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Engaging Interesting It’s not what you say it’s how you say it-enthusiasm is contagious (delivery) Fun

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Mini story-question Cold read-question The Story Telling Theory Story Telling A good story should not be to entertain or show that you are a cool guy. A good story is used to attract. Cut all the unnecessary facts from a story and just talk about how you react to the situation. Remember to cut all details down to the bare essentials that make your story logical and then add liberal amounts of your reaction and how you feel about the events. That humanizing will make people into you and not your material. Better yet. Just get into the space where you are talking about your feelings and reactions and you will not have to preplan a canned story it will just flow out along with all the rest. In general try to avoid searching for good material. Anything can be a good story. You need to develop your ability to relate and express a story. Once you get good at this, you can create interest out of thin air. Anybody can get attention by telling a story which is in it's own nature entertaining. That type of „good' material WILL keep attention, but in the end it is the story which is interesting and not you. That is bad. I can not express this strongly enough. AVOID INTERESTING STORIES. They can be a mirage which will lead you away from seduction. Also keep in mind that „interesting' material can be hijacked. You will be the center of attention, talking about some great topic and then some other guy or CB just has to get in their story or views on the same subject and then boom, you are no long the center of attention.

Instead develop your ability to make the mundane fascinating. Once you can do this, then your listener will associate good feelings with you and not your material. For example, I sometimes challenge guys to use their most fascinating material, whether it be palm reading, NLP, a story about seeing two girls fight or whatever and I will just recite my grocery shopping list. Then we will see who does better. That is what you need to do. Get really freaking good at making your groceries interesting. Do that and you will realize that it is not what you talk about but how you talk about it. Use dramatic pauses, hooks and expressions. Really get into your story. Also never just spill your story out. Instead make your listeners want to hear more. Pause and look at them. Wait for their interest to show. Play on their curiosity and refuse to 'entertain' them. They must show interest on their faces and in their questions or else do not continue - your story and performance is valuable. Try not to just give it away. As far as sexual stories go, personally I talk about some of the things that have happened to me with other women. This is typically a money subject. The stories subtly relate ideas I want to get across (You may want to relate different ideas) Like I am good in bed, I am a player who is up for a purely sexual relationship, women seek me out, I am high maintenance (If I am considering this girl for MLTR) etc... Of course these all appear to be just things that are in the story and not the point of the story so it doesn't look like I'm bragging or something. Okay, so here is my recommendation to you: Everyday in the evening, think of what you did that day and package it into a story. Practice it a few times and then go out and use the "How are you opener." That goes like this: You: "How are you?" Her: "I'm fine..." or whatever. Her: "How are you?" Or if she doesn't reciprocate you say playfully, "Don't you think it's rude to not ask how I am after I asked how you are?" Her: "Okay, how are you?" (note: In general asking a question like this at the beginning of an interaction is dangerous. You leave yourself open for her to say flatly, "No, I don't." The key is to perform it very playfully. But there is still a chance of being burned here - just figure it into your calculations) You: "I'm great. Today I went shopping...." or "I laid on the couch..." or whatever you did that day. Then the next night re-write your stories based on what you did that day and soon. You never use the same story twice and you get real good at telling stories. Remember it's all on the delivery. Practice saying the most mundane, regular things in an interesting manner. Practice in front of a mirror and consider video recording yourself.

html All stories are essentially a variation on the narrative structure:    character setting problem resolution. But the real problem that they don't realize is that they have too many things to talk about. This is because you will know what type of things to look for and where to Variations can include: o how much feeling o how much description .Also. there is nothing very special or difficult about telling or creating a short story. 2. Maintain good contact with your audience and be prepared to vary your telling depending on how you audience is responding. Getting good at performing will give you the ability to narrow these choices down and make you 'quicker thinking'. Many guys think that they can not come up with something to talk about.2 or 3 max. gesture. Be interested in the story yourself and tell it with energy and some level of excitement. once you get good at 'performing' stories you will get good at coming up with material spontaneously. facial expression. Let the different feelings that are being expressed in the story be expressed in your voice. you will be able to spin stories about the most simplest things into attraction. setting and problem. Vary the amount of detail or description you add to elements of the story such as the characters. Basic Rules of Telling a Story Well 1. in a lot of ways. Include enough so that the audience is able to use their imagination to create these elements in their own imagination but not so much that the audience has nothing left to do. When you can do that. Cut out the facts and put in more of how you feel. Over all slow down and try to shorten your stories. Really. body language. Bring the characters in the story alive with o different voices (not too many . 4.) o mannerisms o energy o description o body language. So. Tell with feeling. The art of the telling & creating the short story http://www. 3. you have to do the same basic things as a longer story with a few variations.

