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Ltd.H. www. Ltd. NJ.berkeley. www.ee. Clive Woods.edu/~nelson/PPT_files/chapter_6. The S-R latch. The gated S-R .edu/classes/icdesign/ee241_s08/Lectures/Lecture26Latches. 10. Latches: Latch vs.ic. Introduction to Sequential Devices. W. M. www.educypedia. Balbanian. Prentice-Hall of India.eng.Morris Mano.. Prentice-Hall of India.Maini. 13.ppt. Englewood Cliffs.auburn. Digital Electronics: An Introduction to Theory and Practice.ss..7 CHAPTER 7 FLIP-FLOPS REFERENCES AND WEBSITE ADDRESSES 1. Digital Fundamentals. www. 3rd edition.ac. 3. FlipFlops. ALU. Flip Flop Technology. Digital Logic and Computer Organization. rentice-Hall of India.lsu. Flip flops Digital logic with feedback. 4th edition. Latches and Flip-Flops_v2. 5.jp/lecture/VLSI_DESIGN/chap5.be/electronics/digitalflipflops.htm .edu/desouza/Classes/EE2730/EE2730%20Set%201. Flip-Flop.ee. and Hybrid Latch Flip-Flop. Digital Electronics: Principles and Integrated Circuits. Digital Logic Design Principles. 4. 2.edu.ppt 17. Latches. A.ppt 14. Sequential Machines Latches and Flip-Flops. Flip-Flops.org/richcontent/Tutorial/MiniCourses/architecture_logic_mapld2001 /Logic_Section/3_Sequential.tw/course/logic_design_94first/ 16.ntu.J. 11. 2nd edition.Similar pages . Pulse-Triggered Latches. bwrc. 7.eecs. Thomas L.uk/pcheung/teaching/ee1_digital/Lecture9-FlipFlops. and Flip Flops. Wiley India Pvt.ppt. access.ac. Classification of Digital Circuits. Flioyd. Rajaraman & Radhakrishnan.ppt.titech.pdf. Wiley India Pvt.uiuc.Nagrath. Hothmann.pdf. Digital Logic Design.ppt . I. flop timing. klabs. 9.ppt 15.vlsi. Brian Holdsworth.ece. Electronics Analog and Digital. digital: memories and flip flops. 6.cs. Prentice Hall. www. 12. Universal Book Stall. JK flip flop. 8. Computer Engineering: hardware Design. www.edu/class/sp08/cs231/lectures/review20071012. JK flip flop design.K. Latch stores data. Elsevier India.

ppt. access.pdf .yu 19.uk/pcheung/teaching/ee1_digital/Lecture11-Counters.edu/download/attachments/10455620/14-SequentialAnalysis.jp/en/course/program/computer/core/scd.columbia.ca/~msachdev/ECE223/Overhead%20Slides/ECE%20223%20Registers%20and% 20counters. www. Ltd. www1.k.edu.ac. Ltd.pdf 22. 3rd edition. Electronics Analog and digital.cs. Digital electronics: logic and systems. Design of Sequential Circuits. Hothmann.edu. Fundamentals of logic design. International Edition. 15. Elsevier India. Flioyd. Digital Logic Design Principles. www-inst. Sequential Circuit Design. 4th edition. www. Registers and counters. Jr. Rajaraman & Radhakrishnan.ppt Synchronous and asynchronous counters. www.hosei. Mano. 9. Digital Fundamentals. cis. 3. I.nz/124242/Lectures/Lecture%2007_1s.ppt. 5.Maini.pdf 18.eg/courses/_Spring2008/CSEN605/slides/(S)_CSEN_605_Dig_L7.Kershaw.H.ac. CSEN_605_Dig_L7. John D. Charles H. Prentice-Hall of India. Logic Circuit Design. Wiley India Pvt. www. 6. Jaico Publisher.tw/~yangfy/download%20data/Digital%20Systems/Chap6%20Registers%20and%20Co unters%204th%20Ed.ppt .%20Mano 13.uiuc.berkeley. Shaw. Digital Electronics: Principles and Integrated Circuits. Digital Electronics: An Introduction to Theory and Practice. Prentice-Hall of India.guc. 2.pdf 12. Counters : Shift registers and flip-flops in shift register and counter circuits. Digital Logic Design. 10.ic. W. Synchronous Sequential Circuit Design.ece. Breton Publishers.ppt.ppt 14.uwaterloo. Universal Book Stall Balbanian.ppt Shift registers.matf.8 CHAPTER 8 SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS REFERENCES & WEBSITE ADDRESSES 1.ac. Thomas L.pdf 16.tw/course/logic_design_94first 17.edu/~cs150/fa00/Labs/lab5lec. J.ppt. A.massey. 7. Alan W. 4.ac. https://agora.ee. Wiley India Pvt.edu. Register and Counters 2005-12-09 v3. Prentice-Hall of India.html 20.ntu. www. Lecture11-Counters. Roth. Nagrath.K.cyut. 8. www-ist. Sequential Circuit Analysis. Cs. Registers and Counters 4th Ed. Lecture 07.ee.cs. 11.bg. Clive Woods.com/watch 21.youtube. Saunders College Publishing..eecs. 2nd edition. Digital Logic and Computer Organization.edu/~unger/cs3824/04s/seqProb. Shift Registers and Counters. Brian Holdsworth. Sequential Circuit Design.

