't worry myself too much about it if it was too far out of my control to stop." "Just the other night, me and Sarah got attacked by some Ekans. We dealt with it, and afterward she was pretty shaken up and started blaming herself for bringing us there, that it was her fault I got hurt a bit during that fight. Me, though? I brushed it off, there wasn't much we could've done to predict something like that. We dealt with it, and that was that, we know better than to go out near dark like that without taking precautions." "That's just how I look at problems. If it's your fault, you deal with it. If it's not your fault, you do your best, but don't blame yourself if you can't manage alone." He walks over to to the psychic and the poke-human, takes a deep breath, and puts a hand on Ian's shoulder. "And you, my friend, sound like you've got some BIG problems that aren't your fault. Luckily for you," he looks down at Hobo-Carrie, "it looks like you've got some people willing to help you out." Mace gives Ian a friendly smile. "Sometimes you can't move a mountain by yourself." <Yes, you did fuck up. A lot. And then even more after I found your tent and told you of my presence. I presume round two is not a go then? I wonder how Sarah would feel that you forgot her and fucked that bitch in the woods? If I was Sarah, I would kick your ass. That's just me though.> She glares at Mace as he approaches Ian. Mace shrugs, "yeah, I did. And I'll deal with it myself, 'cause I put myself in this situation." "I think Ian could use some help, though, huh? It sounds like you've got his back." He smiles warmly at Hobo-Carrie. <I's...uh...just shut up! I'm not weak!> <It will be okay. I'll make sure you are fixed and everything is put right.> <The others have something that can fix you. It'll be okay. You'll be in control again. You won't have to fear about hurting me. Even if I wanted you to... I...I don't think I can hate you anymore.>

"Not my fault? I - My powers aren't someone else, or something else. They do what I want to be done. They are my will, they are me. They grasp, pull, push and tear on anything I focus on with a willingness to do so, even if it's just a small flare of anger which most people would ignore with no trouble. The control wasn't to make them do what I want. It was to make sure they didn't do something unless I decided they were necessary, or I could see no way someone would be hurt. Everything wrong with me is because of me. I'm not a normal person, I can't put things aside like a normal person, I never even had the chance to learn how to be normal, how to shrug off problems as something I had no control over. It is simply not something I can do. I cannot convince myself to believe the best, for that which I could have controlled I do, and that which I could not control I cannot. I have often read phrases along the lines of 'Life is not black and white', and yet I cannot find the grey, or the colour, and I can't convince myself I couldn't do anything if I could have. And all of my problems started because of one stupid little thing. One incident where I didn't control myself, because I hadn't worked out how, and any chance of a normal, happy life was taken away from me, taken by myself. One thing. If you make one mistake, and you may lose a person you care about, but you also have a chance to reconcile with them. I make one mistake, and I lose everything, and the one person I want most to know that I never wanted it to happen couldn't listen if they wanted to, and neither can I, because I wouldn't have hurt them if I hadn't wanted to. If I stay like this, then I might do it again, and I will have to build my life from scratch again. But this time, this feeling stops me from gaining control. There is no life to build other than one where nobody will find me. Where nobody will need my help. Where life would be meaningless. So what's the point of living if I can't regain my control? But I can't kill myself. Can't just snap my neck and be over with it. Because there is always that bit of doubt, so I can't use my powers to do it with my control messed up, and I don't want my life to end in pain. And so I'm stuck, with everything I do being the wrong thing to do, and never able to do the right thing. Stuck with being surrounded by hate, because anyone who doesn't hate me ends up hurt and afraid or dead. And I can't just put it behind me as something I had no control over. Because the thing that goes wrong is that I had no control when I should have it. Everything caused by my powers happen because somewhere inside, it's what I wanted to happen, with no doubt. There is no 'someone else or something else'. There is only me. I am the very root of all evil in my life. Let's go. I need to get rid of this. I never wanted to rely on him, but if Hugh has something that can help, then I guess I'll have to. It is preferable to existing like this." <No. What you are currently going through is not because of you. It is because of her. You aren't harming anybody right now, and I don't think you will. When I first got this shamanistic power I did not have control over it. There were a few times where I could not control myself after channeling. Sometimes...sometimes accidents happen. I don't think you ever wanted that person to be hurt. It was a fluke. But have more control than ever. You are hurting nobody but yourself and feed on your own fears. If you loose control...I'll be there. You don't have to be alone.> "I dunno, for something that you say you're in complete control of, it sounds an awful lot like you're not." Mace scratches his chin, "and it's not like you chose to have special powers and have the world set against you. The way I figure it, something being your fault entails you making a conscious decision to do something stupid, not your brain unconsciously doing things on its own." "For one I think you've gotta chill out. Getting all riled up like this probably isn't making your powers or whatever any safer. What was it that set this off, Eri? Well she's back in that clearing taking a nap now, so just forget about her, think about something else. You've identified the problem, right? So cut ties from it. I plan on doing the same. I mean, I don't wanna be rude, I'd like to talk to her about it first since she didn't know, but you haven't even introduced yourself to the girl. She won't be bothered if she doesn't see you again."

<I don't hate you Ian. I don't fear you. It's going to be okay.> "The fact that I'm not in control is the problem. I managed to gain control, but it's gone now. And this woman keeps coming back. The fear and pain dig into me, then she's back, and I'm so confused. There's a game children sometimes play at parties, where they are blindfolded, spun around several times, then given a tail to pin to a picture of a pokemon, and they have to try to get it in the right position. They have to be precise with the placement, while blind, disoriented, and dizzy. Have you ever played that game? If you have, you have a glance into what everything is for me right now, but instead of being dark, the blindfold only lets me see glimpses of the world past the image of her, and everything is still spinning around me. And to top it off, I don't get off so lightly as having everyone laugh for a short time. If I get it wrong, anything can happen, Maybe nothing will happen, or maybe everyone will be hurt. And I know being stirred up like this is bad, it means my powers are more likely to lash out, but... It's broken. The wall I built to stop this sort of thing has broken, and I can't fix it. Not like this. I can't stop it in this condition, and it won't stop by itself until everything runs out, but the wall has been keeping back the pressure for so many years that it could be flowing for days, or it could release everything at once and destroy everything, like a damn wall crumbling and releasing all the water it stored, drowning everything, everyone who trusted it to help them.. You say she wouldn't be bothered if she didn't see me again, but for some reason that hurts as much as it did when people tied me up and... Nothing goes right for me. Even if I am tied, cut, pieces of me carved out, people smiling as they do that to me, but when I protect myself, and eventually someone finds me, they want to leave me there. They don't care about me. They only care about the people who attacked me. The thought that she doesn't care is as bad as that moment, but this time they cut out my heart." ... "But I did want to hurt people, Carrie. I was so angry, I wanted people to know what the pain felt like, I wanted them to experience it. And one person took all of that wrath. The one person who would listen to me, and... I just snapped. She just wanted to help me and... I... I don't want to remember that. That room. It was terrible. My entire family has been ruined by me. My mother died when I was too young to remember her, my father left me when my powers came to the fore, and my aunt. She tried so hard to help me. I almost killed her. If I can't get control back, then I do have to be alone, for everyone's safety. It doesn't matter how much I trust you, whether you're my friend or the only person I love. It doesn't matter how you feel about me. Eventually I will strike out." <...Maybe...maybe you need help.> Carrie sends Ian comfort and calmness around him. <Maybe I can help support that wall.> Carrie sends out her support, and is protection. <I care about you. I know what pain feels like. I know how it feels to want to make that pain into others...I still have urges to hurt, to kill. I am too used to anger and resentment. I...I think the problem was that you were holding back and then you just exploded. I normally had things to lash my anger at. I lashed it out on all of you. I...I'm sorry. L-l-l-love?!?> "You've had a lot of time to yourself to think of all these metaphors, haven't you?" Mace grins.

