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In Hoc
August 2013
ware. We plan to continue our philanthropic support by launching our plan to raise $10,000 dollars for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Chi Chapter continues to have a strong presence in the college community, with the involvement of every brother in a student organization including many brothers holding leadership positions. We also would like to thank our House Dad Tyler Blaker for helping us through this past academic year and wish him good fortune as he leaves Chi Chapter. As one House Dad moves on, we welcome an alumnus Joshua Shirley as our new House Dad. We are eager to integrate our new House Dad into Chi Chapter once again. Another congratulations is in

Words from the Consul...

Chi Chapter ended the 20122013 academic year with the second highest GPA in the fraternity community at Hanover by only .05 points. This achievement could not have been met without the hard work of our newly graduated seniors. We would like to congratulate our eight brothers who are starting a new and exciting time in their life. We would also like to recognize two brothers, Tylor Cunningham and Slaton Blickman, for receiving a grant this summer to study in China for over a month. Along with the great academic year, we are proud to have helped a local organization, La Casa Amiga, by donating $3600 dollars so they could update their computer soft-

Volume 1, Issue 1

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order for our Chapter Advisor Scott Inman for becoming the Southern Indiana Grand Praetor. We wish Scott the best in his new role in the Sigma Chi Fraternity. As Scott leaves Chi Chapter as Chapter Advisor, we welcome Shawn Howe as our new Chapter Advisor. As we get ready for the 2013-2014 school year, five brothers are being sent to the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop at Purdue. Chi Chapter is excited for the 2013-2014 academic year and all the great opportunities we have to spread the values of Sigma Chi..


Chi Chapter awarded Peterson

This year, Chi Chapter has been awarded a Peterson Significant Chapter Award at the 2013 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. This is the first time we have been awarded with this award since 1998. It has been fifteen years since Chi Chapter has been recognized for its excellence, but our historic reputation with the Fraternity at large is being restored to its former glory. It has been a long road to receiving this prestigious award once again. Last academic year, much emphasis was placed upon our officers to excel in their respective position and to pass that sense of excellence to the rest of the chapter. With our officers running on all cylinders, we managed to start our own full-service kitchen, revamp our philanthropy efforts, became more involved with leadership positions in student organizations, and most importantly greater exemplified the values of our Fraternity. The culmination of our efforts has paid off with the recognition by the international Fraternity that we are a significant chapter; we are one to watch. Recognizing that strong leadership is exemplified as well through strong followership, all our chapter Brothers took part in making the Peterson award become a tangible possibility. Those who were not in officer positions took to logging philanthropy hours, taking a more active role in our Pledgeship process, and becoming involved in student organizations. One of our chapter members was even elected to the presidency of the college Mortar Board honor society chapter. All these culminated in an improved chapter atmosphere that led to us completing qualifications for the Peterson award such as having a greater level of attendance

Taylor Alexander 15, Consul (937) 218-4318

October 18-20
Homecoming Weekend

Contact Us
517 Ball Drive, Unit #1327
Hanover, IN 47243

at chapter meetings, initiating one hundred percent of our Pledges, and sending one Brother through the Horizons program (an achievement which was not accomplished the previous year). These examples are a small sample of what our chapter has done to continue building upon our historic reputation within the Fraternity, but they resonate with the theme that we are on a path to bigger and better things. It was an incomparable joy to accept the Peterson Significant Chapter Award with my fellow Chi Chapter Brothers. Being up on the stage, shaking our Grand Consuls hand, it became apparent to me that we had made it once again. There were plenty of stumbling blocks along the way, and there yet remain challenges in the future. We are more than prepared to progress beyond these and continue to increase the strength of our Brotherhood.

In Hoc
Chi Chapter

Vol. 1, Issue 1

Character in Action
The mark of a true Sigma Chi is the depth of his virtue and the strength of his character. This issue, we recognize Brother Matthew Perkins 14 (pictured right) who recently visited the impoverished nation of Guatemala with the Earth wide Outreach by Students organization, where he and fellow students helped contribute to a local community. Before embarking on this trip, Perkins purchased dozens of pairs of brand new kids shoes. Upon arrival in the community, he distributed them to local children in need. In addition, with the help of his fellow students, they constructed a new playground for the local community with only their hands and a fair amount of dedication to a cause. Perkins has frequently participated in various mission trips before, so his service and hard work has touched the lives of many people from around the globe, including his own brothers here at home. He has served the chapter as the chairman of Philanthropy, Magister and is currently serving as Recruitment Chairman and member of the Executive Board. Meanwhile, on campus, he works as a Peer Advisor to incoming freshman, helping to orient them into the Hanover College community. Not only does his service span the globe, but it also spans the years. His goal after Hanover is to become a school teacher and he is currently working to complete the Hanover College teaching program

Matt proudly displays the flag of Sigma Chi in Guatemala

with a focus in Biology. Becoming a teacher has been on of his greatest aspirations. He hopes to inspire children to reach their full potentials in life and use his life experiences to help combat bullying in schools. Having served so long as an inspiration to so many of his fellow brothers, we have ever confidence that hell have no problem doing the same for children across the United States.

