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(Apocalypse & Protests) March 2012 Kafkamachine Akseli Virtanen The Carnival, the Spectacle and the Non-event Veda Popovici What can we do with an Apocalypse? Florin Flueraş The imaginary child and the queer vampire apocalypse Mihai Lukacs Survival architecture in the global slum Candidatul la Preşedinţie Ninja Bugeicho Ştefan Tiron You make friends in darkness and wake up with monsters next to you Arnold Şlahter About safety and heroism in activism Ciumafaiu The Hebrew Spring Roi Alter Jos Basescu drawing by Brynjar Bandlien Foto Paradis Garaj

We are molle people. And there is nothing we can do. . We know they don't.. Portugal. the (financial) Bull is raping Europa maiden again in (Greece. Italy. More. but have no strength or appeal for it. We are tired of being ourselves because the self-evidencies of our lives don't work anymore.” There may be some self-sarcasm in this introduction. We have difficulties in believing what is happening to us. cynical opportunists and depressed princesses. because nothing seems to happen. the future of cooperation. Just like in the Greek myth about the beginning of Europe. we are soft and feeble. when the precariousness of immaterial labour defines our every day. but only to express that there is no heroism in the exhaustion and disillusionment we are all experiencing at the moment when seeking a way forward together is necessary but without any one being able to guide the way. ”We are not tough or heroic. The old political practices have totally lost their operationality. of collective subjectivity. we are dependent on each other to see this. the one that disappeared. After the economic collapse. sad figures. depression and detachment from others have become important means of one’s survival. How do you build a way back to the possible? How do you invent a way out when there is no way out? How does a group of depressed opportunists do things together? KAFKAMACHINE is an organizational experiment on cooperations to come. even if we still try to pretend that they do. Ireland. There is no other ground but the broken one.). dark souls. KAFKAMACHINE is made out of loosers. That is why we all sound like déjà vu. The cognomen of the film is n-1. there is no solidarity. financial capitalism exercises its arbitrary power and forces us to continuously exploit ourselves and our friends while cynicism. We don’t march or demonstrate.Kafkamachine Akseli Virtanen KAFKAMACHINE arouse in the midst of the marvels of financial economy and crises of Europe.. Except our fear and apatheia. We need reinvention of ourselves. Spain. no place or time for a creation of community. The realm of possible at our disposal is exhausted. there seems to be nothing that holds Europe together anymore. We have difficulties in getting up from the bed.

The rebellious carnival of Bucharest suspended logic: anything could happen. It is as though all things could end tomorrow. end of politics as we know it. intense passions were put into play and big risks were taken. The peak of violence were the days of 14th and 15th of January when these angry multitudes clashed with the special riot brigades of the Jandarmeria. trick its contemporary . An apocalypse brought by a newly emerged political multitude. It is now gradually melting to reveal the same. It is a time when everybody can let go of their everyday mask. 7 days of suspension of all predictability for the individuals part of this newly discovered multitude. the carnival became the indispensable component of the practice of capitalism: the spectacle1. What was formerly idleness. Bucharest is covered in a thick layer of snow. emerged as a new subjectivity. This possible fear was expressed by unjustified repeated violence. Borders between class. all cultural habits turned upside down. all normality. capable of projecting fear in authorities. Hundreds of years of institutionalized Christianity have turned it into a domesticized rebellion. As the protestant ethics came into the scene and bourgeois society formed. sometimes violent antigovernmental protests in Bucharest and throughout the country. passivity and political sleep & sheep transforms into the voluptuous desire for death. All logic is inverted. The Carnival The last weeks of January have seen intense. his/her identity and suspend all that is permanent. Multitudes breaded in the logic of the TV spectacularity subjectify themselves as the producers of a new death imagery: end of the President's mandate. walk around with cut out chicken legs and dead rats on sticks. It is the great gift of the multitudes to themselves: catharsis of all logic. The carne vale is a time when eating meat and indulging in poorly tolerated activities of the flesh becomes normality. the Spectacle and the Non-event A three-step strategy of making us harmless Veda Popovici 2012. The great resistance and overthrowing potential of the carnival has been historically tamed. though. How can one disrupt this historical development of the carnival into the spectacle. Its pagan roots have been effaced so that it gradually became the perfectly absorbed tradition of eating the meat deposits before Christian Lent. With these events the mass protests clearly became a catharsis for the multitudes. Imagination irrupts. all oppression. unavoidable. Horror and grotesque meet in a gore imagery of political change. abuses and offensive discourse. gender and age are blurred. end of the Government. Multitudes that seemed for the last two (to twenty) years almost completely idle. people stage funerals for the political regime. what is seamlessly unchangeable. old status quo. The following days saw an exacerbation of this cathartic experience: a carnival. The carnival tempts you to look beyond what is apparent.The Carnival. This great grandmother of the spectacle is the paroxysmal consumption of all sinful activities. of their everyday position. indispensable and natural. capable of social unrest. In the cathartic chaos of the carnival masks become identities and „real” identities become masks. This lasted not more than one week. We are in the time of the Carnival.