"Honestly, though? You're the only one who can decide to make yourself better. If you're so convinced that you're screwed, then that's probably the way it's gonna be." "If you're just gonna be an angsty teenager about all this and refuse any kind of help or advice we could give, fearing for yourself or our safety or whatever when we're making it abundantly clear that we wanna help you out regardless, then yeah, there's nothing we can really do for you. And it'll be that much harder for you to get over all this." Mace shrugs. <Maybe because your advice sucks. You suggest that he cuts a part of himself so he does not feel those emotions. All my life I had to cut emotions off because if I had them then I wouldn't survive, and I had to protect myself. I constantly try to prevent myself from trusting people, from caring because the would stab me in the back later. I am only a shell of myself. And...I...don't want that. And I don't want that to happen to Ian.> "Cut a part of him off, huh? Heh, well I'm sorry for suggesting he forget about a complete stranger. I'm sure if he keeps thinking about her, he'll be just fine, right?" <He literally can't. At least not without dealing a lot of damage to himself first. She was the one that did this to him....trying to...break his heart...make him focus only on her and heed her words.> "See, I still don't really buy that. She didn't... do anything. But whatever, you're gonna believe she did something anyway," Mace waves it off. "Here's an idea. Think about Carrie instead. Would that work?" Mace grins mischievously. <Sigh. Of course you would say that. W-w-wait wh-what?! Uh...wh-why m-me?> "I've been alone for a long time. I've had to think of something to avoid losing what little sanity I have. Thinking of the metaphors distracts me when things get bad. And Carrie's right. I've tried, but I can't get over this girl." Ian stops and seems to listen for a moment, before his eyes widen, and he begins to stumble over words in an attempt to speak quickly, "Ah, that's not- I trust you more than anyone but- My aunt was the only person I know I've ever loved. Look, I'm not thinking straight, can we try to clear up any confusion between us when I'm not addled? I want to know what I'm saying to you is how I actually feel. I don't want to say something and realise it was fake. It would also help if you were in your real body. I know you're more comfortable like this, and I'm okay with that, but I want to actually talk to you. No mind tricks to send messages from one person to another." He swings back to Mace, as though assaulted on all sides by all the talking, "Wh- What are you suggesting? I- We hardly know each other, and I- I would really prefer not to replace the images with ones of Carrie. I consider my existence enough of an invasion of privacy, I'm not going to make an embarrassment of her by thinking like that!" "Well, if it'd help, it'd be for the better wouldn't it? And if you're both OK with it...." Mace is barely containing a huge grin as he continues. "And really, if you're that close to snapping, you gotta do what works, right? You can always figure out how you feel about each other later once your head's clear~." <Um. Y-yea. Sure. A-alone? Bu-but...I prefer mental communication. But I guess I can talk to you in my body.

Y-Y-You can invade my mind anytime, Ian. An-and i-if it makes you feel ahead.> Ian blushes bright red, "Y- you- I- I'm not very comfortable with the idea. Even if you say you're okay with it, Carrie. And you make it sound so much creepier than I normally consider the telepathy. B- But fine. If there's a chance it will help me, and since you're okay with it," the blush deepens to a crimson as Ian attempts to picture Carrie rather than Erin. Unfortunately for him, even if he should manage to pull his mind away from Erin, He can't make the new images any less lewd than what he saw of Erin at the clearing. "Ookay, well I'm not thinking about that girl anymore. Oh man, this is awkward. At least it could be more so, I guess." <Maybe if I put on my bathing suit perhaps?> Carrie sends an image of what she looks like in her recently acquired swimsuit. "Ack- That doesn't help me to feel less awkward, you know. It does the exact opposite, in fact." <I know it doesn't. like m-me? > And you'd see me in the swimsuit later. I um...uh...does this mean you um...l-

Mace has to physically hide his overpowering smile with his hand as he walks along with the odd pair. *Snrk*, "You two are adorable, you know." "Ah- I... I think I do. And you are pretty cute when you get annoyed... Thank you, by the way. Both of you. I know I reacted poorly. I... I have to sharpen my senses. Learn to notice if someone tries that on my again. I'll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen again." <What are you talking about? I'm not adorable at all! Okay maybe Hobo is slightly adorable, but that is besides the point!> "I... I've never really liked anyone before either. But I do know that I want to stay with you, more than anyone else, and I never want to see anyone hurt you, so I know that I do like you. And yes, I do think you're cute. And if you weren't a pokemon right now I would probably kiss you. I would rather not kiss Hobo, though." <I-bu-I-um....okay...Fo-for the fir-first time in a long t-time I...I want t-to be hu-human. >

"Nothing is going to change so long as I can help it. We'll be back to the clearing soon enough. Uh... We, will get back, right? I... I don't have a clue where we are." <...wh-what do you mean nothing will change? I think I spotted where we came from. J-just keep hold of me.> "I mean I'm not going to suddenly hate you for no reason, or run off. Everything can wait." <I wouldn't think so. If I cause you to hate me I'm sorry. >

That would be no easy feat. So long as I can keep my wits very few people can make me hate them." <Good. I don't want you to hate me. Y-you are one of the f-few things that ha-has happened in my life th-that is g-good...that I'm ha-happy with. I-I do-don't want to loose that I do-don't of-often get to be ha-happy.>

"You don't have to worry anymore. I'll make sure you don't have to be sad any longer." <I-I'll try t-to be be-better so that I don't disappoint y-you and make you hate me...> "Shh. So long as you try, I will be happy. It took me about a decade to pull myself out of the hatred, I don't expect any sudden changes from you. And I will be here to help you along the way." <Okay. I think I should find something to release anger on. Something that is okay to punch, okay to I don't explode. Maybe they have martial arts here...fighting type pokemon like fighting with people...maybe if I get one I can spar with it...> "Just so long as nobody gets seriously hurt. But I do like this idea, it's a good one for sure." <Okay, know of any around here? And maybe you can come along with and make sure I don't over do it? Also, we have fighting mons scanned, right? Can you tell me what those are? It's difficult to use dex with tentacles, let alone massive claws.> "Well, if I can work out how to sort the 'dex... Give me a moment... Right, if I'm reading this correctly, we've scanned four fighting types: Machop, Mankey, Infernape, and Scraggy. I don't know how it would be best to find either of those, though. It would probably be best to ask Danica." <Hmm. It might be best to get the machop, since it has more human like qualities. ...right?> "If you believe that is best, then I will trust your judgement." <Alright. Um...since your cured, I probably should get my paralysis removed. Because it's hard carrying my body around and it's slowing us down a bit, and then you-uhhhh nothingtoseeherenothingtoseehere.> "And then I...? In that much of a rush to kiss me? Or perhaps to slap me for proposing it? <! I-I um er I um I ahem I am n-not going to slap you.
...unless yiu wanted it



And it was a joke, I don't actually expect you to slap me. If you wanted to slap me, I doubt you would go back to being human to do so... And no, I would rather you didn't slap me. I can handle pain for the sake of others, and a good fight can be fun, but I don't enjoy pain. <You sure? From what I've seen some find it sexy. >

Ian smiles, light-heartedly says, "Yes, I'm sure, Carrie. If becoming injured was a turn-on for me I would likely have either bled to death or lost body parts, with how many people would be quite happy to beat me, had I let them. I believe you can see just how willing they were. If you like enjoy any curiosities, though, I would be willing to consider them at another time, when we do not have company. Especially not with Mace around. <I'm pretty sure there is a big difference from what I have seen and what you've been through. I uh...okay. And yea, I don't want the fucker around either.> Oh yes, you have certainly seen only part of it. After all, it's only my face and arms." <Oh? I w-want to see more.> "I'll let you see the real scars some time." <They probably also look good on you.>