Hothmann. Fundamentals of logic design. Ltd. Elsevier India. 4th edition. Prentice-Hall of ndia. Flioyd. Rajaraman & Radhakrishnan. Design of Sequential Circuits. 10. 5.bg.ac. Digital Logic Design. Digital Logic Design Principles. Roth.K. Jr. John D.yu 11. W. Ltd. Wiley India Pvt.hosei. Mealy machines and Moore machines.9 CHAPTER 9 SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS DESIGN REFERENCES & WEBSITE ADDRESSES Brian Holdsworth. Sequential Circuit Analysis. https://agora. Sequential Circuit Design. 3.ppt 15. Digital Electronics: Principles and Integrated Circuits. 2nd edition. 2. Digital electronics: logic and systems.html 14.H. Charles H. 9. A. Jaico Publisher. Digital Electronics: An Introduction to Theory and Practice.matf. Clive Woods. Shaw. cis. Digital Fundamentals. 1. Universal Book Stall Balbanian.Maini.Kershaw. www. www.edu/courses/EE/ELE_335/Spring2000/Htmlnotes/MealyMoor . Saunders College Publishing. Breton Publishers.. Thomas L.cs. Alan W.olemiss.ac. Logic Circuit Design.edu/download/attachments/10455620/14-SequentialAnalysis. 4. Prentice-Hall of India. 6. 8.jp/en/course/program/computer/core/scd.uiuc. Wiley India Pvt. International Edition. Digital Logic and Computer Organization. 7. 3rd edition.k.

Sequential and Bistable.edu/Classes/icdesign/ee141_s05/Lectures/Lecture22Sequential+Bistable. Universal Book Stall Balbanian. Electronics: Analog and Digital. bwrc. Comparators and Bistable Circuits. bwrc. 3rd Edition. Jr. 3. 3rd edition. Charles H. 2.htm. 4. 5. Ltd.info/College/Engineering-Notes/electronic-engineering.J.pdf 11. 555 timer. oscillators and counters.edu/Classes/IcDesign/ee141_s04/Lectures/Lecture25- Timing.eecs. Flioyd. Timing.ppt .edu/najmabadi/CLASS/ECE60L/02-W/NOTES/adc.ucsd.10 CHAPTER 10 MULTIVIBRATORS REFERENCES AND WEBSITE ADDRESSES 1. Tata McGraw-Hill. R. Fundamentals of logic design.Jain. Modern Digital Electronics. 8. Multivibrator Circuits. Digital Logic Design Principles.P.worldcolleges.berkeley. Schmitt-Trigger Devices. larc.edu. www. Prentice-Hall of India. I.eecs. Digital Fundamentals. 6.ppt.pdf 7. www. Roth. tennis. 9.ee.umass.ppt Electronic Engineering Notes. www-ferp.ecs. Thomas L. 10.educypedia.nthu. Digital timers. Jaico Publisher.edu/ece221/lecturenotes/ece221-5p2.Nagrath.tw/~tyc/EE3230_2008_fall/slide/Multivibrator7.pdf 12.berkeley.be/electronics/digitatimers. Wiley India Pvt.

