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Data & Trend Sharing Benefits and Risks

2nd Pan-American SAFETY Summit 2011 Mexico City
Cap. Sven Boewe Chief of Flight Safety LACSA Airlines (AviancaTaca)

Data & Trend Sharing Benefits and Risks

2nd Pan-American SAFETY Summit 2011 Mexico City
Cap. Sven Boewe Chief of Flight Safety LACSA Airlines (AviancaTaca)

“the inconvenient truth…”

We humans are sometimes very reluctant to change our course or direction…

“the inconvenient truth…” .

.“the inconvenient truth…” …we are reluctant to change course. that the things we are doing are correct or just “feel right”. because we usually think.


“the inconvenient truth…” .

so how can I measure all of these events. access data or gather information about them? .OK….

etc. Trend analysis potential risk detection FDRS QAR Data downloading systems Statistical Reporting Flight Animation .) DAR PCMCIA CARD aircraft data Flight Profiles Crew Performance measurement. FOM.Flight Data Monitoring (FOQA.

) Flight Data Monitoring Reporting System What & Why Operational Safety Actions Situational Analysis Risk Assessment Decision making Training Actions . etc.Flight Data Monitoring (FOQA. FOM.

Flight Data Monitoring is a great tool which allows ongoing data collection and analysis.) Crew performance & training effectiveness Trends Etc.approaches. TCAS RAs. . unstab. etc.g. to continuously monitor the operation. You can monitor: - Exceedance of flight parameters Adherence to SOPs Specific events (e.

Flight Monitoring allows you to easily detect latent conditions (Red Flags) .

Where does the industry stand ? For example: the LATAM region. already has +20 important operators using Flight Data Monitoring ! .

That´s a lot of data & information…!!! .

So how can we use all this data & information more efficiently? .

Data & Trend Sharing One new initiative is called Data & Trend Sharing Operator and Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) work together using Flight Monitoring Data & Trends .

a pilot program was discussed and approved • The fundamental objective of this new CAA/Operator partnership.Data & Trend Sharing • Pilot project was first discussed during the GASR workshop in May 2008. GASR Global Avaition Safety Road RASG Regional Aviation Safety Group . or eliminate operational safety hazards. • This initiative is intended to develop an action plan that should take place to improve aviation safety by using Flight Monitoring Data & Information. • During RASG-PA/01 meeting. thus working in a cooperative. Colombia. collaborative and coordinated approach. is to share information between the parties to identify and reduce. in Bogotá.

Data & Trend Sharing Plain and simply put… SYNERGY between operator and CAA .

Data & Trend Sharing Synergy may be defined as two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable -Wikipedia .

Data & Trend Sharing Synergy .

.Data & Trend Sharing Overall benefits of Data & Trend Sharing: the CAA could obtain valuable Flt. the Operator can obtain CAAs help solving problems like: deficiencies in airport infrastructure and equipment.otherwise difficult to solve by the operator on it´s own.otherwise unobtainable. etc. ATC procedures. . Data Monitoring information .

Data & Trend Sharing In order for this to work… One common goal: Improvement of Safety 100% De-identified Information & trends ONLY NO disciplinary or punitive actions Balanced interest for all participants .

and an operator in Brazil has also started to share data & trends with it’s authority. and it’s corresponding CAA since the beginning of 2010* a 2nd operator of Central America is currently joining.Data & Trend Sharing This SYNERGY has already been started between an operator from Costa Rica. *with the asistance from ACSA .

Data & Trend Sharing Any possible pitfalls? .

or starts to have “uneasy feelings” about the direction the program is taking.Data & Trend Sharing Any possible pitfalls? • If any of the parties does not maintain all information confidential and 100% de-identified. • Others . the operators Flight Data Monitoring program could be compromised • Complicated legal framework or union concerns might hinder a free flow of information. or slow down the process • The Program would eventually fail if any of the parties does not benefit from it.

Data & Trend Sharing How has the Data & Trend Sharing experience been in Costa Rica? .

First of all a letter of agreement consisting of several pages was signed by Operator. etc.Data & Trend Sharing Who will participate? Conditions What will be shared? Confidentiality How will information be presented ? De-identification of data Causes for termination. CAA and ACSA… ACSA Agencia Centroamericana para la Seguridad Aeronáutica .

Data & Trend Sharing We have found out. . that we make a very good team… We have worked as a team… and most important: We are heading in the same direction.

Data & Trend Sharing Examples of information presented during meetings .

together with ATC .Data & Trend Sharing Examples of information presented during meetings Screenshots of flight animations (without livery) have been used to study the origin of some TCAS RA´s.

Data & Trend Sharing Some events are already starting to show a downward trend (safety improvement) ! .

and NO punitive or disciplinary actions have been mentioned. ACSA Agencia Centroamericana para la Seguridad Aeronáutica . as a moderator for this new Data & Trend Sharing Project. have been respected by all parties. regarding what type of data & trends can be presented. All agreements.Data & Trend Sharing All information has been kept 100% confidential. ACSA has been a key player.

Data & Trend Sharing All participants have been very clear about their responsibility and commitment towards a shared goal: Continuous Safety Improvement .

Data & Trend Sharing So in which direction should we go ? .

Data & Trend Sharing Should we repeat the story of the Navy Ship and the Lighthouse ? .

Data & Trend Sharing Or should we try out innovative and new alternatives to reach our goals ? When we really want something. we humans can be very adaptive… .