"Scars can look cool, yes, but normally the ones that look cool heal so a faint outline is what's visible. These scars were not earned with grazes and shallow cuts which were picked at and prevented from healing. They are scars from cuts which were deep enough that they could not heal properly. Then again, who knows? I only see them as reminders, perhaps my view of them is inaccurate." <Now you are just teasing me. The more scars one has, the worse the scars are, the more the person survived through. The more a person is scarred, the less likely someone is going to fuck with them, because they know that person earned those scars one way or another. It's also why you are not the only one with scars. And also why ones without scars are pussies, they either stayed at home and never went out in the streets or were too overly protective of themself, and they never had to suffer pain.> "Perhaps, Carrie, but my scars aren't going to deter anyone unless I walk around shirtless, and my build isn't exactly intimidating. And to top that off, my scars weren't exactly earned by great feats of strength. Bravery, maybe, but not strength." <...So why aren't you going around shirtless again?> "Well if I did go everywhere with no shirt on, nobody would ever take me seriously, would they? And I would attract a fair bit more attention than I would like." <I do not understand why they wouldn't. And more attention is not always a bad thing...> "No doubt about that. Attention can be a good thing, to the right extent. That's why I dye my hair like this, so that I will stand out, but not to a great extent. But can you imagine what people would think seeing me? A guy who looks far more frail than I really am, scars across his body, how would it be possible to stand after all the damage that would look permanent? One looks as though I should be dead. How would people treat me with those thoughts in mind? Would they see me as a monster, an abomination that cannot be killed? Or would they pity me, think I live only because of luck, treat me as some sort of defenceless child? Perhaps they would fear me, for one so scarred must be a violent man, yes? The only good it would do is dissuade some people from fighting me, though it may make people who fight for fighting's sake want to challenge me. I don't see any real good that would come of it. Especially considering the damage the sun could do to my bare skin. I could be left unable to move without pain should my entire torso be sunburned. And even if the scars are attractive, as you expect, why would I want that? I don't want or need girls to be approaching me, looking for my attention. Especially not when I can spend my time with you. <You don't look that frail. Easy to push around? Sure, but not frail. Scars show a person survived a lot, and would make him seem less frail. I don't get how a person with scars would seem as a monster or abomination, it's pretty least from where I am from, but it looks like you have a lot of smooth skins, so I have no fucking clue how these people react. But fuck them. And if they fucking dare hurt you I will fucking crush them. They have stuff to prevent sunburns you know. Darminian. I...I I w-wou-would like that. ..Damn it Carrie, what the fuck are you getting yourself into. "This area is more civilised than Orre. Normally I wouldn't take that seriously, with how the wealthy act like mindless creatures at times, but in comparison to Orre, I think it's still accurate. Anyway, people around here aren't always so accepting of those without flawless skin. In fact, if Hugh lives in this area, then I'm willing to believe that having his skin damaged my that bear upset him more than being hurt did. And if someone does attack us, I would prefer you don't crush them, they just need to take enough Tourists get it all the time or they'd look like

of a beating to realise they should leave. Generally the low-lives I've encountered won't make the same mistake twice, and they aren't coordinated enough to form large groups... I'm not sure how long that will last with Hugh on the loose and in possession of psychic powers. And I'm not exactly made of money. I can't really afford to buy sunscreen if I want my pokemon to eat. As to what you're getting yourself into, it is a situation in which two people are more fond of each other than any others, and wish to perform activities together, talk, and generally be with each other, that sort of thing. It is commonly referred to as dating, though I'm not going to take the liberty of tacking that title to our relationship before you do." <Hugh is a pussy. ...Also fuck Hugh. He's being a sneaky bastard about something and I don't like it. I would not trust him at all to put some...lowlifes? Out. If he does anything to you I'd kill him, because he's actually fucking dangerous to keep around living. Ah, it's okay if you don't have much money. I'm pretty used to not having much myself. And most people who hide behind money are worse than the thugs around, because they pretend to give a shit about you but only really fuckin care about draining your own wallet and hiding behind stupidly expensive clothing and think they are so much fucking better than others, and tend to forget the pokemon they have or people around them and focus only on themselves. Fuck. That. I'd much rather be with someone poor like me and knows how it feels to be so and forced to live in a cardboard box than someone with a stupid amount of money and doesn't give no shits about me and basically live in the same house but so fucking apart that we'd never see each other. ...And what do you mean by preform activities?> "Going exploring the wilderness, catching pokemon, relaxing, playing board games or card games, and so on. So no, I'm not meaning what you may think." <Ah...good I think...I never wanted to be ...close to an other. I wouldn't mind games... But uh... if that does somehow happen? I'm not expecting anything but still...I have seen various ..things where it seemed like it was nothing and then they were fucking in the street.> "That would be a work of fiction. Uh, it would be fictional, right? Orre wasn't that open was it? Regardless, look, I'll make sure nothing- Hang on, how old are you? I can make a pretty good guess, but it's still best to check." <Well there were several brothels but many took it outside. People have the common decency of not hurting two people fucking. And even distracted they weren't entirely defenseless. Age? That's a very odd question with what we are talking about. Um...I...I'm not really sure. I try not to keep track on how long I was in that hell hole.> "I don't intend to participate in those activities, but should it arise, being nineteen it's illegal for me to be with anyone under the age of eighteen. There's no other reason, though if you are underage it would help deter... lewd activities." "That has to be the most retarded law I have ever heard. I'm old enough to know what fucking is, I never partake in the activity but I've seen enough times to have a pretty good idea on how to do things, and if we both agree on doing that activity, then I don't see why the law has to butt in. ...But I don't want to do that right now. Maybe not for a long time. But I still feel that law is stupid.> "A good point of view, Carrie. Though you have had a less sheltered life than many others. It is generally thought that younger people fail to understand the severity of the act, and the consequences of such. Let's just make sure we never have to worry about such laws."

<Those people are idiots then. And if they really wanted to, I don't see a law stopping them. If you really must know, I'll try to find my birth certificate it's in my bag somewhere...What's today's date?> "Protect the young from the loose morals of those around them, and they have a chance to grow up to have solid beliefs. Expose them to those poor morals and when they are adults their own moral code will likely be worse than that before. I believe if children are protected from such things while at a young age they will be more likely to disregard them, and over several generations humans will become more worthy of calling itself civilised. Unfortunately, I do believe it's too late for Mace to be redeemed." <...Huh. I would have thought you would have preferred people fucking than hurting each other, because it seems that people enjoy it very much and seem to get pleasure from it, rather than hurting each other. Unless they found that kinky. I've seen that stuff on the streets but it never made me want to do it since I was young, and I'm not slut or whore, I never fucked before. I think I disagree on it being morally wrong, but what do I know about morals?> "I'm as likely to be wrong about my beliefs as anyone, Carrie. And while I was joking, the jests did not include the threat." <Wait you hurting people was not in jest? prefer me to be a human...rather than a mon? ...Also what consitutes as hurting someone? Is it okay to grope your butt or no?> "I will never seriously threaten to hurt a person, Carrie. I'm just threatening to make a mess of his looks. I won't do any serious damage, even if I do end up hitting him. Yes, I would prefer you to be human. I want to be with the actual you, not you cloaking yourself within someone else. Besides, you can't spend the entire time possessing Hobo, imagine how he would feel, losing control of everything and having no chance of gaining it back. With the recent circumstances, I know how he feels to rely solely on you to be himself again, and though I trust you, it is not pleasant. And you can't possess other pokemon, since it is Hobo who allows you to communicate while you are possessing, right? So you wouldn't have any way of being heard. As for what counts as hurting a person, if you attack them with the intention of harming them, with no cause and no warning, then I consider it to be harming them. If you perform an action which you know will hurt a person, emotionally or physically, and it would make little or no difference to you whether it is done or not, then I consider it harming them. That's just what I hold myself to though, and they aren't exactly solid walls of steel. For example, there may be decisions you must make which will result in someone being hurt, no matter what you choose, in which case you cannot be held responsible. Unless I'm one of those people. I would prefer to be hurt if it will stop others from being hurt. Just try not to get me killed. Even I can only stand so much before the blood loss gets to me. As for your final question, if you really want to grab my butt, just make sure if you have claws they don't damage my pants." <...Yea I know it's just...I ...I ..I don't like being me. And be-being in a mon i-insures th-that I'm no-not in human form. ....I... :/ Can I punch Hugh? Please tell me I can punch Hugh. His face is so punchable. ...Is it bad I want him to die? Because I do. More than most people. ...Don't stand in my way if I am to punch Hugh. He is already a pussy, and has been sheltered for too long and he is manipulating bastard like a fucking con man from Phenac.