11 CHAPTER 11 ANALOG DIGITAL CONVERSION REFERENCES AND WEBSITE ADDRESSES 1.org/FandES/ead/materials/Digital%20Signal%20Processing%20Fundamentals. Analog to Digital Converters Electronics Unit – Lecture 7. 13. Digital Electronics.J.edu/dparent/ICGROUP/166s04/a2dencoder. Charles H.lsu. Flioyd. Thomas L. 11. Encoding Logic for 5 bit Analog to Digital Converter.PDF 10.arrl. laspace.ppt 14. ADC. Digital Electronics: An Introduction to Theory and Practice.uncc.clarkson. ocw. to Digital Converter. time. Digital Fundamentals. Continuous Signal. www.ppt. Sampling. 4th edition. A. Jr. Prentice-Hall of India. R. 8. Voltage. Jaico Publisher. Continuous Signal. people. Tata McGraw –Hill. Digital Logic Design. 3rd edition. 4. Elsevier India.uk/teaching/resources/jjm/pam2011/Lectures/Digital%20Electronics.pdf . Modern Digital Electronics. Digital Signal. Prentice-Hall of India.edu/~jmconrad/ ECGR4101Common/notes/UNCC-IESLecture08%20-%20ADC. Wiley India Pvt. 3. 2.. Ltd. Digital Signal.H.K.edu/~ortmeyer/ee211/sequential%20logic/DAC-ADC. 6. newton. UNCC-IESLecture08 .Maini.P. Analog-to-Digital Converters.coe. 2nd edition. www. EE211 Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital Converters. W.edu.ppt.sa/user071/COE34202/Analog-to-Digital%20Converters. Digital Electronics: Principles and Integrated Circuits.ac.Nagrath. Digital Logic Design Principles.ppt 15.ppt. Universal Book Stall Balbanian.edu/aces/Lectures/Electronics/Electronics%20Lecture%207.pdf 12.sjsu. Clive Woods.Jain. Roth. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Fundamentals www.ADC. Fundamentals of logic design. Electronics Analog and Digital. 5.ex.kfupm. Brian Holdsworth. 7.ppt: Analog to Digital Converter.engr. 9. Ltd. Wiley India Pvt. I. Hothmann.

A Novel Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter.[PPT] 17. ic.edu.ncue.eg/courses/CSEN701_Winter2006/assignments/ Lab%20Assignment%207%20slides.pdf .tw/Seminar_new/9701/971020/971020_01.pdf . EE455 handout.cse. Analog to Digital.edu/~jwhite/class/coe455/sp04_lab2.ppt 18. www. cs.edu.12 16.guc.wustl.

Charles H.ac.montana. Memory. Tata McGraw Hill. 6.es/~forest/VLSI/lect.eng. 17.pdf.uk/mlgoodli/work. hard disk. 2. MOS memory devices. An Engineering Approach to Digital Design. Lecture Notes on Computer Systems and Operating Systems. Digital Electronics lecture notes. Prentice-Hall of India.ppt Memory classification. EE130 Lecture Notes. Digital Fundamentals. 11. Memory Map. Fletcher. William I. web.brad. Digital Logic Design. International Edition.11. Prentice-Hall of India.pptx.eecs. Jaico Publisher. www-inst. EPROM. Logic Circuit Design. 12. .html.com/CompHardware/Notes/MemMap/MemoryMap.berkeley. Modern Digital Electronics.Lecture 28: MOSFET scaling. Traditional ROM/RAM distinctions.ppt. Thomas L. Rajaraman & Radhakrishnan. Prentice-Hall of India. Fundamentals of logic design.uk/~dinu/DigitalElectronics. New delhi.udg.student. Vol. R. 15. ROM: Read only.jgcampbell. Kostas Pagiamtzis.pdf. 9. www. eia. Jr.pdf. RAM. 18. Saunders College Publishing. ww. Lecture 30: Charge-coupled devices. Flash memory. ROM. Disk. Alan W.13 CHAPTER 12 SEMICONDUCTOR MEMORIES REFERENCES AND WEBSITE ADDRESSES 1. Prentice-Hall of India. Elsevier India. www. 3rd Edition. 8. 13. Digital Logic and Computer Organisation.com/grap/2220/lectures/07%20computer%20memory. Clive Woods. IEEE Jurnal of Solid State Circuits.P. No. March 2006. Digital Systems:Principles and Applications.3. 4.it/~brandole/docs/msm/03-memory. CMOS technology. Lecture 11: MOS Memory . Floyd. www. www.dmu. EE371 Lecture Notes (electronic).Memory circuits. 4th Edition. Shaw. 5. www. 7. Computer memory.Jain.pdf .edu/~ee130/sp03/lecture. Digital Systems Principles & Applications. and Ali Sheikholeslami. EEPROM. www. 8th Edition. Andrei Dinu . 16.arl.Digital Electronics 2102.wilsonhurst. 3.cefriel.41. Lecture 29: SOI technology.wustl.ppt-Floppy disk and magnetic disk or tape.folder101. Ronald J.coe.Tocci. PROM. Universal Book Stall. bits stored. 19. Tocci & Widmer.edu/~fredk/Courses/cse422/sp04/Lectures/disk. Content Addressable Memory(CAM) Circuits and Architecture: A Tutorial and Survey.ac.edu/ee/lameres/courses/ee371_fall08/lecture_notes/ee371_lecture_03.com/caos/htm 14. 3rd Edition 10. Brian Holdsworth.html 20. Roth.htm.html.