a well directed political tool. A state of exception is employed. to proclaim its urgency! „Rational” statistics maintain the irrational panic: 60 people dead because of the snow and cold. The Non-event In the mean time. paradoxically. The end of politics as we know it in Romania. The spectacle of the apocalypse. circumscribed to clear variables: time. The Spectacle postpones all ends. they proclaim. it is legitimate. an end desired by the multitudes. 20 villages completely isolated. The State produces this panic and urges people to not be lazy. for catharsis. The city seems different. satisfies the multitude's desire for the end. It is an orange alert of natural disasters. catastrophes legitimate . hills and wills. number of people. seems to be another. So. hundreds of damaged houses! Is the country able to provide enough electrical power for all of us?! Our panic has good reasons to be installed. It has produced a new urban relief. people seldom use their own cars so that they don't remain blocked in the streets. the same slogans and the same placards. The revolt slowly turned into the spectacle of rebellion. not wait for the State to fight the snow3! Each citizen has a civic duty to take matters into his/hers own hands and win this battle! The endless resources of the multitudes are called into action. A classical mechanism of the shock doctrine4 is immediately set in motion: suspend all politics in the face of disaster. Debord taught a good lesson: the Spectacle is society's desire to sleep. And it postpones to eternity any real change. We need a hot-coloured code of emergency and alert to understand the immensity of this matter. The protesters turn into buffoons for the mere entertainment of the TV-watching masses.therapeutic function2 and make it permanent or at least unpredictable? How can one turn the temporality of the carnival into the permanence of a political revolution? The Spectacle Mass-media promptly developed a typical strategy of neutralizing these multitudes. calling them into action and became some exceptionally bizarre individuals to serve the entertainment industry: they have a constant presence. Media pushes the multitudes back to their passivity. They stopped representing the idle masses. Their continuous presence at the protests during the last weeks of January gradually structured the protests: people arranged their bodies in space like on a scene. They don't seem to have enough machines and manpower to clear out the white matter. It delivers the illusion of end and firmly maintains the status quo. Lives seem to have changed: you can not go to work as you used to. for freedom. Of course the media and the authorities are overwhelmed by it. It is a catastrophe. These are the only moments the multitudes are directly addressed by the State: when political elite needs to overcome irrational forces like the crisis of capitalism or the crisis of nature or the likes. temperatures got extremely low and immense quantities of snow accumulated everywhere. Social change is turned into the spectacle of itself. so they say. a real change is buried by its own image. political unrest becomes obscene when confronted to the allencompassing gravity of death by snow! The political elite efficiently trains the masses for their project of the eradication of the State5. houses. School has been out for three days. The end of the current political regime seems even further then before. It efficiently guards this sleep. space. a clearly definable object. The thick layer of snow covers roads.

cold matter still cover the city. This new and fascinating subject is beyond good or evil. The Shock Doctrine. The few protesters who still remain in the streets sometimes sing: „The Souls melt the the Snows”. our actions and even politics. It determine our lives. every event draws its legitimation from it. And the passage is not at all brutal. Or just some politics. as the oppressive State-Media duo tell us. powerless State. They already feel that the snow is the new body.The ordo-liberalism doctrine of the party in power.bucharestherald. what can one do before nature but surrender? The audience of the news channels (and. our needs. hard and deadening. invoked and justified. while direct beneficiaries are inside enjoying the 1-dailyevents/30395-ungureanu-the-army-isclearing-the-snow-and-locals-are-withinclosed-doors-enjoying-the-heat-it-isinadmissible 4. We are the snow and the snow should be cleaned. it I a lack of respect for those out there in the cold fighting to clear the streets to let the emergency cars pass and fix other life and death situations.the weak. beyond ethics. the privatisation of State companies as much as it can be done and the decrease of social security.pdf (in Romanian).For the complex. it is actually quite unnoticeable. See the German original at http://en. bright snow. Tons of white. We are implying the spectacle as defined by the Debordian-Situationst perspective. In a delicate shift of signifiers. News are dominated by the white matter. US variant see Naomi Klein. the the Liberal Democrat Party (PDL).contributors. subtle shift from the spectacle of the protests to the spectacle of the natural disaster. Nature thus becomes the exceptional means to legitimate neo-liberal politics. collected and disposed of. forming together a well-organized embodiment of the illusion of freedom.” source: http://www.wikipedia. published in 2007. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu publicly stated on the 11th of February: „It is inadmissible to pass through a locality in Romania and see the army clearing the streets. Snow has become from an object a subject. Its core concept is the maximum minimisation of the Venice or Rio de Janeiro carnival are nothing more than profitable enterprises for privates. The spectacle is already the sleep of the and the Romanian „Constitutional programme” at http://www. goodbye to the flesh is now a somber perspective. . this is the overwhelming majority of the population) has been presented with a gradual. neo-liberal politics slowly become nature. The minimal state is constantly called upon. it is deadening. It feels cold. the non-politics of the spectacle becomes the nonpolitics of the non-event. 5. It cannot face the force of nature. 2. Under the white. profit and advertising. After all. 3. advertising stunts. We cannot pay for the lack of action and laziness. the new flesh of the revolts. there is just darkness. The subjectivity producing the spectacle of rebellion becomes the subjectivity producing the non-event of the disaster: the new Snow-Subject. is another name for neo-liberal ideology. 1. Carne vale. inanimate matter of the snow. Behind the snow. beyond politics. Nowadays carnivals like the Cologne. according to the logic of rating. The spectacularly vivid matter of the protests turns into the cold.