...What if I can't control myself and do hit someone?> "Are there no benefits to being yourself? Surely there are. What if you are alone while possessing, and a trainer mistakes you for a wild? What happens to you then? If you really want to punch Hugh, just try not to kill him. I won't hold you back, there. As for an situation where you can't control yourself, then you can't really be held responsible. And if I'm there I will try to make sure nobody gets hurt, if I can do so without injuring you." <...Not really, no. My body is useless and ugly and I hate it! I don't like being human...and I can't do a thing about it. This is as close as I can get... As for trainers...I dunno, I haven't used this ability much, I could probably use it on other mons too, not just mine. Maybe I'd just flee. I dunno. Awww. That's not fun at all. He needs to squirm at least a little bit...and knock him down a peg. Okay...> "And if they make a successful capture? I don't want to know what happens to you if the pokemon you have possessed enters a pokeball. And your actual body isn't that bad. My own is useful only for being broken in order to fuel my powers. You don't look that bad, either. Nobody worth a thought believes they are better than they are. On a lighter note, though, I only said don't kill him. Other than that, if you can make sure he doesn't get you back for it I'm fine with it." I dont know, maybe have someone I can trust to put the mon inside the ball. "If you mean me... No. If I were to do that, and you suffered for it... No, I don't want to risk it. I... I suppose you would be safest that way, and you are right that you will find out eventually. If it is to be done though, I would prefer to have someone with medical expertise on hand, and searching for information on the results before testing would be best. This city must at least have books that know about people like you, if not people. Can I kill Hugh I dont trust him and I think he is going to do something terrible. If he threatens your safety, you may act as required. As much so if he threatens that of someone who has caused no harm. That stands for any person. If they willingly create a threat to the life of an innocent, and you cannot bring justice through lawful means, then bring that justice as you see fit. Ensure that, whatever course of action you take, you simply believe you are doing the right thing. My own actions are often almost purely for the sake of others, though I don't expect expect you to devote yourself to such a degree, it would be an unreasonable expectation. I will be happy should you simply try to do the right thing when you are comfortable with it." <...I'm not sure if they will have books on what I am asides things that might be of myth. The cops said that there is only one other person known in this region with my abilities and he is apparently in Snowport. ...They are more likely to know what will happen to me, but it is uncertain. I threaten people all the time. ...Lawful means? I barely know anything about laws around here and only go by example...they told me this region was going to be different but not this different. I don't know what justice really is...I don't know what the rigt thing to do is...I only know to fight, to cause pain...It's very hard restraining myself as it is...> "Well, in that case, you are doing very well to restrain yourself. As for right and wrong, that is mostly a matter of opinion. Many will claim what's right is allowing freedom, others that it is eliminating freedom to protect the weak, and others still that it is simply lining their own pockets. You would have

to decide for yourself. And we can go to the police at some time, to see if they can help us know what would happen to you, right?" <...I've exercised self control before. It's much easier to loose it when everybody else is doing the same. ...I don't know any more Ian. I wrong on many accounts...and I am not sure what to do with myself. Hurting people happens all the time where I am from...but...people don't do it here. I don't know what I am supposed to punch anymore. Everything seems out of place, it's so surreal. It seems to be like a lucid dream and I could wake up at any moment and I would be back in Orre with nothing but anger and hatred for having one of the few good things taken away from me.> "If you should awake and find this all to be a dream, do what you can to return here. Find me. I will be waiting for you, I am real enough. After all, do you believe, coming from backgrounds as yours, you could dream up a person like me? Could you ever imagine beginning to like someone so bizarre? And if the need to punch things does become too great, I am here for you. I will help you to relieve your anger, should all else fail. If only by being a punching bag for you. " < I don't think so. But everything feels out of place. I...I'm not supposed to like people....I'm not supposed to like anybody...I should hate...Nobody should be trusted...but why? Why do I trust you? Why do I like you. This is not supposed to happen. Why is this happening? This shouldn't be happening. Nothing good happens to me. Everything has a price. Everything good costs me. Princess I had to sell mons to allow them to eat, to keep mons I have for a while longer...but she'll be taken away eventually with everything else. Shaman powers allow me to be a pokemon...but I have to control another...You....I don't know. It will bite me eventually. Nothing good happens without something bad in return.> "Such is life. In this world, there cannot be good without bad. You do what you must to protect those you care about. Your actions are for the better of your pokemon. But it will come to an end. We are relatively weak right now, but we will work to be strong enough to repay GenCo for what they have done to pokemon. Until then, though, we will do what we must. And don't worry about Princess. While I breathe, they will not take her from you." <I hope that I don't accidently hurt you if I go out of control...I don't want to hurt you. You don't like pain, I don't want to ....l-l-loose you. I...I am only trying because of you. If-if I loose you th-then... ..You really think we can do something about them? I find that doubtful. I don't think we can defeat GenCo. It's a coorperation that has lasted for a long time. Generally those don't go down easily. :/> "I know it won't be easy. But we will get stronger before we do oppose them. Two people of our talents, if we become stronger then they will have to send many to stop us. And it is doubtful that we are the only group in this position. Others will rally to protect their pokemon, whether behind us or someone else. Yes, they are a powerful corporation. They will be difficult to topple, kings to our serfdom. But the mere peasants are the ones who feed the king. Without the farmers the king will starve in time, for neither he nor his knights will stoop to pulling the plow. In the past, oppressive kingdoms have been toppled by those who it ruled, revolutions triggered by a small group who the powerful relied on without admitting it. History will repeat itself. Trust me. If it is necessary I will be the spark to start the revolution, even should that spark need be a martyr. I will not allow any harm to come to you. Sacrifices will be necessary though. I do not like it any more than you, but the needs of the many are greater than the needs of the few. Those few sacrifices will provide us a chance to become stronger. Strong enough to fight GenCo. And hey, I have said before, if you lose control, then I will handle the situation. If I am hurt, so be it. I hold no like for pain, but, as Danica and Sam can attest, I will not back down from it if I will be of

more use taking those hits. And if you're thinking you may kill me, then don't. I have survived far worse than you would cause. And so long as you aren't insanely strong, then nobody will come to any harm." <Generally speaking, coorperations have a tendency of making sure they survive if the head person falls. I do hope we can take them down though. And then we can be free to do whatever. I have little doubt that previous groups have tried this before though and they maybe ready when it looks like we will turn on them. Heh. My strength in battle varies on the moves I have. Sure it's not as strong as the pokemon's and I can only do the moves once a day, but it can be very devastating.> Well, I've never gone down in a fight after taking a single hit, so I think we're good on that front." <Hehehehe. I may test you on that. ...maybe...I don't know. I...I feel that is a challenge and >

want to prove you wrong but...I don't want you to get hurt. This is hard.