What will make a story 'good'. 6. not necessarily. sufficient to enable the audience to start creating the scene. Keep your narrator alive and interacting with the audience to some degree. Do the above and you'll always have a story but will it be a good story? No. always have at least one problem to solve and always have a solution or resolution.. or 'interesting'. They still need to be there but you might not express them for as long for example..o o o o volume of sound pace length of pauses how much your narrator interacts with the audience outside of the story itself. It's a special story code that enables you to contain a story in an interesting way. or 'fascinating'? Lots of things will help and here is where your individual style as a storyteller and story creator comes to the fore. 4. 5. Cut down on the degree of detail you put in for some of the elements. It's your friend and safety net.     always have a least one character (although you'll probably end up with two) always have a setting no matter how minimal.. The good news is that the Narrative Structure contains the basic code. Build on your own style. Be prepared to moderate your own energy and presence a little so that it doesn't dominate the story itself..'One day last year. Be prepared to cut back (not eliminate) the expression of feelings in the story. 2. or an asside in the middle of it. character or. quirkiness. With the Narrative Structure you can create an interesting story about anything. I was walking out of the school gate . Basic Rules for Creating or Improvising a Story The most important thing to remember is the Narrative Structure. 3.. The audience wants to hear and be in the story as well as enjoy you.' contains a lot of 'story' information. The story is short so your audience may miss these essential elements if you don't put sufficient attention on them.. Be prepared to place more emphasis on the setting out of the problem and the presentation of the solution. You want the audience to concentrate on the story not your introduction of it. Be prepared to cut back on your narrator's role. For example:... Variations for Telling a Short Story 1. so you must choose which things to leave in the story and which things to leave out. Here are just some other factors: . even. Just like a road map can't possible describe or present every single feature along the way from point A to point B or it would be so huge it would never fit in the car let alone the glove box.

. . What makes an interesting resolution? Here's just some possibilites. Here is My Secret Storytelling Technique: http://www.. say 'yes' to a subconscious idea that pops into your head (you know.. have the same character doing the same thing but with a twist) have the solution appeal to the audience's sense of humour bring in your narrator with something like ... I couldn't possibly put that in the story!' in your blah. interesting and connection-building conversation. I never did get to 'blah.."And do you know what. tie up all the loose ends. o o o o o a classic way is to end the story where it began (you know.html As you probably already know. the most important thing of all is... another place.schoolofsocialskills... 'So what?' sort of way. and have the characters live happily ever after ditto but for one little detail that lets the audience know that the story continues in another time." neatly solve the problem. so go back to that point and say 'Yes! Let's try it!' and see what happens don't just solve the problem in a mechanical. 'Dah! Da! Da! Daaaaah!' have fun. However... blah' that .. this site is about the arts of making funny.') and put it into the story and see where it goes if you find that your story is bogging down and getting sludgy it is probably because you have said.. turn the solution into an interesting or quirky 'resolution'. In relations to this. 'Oh no. when you think.. 'Hey what if .      o  choose stories that you find interesting in the first place and you will be more likely to create and tell it in an interesting way pick a story who's subject matter is going to appeal to your audience bring at least one of your characters alive in some way don't forget emotions make sure the story moves or goes somewhere (movement is a sign of life and humans are interested in things that are alive) take risks with the story content. this storytelling method is mainly focused on enhancing the reader‟s ability to use storytelling as yet another tool of making interesting conversation.

If you in any way can cut something out of a story without hurting the point of the story. twits and surprising endings. pithy stories. does not really engage the listener. cut out everything that a story can be told without. I‟m thinking of complex plots. To many people give way to many details when telling a story in a conversation. and further who you were with that they. ”actions describing words” and then end on at least one “relatable feelings” . the intention of a story in conversation should be to engage people into the conversation.The main purpose of telling a story should be to build a connection with the other person in the conversation. This is by far done in the best way with short. please do so. so try to keep your stories short and simple. this means that the usual cornerstones in storytelling becomes unimportant. More than everything else. Hooking the listener Verbally painting the setting These techniques would also be great tools to make it more interesting: Your character the “I”-perspective. so these details are unnecessary are should thus be left out. Here are the 6 building stones of any interesting story. complex stories are harder to follow. and factual details about when and where it happen.

but what she basically realized was that: If a person is interrupted in the middle of something. magazines and other medias all over the world to ensure that you stay tuned in to their channel. Okay let‟s get on to it. This is what they don’t want you to know. In away “The hook Line” should tell your “audience” exactly “what they will take away from what you are about to say”? or “why should they listen to it”? A bit abstract? Let me give you a couple examples of great hooklines:   “Maybe you can relate to this…” – Great opener for any story. newspapers. nobody can stop you from learning one of the most powerful marketing techniques in the world used today. Before I reveal how you can use this technique to basically have the ability to make anything interesting. I know it sounds like I‟m trying to hype something here. so please read carefully) If you read this paragraph carefully. but what you don‟t know is that this marketing secret technique is in fact utilized every day. the conversationalist (or television station) get’s you interested in something and then they postpone what ever you were interested in learning about.. “I‟m considering to tell you about the most embarrassing moment of my life… [pause. hooked to what they have to say. every hour. I won‟t bother you with details of how a brilliant scientist stumble upon this loophole in the human mind. I just have to tell you one important thing. Well as so many other I haven‟t had the most happy childhood. In my opinion an almost hypnotic marketing technique that is based on very basic human physiology. they have a really hard time to get that thing out of their mind until they can get back to it and finished it. and then I want to tell you about something else. for how long could I have been talking about my self and my story before you would lose interest? 10 or maybe 20 minutes? This is how this technique work. make them ask for it]“ . by for example inserting commercial right before the most exciting moment in a movie. But the same effect can be created if I can get you to ask you self a question after hearing “a hook line”.Step 1: Hooking the listener (this paragraph is important. my dad left us before I was born and my mom was mentally ill. I lived for years until one day a foster family… Did you see what I did here? I promised you something important and interesting. by most major television station. I‟m going tell a little bit about myself and how I learned this marketing secret and how it has changes the way that I make conversation with others today. so at the age of 7 I got taken away from my mom and put in an orphanage.

