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Customized unique learning plan for your child.

Each child is unique and needs a specific program for them. Work with the parents, etc. this customized plan is based on a comprehensive assessment. Each child has genius- but has different learning style that would benefit him; a weakness could be a source of strength; so using the Harvard method of examining… Focus on being LIFE READY- a disconnect of what school is and what the real world is. AXIOM ASSESSMENT, which looks at 1) Math 2) Science, 3) English, 4) artistic and musical capacity, 5) social skills, 6) self confidence and 7) physical fitness.

In addition to our customized learning plans, Axiom also offers unique specialized and focused programs in leadership, negotiation, communication skills, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. group work, public speaking are important to instill in a child in the real world Not Just tests.
Public Speaking- prepare and deliver multiple speeches, and think critically about their personal goals, ambitions, and leadership style
Also teach them how to be entrepreneurs Careers in creative and artistic fields continue to grow in demand and availability... With the ever increasing speed at which technology changes and advances, individuals need to be well versed in design elements and programs in order to be successful. Axiom's Creativity and Design program empowers your child to think "outside the box", working with fellow students to develop familiarity and proficiency with various design techniques and technical tools. Throughout the week, images, sketches, and concepts will form and take shape as students build an understanding of software design programs and increase the creative development of their ideas. Your son or daughter will leave the program ready to design and create independently; applying his/her creativity insights to evolving challenges in our world.

Go out, do research independently, Access to original points of view! Encourage independent reading. Do community experience- homeless shelters, experience the real world. Being of use to local communities and in touch with their concerns (accustomed to contributing to society- not just living for themselves but later how can I use to give back to society). Makes the community healthier as a whole, since everyone involved.

Responding to different situations. appreciation of art and music.are all shunted aside and of no interest for a mass. solve problems…if only people believed in doing small favors for each other rather than expecting to be payed for everything. direct stimulation of brain (direct commodity). help and heal)…. alone. Know yourself. assess opinions before accepting them. Respect differences but also to have firm values that he holds in all circumstances. confident. television. spirituality. Mental health. better physical health. sitting around and watching TV.there is a blueprint in every child that has to be developed. shopping. They shouldn’t be idle and passive.and be able to fit well in any situation. tobacco. relate well with others. Not even windows. depression.instant gratification becomes purpose of become a better person.what’s left. Forcing them to be irresponsible for twelve years is crippling them Education. 70% of lawyers in the world are in the United States. Schools tend to isolate from the real world. (can’t even do manual skills). “successful” people are independent. To be someone who lives with self-reflection.Me. Won’t fall victim to slogans.first leads to a difficulty to empathize with others (human rights implications) Give them an argument. deep appreciation of art and music. reading speaking many languages (show this). analyze the reasons for it. . silence. it cannot be bought. We are interested neither in the life of the mind nor the body (in a participatory way). nonrestlessness. addictions. just passing tests Take the risk of giving them responsibility. sports. Work on projects that take time and dedication. spectator sports Inwardness. food.thinking critically and independently. . Involve parents out of the experience completely. Meeting painful challenges and responsibilities. forgive. reading books. Intellectual training. I agree with it or not. self-reliant. alcohol. . can work well with others. How to deal with people maturely face to face way. able to form stable lives. charitable (strength is in power to give. business-oriented society. They teach regulation. subordination and dependency. Needs action and quiet reflection. Forbid children their own discoveries. Can see nuances… Knowledge takes long. live meaningful lives. and individualistic. painful hours of thought. doesn’t just do things because everyone else is doing them. Encourage to try to get apprenticeships. leads to alienation.

