August 1 – Boa’s Bind (Australia, Amber Ale) Malty mouth feel and sweet, medium bodied with some toffee notes and slightly nutty finish! 7/10

August 2 – Marstons Pedigree (England, ESB) Pours a thick head, rich malts, creamy, medium carbonation with a light, dry finish! 6/10 August 3 – Caledonian Deuchars IPA (Scotland, Bitter) Nice combination of nutty caramel malts mixed with some citrus notes, slightly sweet, medium body but a smooth, medium bitter finish! 7/10 Mustang (Nepal, Lager) Sweet, honey malts, light bodied, a little watery, thin body and a light dry finish! 6/10 August 4 – Hanoi Beer (Vietnam, Lager) Pretty standard Asian lager, light bodied, sweet with some rice detectable and a dry finish! 6/10 August 5 – Biere Larue Superior (Vietnam, Lager) Light grassy notes although very watery, did quench the thirst on a very hot Hanoi summer’s day but quite a bland beer! 5/10 August 6 – Beer Lao Lager (Laos, Lager) Malty, watery, a little sweet, crisp with a dry finish and really a good beer to compliment the extreme humidity! 6.5/10 ABC Extra Stout (Laos, Foreign Stout) Aroma of coffee, roasted malts, nutty, medium bodied with a roasty finish! 7/10 August 7 – Beer Lao Dark (Laos, Amber Lager) Caramel aroma with dark roasted notes of malt, nuts and even a little licorice with a sweet finish! 6.5/10 August 8 - Nam Khong (Laos, Lager) A little lighter than its rival Beer Lao, some hints of malts and rice but still quite watery yet refreshing! 5.5/10

August 9 – Leo (Thailand, Lager) Light malts were detected and some earthy notes but again, quite a standard Asian lager albeit a little more watery with a lasting sweet finish! 5/10 August 10 – Cheers X-Tra (Thailand, Malt Liquor) Soft taste, a little grain and sweet malt but overall quite bland for 6.4%! 6/10 August 11 – Archa (Thailand, Lager) Light, refreshing Asian lager once again with some malt aroma, not too watery and goes well with spicy Thai food! 6/10 August 12 – La Trappe Tripel (Netherlands, Abbey Tripel) Incredibly smooth, rich, banana aroma with a delicious fruity after taste! 8/10 Murray’s Icon 2IPA (Australia, Double IPA) Big, bold citrus and grapefruit hops bursting from the initial palate, a little caramel background with a lively bitterness! 8/10

August 13 – Rogue American Amber Ale (Oregon, Amber Ale) Delicious! Caramel nose but lovely citrus zest and well balanced hops, nice light bitter finish! 8/10 August 14 – Founders Dirty Bastard (Michigan, Scotch Ale) A lot of toffee and caramel flavor, smoky, sweet with a heavy alcohol presence! 7.5/10 August 15 – Murray’s Hell of the North (Australia, Strong Dark Belgian Ale) A robust, sweet ale that is rich with a strong alcohol presence at 11.5%, has an aroma of rich, dark fruits and a smoky, sweet finish! 8/10 Red Hill Imperial Stout (Australia, Imperial Stout) Rich, bold, coffee flavor, full bodied with a sticky, sweet sugar presence and nice balanced finish! 7.5/10

August 16 – Lowenbrau Dunkel (Germany, Dunkel) A Classic! Sweet malts, spicy hops, some dark fruit and caramel, slightly sugary but a nice sweet, medium bodied finish! 8/10 Franziskaner Hefe Weissbier Dunkel (Germany, Dunkelweizen) A malty, caramel and toffee sweetness, a little roast with a well balanced finish! 7.5/10 August 17 – James Squire Stow Away IPA (Australia, IPA) A surprisingly bold grass aroma, some citrus and pine hops with a very dry finish! 6.5/10 August 18 – Moon Dog Skunkworks Cognac Barrel Aged Double IPA (Australia, Double IPA) As the names suggests, a strong alcohol and cognac presence, plenty of hops, malty, sweet with a light bitter after taste! 7.5/10 Bee Sting (Australia, Wheat Ale) Slight hint of honey, definitely quite sweet, a little orange and light bodied with a soft, clean finish! 6/10 August 19 – Ballast Point Big Eye IPA (California, IPA) Bold presence of grapefruit and citrus hops with some grass undertones and a dry, bitter finish! 8/10

August 20 – Dundee IPA (New York, IPA) For an IPA, a little more malty presence than normal, still citrus hops coming through albeit fairly light and slightly watery! 6.5/10 Murray’s Whale Ale (Australia, Wheat Ale) Aromas of wheat and orange with a hint of banana with a spicy, dry finish! 7/10 August 21 – Post Road Pumpkin Ale (New York, Spice/Vegetable) Spicy, pumpkin aroma with a little cinnamon but quite a clean beer with a dry, spicy finish! 7/10 August 22 – 2 Brothers Growler (Australia, Brown Ale) Loads of flavor, citrus hops nicely blended with some caramel and chocolate malts and a nice hoppy finish! 7.5/10 August 23 – Pauwel Kwak (Belgium, Belgian Strong Ale) Thick, sweet, sugar aroma with caramel malts and dark fruits and a lingering sweet finish! 7.5/10

Murray’s Dark Knight (Australia, Porter) Roasted, malty chocolate taste with some hints of espresso with a smoky finish! 7.5/10 August 24 – NZ Wheat (New Zealand, Wheat Beer) Light wheat aroma with sweet grains, a little gassy with a yeasty after taste! 6/10 Matilda Bay Dogbolter (Australia, Dunkel) Sweet, roasted, toffee malts, a little sugary and a tad heavy but a nice, sweet finish! 7/10 August 25 – Eurodancer (Denmark, Pale Ale) Immediate huge citrus hops, a little sticky with a longlingering bitter, grapefruit after taste! 8/10 August 26 – Tripel Karmeliet (Belgium, Abbey Tripel) Beautiful, sweet, banana and vanilla aroma, full bodied, thick mouth feel with a smooth, dry spicy finish! 8.5/10 Tui East India Pale Ale (New Zealand, IPA) Probably the furthest tasting thing from an IPA I’ve had. Light bodied, sweet, malty biscuit with some caramel notes but a little watery! 5.5/10 August 27 – Murray’s Angry Man Pale Ale (Australia, Pale Ale) Very nice, fresh citrus flavor with light hops, a little earthy with a crisp, dry finish! 7.5/10 August 28 – Balmain Original Pilsner (Australia, Pilsner) Light malts and a citrus, grassy aroma, good lacing and a crisp, light citrusy finish! 7/10 August 29 – BridgePort Hop Czar Imperial IPA (Oregon, IPA) I found this quite soft and light for an IPA – light bitterness, some citrusy hops and nicely balanced! 7/10

Baird Four Sisters Spring Bock (Japan, Heller Bock) Loads of cereal, grain and malt, a little rich with a dry finish! 8/10

August 30 – Enterprise Brewery Knappstein Reserve Lager (Australia, Lager) Sweet, malty scent, a little citrus and a little grain with a crisp, dry finish! 7/10 Matso’s Mango Beer (Australia, Fruit Beer) Very fruity, very sweet, lots of mango aroma, light bodied and fairly clean beer! 6/10 August 31 – Wicked Elf Witbier (Australia, Belgian White) Light bodied, sweet taste with hints of lemon, wheat and banana and a slightly sour finish! 7.5/10 Burleigh 28 Pale Ale (Australia, Pale Ale) Citrus nose, bold citrus flavor with a little caramel background, hoppy and a dry, lingering bitter finish! 7.5/10