6. 9. 37. 31. 5. 14. 8. 28. 15. 16. I don’t know if you have ever tried this… I don’t know how you feel about this… I don’t know if you can relate to this… I’m interested in learning… I don’t know how you think about… I don’t know if this is true… I am going to tell you something about yourself… I don’t know if I should say this. 7. 19. 26. 23. 18. 11. 36. so assume you are creative person… Maybe you have had this feeling… Am I wrong… Do you think this is true… Wouldn’t you like to learn this… Have you ever had this feeling… You scare me à her: why… I don’t know if you have tried this… I don’t know how you feel about this… I don’t know if you can relate to this… I’m interested in learning… I don’t know how you think about… I don’t know if this is true… I am going to tell you something about yourself… I don’t know if I should say this. 21. 4. 30. 2. 24. 20. Style). 22. 3. so assume you are creative person… Maybe you have had this feeling… Am I wrong… . 33. 27. 10. 12. 38. 25. 17. 32. 35. 13. 34.Click like below to unlock 42 really good examples of “hooklines” that i use everyday: ”Premium content UNLOCKED…” 1. I probably shouldn’t… Hmm maybe you can tell me if I’m wrong… I don’t know if you have ever considered this… Maybe you feel like this… I have never… Maybe you had this experience… I don’t know if you are a XX-person… I can see you xx (=fx. Style). 29. I probably shouldn’t… Please tell me if you think I’m wrong about this… I don’t know if you have ever considered this… Maybe you feel like this… I have never… Maybe you had this experience… I don’t know if you are a XX-person… I can see you xx (=fx.

Example:   ”I was in a taxi cab. Conversation is more interesting when you act out whatever you are talking about. That‟s too much irrelevant information that just test the listeners “patience” and fill up the story with words that doesn‟t really makes it more interesting or engaging. Step 2: Verbally painting the setting My best advice to you here is to keep the description to a bare minimum. A great hook line creates curiosity and build anticipation. Step 3: Using your character. The listeners already get it. Another really important factor that makes conversation and especially personal stories interesting is that you tell the story or make the conversation from the Iperspective.By Markus Ellek You can enhance the pulling effect of these ”hook sentences” by not sounding too determined to tell your story. 41. Make them feel that it‟s a possibility that you might hold it back if they are not really interested. 40. Do you think this is true… Wouldn’t you like to learn this… Have you ever had this feeling… You scare me… . Tease your listeners a bit. You don‟t need to tell that it were in a very clean taxi cab on in the centum of london on a rainy Tuesday. if you can try to describe it with maximum of five words. just enough to give „walls‟ to your story. it‟s far mote about your performance. When you use ‟I-perspective‟ it gives you a natural opportunity to act out your story. 42. this especially applies to storytelling. Note that in relation to talking from the “I-perspective” many begin to use other euphemisms such as the word „you‟.39. The key point that im trying to underline here is that storytelling is not about the verbal description. Keep the setting information to the bare minimum. So. make them ask you to tell you story.” “I was in the bathtub” That‟s enough information. . this water down the story because now you are telling it from the “3th-person-perspective” and thus it‟s not as engaging.

. she was attractive so reached up with hand and placed it on her neck. making a pit stop at the posh tea shops. wicth makes it easier to relate to. “Don’t you just love riding a bicycle. Use action words. Her boyfriend saw it and came over to kick my but.I notice the leaves change colors at this time of year.. I WENT THOUGHT. I TURNED.” In my oppinion the second example is far more engaging to the listener.. The reason for this is because it has a consistent character throughout the entire store. a girl turned infront of me to stop me. I walked rapidly around the corner. Action word help the story slip easier into the listeners imagination. She smiled so I pulled her in and kissed her cute kissable lips. . I pedal uphill through South East London .” Versus this.. please review the following 2 example of dialogues and then decide which of them you find more interesting. “I love riding my bike. Using Actions Decribing Words. You can then meet fascinating people. and thus the listener slips easier into the imagination of the storyteller. I pit stop at the tea shops – witch I find posh and meet fascinating people there. You know when you pedal uphill through South East London you can see all the leaves changing colors this time of year. (end of scene) Do you see how this how engaging this story is compared to how bad the plot or story is? Action word makes somthing more imaginative. Step 4... I STUFFED it into my.        I JUMPED over.. Step 5: Make you story super engaging with action words.To realize the power of talking from the I-perspective. it make me feel happy. I BEND DOWN I LIFTED. I WALKED.

She smiled so I pulled her in and kissed her cute kissable lips. Here is how you tell a interesting and engaging story: Realize that a single scene (as described above) can make up for a whole story!! Keep it as simple as possible. is that it’s not the story. Believe it or not. How To: Tell A Story Like A Stand-up Never Tell A Boring Story Again Believe it or not. THIS IS IMPORTANT. And truly great stand-ups make it look easy.Step 6: Describe your characters emotionel reaction to each scene. Her boyfriend saw it and came over to kick my but. which is why so many open mic nights have cocky newcomers who think they can be on Comedy Central with two dick jokes and a story about their grandma falling down. What they’ve learned. like it any movie you‟ll ever see. . Most of these wannabes end up muttering something along these lines: “Wait. …I felt EMBARRASSED and FRIGHTNED i had to get out of their. I walked rapidly around the corner. a girl turned infront of me to stop me. it is the emotional reaction of the characters in the story/conversation (in this case you) that makes the listeners relate to him and thusthey feel they are on his or her side. most stand-up comics are not wildly adventurous individuals who have hilarious things happen to them every day. however. Comedians can get on stage and tell a story about something that happened to them that day and turn the entire room to hysterics. but rather how it’s told. most stand-up comics are not wildly adventurous individuals who have hilarious things happen to them every day. how did Dave Chappelle kill with a story about the grocery store and I just bombed with a way funnier story?” Telling a story like a stand-up takes practice and there are key points to remember. she was attractive so reached up with hand and placed it on her neck. This is really essential knowledge when you try to build a connection whit a person. though if you need to tell a longer story you can simply stack scenes upon each other until the story reaches the end end where there is a burst of emotions or change in context.