Chi Chapter recognized at Greek Awards

At Hanover College, it is not uncommon to find a large group of dedicated individuals pursuing roles of leadership in the campus community. However, at no other campus will you find that much of the involvement stems from one group of ambitious students. With Chi Chapter, that seems to be the case and at the 2013 Greek Awards, the college took notice. During the awards, Chi Chapter was recognized specially for the second year in a row by the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils for its Excellence in Leadership and Campus Involvement. For students at Hanover, the reason for this is apparent. In the 2012-2013 school year, Hanover welcomed five new clubs onto the campus. Three of those clubs were started by Brothers of Chi Chapter. Chess Club was founded by Nathan Kremer-Herman 15; Phi Alpha Theta, an academic club with a President of Mortar Board; Connor Easley 15, President of Chemistry Club; Tylor Cunningham 14, President of Philosophy Club; Gray Schierholt 14, President of Evil Petting Zoo; Jonathon Andrews, President of Hall Council; and Nathan Kremer-Herman, President of Tabletop. The Brothers of Chi Chapter are always looking for opportunities to become leaders on campus. Not only has this been showcased in their retention of the majority of club leadership, but also in their continued service to the Board of Trustees. For the past two years, a Brother of Chi Chapter has sat on the Board of Trustees. This year, Jonathon Andrews will take the place of Bryan Ruder as the student member of the Board. With ambitious purposes, the men of Chi Chapter are constantly striving to better their college and their community through the opportunities of leadership they find on campus.

Brother Taylor Alexander 15, poses with Chi Chapters award.

focus on History, was established by Andrew Stephens 14; and Adopt-AGrandparent, which won an award of its own in community service, was co-founded by Jonathon Andrews 16, a recent initiate of the chapter. In addition, Brothers of Chi Chapter held 12 of the campus presidencies this year. These include: Bryan Ruder 13, Student Body President; Jordan Hall 14,

In Hoc
Chi Chapter

Alumni News 3
Vol. 1, Issue 1

Sig-nificant Alumni
A significant alumnus is one who has made a deep and lasting impact on his community, school, or chapter. This month we honor a recent graduate of Chi Chapter, who, through his bonds of friendship, has served to foster a greater sense of brotherhood in the chapter. That brother is Gavin Rach 13.

Recent Graduates

Rusty Blaker Dillon Bowen Aaron Hosea Andrew Orem Gavin Rach Bryan Ruder Lincoln Scaife Andrew Snelling

tell you how Gavin has impacted my life, but it would take more than a page, said Matthew Perkins 14, when asked about the impact Gavin has had on his life and experience in Sig. His dedication to friendship and brotherhood were reflected in his diligence in the chapter. Gavin served the chapter as the Social Chair and walked into the position without qualification, a time when the chapter had lost track of its transitions process. Through his own determination, Gavin was able to reinitiate the transition process by creating a binder of his activities as Social Chairman. Gavin always had his heart in everything he took on as a member of Sigma Chi. Whether it was shown through the positions he held or the friendships he forged, he always gave 100%. As he steps out into the world, we hope is impact will be as significant as it was with Chi Chapter.

My experience in Sigma Chi wouldnt be the same if Gavin hadnt been a part of it and he was a huge part of my experience, said Jon Andrews 16, He opened my eyes to new ideas and broader perspectives. Hes the type of person who sees things from all sides. When I think of the ideal Sigma Chi, Gavin is always the first person to come to mind. Gavin didnt just serve as the ideal Sigma Chi, he was the ideal friend to many in the house. Whenever you were feeling not so great about yourself, Gavin made you feel like his life goal was to cheer you up, said fellow alumnus

Recent alumnus Gavin Rach (left) with friend Laura Pruitt (right)
Andrew Snelling 13. He could always make you laugh, even if you didnt think laughing was possible! This sentiment was echoed by many in the house. Some even found it hard to articulate the impact Gavins friendship has on their lives. I have to be honest, I could

Housing Corp Jeff Tucker, President Matt Dilly, Treasurer Josh Shirley, House Dad Mark Fearnow Ken Prince Tyler Blaker

Alumni-Relations for Chi Chapter

Alumni relations is one of the most important things we as undergraduate brothers do. By taking an active role in alumni relations, we extend the bonds of brotherhood that we found when we rushed and through the connections we make to graduated brothers, we can all learn a variety of important life lessons passed down by our elders. However, alumni relations doesnt just hold benefits for active brothers. Active participation with the chapter can be incredibly rewarding for alumni as well. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your fraternity and give back to the brotherhood that you called home in your college years. My job as Tribune is to facilitate the best possible experience for undergraduate-to-alumni interactions through programs that engage the alumni. This year, the chapter has taken big steps to improve those programs. First, Im very pleased to introduce you to the updated alumni newsletter, In Hoc. It is my hope that this updated newsletter will better reflect the high standards of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and create a better, more stable flow of information to our alumni. Alumni can get involved by sending me stories about their times in the fraternity, life updates such as weddings or deaths and even suggestions for future issues of the newsletter. Another new program to take advantage of in Sigma Chi is the Wise Counsel Mentor program which connects an alumnus and an undergraduate brother on a personal level. Any alumnus can sign up to be paired with a brother for this program by contacting me. In addition to all of these new programs, you can get involved with the active chapter in a number of other ways. Our chapter house, as you know, is very old and things often need replaced or renovated. The chapter recently put $40,000 into installing a new kitchen and dining area for the brothers and donations, however small, are always greatly appreciated. You can donate by visiting the Chi Chapter website at and clicking the Donate button. No matter how you do it, the involvement of the alumni is always appreciated by the undergraduate chapter and we want to convey that our doors are always open to our graduated brothers.

