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Railway Automation and Signalling Company

Club Feroviar Conference Romania, Sibiu, CY2012, February 23rd

• Introduction • ISAF Overview:
» » » » Location; Values; Signalling and Telecoms Overview; Production Overview.

• ISAF Products:
» Overview; » New products: Railway signals; » New Products: Track circuits components;

• Main references • Why choose ISAF

from August 2008. for the construction. track works and telecommunications. Romania and two subsidiaries abroad.Introduction • ISAF is part of Bouygues – Colas – Colas Rail Group. in major fields like: signalling. electrification. Colas Rail is a leader in railway infrastructure construction. in Greece & Bulgaria. . modernization and maintenance of all types of railway lines. • ISAF has its headquarter & facilities in Bucharest. • ISAF is a specialized constructor for large volume investment works.

railroad or plane to other countries including Central and Eastern Europe or the Middle East. the capital of Romania. benefiting of easy access by road. • ISAF’s offices & facilities have a strategic advantage. .Office and Manufacturing Locations • ISAF is located in Bucharest.

We look after our shareholders and guarantee that they see value for money and a profitable business. • RESPECT We have respect for our colleagues. . for which we are proud of. We believe in delivering on time and on budget a high quality product. • QUALITY Quality is key to competitiveness. We have an absolute commitment to safety. environment and quality. our clients and the environment. health.Colas Rail Group Values • SAFETY At the forefront of everything we do. • PROFITABILITY Profit is freedom.

equipment boxes. in which our company has passed through all stages of technological development in the automation and signalling of railway traffic.Signalling and Telecoms Overview • Over 60 years in the railway signaling and telecommunications field. including: signals. track circuits components etc. relays and equipment racks. • . The Signalling Division receives the support of the Industry Department which manufactures and delivers in time a wide range of signalling equipment. display panels. outdoor cabinets.

automatic block signalling systems. testing and commissioning of: all-relay interlocking system and specific equipment (outside and inside equipment). acoustic public address system. radiotelephone networks. synchronous clocks networks. power supply equipment for railway signalling and telecoms etc. under Track crossings. specific equipment of ETCS systems. trenches. • Telecommunication:  Installation of copper wire and optical fiber communication networks. INDUSI train protection systems. access chambers. automatic level crossing systems. structured wirings.Main services provided by Signalling and Telecoms Division • Signaling:  Installation. . passengers information systems. PVC conduits (ducting) for cable installation etc. CCTV networks.

tramway and underground and delivering complex projects from design (customized) to execution. cantilevers. • ISAF has the capacity of manufacturing equipment for different domain railway. • ISAF has over 10 years successfully experience in delivering electrical railway electrification metallic parts (poles. . having an experience in the domain over 35 years.ISAF position as a Railway Equipment Producer • ISAF is one of the main leaders in providing railway signaling & electrification equipment on the Romania market. gantry beams) abroad (Greece & Bulgaria).

metro and tramway: • For local market:  Track circuits. For local market and for export :  Railway signals.ISAF’s Products for Railway Signalling Signaling & automation equipment for railway.  Electric cabinets.  Relay racks for track circuits and interlocking.  Equipment boxes for track circuits and switch heaters.  Transformers. • .  Barriers for railroad crossings.

ISAF’s New Products: Railway Signals 1/7 Railway signals on mast: • New features:  Hot galvanized structure.  Will be delivered mounted.  LED units. • Advantages for the client:  Reduced mounting time.  Longer service life.  Lower maintenance cost.  New transformer box. .

Germany. Italy. Finland.  ISAF’s 60 years experience in signalling systems. Denmark.  The operator needs lower energy consumption.ISAF’s New Products: Railway Signals 2/7 Light panel with LED units: • Why LED units:  The locomotive driver needs best visibility. • Our solution :  partnership with Zelisko Austria – European Leader in manufacturing LED units for railways (over 30.000 units sold in Austria. . Slovakia. Algeria and Dominican Republic).

 100% Compatibility to existing control systems.  Longer life time.  Lower maintenance cost.  Fail safe design – SIL4.  Less energy consumption.ISAF’s New Products: Railway Signals 3/7 Light panel with LED units: • Main advantages over conventional bulb signals:  Better visibility. .