If you’d like to be the funny guy with a cackling crowd surrounding you at the next party. Use story twists A story should not be filled with fake punch lines. Only list the elegant details if the story is about someone pushing her into the pool. If she has a big nose. Be brief In Comedy 101. Work the crowd Crowds think a stand-up comic is a genius when he asks an audience member a question. otherwise it will cease being believable.” Pepper the story with quick pieces of humorous.” Also. the stand-up will ask: “Who plays Pictionary?” and observe a man clapping and nodding his head. After picking the detail. Opening with a strong punch will draw your listeners in and they’ll be more likely to stay invested if the story hits any flat points.” There should be a laugh or twist every eight seconds or so. Many storytellers forget smell. Since this isn’t a romance novel. don’t use “big” when “hulking” or “astronomical” are so much more interesting. The adjectives you do use should be creative. that’s the first rule for you to remember if you want to tell a story like a stand-up.” Be specific in your details and comparisons. If the audience is truly listening. they teach you to be brief and get to the first laugh as quickly as possible. but think about the effect of a well-described smell when it hits and triggers the brain: “The fat goth girl’s bedroom had all the sadness of a pork slaughterhouse. In fact. don’t worry about piling a joke onto it. Serious storytellers should write the story out and mark the points that are funny. you’d better learn how to tell a story like a stand-up. However. only practiced in asking leading questions. make an exaggerated comparison. If the natural progress of the anecdote suddenly curves. what’s the deal with dogs?” tell a funny detail about the dog. and the comic launches into the story he was . applicable backstory. a sudden shift will be enough. Give details When you tell a story like a stand-up. she becomes the girl with a ginormous nose in the story. choose only the best detail about each person and item in the story. and smelled about the same. The surprises keep the listeners engaged. then breaks into a hilarious story that’s similar to the person’s answer. yes. tighten it up. such as: “This German Shepherd looked like he still believed the Third Reich was in power. Lucky for you we have seven easy tips to help you do just that. If there are a few lines in between funny parts.unless it’s hilarious. Don’t worry about setting the scene or what happened the night before -. They’re not geniuses. “Doesn’t it drive you insane when you’re playing with your wife and she can’t tell what you’re drawing?” The nodding man answers yes. Saying that “the fat guy crammed himself into his Volkswagen Beetle” is funnier than saying: “The big guy got into his car. So. forget the details of her flowing hair and her sea-blue eyes. Instead of saying: “There was a dog… that reminds me. don’t forget to use all five senses. such as: “Her nose looked like the blue-ribbon zucchini at the Montgomery County Fair. the rule most stand-ups use is that there should be a laugh or twist every eight seconds or so. Take out extraneous words and only use adjectives when they’re necessary.

which leads into our next point. Ask the listeners questions during the story. Mimic the cab drivers accent or the surprised face of the Amish man. It's hard to be on a roll when you are not the one steering the car. but don’t wedge it in unnaturally or tell the story to the same person multiple times. Read more: http://www. Act out the characters Sometimes an event or person’s mannerism isn’t funny until it’s relayed in an exaggerated reenactment. Try to work favorite stories into conversations with as many people as possible. Just be careful not to say too many “I was like… And then he was like… And then I was like…” This is difficult for most people to do unless they’re already a trained actor. and some are hilarious. Two concepts here: 1... Being on a roll is a lot about leading. We're not trying to suggest or encourage you to start a new career and to take your show on the road. If the ending is flat. If you are not already. It's hard to be on a roll when you are not the one steering the car.html#ixzz2cNFOmN49 Become a Better Talker Being on a roll is a lot about leading. Practice Even the best stand-up comics continue to do open mike nights to practice their new material and stay fresh. Don’t be known as “Cat Story Johnny. And try to get others involved in conversation who are not.askmen. but we are trying to help you improve your received perception in social situation. it keeps them involved and they’ll laugh more when they relate. and switch to something new. which is practice. The key to being on a conversational roll is understanding how a roll works.going to tell in the first place. Some storytellers are just engaging. it will ruin all of the hilarious parts leading up to it. Be the one who introduces new topics of conversation before a subject becomes stale. If you are not already. End on the biggest laugh Listeners will often only remember the last part of an act or a story. try asking fewer questions and making more statements.and who knows. Wait for another group on another day and work it in again. maybe you'll score the hottest babe at the party.” Go to a party. Leave the audience wanting more and people will beg for another anecdote. work it in a few times around the room. some are horrible. Learn how to tell a story like a stand-up and you'll do just that . some are frighting.