Jonathon Andrews 16, Tribune (513) 256-5758

In Hoc
Chi Chapter New Initiates Jonathon Andrews 16 Caleb Beidelman 16 Clinton Bly 16 John Dunn 16 Drew Elston 16 Shawn Franklin 16 Dakota McCoy 15 Jackson Pollock 16 Joseph Shonle 16 KorbyQuan Reed 16 Shane Roerk 15

Chapter News 4
Vol. 1, Issue 1

Derby Days a Huge Success!

Derby Days is a tradition for the Sigma Chi Fraternity and Chi Chapter is no different in this respect. For the past few years, Chi Chapter has seen varying degrees of success with the outcome of Derby Days, but none have been quite as successful as this years event. The events this year kicked off Monday, April 29, and continued throughout the week. The sororities participated in a tug-of-war, a volleyball tournament, a water balloon fight, catch-aSig and a bike race. While all of the sororities gave it their best, the end result showed the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi Under the direction of as the champions of this Derby Days Chairman, Dakota years Derby Day CompetiMcCoy 15, this years event tion. They led the other Brothers Matt Perkins (left) and Jon Andrews (center) saw a turnout that no one had sororities by almost 100 pose with the Phi Mu Team after winning the bike race. expected. points and were treated to a cook-out provided by the house for their We had a massive increase in Phi Mu bringing the most girls of philanthropic contributions. participation from the sororities this any sorority with 40 (they have 60 year, said Aaron Hosea 13. There members.) When asked what the secret to this was more enthusiasm this year for years success was, McCoy said: The key However, the turnout wasnt the the events than Ive seen in the four was really the help and support of the only success we saw this year as we years Ive been here. other brothers in getting the sororities managed to sell all of our Derby out to compete. This year, the events saw, on Day shirts and raised over $1000 for average, a turnout of roughly 100 the Huntsman Foundation. girls each day for the events, with

2013 Officers
Taylor Alexander 15Consul Tyler Arceneaux 14Pro-Consul Tylor Cunningham 14Annotator Nate Kremer-Herman 14Quaestor Slaton Blickman 15Magister Matthew Perkins 14Recruitment Jon Ward 14House Manager Jesse MacGruder 15Risk Manager Jonathon Andrews 16Tribune Caleb Beidelman 16Historian KorbyQuan Reed 16Kustos Paul Falkowski 14Steward Jackson Pollock 16Philanthropy Jordan Neidlinger 14Scholarship Shawn Franklin 16Social Chair Connor Easley 15Social Media Dakota McCoy 15Derby Days

Rush Night 2013

Chi Chapter Formal 2013

Balfour LTW 2013

Derby Days 2013

Graduation 2013

In Hoc
Chi Chapter

Events 5
Vol. 1, Issue 1

Homecoming 2013
Friday October 18th
7:30-11:00pm Shoebox Get Together
Alumni and brothers will gather at the house before heading to the shoebox for a fun night.

Saturday October 19th

9:00am - Ritual Chapter
All Sigma Chi Alumni are invited to attend a ritual chapter which will be held at the Sigma Chi House.

10am-12n - Brunch
All Sigma Chi Alumni and their families are invited to the house to enjoy a light brunch served by the active brothers.

11am - Tailgating
All Sigma Chi Alumni are invited to join the brothers at the Sigma Chi Tent in the tailgating area for food, games, and brotherhood.

2pm-7pm - Open House

The Sigma Chi House will be open to all for walkthroughs and tours.

Hotel Deals! While rooms are available, our fraternity has arranged special rates for homecoming weekend with the following local hotels in Hanover and Madison. Holiday Inn Express (812) 265-1111 Comfort Inn (812) 273-4443 Country Hearth Inn (812) 273-0757 General Butler Park Hotel (502) 732-4384 In order to access these special rates simply inform them that you are Sigma Chi Alumnus. These deals are only available as long as rooms are available so be sure to make your reservations. Questions? Call Jon Andrews at (513) 256 -5758

In Hoc
Chi Chapter

Sponsorships 6
Vol. 1, Issue 1


2013 Donors to Chi Chapter

Bryan Ruder 13

Donations to Chi Chapter will be used for general house repairs, improvements and philanthropy. Other reasons may be specified with the donation. If you are interested in donating to Chi Chapter you may do so at or you may inquire further by contacting Jonathon Andrews at