ISAF’s New Products: Railway Signals 4/7 Light panel with LED units: • Optics:  7 high power LED as light source.  Special developed Fresnell lens. .  Multi optic lens to achieve redundancy system.  Special developed LED collector lens.

.  During switch on: self test of functionality.ISAF’s New Products: Railway Signals 5/7 Light panel with LED units: • Electronics – Fail safe design:  Un-independent monitoring of U/I for each LED.  Doubled system electronics. also doubled system. then LED on.  2 failed LED -> switch off by FET (I<150mA).  1 failed LED -> still good visibility -> accepted as OK.  Day/Night level defined.  Complete system SIL4. max 120ms delay.

.ISAF’s New Products: Railway Signals 6/7 Light indicators with optic fiber:  Very good optical performances.  Reliability.  Versatile.  Up to 8 different indications.

 New electrical connection system. . • Advantages for client:  Reduced cost.ISAF’s New Products: Railway Signals 7/7 Dwarf signal: • Improvements:  Inside mounted transformers.  Reduced mounting time.

 Dual connection system. .ISAF’s New Products: Track Circuits Components • Track circuit contactor:  Meet latest client requirements. • Track circuit filter:  Meet latest client requirements.

Production References Main References Production • • • • • • THALES ALSTOM SIEMENS ANSALDO STS UTI GROUP BALFOUR BEATTY • IMSAT .

Videle. Post Giulesti. Brasov. Brasov-DedaBeclean. Curtici. Nicolina. railway station Galati. . Bucharest .Suceava. Ciulnita. Automatic Block Line.g. • Computer-assisted relay interlocking works (turnkey projects or constructions as specialized Subcontractor): Ploiesti Sud. Metro. INDUSI-type Automatic Train Stop systems.Main References Automation & Signalling • Relay interlocking systems and power supply works in railway stations. Arad.Cluj. Focsani . Teius-Cluj. Bucharest. Buzau-Galati. • Parking lighting and indoor lighting works at the Parliament Palace. Galati-Tecuci (ongoing project)). automation of 21 marshalling yards (e.Iasi. Coslariu. Suceava – Beclean . Bucharest Marshalling Yard. Bucharest-Brasov-Alba-Iulia-Deva-Arad-Curtici. Arad). Craiova-Simeria. on all electrified railway lines (Bucharest-Timisoara-Arad. Bucharest-Constanta. Timisoara. • Centralized traffic control systems mounting and commissioning works: Bucharest – Fetesti. Baneasa.

Timisoara (“flip-flap” technology). radio networks for railway operative communications. Transelectrica. Galati (LCD technology). Campina – Predeal (ongoing (LCD technology)) railway stations.R.Main References Telecommunications • Line and distribution.).) • Structured cabling network in the Galati Railway Station. • Micro-waves communication networks for Transelectrica on sections Bucharest-Sibiu and Bucharest-Portile de Fier. Cluj etc. • Mounting of passenger public information systems.C. . Cosmorom and Radiocommunications (the Galati Railway Station 115 m. Ramnicu Valcea. Buzau (LCD technology). • Site organization. Vodafone. Palace.F. manufacturing and mounting of towers for C. public clocks networks and access control installations in the Bucharest (“flip-flap” technology). Patroaia 63 m. Targu-Jiu.R. Sibiu Sud 55 m etc. rural and interurban communication networks for Romtelecom (Bucharest. as well as at the Baia Mare Airport (LED technology). • Radiocommunications with running trains on the railway BucharestConstanta-Tandarei. Galati. Focsani (LCD technology). Cozia 53m.F. radio networks on the site of the Bucharest-Danube Channel. Cluj (“flip-flap” technology)..

Why Choose ISAF • Competitive price • • • • Innovative approach High Commitment to Quality Well developed delivery strategy Major successes throughout Romania and in S-E Europe (Greece & Bulgaria) • Good reputation and working relationship with CFR and other clients within Romania • Beneficiary of Colas Rail and Bouygues Groups support .

Bucharest.00.Creating Tomorrow's Railway Questions ? ISAF S.87 E-mail: Website: www. .A.nica@isaf. Calea Giulesti. 6th District.75 Fax: +40-21-221.isaf. Romania Phone: +40-21-220. 060275.

Creating Tomorrow’s Railway Thank you! .