I'll show you the difference: "I found out today that my company is laying me off." Okay. They give themselves bonuses earlier this year and now they are letting half the research staff go. That makes for dull and monotonous listening.2. Most people in conversation segue off of subject. emotion and even rhythm. periodically pause and look around as if you are searching for the right words. What to Say versus How to Say Keep in mind that it is not what you talk about that matters so much as how you talk about it. And kind of mystical. This includes 'negative' things. What I said had nothing to do with what she was talking about . Just don't do it in a complaining way . You want to get better at expressing yourself at all times." . That is.) As far as using canned material. And while delivering it. It's difficult to describe. If you ever meet me in person I can show you how this works. What a bunch of jerks.that is not attractive and is not about your humanity. (I just spent the whole morning deliberately relating only with rhythm to one of my girlfriends." See that is complaining. "Maybe it is a time to make a fresh start and the beginning of a new adventure. Your life is a play and your world is a stage. But when you are on a roll you begin to relate by tone. "I found out today that my company is laying me off. When you go see a good movie or a play you are not turned off by the actor's negative emotions and situation. This includes when you are angry or sad. they relate their bits of speech to other's bits based on topic. Try it sometime as an exercise. Instead you are drawn in deeper. Do this right and you will not only appear to be speaking off the top of your head but you will also suck in her curiosity as she wonders what you are going to say next. Hope you understand what I mean. It is about everything outside of yourself. but you see the difference. I feel betrayed and a little lost. Now compare to the following. The second leads to a conversation about inner feelings and values. Practice by telling people what is inside. The first one leads to a conversation about the bad world that sucks the life out of people. Practice in front of a mirror. Everybody talks like this and it sucks. There is nothing about you in there. Make your 'situation' interesting and people will talk about you all day. maybe not an just fit. You can talk about the bad things in your life. It is not so difficult to imagine a girl suggesting. Fun as hell actually.

. most important. Story-telling theory Conveying traits that flip her attraction switches without making it obvious that you're doing so demonstrates higher value and generates attraction . How to Develop Storytelling Skills to Attract Women Subscribe You are here: Home » Dating » Pick Up Skills » How to Develop Storytelling Skills to Attract Women Here is an absolutely must read article by Derek V. it's better if it's not some amazing story.Also don't be afraid to let a girl take charge and mother you a little in times when you are feeling down. For example. captures the attention of her group. These sorts of stories are most congruent if they are at least partially true and based on events from your own life. it will work.. So he jumps in the car. and. When you tell a story. because you don't want the target to think you're trying to impress her. Show all emotions. in a story it's possible to flip both the "leader of men" and "protector of loved ones" attraction switches by congruently adding something like "." The preselection switch and others can be similarly flipped also.. Sure. that's just how we are. sometimes you are not going to feel like talking to anyone or sharing your problems. it's my little sister. so I told him I have no choice.. Try just talking with friends about your life when you wouldn't ordinarily share and speak deeper and more from the heart.. This is something that all guys can learn from. In fact. Conveying traits that flip her attraction switches without making it obvious that you're doing so demonstrates higher value and generates attraction.. What you want to be is confident enough to 'think aloud'. I absolutely agree with what he says here!! Improve Storytelling Skills by Derek Vitalio . As long as the story is fun. You don't want to do be that way. realize that what is attractive is your range of human essence. But I recommend pushing yourself past your comfort zone with this. They may even get really good at getting girls as long as they are in 'state' but then never feel like it is them getting girls but a character that they play. And letting others into your world might also get you cheered up along the way. it doesn't have to be overtly impressive. Always feeling like you must be in a good mood or always 'on' in order to be attractive is a mistake that many guys fall into. 'cause you know my friends are there for me one hundred percent and I'm the same way for them. interesting.. Instead.

Because you know you‟ll BORE her. if you‟re smart. to women what most guys talk about to other guys is well MORE BORING THAN WATCHING PAINT PEEL OFF THE WALLS! And I think most guys. at least on some subconscious level. I can always find something I have in common with them chicks. But at the same time. they don‟t know how to speak girl talk either. So they‟re left with a void and left racking their brains trying to think of what to say next. you were always read STORIES? Notice now. That‟s why when you‟re with a woman you don‟t go on and on about guy topics. chicks. that‟s right become a storyteller. What is this 20 questions or something? Stop asking me so many things. games. Storytelling accomplishes a number of objectives that normal guy talk and asking questions doesn‟t. chicks and so on. After about 30 minutes into our conversation the girl asked me sarcastically. They usually end up asking fill-the-void back-up questions like. politics. That‟s why a lot of guys on dates avoid guy talk. The million dollar question is then… HOW do you fill “the void? Easy. You‟re not just presented with the fact that an urban legend was busted or not that would be too boring to . know this.So what‟s your major? and What do you do? and How many brothers and sisters do you have? These are all boring questions.I find most guys interesting to talk to. Yes. computers. However. I almost completely avoid cliche questions like So what do you do?until AFTER I‟ve slept with a girl. sports. 1) Storytelling is ENTERTAINING. how as an adult. chicks. One time I tried an experiment where I asked a girl nothing but boring questions just to prove my point. Tell STORIES. Ever notice how as a child. you turn on the TV to watch STORIES? Even a science show on the Discovery Channel like Myth busters is told as a story. sci-fi.