"At least save that challenge for a time when it can't make our job any harder. Just keep the blow above the waist, when you do decide to test me." <Hehehe. Deal. Why above waist though? I love nutshots! ...and I am not guaranteeing that your ass will not be manhandled on way or another. >

"I'm not after frisky activities at this point in life, but I would like the possibility of considering children in the future." <Aww you're no fun. ...never really thought about children...I am ...uncertian. If I would want any...I am not sure if I would be good parent. Especially now...> "Those who grew up poorly typically aren't suited for raising children. On the other hand, if they are aware of how poor it was and are able to change things in how they raise their children so it doesn't follow the same line, then they can make good parents." <...Yea it's probably best I don't have kids then, considering how I grew up. :/ So if you are seriously thinking about kids then it's probably for the best you find someone else. > "Ridiculous. Having a family would come after toppling GenCo, so who knows how long that will take. Across that sort of time, minds change, and mine hasn't even been made as to whether it would be best to have a family. I haven't really had much experience with it, so I've no clue how to raise children." <And if it's impossible to take them down? ...I dunno about children either, so we are on the same boat there.> "Nothing is impossible. If it is beyond my skill, though, I will become stronger. The only limits are death or victory. I will stop at no ends to protect our pokemon." physical limitation is one that makes tasks impossible, finanicial setbacks, disease, being broken, emotional attachment, all these can make thngs impossible. You say you stop at nothing...but I don't think that is the case. I doubt you would kill anybody to get rid of GenCo. I doubt you would sacrafice something you like to make sure they go down.>

*Sigh* "You're right. I probably don't have the heart to kill. I will make them pay for the harm they have caused, and will cause, though." <I hope we can make them pay. ...But I am pretty sure they will try to take away mons from us when we start attacking them. ...We need to find a way to bankrupt them.> "There's no need to hope. I am certain we'll figure it out eventually. We have to. At this time there is nothing we can do but play along, though." <Yea, you're right... ...hmmm. I wonder....maybe I can get some info as to what they are doing....after finding out what happens if the mon I possess gets into a ball.> "You aren't seriously considering- Are you crazy?! Or just stupid?! Your chances of succeeding in such a situation would be horrible! There are too many variables, no preparation could make it safe! I'm not going to let you try that!" <Crazy We need to find out what they are doing somehow. There has to be a way. I don't want them to get hurt more than they should...I...then what should we do then? If we go against them we have the same problem.> "I... Argh, alright I admit it, that may be the best way to gain information. I don't like the idea of you being subjected to whatever they are doing with the pokemon, though." <...Pain is what I'm used to, it's what I know. Only this time I get to choose to have it done on myself, I get to help pokemon later. If it gets too much I can go to my body at any time.>

<If it is...then we can't capture it while I channel it, and I will have to dechannel it when it gets down here. Trapping it would be good. The sooner we get out of this place the better.> "Agreed. I'd like to be finished here as soon as possible." <You think we can ditch Sam and leave him alone to fish while we go to another pond away from people? I would like that. We can hang out by the water...maybe catch some mons.> "Really? At a time like this? I suppose it would be nice, but he is just trying to be friendly. We should discuss it with him." <Yes, at a time like this. ...What? You think because I like you, you think you can get away from arguing from me? ...Sigh I guess we should. Maybe after we catch the mon. Or when someone else gets it. Whatever happens. Hmm... Maybe I'll possess a fish mon, or Kipper and swim around on the bottom of the pond to see what is there. That could be fun. And I might see different mons down there.> "Once we can stop worry about this, that's for sure. And yes, it may be interesting to see what you can find in the depths." <If we don't catch it, do you have enough money for food for mons? If not, I have some, and some money we could probably raise some money for double battles for food for your mons, and yourself. I can't let you starve, cute butt. It's a lot less deadly over here than Orre, especially Pyrite. And hell

maybe you can get magical powers from eating Spam like I did. around the time I was in Princess' body.>

Okay I probably didn't but it was

"I... Spam? Really? Well, I always thought there was something strange about spam. Maybe it's made from the meat of creatures which have the power to unlock true potential, and it's been so processed that it lost most of its power. ... If we don't capture this, I would appreciate the help. I can stand going without food for a day or two, but I don't want to starve my pokemon. I do have some trail rations, though, so I can feed them for a bit with those." <Yes! Behold the allmighty power of SPAM! May it grant you superpowers . ...I'm not sure how good human food is for mons, I haven't really tried that myself since pokemon food is a bit cheaper than human food...hell sometimes had to eat it in my human form. Not pleasant. Though SPAM isn't really pleasant either. It does taste better as a mon though, different taste buds I suppose. ...Speaking of powers, do you know anything that psychics can do? Like the more advanced ones?> "Psychic powers? I've read into it, but I never really found much. Not going to say it's not there, since I rarely do find anything. Recently I've gained the ability to cause direct pain in a target. I don't know what limitations it has, but I do know it hurts a hell of a lot, for both myself and the target. I think I recall something about the pokemon you have around you. Influencing how your powers develop, or something like that. I don't know any more than that about more advanced psychics, though." <Pokemon that influence your that REALLY sounds like my abilities and powers, a connection to pokemon such that you are changed because of it, and it can also be impacted by your desire. Like my desire to become a mon most likely allowed me to do accidently enhance the channeling ability I already have.> "It does sound similar, does it not? Do you think, perhaps, we are on the same path, and simply started at two different points which will converge? Or perhaps it's more like two lanes on a road, parallel, and very close, but still different? There is much I do not know. <Hmm...I think that while very, very similar they are still different enough to be such. But we travel a similar path. One we can walk together as we unlock talents and abilities. I think the main difference between Mystics and Psychics is that my abilities rely on both physical and mental strength at the cost of isolating myself even further from people, while yours is based on endurance and intellect at the cost of strength. They both strain body and mind, but I guess it's different enough. I know that in some ways I am different from you, but in many ways we are alike. Paths similar, but still different. And I wouldn't have it any other way.> "You're right. It is good this way. We are close enough to relate, though if we were the same, I'm not sure how I would feel about you. I am comfortable around you, as is, to a degree that i do not know would be possible with another psychic." <You don't trust other psychics because you think they will leave you a husk? That they'll hurt you? Okay Hugh probably would seeing how malicious he is, but that doesn't mean they will. I mean, I could go out of control and hurt you the same, maybe even worse depending on if I am using a mon or not. ...I don't know how I would feel about another mystic. Sure we'd relate, but...It's not the same...> "I don't know. It is in nature for beings of the same nature to fight for dominance, is it not? Especially with what happened to me in that clearing, I have been thinking... What if one were to make an attack directly at my mind? I can't defend myself against that. Normal people are visible threats, but I have no way of knowing if a psychic intends to attack me. They are unpredictable, and are able to cause harm without showing any sign of doing so, if they can mask the pain. If a psychic were to attack, there

would be no way of knowing who is directing the offensive, and if they are hidden there would be no trail. I have thought of this for a time, and have put thought into how to track a psychic, though, and with recent events, it may be of more importance." <...Yea especially with untrustworthy psychics like Hugh. ...Actually since he's not here, it's safe to show you what he truly looks like. What he hides.> Carrie sends Ian what Hugh looks like with his aura. <He holds many secrets. Many dark ones. He is manipulative. He is malicious. I trust him less than most people. At least most people in my area are blunt and strait up attack. He is being sneaky. I do not like it at all.> "Well, it's good to know who your enemies are. Is this what you couldn't tell me earlier?" <Yes, yes it was. I don't want to be around him any longer than needed. Hell, I am tempted to just run away after they get my body patched up and don't fuck with the leafeon. I seriously believe he is a threat if he remains living.> "I'll be with you, whatever you choose." <Okay, good. Tell them to text you when my body is unparalyzed. If it remains such when Hugh gets here and my body isn't here....then we will have to get it. Then try to run as far as possible from him if we don't kill him.> "You're serious about that? ... Okay." <I'm serious. It's no longer I want him dead because he's human, it's I want him dead because he needs to die. Die before he does something. We could try running I suppose, but we will have to distract our minds from this... I can think of one thing... "I believe you. Any ideas you have would be helpful." <...You said something about a kiss earlier?> "Yes, I do believe I did. You think the idea will be enough of a distraction for us?" <Maybe. Hopefully. Do you think it'll work? ...Though if the thought alone isn't enough distraction...> "I don't know. Depends on how deep he digs. He may manage to pry into recent memories. I'm not sure what he's capable of." <Then let's just focus on each other until my body gets here and then we can run away together.> "Alright. It's a shame to lose this chance, but if you believe it's necessary, then okay." <This chance of what exactly? Me kissing you or something else?> "If we have to leave without acquiring the target, then we probably won't be paid. The money offered for this job was a good amount, it would have made things easier. We can manage without, though. More work will become available." <Ah, I see. But if we were to stay then we would have to tolerate his presence. It's doable, but I don't like to being near him.> "We can manage without, if you aren't comfortable with waiting around." <They have my body though. >