read popular science. peeling potatoes). literature.but Americans are more interested in football and self improvement. is full of mysteries and puzzles and so life should constant analyzing and trying to find mysteries. speak Arabic or know grammar. no contact with land. 2008 crisis. The Shallows. TDs create a new type of person Multitasking hinders analysis (which requires continuous. going backwards in literacy. appreciate literature.pursuing them relentlessly is what leads to the greatest happiness. You have to learn and show it is important if you want your kids to learn. Can people de-moronize themselves? The truth is out there. know logic. understand Quran in English. Think critically. I don’t care . as opposed to merely telling them. nihilistic attitude cuz nothing to life except bricks. deal with issues that they are actually facing in their lives.natural resources running out.whereas empathy and compassion emerge from slower neural processes. the harder to get this. . just vocational training. Credentialing. go out in nature. Only one in ten reads more than one book per year. rich kids fix people. self interest becomes disaster at community level Lack of individual restraint in commons finally brings ruin to everyone in it.Nicholas Carr Emphasis is on skimming and searching. ask them what they tough. (if goal is only to pass a test then cheating encouraged). linear thread of attention). curry everyday. what they think (instill reflection habits in them. When they can figure things out on their own this ALSO builds confidence in facing new situations and challenges. (focus which is needed to have meaningful relations with other people). Constant discovery.not genuine reading or contemplation. what should I do with this? Why do we do this? Etc put spices on food. Indeed. Fitra suffered if disconnected from land. what do you expect.The exploration of mysteries. play football. Carr “google is quite literally in the business of distraction…the last thing the company wants is to encourage leisurely reading or slow. knowledge or even Islam.there can be no unlimited expansion in finite world.there are enough books on our record in the Middle East.the more distracted we are.unlimited growth. As for frontier. reflect on the world. come home. concentrated thought Frank’s Failure of Capitalism and Darwin’s Economy: Adam Smith was wrong. Go outside.Develop intellectual curiosity. Internet is based on speed and distraction. sleep.poor kids fix cars. Being able to concentrate for long time on things (so research independently).they are doing something innovative with the Harvard thing. Crisis in America. attachment to any given items is fragmented.

hosts an annual exhibition of Javanese martial arts (pencak silat) that draws crowds in the thousands.difference between madrasah is that in pesantren it is actually lived. world history. What is the point of a good education? To a better person: What can you add? Intellectual Curiosity Analysis Skills/ clear expression both in text and in speech/ work ethic/ Real life/entrepreneurial Do you have teaching experience? What techniques would you use. Kalijaga in particular.the pesantrens. AP Physics. . different cultural sights there like Mlangi…. narrative writing. and other cultural events (Pranowo 1991).About ME: Went to Whitney High school. getting it approved. To this day there are pesantren that sponsor wayang. etc not just book knowledge. and enjoys it on their free time.practice. adolescent psychology. sharing.the values like self-sufficiency. Through the mandatory jamat solat. I travel in Indonesia. taught Islam through local art and culture. inductive logic/symbolic logic/critical reasoning. It is a struggle to care for them and understand them. perhaps the most famous traditional pesantren. Survival of this traditional (classical scholastic tradition). I feel I learned skills that would be essential to a teacher via law school. Why are you interested in teaching? Leads to good societies. crossing borders. simple living. specifically the slametan (ritual meal) and the wayang. political process/public health law/ public international law/ What I learned was rarely in schools… Translated a book. not just have them in the textbook itself. giving lectures.1/3 knowledge should be of benefit. Example of my own father. I see it as a challenge which is worthwhile.interest in history. Brotherhood. Asceticism. or shadow puppet theater (Woodward 1989:96). gamelan orchestras. Stern nasehat and punishments to keep in line. One thing I like in particular about axiom is the importance organizing the curriculum the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. but just memorize standard formulas. In literature the teacher should actually ask questions. Transmission of Islam education Differences The idea of pengalaman. trying to found my own law firm immigration. Introduction. Interest in Pesantrens The Wali Songo.someone who actually practices science. In college studied ecology. community. Pesantren Lirboyo. tropical biology. what ideas do you have? Community Service Independence of thought Analysis: I believe that the kind is like an Science teacher is rarely ever a scientist.