women like to feel good emotional states. but you could still crack a joke about how her car was such a piece of junk in the first place that it looked better AFTER the accident. A good story will bring a woman through a series of emotional states such as. it is highly likely you are experiencing an emotional journey as well as laughing. If you are being entertained. . If you are laughing. 3) Storytelling makes women laugh. in general your story MUST include people interacting. it is highly likely that you‟re being entertained and being taken on an emotional journey. you might have a rather serious story about how your Aunt got into a car accident and broke her leg. That‟s because people naturally like stories. more importantly. relationships. for example. WHAT should your stories be about? MOST stories that women love to listen to involve PEOPLE INTERACTING. Now. The story may simply start on a point of intrigue and lead to a funny ending. and 3) laughter are all closely interrelated. Most women want a guy that makes them a laugh and stories are extremely effective at delivering the female smiles. In fact. A good story evokes emotions. For example. Stories are like a drug for them so that they can get their emotion fix. they are all pretty much the same thing. 2) Storytelling takes women on an emotional journey. People naturally like stories because stories are naturally entertaining. In other words. from intrigue and curiosity to surprise and ending on laughter. 2) emotional journey. you‟re shown HOW Jamie and Adam busted the myth or not and all the HUMAN INTERACTION between them that follows. The point is. Even a story about something morbid or mundane can be modified to have a few laughing points in it even if you have to make the funny parts up. The series of states is not necessarily complex. Notice how these three objectives 1) entertainment. In fact. most likely you‟re accomplishing the other two as well. So if you‟re accomplishing one.

And that‟s why your How I picked out what car I decided to buy.You see. casual interactions you‟ve experienced with people. politics. girl falling in love with guy. The problem is that when guys talk about these things. That‟s why it‟s so interesting and entertaining. computers. It‟s not that they‟re bad subjects to talk about with women in and of themselves. and “The Apprentice”. this is where most guy stories about sports. . or how you were at a concert and met the band. From these human interactions we LEARN about human nature. millions and millions of people DO. What makes these shows so wildly popular? All of these shows are NOTHING BUT scenes PACKED with complex person-to-person interactions. so much the better. and through that conflict you learned something about your relationship with your Mom that you‟d never realized before and how you were able to get past your differences with her. It‟s a story that we know has an outcome. If the situation was unusual. “Survivor”. That‟s why your How I studied really hard and got a good job. and so forth go terribly wrong. Like the time you… brought your girlfriend to a swinger‟s club and how she reacted to it. We LEARN how to better select mates ourselves. guy falling in love with girl. there‟s NO PEOPLE IN THEM. Whether you consider yourself above watching these kinds of reality shows or not. In the first case. and so on ad infinitum. And when there is a person. that person is not interacting with anyone else. or how you and your friends would egg houses on Halloween and almost got caught. Every scene from the The Bachelor is either girl fighting girl. it would be much better how your Mom was really against your decision to buy that car and how you got into a big fight with her. girl forming friendship with girl. your hobbies. BORING! Look at the most popular shows on television today like “Desperate Housewives”.story blows. “The Bachelor”. science fiction. story is crap. Stories can be about simple.

He has practiced it over and over again. that “natural” has told that very same story a THOUSAND times to a THOUSAND different people. Tell the SAME story again. do NOT try to make up cool stories on the fly in the middle of an interaction. But in reality it‟s been thoroughly rehearsed to DEATH. It‟s a myth that “naturals” make up and tell great stories on the fly. In other words. If you‟re not careful. However. The fact is. . Now you know WHY to tell stories and now you know WHAT they should be about. This technique makes your storytelling FOOL-PROOF. and again. The reality is. it will be lame and you‟ll fall flat on your face. It‟s a routine. And that is. write out your story AHEAD OF TIME and MEMORIZE it. a strong wave can pick the surfboard up and slam you in the face with it.or why your best friend just broke up with his girlfriend of five years. This technique takes all of the guesswork out of storytelling This technique takes all of the pressure off of you. and again. In fact. if you‟re not a seasoned. That‟s why the story is so good. Storytelling takes a lot of PRACTICE. It just sounds like he‟s saying it for the very first time to YOU. But the even bigger question is HOW to tell them. Now. Practice it out loud four or five times at home and then use it out in the field with women. practiced storyteller. It takes at least that many times to gauge how women will react to your story and what you can do to improve it. it can be about as difficult as learning how to surf. your story won‟t be really smooth until you‟ve used it with a girl or group of girls at least three times. I‟ll share with you my one technique that makes storytelling EASY. Most likely. Notice how all of these stories are about relationships and how the relationship CHANGED from the beginning of the story as compared to the end. storytelling that is entertaining can be a HARD skill to pick up.

cliche questions. and you will improve your interpersonal communication skills immediately. you‟ll get more great advice right away just like you did in this Report only 100′s of pages more of it. rehearsing. The best communicators use more creative names for things – instead of using obvious descriptive names. Familiarize yourself with each of the 12 Golden Rules. Now. “this . are you interested in learning more about keeping up your end of the conversation and being funny and entertaining while doing so? It took me quite a few years to piece together everything I know about women and I‟ve put it all together in my Seduction Science System. Rehearse them to yourself until you‟ve got them memorized and then use them again and Nor should you do the same when it comes to your sex life. over and over. you can also piece it all together for yourself¦ if you don‟t mind putting in thousands of hours in doing so! Then again. to fill the void. 1. you didn‟t take auto shop class for 5 years just so that you could put together your own car from scratch out of raw scrap metal. So write one or two entertaining. laugh-evoking stories that involve people interacting. Of course. such as. You‟ll instantly separate yourself from the 99% of guys who only know how to talk about guy things or ask boring. “here‟s some more beer…” try.html All great conversations share common elements.lifehack. So check out the Seduction Science System now and see what it could immediately do for you. but that‟s what he‟s doing rehearsing. emotional journey. Besides. rehearsing the SAME stories over and over again. Great Descriptions Do you want to sound more interesting? Then start with your descriptions. The 12 Golden Rules of Great Conversation http://www. “here‟s some more poison…” or “here‟s some more liquid courage…” or reference the commercial.The natural storyteller doesn‟t think of it as rehearsal.