"Yes, well, that is something we must wait for. After that's solved though, if you want to, then we can." <Okay. And if they don't then we will have to find it before something happens to me. I highly doubt Hugh would cure my paralyze since it's apparently not "that" bad. ...and I think he maybe getting something out of this if we are all here. Else he wouldn't try convincing Mace to come along, even though he didn't really care about Mace when he disappeared.> "We should warn them, then. Give them a chance, at least. If we don't then they have next to no chance of resisting." <Okay, send everybody but Hugh the message.> <When they bring my body, I am going to take a run for it. They will blame me for attacking him, and the rest would side with him. Too risky. Better to flee and make sure we are not close to him. They will hopefully be wary of him, but I cannot change that.> "Alright. We have done what we can to protect them. I will be ready." <...Cute butt...I have a bad feeling about this. A really bad feeling. I hope it's nothing. Maybe the message shouldn't have been sent...but it's too late. He probably knows now. And he'll be likely to be against us. ...I hope we will be alright, but...if anything happens...:S> "Don't worry. It'll work out." <I can't stop worrying. I don't want anything to happen to you because you sent it. Maybe we should have waited. Maybe I should have kept quiet. None of this would have came up. Why did I open my big mouth? Stupid, stupid, stupid. "Stop it. I was the one who said we should tell people. So stop beating yourself up. That's my gig." <...Yea but if I didn't kept thinking about it...if I didn't keep worrying about wouldn't have done so....I don't know what's right here...I shouldn't have said anything. ...but like you said it's how we survive. But maybe we just made things worse...> "Eventually something like this would have happened. Better sooner than later, I suppose." <I suppose you are right, hopefully the others will believe us. But Mace doesn' it's doubtful for the others will... :/ I just....I don't know. ...Sigh. Lets talk about something else...and not worry about this.> "Well, uh... So, you have anything interesting happen so far?" <...Like what do you mean? You already know about the possession and how I feel about it. I am going on a...on a d-d-date? With some guy. Has a cute ass. Maybe you know him. > "Heh, I'm not sure. Maybe I do know him. I don't often find myself looking at people's butts, let alone another guys'. Can you tell me anything more about him?" <He has a lot of scars. So many....*drools* > "Hmm, no, I can't say I have seen anyone fitting that description. I must say, I'm a little jealous." <Oh? Why is that? >

"Well, a lovely girl like you, who wouldn't be jealous? ... Heh, I'm sorry, I'm no good at taking the mind off of a problem. Normally if there's trouble I just get beaten up, maybe get a couple of flesh wounds, and call it a draw." <! Not l..l...lovely at all! ...uh...ya. Only I fight back.> "No? You don't think so? You do happen to be one of a very rare breed of people who seem to enjoy talking to me. You were legitimately concerned for me while my mind was addled, and wanted to help me. You believe you're a bad person, but you're really not. You came back to look for Mace, while you could have stayed in the clearing with no effort whatsoever, that wasn't exactly an act of cruelty, was it? Some people would define another as lovely based purely on appearances, but to be honest, I could look at an old man and think he's actually a beautiful young woman, so I don't put much faith into appearances... On that note, I need to confirm, you aren't actually an old man who wants to be a girl, right? I don't judge, but I wouldn't be comfortable dating a person with a male body." <...I um...I...I have no idea why I tried looking for M-Mace...I wouldn't call him lovely. I dunno, maybe it's something you will find out later when your eyes and ears don't suck. I maybe and old man, I may not. Who the fuck knows? ....Well asides other people that is. > "Mayhap we shall never know the truth of this mystery, then. Oh, cruel fates, how you curse me with this uncertainty! Why must I endure this life of almost-but-not-quite-blindness? " <It's too bad you aren't psychic and can just look in a person's mind. know, huh? This uncertainty wo-won't af-affect d-d-dating now will it? Well I guess we will never

"Unless I want to try digging deep into a person's mind, I only see their surface thoughts, and I am not going to go digging in an innocent person's mind. So I can only use my powers to determine a person's gender if they are thinking about it, and if they identify as another gender then that is what they will think, so it can't be relied upon for determining physical gender." <...Hmm. I guess you are right. So I guess that means we will never mnow. Huh?> "Perhaps not. Well, I shall live with the belief you are as you say." <incidentally, you wouldn't mind an old man kissing you, would you? >

"So long as I'm convinced it's a young lady, I would have no problems with it." <Fair enough. think this will work out?> "Can't say. It should, but there can always be unexpected factors." <Yea, I guess. I hope it does work out. I you.> "You keep stuttering. I wonder, are you struggling with sending your thoughts to me, or do you have difficulty admitting how you feel?" <I have no problems sending messages to your head.> "I see. We can work on the difficulty later, then. For now... Well, I know you favour water pokemon, what about unfavourable types? Are there any types of pokemon that you hold a particular dislike for?" <Very tricky question. I put down grass on he sheet, because I knew it was very weak, but it has uses outside of battle, but I don't dislike grass. After seeing Hugh's trubbish, I dislike poison types.

Reminded me about the litter and smell of Orre, and I bet if there were wild mons I bet we would be swarmed by poison types. I didn't notice the poison smell before because I was used to it.> "Pokemon to be swarmed by? Yeah, I've experienced that. Beedrill, a bug-posion, as the 'dex told me. Sam, Danica and I got into a fight with quite a lot of them recently. You're certainly not wrong about being swarmed, there were actually enough of them to give me a good beating. Hadn't had a fight that actually knocked me out for a good amount of time, until then. They didn't manage that without taking a beating from our own pokemon, though. And I may have helped the last one get me by getting a hit in for myself. I've thought for a while that my powers may be using my own energy, and with the pain I can cause and feel, I'd say it certainly doesn't help me to stay standing if I use the stronger powers." <Heh. Well I can't really stay standing for too long either when using my abilities. ...But it is kind of hardly sporting for that to count. Ah...I haven't had a good fight in a while.> "Yes, it is a rather unbalanced comparison, since you calm pokemon while I simply make them want to hurt me." <That or outright faint because of this. ...I do want to hit something though. I have not fought for....a week?> "A whole week? It seems to me you have been showing a good amount of restraint, even without my influence. Maybe in an environment which is not so openly hostile you don't so strongly feel like you have to fight constantly?" <Hey, I've gone longer than that before in Orre. Though that was mostly to heal bones. Those were not fun times. ...Maybe. But I am feeling a bit edgy.> "Of course you're on edge. It's understandable, with the circumstances. We have probably just alienated our allies, after all." <I admit it doesn't help. We probably stirred up a beedrill's nest with that. Oh well the sooner they get here the sooner we will deal with it.> "Our stalker may be of more immediate concern. It certainly is taking its time showing itself, isn't it? I swear, it feels like we've been talking for ages, just waiting for it to come down from the trees. I even managed to send off several messages." <Yea, it feels like I've been talking to you for several hours. N-n-not that I m-m-mind! I l-l-like th-that we are t-talking.> Yes, I enjoy talking to you as well, Carrie." <Well hopefully it will know where it is so that we can capture it and alone together or something.> "Or something? We aren't very good at planning or making decisions, are we? <Oh fuck off Ian. "

i'm great at planning. Like um...what to do after we get out if here.>

"Oh, then what is the plan? Hmm? Don't worry, I'm horrible at planning. Especially when I get into a fight."

