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Ella Camille R.

Dinogyao VIII-Cherry Ramayana Excerpt
One day when King Rama was sitting on his throne, his ring fell off. When it touched the earth, it made a hole in the ground and disappeared into it. It was gone. He friend Hanuman was nearby. Rama said, Look, my ring is lost.” Dear friend, “Help me find it please.” Hanuman was a powerful Vanara, a monkey-god, with the power to change shape and size and enter any hole, no matter how tiny. He had the power to become the smallest of the small and larger than the largest thing. So he took on a tiny form and went down the hole. He went and went and suddenly fell into the underworld. There were women down there. “Look, a tiny monkey. It’s fallen from above,” one woman said. Then they caught him and placed him on a platter (in India, a thali). The King of Spirits who lives in the underworld likes to eat animals. So Hanuman was sent to him as part of his dinner, along with a plate of vegetables. Hanuman sat on the platter, not sure what to do. Rama, meanwhile, was sitting on his throne above. The sage Vasistha and the god Brahma came to see him. They said they needed to talk privately, where no one else could hear. Rama agreed. He was told to lay down a rule prior to this special meeting. "If anyone comes in during the discussion the intruder’s head must be cut off," said Vasistha. “It will be done,” agreed Rama. Who would be the most trustworthy person to guard the door? Hanuman was gone fetching the ring. Rama trusted no one more than Laksmana, so he asked his half-brother to guard the door. “Don’t allow anyone to enter,” he was told. Laksmana was standing at the door when a sage named Visvamitra approached and said he needed to see Rama at once. "It’s urgent. Where is Rama?” “Don’t go in now, said Laksmana. “He is talking to some people. It’s very important.” “What is there that Rama would hide from me,” said the sage. "I will go in now.” Laksmana said he would have to first ask permission. “Go in and ask then.” “I can’t until Rama comes out. You will wait.” “If you don’t go in and announce my presence, I’ll burn the entire kingdom of Ayodhya with a curse,” said the sage.

“Brother. Your incarnation as Rama must now be given up.” That was what they had come to say to Rama. All the subjects.” “Send him in then. It’s better that I alone should die. I will leave right away. Dinogyao VIII-Cherry Laksmana thought. will die. When he was finally taken to the King of Spirits. Laskmana said to Rama. Rama summoned all his followers and arranged for the coronation of his twin sons. entered the river. “Who are you?” “Hanuman.” asked Rama.” . His time was up too. this man will burn down the entire kingdom. If I don’t go. Then Rama.” So he went in. You didn’t spare your wife. “Your work in the world of human beings is over. come up. he kept repeating the name of Rama. It seems that god Brahma and Vasistha had come to tell Rama. You sent her to the jungle to preserve dharma. When Laksmana relinquished his body. too.” Rama replied. “If I go in now I will die. and rejoin the gods.” Laksmana was an avatar of Sesa.” So Visvamtra went in. all things living in it. He went to the river and disappeared in the flowing waters. Leave this body. The King of Spirits asked. “Why? We had nothing more to say. Lava and Kusa. “Vsvmitra is here. Nothing was left. All this time Hanuman was still in the underworld looking for the lost ring. I must be punished. the serpent on whom Vishnu sleeps. It will cause a blot on Rama’s glorious name. “What’s the matter. you should cut off my head. The private talk had already come to an end. So why should I cut off your head?” “You can’t let me off just because I’m your brother.Ella Camille R.

When you return to earth. It will come from what we are taught are the dark or unreliable places. that is the necessary intermediary on the path to wholeness. at one point in The Ramayana there is a passage in which Rama is told if he does not pursue his individuation properly God will abandon him to an intellectual search – which goes nowhere and is only more illusion. Whenever an incarnation of Rama is about to be over. “I don’t know which one it is. This seems to promise that your salvation will come from inside. from your instinctive nature. his ring falls down. one’s instinctive world. I collect them and keep them. which he held up for Hanuman to see. It is our human work to extend consciousness – something that only we humans are capable of. Nothing else in the universe can bring clarity and differentiation as the human mind. On it were thousands of rings.” *** Perhaps here is where the work lies.” said Hanuman. This is our unique contribution to the unfolding of the divine plan. “pick out your ring and take it. Now you can go. Dinogyao VIII-Cherry “Why have you come here?” “Rama’s ring fell into a hole. the instinctive monkey-God who is key to the development of this story. and I came to fetch it.Ella Camille R. The King of Spirits said. It is a big shift for a Westerner to learn that it is the sensation and feeling world. All of them were Rama’s rings. . However.” They were all exactly the same.” The king looked around and found a platter. you will not find Rama. It is Hanuman. This incarnation of Rama is now over. The King of Spirits set it down and said. “There have been as many Ramas as there are rings on this platter.