not angry upset. People prefer visual imagery and emotionally packed words. When you speak. Instead of saying. I‟m gonna need to go buy a decaf iced coffee…” 2. Great Non-Verbal Communication Most experts agree – non-verbal communication is often more important than the words you speak. “I think he‟s an excellent quarterback…” they may say something like. Stating an exception helps clarify. but nervous upset. Great Contrasts and Comparisons What if I asked you how your trip to Disney World was? You could say something boring like.Bud‟s for you…” You get the idea? Don‟t default to the trite word just because you‟re used to always saying it that way. Instead of saying “it was cold” you could say that you “couldn‟t even feel your fingers.” Instead of: “That‟s a huge burger!” Paint a picture: “That thing is a heart attack on a plate!” Instead of: “I‟m so upset. You cannot simply inject energy into every word you speak and hope that works. “It was fun…no one fell off a roller coaster or anything…so it was fun…” You can always state what something is not like. I‟m gonna need to calm down.” Paint a picture: “I‟m so upset. The trick is to vary your energy and inflection. she‟s at the highest level of gorgeous…higher than Kim Kardashian gorgeous… and it doesn‟t get much higher than that…” 3. that‟s more like mist down economics…” People enjoy hearing contrasts. Take your listener on a roller coaster ride. Advertisers and good writers know that using visual imagery and emotion is the fastest way to your heart (and wallet). vary the energy you put into each . “I think he‟s an excellent quarterback…now I‟m not saying he‟s Joe Montana…but he‟s really good…” When you use comparisons. “It was fun…” Or you could include a quick contrast to make your phrase twice as interesting. “She‟s gorgeous. don‟t be afraid to expand and explain them. and dimension. add contrast.” Or “That‟s not trickle-down economics. Stay away from a flat. Many radio personalities use this technique to add balance and substance to their opinions (plus it helps them fill air time). Psychologists have consistently discovered that people are the most drawn to those who have energy in their voice and mannerisms. “I‟m very upset. This is the greatest metaphor for figuring out how to use energy more effectively. monotone voice.

and gesturing is an easy and free way to add this entertaining element to your conversations. Speak in chunks. and don‟t be afraid of a pause. Great Intersecting Interests Everyone has a bucket of interests that they love to discuss. “That‟s stupid” they say. Rather than saying. Good conversation is never one-sided. but I do know that she…” When they respond to someone. Try to emphasize the important words. Great Outlook Great conversationalists are always humble and have a positive outlook. This works because when your speed never changes. Not so. If someone buys you a gift. Is it important? Then try saying it more slowly. Gesture more. Ask a close friend for objective feedback. Great Human Traits It seems very obvious. Even the most selfish people want to hear about your opinions and your thoughts and your interests sometimes. Vary your volume. “I don‟t know a lot.” 5.word or phrase. the conversation will go along swimmingly. 4. You may love talking about butterfly mating habits and the other person may love discussing fashion trends of 17th European Royalty. “thank you” is not enough. Poor conversationalists tend to talk at the same rate and often too quickly. they look for the positive parts. People enjoy movement. They may qualify phrases with modest setups like. Conversations without the human elements can wither and die. Can any of the following nicknames describe you? Anxious Eyes? Statue Face? Mumble Mouth? Lethargic Larry? You may not even be aware of a bad habit. You may assume that if you just talk about the other person and their interests all day. Poor conversationalists often have difficulty expressing their emotions and feelings. Unconscious habits. speak slightly louder for important phrases. just saying. try to be more conscious of what your body does during an interaction. but expressing human emotion is key to great conversation. Great conversationalists are constantly searching for where their interests and their conversational partner‟s interests . And predictable = boring. Treat your voice like a roller coaster – are you taking the audience on a fun ride or a boring ride? Are there some dips and lulls? Control your speed. 6. “Well at least you didn‟t have to ____ . Express your appreciation non-verbally as well. your vocal patterns are predictable. Did they get a raise? Act thrilled and happy for them! Is this the first time seeing them in a few weeks? Act excited to see them! Are you eating a delicious piece of chocolate German cake – then say so! Describe how wonderful it is and how it makes you feel. Great conversationalists can change their speed at will.

If you are with a friend. . It‟s about making comments about the events that they are describing. I might need reinforcements…” 8. you could say something less predictable and more playful. It goes beyond just listening to their long story about the time they outran a grizzly bear in Virginia. Sympathize with them when they tell you that they just lost their wallet. “Okay…just in case.intersect. They can make their conversation fun. you might tell your spouse. For example. Great playfulness What do all great conversationalists have in common? They know how to play with the conversation. They do not take everything literally or seriously. “the printer isn‟t working well today. “unless I collapse from heat exhaustion…” or “unl ess I get attacked by stray dogs. and they ask you. Great interest in them This is one of the easiest paths to great conversation (but many people don‟t seem to take it very seriously). they may apply a fun metaphor. keep the conversation honed in around those topics. like. Be excited for them when they tell you that they just received a promotion.” Introducing play to a conversation opens the door for them to play along. What if they like to ski but you never have? At the very least. Think Venn diagram. When you find these intersections of interests. Be interested in what is happening in their life.” Great conversationalists don‟t always speak in literal terms such as. how much is your life insurance policy worth again?” or “If I don‟t see you back in 20 minutes then I‟ll call the search and rescue team to come find you. “it‟s a secret…” or a sarcastic “I‟m leaving. You could probably regale them with the story about how you went mountain climbing and they would still be interested. This opens the door for them to play along with something like. “To the restroom.” Instead. discuss a topic that is similar to the topic they enjoy. It‟s about asking follow up questions.” Instead. “where are you going?” You don‟t always have to respond. I‟m not that cool. 7. “The printer is being temperamental today” or “I‟m currently fighting a battle with the printer… and the printer is winning. “I‟m going for a run…I‟ll be back soon…” and if you add a fanciful hypothetical like. and you get up to use the restroom. I‟m sick of your attitude” or “who wants to know?” or “I‟m going to go buy that girl a drink…not really. It‟s about giving them attention and allowing the conversation to center on them and their interests. like. As the great Dale Carnegie once said.” it becomes playful.