<Stuff! ....Okay, um hang out with you by the lakes.> "Well, in that case, I can see you certainly have the foreseeable future planned out well. You've certainly proven me wrong. " <That's all I have planned out though. Just incase something happens. Still uncertain what to do with Hugh.> "I understand, on both accounts. Things change quickly, you cannot expect things to move so smoothly, especially where pokemon are involved, for there is always an element of chaos with them, and the world is in a constant state of change. As for the other decision to make... Perhaps we should simply leave him be. It is true that he has done no harm, even if we don't trust him." <...Maybe you are right. But I still don't trust him.> "Why would you trust him? I say you're right to be distrustful of him. Others may say he has done nothing to warrant distrust, but neither has he done anything to warrant trust. Normally I give people the benefit of the doubt, but a psychic I don't think I can trust." <I don't want to trust him. Not at all. Especially because how dark his aura is, it tells bad things about him. And not all psychics are untrustworthy. I know of one that isn't. ...and is the only person I really trust.> "Ah, it's such a shame I shall never trust a psychic so much as the one you have found. The things that could be accomplished, were two psychics working together... Unfortunately, I don't think I work very well with others, let alone someone I don't trust, so that isn't happening." <Maybe you will someday. I also don't work well with people. Espessially ones I don't know, or find untrustworthy.> "If that day should come, then truly the greatest beings in this world must have graced me with their favour." <Well you don't have to look far. I see one already.> "Hah! The only psychic here that I'm aware of is the one who recently completely lost control of his mind and had a mental break. Because of a single girl. I don't know how well he can be trusted." <Well least we can talk to each other mentally again. Only slightly different this time. I can still see auras and project thoughts into minds.> Well, that's... Interesting. You have carried over Hobo's talents then? I don't see where the tatoos would come into that, though. <I guess I did, which is odd because that didn't happen with Princess. Maybe if I possess Kipper...maybe I can breathe underwater? Could give that a shot later. ...and what tattoos? Could you show me?> When you went back to your normal body, you got tattoos. They're all over your face. It's kind of strange that they just appeared, and normally I'm not a fan of tattoos, but... For some reason I feel like they... They suit you. Ian also includes a mental image of the face paint.

<....Is that....what I think it is? I...I think I know why it fits me. It relates to this...It can't be a condense that I have these powers and these markings at the same time. But...if it is what I think it is...why is it visible?> I'm not following. What is going on? <...I'm not 100% sure, but I am pretty certain that's my aura.> What? How could you know that, it should be tied to your soul, so you wouldn't see it by looking at your own body, right? And if you are right... Perhaps you are not completely separated from Hobo? I don't think I want to know what the implications of such a thing could be, if you aren't entirely you after ending a possession." <Well...after looking around I can see parts of it. I don't know if I will be able to see it in a mirror, but I can see what is on my shoulders, arms, belly, legs. Outside of the clothing. While it seems that it is literally on me now. ...Hmmm. I am pretty certain that I am still me, I do not think I gained any part of Hobo's personality, but that maybe hard to dictate since he likes fighting and is also a bit lonely. But he is kind of dumb. I don't think I parted with any of my own in Hobo. I'm still me...I'm just...different. there a problem with that?> No. So long as you are sure this isn't a sign that the possession is causing you any harm, then there is no problem. I am happy to accept change in others, as an unchanging world is one that will eventually grow stale and dull. I will accept you, no matter how you change. <I see it more as a benefit really. I can see things that I would not be able to see otherwise, and I can talk into people's and mon's heads. Hell, I'm tempted to get out Kipper and possess her and see if I get anything out of it. ...I'll refrain until we get out of the woods though.> Carrie is trying to hide the fact she is estatic about the possibilities and what she can do. You can experiment with your new talent all you like once we're finished here. I will admit, it is interesting to consider what other talents you may pick up, though if it's something more than tattoos people may react poorly. <So? Why the fuck should I care? I don't give a fuck about what they think about me.> Well if you were to walk into a city with claws for fingers, people may well decide you are a freak and should be treated poorly, as such you would be incapable of purchasing food for either you or your pokemon. <then they deserve getting punched.> See, the problem with that is that you wouldn't be able to punch them because you have claws, and can't form a fist properly. Also then you would be assaulting a person and their poor treatment would be justified. Though I suppose if you do sprout claws I can do the shopping. <Ahhh...that's no fun. Can I at least claw their eyes out? >

Certainly not! If you have to hurt a person, make sure it's in a spot which won't be noticeable unless they go telling thNever mind. Just don't go clawing people who haven't attacked you first, if you get claws.

<...So this means I can still punch people in the face, yes? Carrie seems to be somewhat joking around.


I suppose if they can't prove it was you, then I won't find out. That's the only opinion that matters to you anyway, right? Ian returns the joke. <We-well uh. Um...y-yea. Fuck the other people.> You don't seem very certain of that reply. Is your resolve slipping, when it comes to your hatred? <...No! I don't think so! ....Maybe.> It's not such a bad thing. Hating everybody can't be good for your mental health. <Bah! I have good reasons to hate them!> Doesn't mean it causes any less problems. Hatred, unlike some movies would have you believe, does not lead to power. It simply leads to a failure to control the power you already have, and loneliness. Whether it is justified hatred or not. <But....I...I ....I don't think..... ...Is it okay to hate Hugh though? He literally does not care about us unless they are for his own ends. > Well, one or two people should be okay. And it would be a bit hypocritical if I said you can't. <...That's a serious downsizing that I cannot do right now. ...Even liking you is ....different than what I am used to. It's...odd. I...I don't think I should be having these feelings at all. It's against what I eerie and not right...I just...I don't know. Heh did you see him flip his shit when you proposed we leave? That was hilarious. I think he is still hiding something though. ...Also it seems that he has troubles sleeping. Could be useful to know later on to use against him.> I prefer not to use deception for such things. Wait, how do you know he has trouble sleeping? <Deception on what things? He gave hints of that sort of thing. Last night he said something about new medication may make things...odd. And various times I commented that what I've seen is barely in the realm of nightmares but he saids he doubts it, and this time I see part of his aura shiver.> Deception is the wrong word. I am struggling to think of the correct vocabulary usage, but if I intend to combat a person's actions, I prefer to take a forward approach towards it, rather than using knowledge of their struggles against them. <The direct way is much more fun than the indirect way. Plus it's a reason to punch him. In the face! And maybe a nutshot, got to make sure he can't have kids you know.> Indeed, it would not be so satisfying to simply make him angry. And to dig into his personal life to use it against him would simply be lowering us to his level.

<Oh? How so? ....Oooh you mean when he tried to manipulate Mace? I found it...odd that he was doing that, and still do. What do rangers even do anyways? Asides from fucking the first bitch he or she sees?> Well, I was more thinking he wouldn't be the kind of person to face a problem head on, would try to find some way of blackmailing those people, or something. And I'm not sure about rangers, but I think it's their job to make sure the really dangerous wild pokemon don't become a threat to city people who can't defend themselves. <Now who said anything about blackmail when I can just have Hobo yawn him to sleep? ...Though you seem to be correct with his personality and he's done that type of stuff before. I think a reason why he gave me the juice is so that he would have leverage on me later.> Ian sees some images of Carrie and Ian kissing but they are quickly pushed away. What the hell brain. What the hell. Now, now, that can come later. I imagine it's a bit hard to work out which way to walk while kissing. <!'s not...I uh...I don't...I mean...I...I can't...It's uh...stuff..yes stuff...and things.> Carrie feels embarrassed, and somewhat flustered that she can't get her words out. Ah, come now, there's no reason to feel embarrassed. It's understandable that you would feel like that about me, I do have a very powerful personality. < you you ass.> ...Speaking of asses...Shut up! It's not supposed to be like this! Not supposed to be like this? How were things meant to be then? I thought you weren't the one to plan for things, anyway? <...I...I shouldn't like a person...I...shouldn''s w-wrong. distrubts everything...I...I should not like's not's not right. People do horrible things...including me...why...why do I like you? This is not right...I...I should hate you...but..I...I can't. I...something...wrong...with me.> Carrie feels very confused and conflicted. And why shouldn't you like me?It's true that there are people who do terrible things, but that does not mean every person out there is evil. The world is full of variety. There are many different ideals, beliefs, and aspirations. You've found a person who you can trust, someone who wants to make sure you don't get hurt. What's wrong with being happy about that? <I...I don't know. I...don't...think it's right...after spending my whole life there. It's not...easy to...let that happen. I trust you but I know I shouldn't. >