1.tw/pub/yzu/ ebook/cse/Digital_Fundamentals/Implementation%20of%20digital%20system.se/ugradcourses/a-dick/Slides/FPGA. Third ediotion Balbanian.pdf . Programmable Logic Devices (PLD).14 CHAPTER 13 PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICES REFERENCES AND WEBSITE ADDRESSES Brian Holdsworth.ac. 10.Jain.th/~nattha/slides/Slides_210-532/lecture01_intro.ku.ump. W. 4th edition. Roth.yzu. Thomas L. Digital Logic Design.cse.edu. Elsevier India.edu.P. Jr. Programmable Configurations Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) / Field. 3. wwweng. Logic circuit design. Complex Programmable Logic Device. (CPLD). 6. Implementation of Logic Circuits. Charles H. 4. 2nd edition. Clive Woods.my/fkee/BEE2243/AMRAN/ Notes/PROGRAMMABLE%20LOGIC%20DEVICES%20(PLD). Modern digital Electronics.edu. Digital Fundamentals. ftp. Flioyd.psu.ppt.tr/~skozat/elec204_web/lectures/Elec204-lecture09. portal.edu/faculty/resources/WorkshopFiles/syl2390_sp08. 2.edu. Digital Electronics: An Introduction to Theory and Practice.ppt 11. Programmable AND Logic (PAL). 3rd edition.Shaw. 5.csie. 7.pdf 9.tde.uwyo.ppt 14. Digital Logic Design Principles. Hothmann. 8. Programmable Logic Array (PLA). Programmable Array Logic (PAL) www. Prentice-Hall of India. Digital Systems Design.H.tw/~stpan/course/96_digital_electronics_chap07_lecture_2.Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). www.lth. Jaico publisher. Fundamentals of logic design. Digital Circuit Design on FPGA electric.nuk. Universal Book Stall Alan W.ee. Tata McGraw-Hill.ppt 13. notes. Ltd. Wiley India Pvt. Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).ppt 12. Saunders College Publishing R.

ac. Combinational Logic Design with Verilog. Michael D.Jain.edu/labs/tutorial. Ciletti. 15.com/wps/product/cws_home/713714. Digital Logic and Microprocessor Design with VHDL © Enoch Hwang. Prentice-Hall of India. Design through Verilog HDL.haifa. 3rd Edition Ben Cohen. 2. Wakerly. Comer. R. www.15 CHAPTER 14 COMPUTER AIDED DIGITAL SYSTEM DESIGN REFERENCES AND WEBSITE ADDRESSES 1. faculty.ucr. Wiley India Pvt. Advanced Digital Design With the Verilog HDL. Ltd. 9. 3rd Edition. 16.Combinational Logic. 3. Logic Synthesis and Simulation. 4. Springer. 7. VHDL Coding Styles and Methodologies. lgjohn. Ltd.okstate. Digital Logic Gates Notes. 6. Chang.cs. M.il/courses/verilog/verilog_tutorial2. www.html.edu/~ehwang/digitaldesign/webpages/content.Morris Mano. Digital Electronics and Design with VHDL .pdf.onesmartclick.ppt . 8.com/engineering/digital-logic-design.elsevier. 13. Tata McGraw Hill.ucsb. Wiley India Pvt. www.pdf . 12. John F.lasierra. VERILOG: Synthesis . 3rd Edition. David J.mhtml. 11.edu/courses/ECE152/152A_W09Rodoplu/JohnsonLectures/L5. Digital Logic Design. 5.Elsevier.P. VHDL Tutorial www. 2nd Edition. Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis: An Integrated Approach. esd.html. 14. Digital Logic and State Machine Design.edu/cadence/ambit. cs.com/engcs/electrical/brownvranesic/toc. Padmanabhan. 10.ece. Oxford University Press.mhhe. Prentice-Hall of India. Digital Design: Principles and Practices. Digital Design.Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design. 4th Edition. Prentice-Hall of India. Brown/Vranesic . VHDL Tutorial: Learn by Example. Modern Digital Electronics.

pdf .Digital Electronics Laboratory .16 CHAPTER 15 LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS REFERENCES AND WEBSITE ADDRESSES 1. M.html .pearsonhighered.iop.pdf . Computer Simulated Experiments for Digital Electronics. www. 7. Student Reference Manual for Electronic Instrumentation Laboratories. www. Prentice-Hall of India 3. Prentice-Hall of India. Morris Mano.psu.ac.00. Maheshwari & Anand. Prentice-Hall of India.edu/studentguide/EET120. 3rd Edition. Wolf & Smith. 6. EE 201P . www.org/EJ/article/0143-0807/1/4/001/ejv1i4p193.0130487856.htm. 2. A project laboratory experiment on electronics. Manufacturer’s Data Sheet of Digital ICs 5.com/academic/product/0.iitd. Digital Design.3110. 8.Fall 2006. Digital Electronics Laboratory. 4.et. Laboratory Experiments and PSPICE Simulations in Analog Electronics.in/~ajaykr/eep201/main. . web.

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