” provide a reason why it was good.” 9. If you‟re out to lunch with your friend and ask. “It‟s good. Talk about how you feel about it. ask them follow up questions.” Or you could offer something playful. Then even ask a question back. Great responses Great conversation is like a great tennis match. Instead of a literal. offer an example or share a story. “How‟s your job going?” – that‟s a basic information-seeking question.“The best way to be likeable is to be interested in the other person. like. After saying. “that‟s too bad. Did they just have a baby? Share in their joy! Act excited. It‟s also important to match their energy. and you‟ll probably receive a basic answer such as. but they can still contain real inquiries about real topics. but the fun questions can keep the conversation playful and entertaining. The literal questions can steer a conversation to different topics. with something to extent of. Great questions are not always literal and information-seeking. they may play along. “My fingers are so cold…” And you could respond with something boring like. After answering. “It was good. “Stealing office equipment again. They are meant to introduce playfulness to the conversation so it doesn‟t become stuck in serious-land. they often reply with. Maybe you see a coworker coming out of the building with a computer monitor.” Upgrade your conversation by thinking outside the box and taking a fun approach. Great questions What‟s the secret to maintaining a conversation? Ask great questions. If someone asks a poor conversationalist how their weekend was. “Have they made you CEO yet?” or “Is your boss still keeping you in that hamster cage?” These questions may appear playful on the surface. “You caught me!…hey are you looking for a monitor? 10 bucks and it‟s yours!” 10. Great responses are sometimes playful. Maybe they complain to you. Offer your tennis partner something to play with (something to respond to). “it was good. Fun questions are often rhetorical in nature and don‟t always seek a genuine response. huh?” Now that you‟ve introduced a playful element. . it‟s your turn to hit the tennis ball back so the conversation can keep going. “What are you doing with that?” you could ask a playful hypothetical question.” Merely answering a question is not enough for great conversation.

” 11.“You‟re always cold. I was just at that store two days ago and I saw the strangest thing. Great stories have some common characteristics. Maybe it‟s a medical condition. Great stories It‟s not easy to entertain groups of people with interesting stories. I think your blood vessels actually stop at your wrists and don‟t go up into your fingers. some of the best stories are simple stories about every day events that may describe a unique twist or occurrence. “It was that moment where I felt…” . “Maybe you‟re right. and most stories can be squeezed into 30 seconds. but…” or “…and normally they would just get up and leave.” Contrast against what normally occurs: “I was watching this movie and I figured it was just going to be some boring “chick-flick”. Instead of. The good news is that stories don‟t have to be Pulitzer-Prize worthy for your listeners to enjoy them. I should probably get checked out. That‟s why my fingers are always blue. It‟s easy and entertaining. Make it a goal to include some or all of these story parts in your next story: Setup: For example. “and some girl bumped into me…” try “and some heroin-addict looking girl bumped into me…” Dialogue: Always add dialogue when you can. “That reminds me. “I was like. Did your pet dog accidently nibble on your new shoes? Did your toddler throw up at the grocery store? These events can make great stories. but this time they…” Details: Details add color and imagery to any story. I couldn’t believe it!” Turning Point: Great stories have turning points. In fact. like. Stories do not need to be elaborate and long. „When is this party going to end? This guy is so creepy!” Reaction: “He bought me lunch… and I was stunned.” and then they may play back.

One sided conversations are never “great. State your opinions more often. Add some commentary.” Limiting your story to 20 – 30 seconds may not seem like much time.” or “that‟s neat.” “Easily one of the top five movies I‟ve seen this year. passive statements. Great initiative Great conversation can only occur when at least two people are taking initiative. I‟ve been on a Chinese kick lately.” or “I like it too. . “oh yeah. it‟s the only magazine that I fully trust.” Commentary: “I actually think my kitchen is starting to permanently smell like Chinese food!” Conclusion It‟s important to remember that developing conversation skills is a lifelong journey. have fun. For example: Opinion: “I‟m excited to try this place. they will let you know! 12.Post Commentary: Don‟t forget to comment about your story.” Support: “I‟ve heard great things. she needs to put down the mascara.” Simply responding to someone talking with. go beyond just stating your opinion. but if they want to hear more. “If it wasn‟t for Joe. If you always aim to be perfect. I actually haven‟t had Italian in a long time.” or “You look kind of like a homeless man today. For example: “That‟s the best coffee I‟ve ever had…I can‟t believe it‟s so cheap. “Wow.” “I always read XYZ.” It also helps to add some superlative or definitive statements as well.” And when you can. They are simply more interesting than wishy-washy. you will lose out on the most important rule of them all.” is not a great conversation. Add support.” or “This is my favorite Italian restaurant of all time. I don‟t know where we‟d be right now! Probably stuck in a ditch somewhere.