Why is it such a bad thing to trust me? I haven't done anything to you, nor will I ever. I'm willing to trust you, so what's wrong with trusting me? <...It's...not you. I..I know you won't try to hurt me...It's just...really hard to accept that.> Well, you'll have time to get used to the idea. Take however long you need to be comfortable. <...Yea. This is fells messed up you know? Just feel ...out of place....I don't belong here. It's confusing and frustrating. I want to punch something but that's not really allowed here.>

I don't know how I can help to ease those feelings, but know that I'm here if you need anything from me. <....Yea. I know. I..I am here for y-you too. W-we can s-stick together. Y-you are on-only one trustworthy around here. You are the only other one that knows what it is like to suffer. know how it feels to be compleatly different from people, to be the outcast, to be the oddball. We both survived through a lot...we can survive even more, perhaps...even b-b-better than alone. But fuck the others. If they get themselves mindfucked because they don't listen then fuck them. Hugh basically fucking declared that anybody he considered an enemy he would mind fuck. Not us currently but perhaps that time will come. If they are so fucking stupid to not pay attention then I don't see why I should give a fuck. And you know what? If we leave, there would be nobody else who would be able to catch what Hugh is doing. Nobody else is a fucking psychic, and nobody else can see auras. I am not even sure how good they are at combat! Mace just fucks around, Dancia does some sort of lab science work, Sam...I don't know what he does. clue either.> Carrie rants a bit to get some anger out of her system. Exactly. These people don't have or do anything special. They are just normal people. They don't understand what it is to be in danger, they don't realise threats aren't necessarily going to be a big bear swinging its claws at you. <...They are...uninteresting. They do not know of the power we wield! Or other people wield. Like Mace still perceives Eri as harmless, even though I am certain she did something to you and Sam. They can't see what is in front of them.> I could not accept such a thing either, while I was under the effects of whatever she did. Though with how naive Mace is, he probably won't believe it even without the influence in his mind. But you are right, they have not experienced our powers, and cannot comprehend them. <Still want to hurt her for that. Yes. I think they all are too naive. Their lives have been realitivly painless. They know not of the danger they are actually in.> That is why GenCo were so willing to hire them, I'll wager. People like them become docile when they are put under the right pressure, they don't know how to react and simply do as they are told. And not only GenCo will be able to make use of them. <Hmmmm...I am not sure why they hired them. I mean, I think they hired us because he have special abilities...But...they are a bit too easy to persuade. Hugh did convince Mace to be here...> A company like GenCo will want their low-ranking employees to be easily controlled. With the threat of our pokemon being taken away, they expect complete submission to them. They did likely choose us because of our talents, though, and they simply hoped we would also be manipulated. And that was a mistake. Had they requested I work for them, without threatening or manipulating me, they would be in a much better situation, with how low I ran on money. They shall eventually learn how foolish they have been to believe they could control a psychic with petty threats. <Or a crazy mystic. I can't wait to get my hands dirty with their blood. Let them pay.

Now, now, we know they're a big evil corporation, but it is still illegal to kill a person. Besides, a business like this is much like a hydra. Chop off the head, two more will grow. Anyway, don't you

think it would be more amusing to watch as their empire crumbles beneath them, leaving them with less power than those they once controlled? The look on their faces, the desperation, as everything is torn from their hands? Death is never the best punishment, for there are always those which are more painful for those who committed the crime. <I hate it being illegal in these parts. Hate! Ah... But...You are right. It would be much harder to kill them and much easier to crush them via economy. Though it will still take a lot of effort.> Nothing worth doing is easy, in this world. And those actions which are of a good nature are often all the harder to accomplish. <..I ...I am not sure about that. I am it will be. I am not sure if the others will try to help...> If presented with a situation in which they believe they can keep their pokemon, then they will likely follow, whoever gives the orders. As such, should they believe it possible to beat GenCo, they would likely ally with us against them. Should they think it an impossible task, though, they would be likely to simply agree not to alert GenCo to our plans in hopes of being rewarded. As such, after we become strong, they could be considered as possible allies, but until then, they would probably not join us. <I hope that it is possible, but I find it doubtful we will succeed. I hope you are right. Even with it doubtful.> Well, it's better to plan for this unlikely task than to submit to their will. And should we fight hard enough, choose our battles well, and make sure we and our pokemon are strong, then in time we will be strong enough to win, no matter what. GenCo is powerful, certainly, but they have no drive to become stronger, they believe they are already an unstoppable force. As such, they are not likely to be increasing their strength at any particularly high rate. We, on the other hand, are becoming stronger very quickly. After just a couple of days I am already far more powerful than I was before entering this adventure. It will still take time and effort, but we will become stronger than GenCo. We will. <...Hmm...You maybe correct in that matter. And...we have been getting more powerful recently. I don't quite get it. I had these powers for as long as I remember...but only recently gotten better.> I have also had my talents for a long time, and I have made ample use of them. Though... I made mention of more advanced psychics developing their powers by the pokemon they surround themselves with, right? Perhaps being around pokemon also causes a less powerful change over time, even in your talents? There are many things about pokemon that are still unknown, so perhaps the link between pokemon and humans has more of an effect than we know. It would explain why pokemon are so often willing to accept the commands of trainers. I suspect that GenCo originated in Orre, I have seen various companies similar over there and it wouldn't surprise me if they started in the Underground. Though if that's the case then it maybe harder to find an excuse to go over there. But hey, nothing is illegal there! The closest thing to law in Orre is in Phenac, which is basically if you are in sight of the tourists doing something that would detract tourists, or tell something that detracts tourists you get fined big time from businesses there. But if it's out of the sight of tourists? Anything goes. There are symbols showing where you have to be like the tourists, but it's best to go in further away to make sure. ...But hey, if you need a drug fix, want to torture and or kill someone, punch someone's face, fuck

every whore in the brothels, fuck in the street, or fuck mons, or have mad scientist labs for experimenting on mons or people, or anything you can do it at Orre! And people have.> <Hmm...Maybe that's possible. Maybe because I wasn't surrounded by mons in Orre stunted my abilities....and now that I am around them more they are vastly growing...that does make sense for my abilities...perhaps yours as well. Maybe even the others. I dunno about them though, I don't know what they do, asides one of them being a slut and one of them takes free will.> Yeah, I don't know how pokemon may affect the others, if they would at all. But- Wait, having sex with pokemon? People do that? What the hell, that's just... Unsettling. That's like... Well, I suppose a place like Orre wouldn't give a damn about rape, either. You're probably right that a company like GenCo would originate is a slum like that. <People do that. It's a thing. Mostly human looking ones, but it's still a thing. And ...your right about the rape thing. Nobody gives shits about that.> You... Weren't raped, were you? I've had a feeling something particularly bad happened to you, but... It wasn't rape, right? If- if you don't want to talk about your past, we don't have to. If you aren't comfortable or anything. <I don't want to talk about this.> Alright. We'll change the subject. So, uhh... ever have any interest in sport? I've never had much of a chance to play, if I or my team does well I'm normally blamed for cheating, using my powers. What about you though? Carrie mentally sighs in relief. <Sports? Hmm...well I honestly didn't pay attention what sports there are. I had other things on mind and had to do. It's not easy getting by yourself.> It certainly isn't, though I found building a reputation made it easier to get work from some people. And there was some work where it was best to act like a normal kid. <Or work is so dull that it takes effort to get up to go there.> Work was always boring. A lot of mail delivery, janitorial work, all those dull jobs that nobody wants to do. It tends to help when getting up to work is normally more comfortable than whatever I was sleeping on, though, if I got to sleep at all. <I am surprised you lived that long without any shelter. ...Though it is quite a bit calmer here... ...If we do go to Orre, you can't sleep outside. And Phenac is stupidly expensive to go into a hotel. And you've seen where I've lived, it's too small for all of us. We can maybe fit 4 people in there, maybe 5 but it will be stupidly cramped. And we should not ever split apart from each other, ever. Being along leads to bad things unless you know the area. Even when you do know the area you are at risk. And people will know you are not from around there from the way you walk, way you look, the way you talk, the way you react to what is going on, and you will have targets on your back if you are outside the main place of Phenac. Fuck why do I keep going back to Orre?>