Krishna. Copyright (c) 1973 by the University of California. She frowned. and Krishna visits them in the evening. Van Nooten. What will I do?" ." said Yudhishthira. Reprinted with permission. introduction by B. Then there was a movement at the edge of the firelight. told in English prose by William Buck. "It has been many years. Dinogyao VIII-Cherry The Mahabharata This is an excerpt from The Mahabharata. and royal intrigue. and thought. This excerpt is from the middle of the story." Vyasa smiled and Draupadi went inside her kitchen. Arjuna. and they joined them there and told them what had happened with Jayadratha. Vyasa. Translated by William Buck. shaggy and dark. and an old man. The Pandavas are traveling through the forest. Draupadi and the twins were sitting around a fire.A. and Bhima returned to their forest home. extraordinary warfare.Ella Camille R. She lit the cooking fire from the tiny flame that burned for the household gods. The Mahabharata is an ancient epic story from India. eternal friendship. "Oh. It is beautiful prose. It was growing dark when Yudhishthira. walked noiselessly up to them and sat down. Then she realized that they had no food. Will you have dinner with us? We've had nothing to eat since morning. It is the story of Krishna and the Pandava brothers and their battle with the prince who stole their kingdom. "Welcome.

Draupadi watched him. Give me a little something to eat. "Princess. why should I deny it." Krishna said. you got me out of bed and I'm hungry. Draupadi jumped and put her hand to her breast.Ella Camille R. Just let me take a look. "Nothing at all? I don't believe it." . "Now sit down facing me. This is hard to do. Dinogyao VIII-Cherry Krishna stood smiling and leaning back against the wall. There's nothing." Krishna took a rice grain and a tiny shred of vegetable from the rim of an iron pot." Krishna looked around the kitchen." "Well. "Why were you in bed so early?" "Don't you know I have sixteen thousand wives?" "You do really? I heard that but I never believed it. But look." "Can't your husbands catch anything?" "Only King Jayadratha." "That's just it. and be quiet. "Oh! You scared me." and he began to go through the pots and pans. close your eyes.

and the fire flickered and died. overhung by burning colored clouds.. Dinogyao VIII-Cherry Krishna sat on the kitchen floor. first comes the drought. And after Time has begun again. The sounds of the forest night fell away.Ella Camille R. Then the lightning breaks and the water falls. Drowned are the sun and moon. You dive and bring her back as before. Then you awake. Krishna began to speak softly in the silence. seeking Earth. and create all beings as before." . resting on Sesha the thousand-hooded serpent white as pearls. you dart over the water. "Now listen.. and Earth and stars. At the end of Time. then the seven suns that bring fire and leave Earth hushed in death and deep ashes. when Sesha yawns. and like a winking firefly at night during the rains. . take this food for all the world. so have I heard — The moonlight is your smile. Earth and sky are your illusion. do you not go to him and say: "Just a little longer?" Narayana — if I have said well. and place her on Sesha as before. You swallow the winds and float sleeping on the dark waters. quaking the Earth. holding the bit of leaf and grain of rice in his fingers.

Dinogyao VIII-Cherry Krishna swallowed the bit of vegetable and the grain of rice. but now . "Everyone is full of food right up to his throat." He shivered." . and Draupadi heard the Pandavas talking outside with Vyasa. "I was hungry before. "Princess. The fires danced into life.. "But it is very hard to do." said Krishna. open your eyes.Ella Camille R.." Draupadi looked at him." "Now no one in all the world is hungry. It is done.