All this should be presented daily in the news. the perfect partner of capital. A militarization of police takes place everywhere. the enemy moves closer and closer. for protests we have to be realistic and to have reasonable demands . Even drones with no human attached. So. With all the private contractors that are replacing the police and the state army.our emotions. the terrorist is your neighbor. But it isn't. we just need to have more people on the . psycho-systems are the same – they are all collapsing.. freshwater usage.what to do with the fact that acidification of oceans dangerously increased by 30% lately. imagination are now extracted and put to work at the center of the economy. Capitalism is not over. are in the air now searching for enemies. the war is with the 99%. the morbid component of capitalism (until now only externalized and contained at the periphery.. There is a great time acceleration.. there is no time to reflect. using techniques like tar sands. ozone depletion. All these conditions provide a continuous state of emergency.. fracking and deep sea exploitation. including the 65 million years ago. and the price is continuously growing. the disruption of the nitrogen-phosphorus cycles. The question is what can we do with it. Even the supposed resistance looks to be trapped in this small range of perception – in the end. what is its potential? Apocalypse in the common sense means the end of the world. species extinction. To deal with some peripheral symptoms then facing the monster seems to be preferable . ocean acidification. intuition. because catastrophe and death are profitable. the dinosaurs extinction? (3) The spectacle goes on at any price. try to find solutions. to evaluate the whole . in the 3rd and 2nd World) is spreading everywhere.(1) The panic of the end is everywhere: it is in the current desperate phase of capitalism with its aggressive and destructive scratching for the last resources.. sociosystems. to fix. climate change is now largely irreversible (2)or what about the fact that we are in the middle of the fastest mass extinction in the known history. similarly. a lot of important distractions and nonevents. everybody should think. Nowadays we have too many signs of the end and not so many about the revelation.What can we do with an Apocalypse? Florin Flueraş It is 2012 and the Apocalypse is here. We cross or we are about to cross some major important boundaries like climate change. Each of these rifts in planetary boundaries constitutes an actual or potential global ecological catastrophe. sociability. And. It was a lot of talk at the beginning of this crisis that we assist to the end of Capitalism. it etymologically means a lifting of the veil or a revelation about what is already here. And there are drones that are set to operate on the domestic fronts too. The consequences on ecosystems. everything will be OK. hidden in plain sight.all the solutions are technical and punctual.. so we will rather assist to the end of the world than to the end of Capitalism. always something urgent to figure out. what can we do with this concept. while more and more policing at all levels is needed. land cover change. it is in the aggressive exploitation of the sensitive zones of human subjectivity . the enemy is you. The veil is lifted but there is no time to see. the administration of death can become more profitable than the exploitation of the living. debate. we just have to change this bad and corrupt politicians.

In the “2012” movie. to stay in contact with the collapse. A lucid desperation can be a good idea. otherwise the accumulated fear will break up in panic attacks or will constantly work as an anxiety. a diffuse fear without object. I want to go beyond. There are some small signs that we are more ready then before to give up hope and to go a bit beyond the reformist impulses. we are all depend on our collapse and that's why we can't even imagine an alternative. We are not ready to face the hopeless situation of the protests. the prime minister is a former head of a secret service agency. Everything is based on the image of what already is. it seems that the only solution that we can imagine is to amplify the problem. Maybe we should occupy our depression and hopelessness and let it work. saleswoman and salesmen are not even trying to smile to their clients anymore. Talk with the elephant in the room. to be ruled by a technocrat from Goldman Sachs? The same thing happens now in Romania: the government was changed at "the pressure of the streets" into something much more toxic. #Universitate (the name of the square where the protests happened in Bucharest).. the Ministry of Agriculture is the CEO of Monsanto Romania.. There is a very conservative impulse beyond all this. Just to have an idea. the #revolutie (revolution) hashtag to communicate on Twitter. Two million people in New York against the War in Iraq. of acceptance of depression and the misery of (self)exploitation. Our needs are linked in a complicated way with the present capitalist reality and this makes it practically impossible for us to can really move away. It is much more problematic to try to keep it up or to be adjusted. there is a strange lack of imagination.. We have to kill that stupid hope or to leave it to the 1%. in its own language It is a hopeless situation and we still have too much hope. it’s a shared shout of “I’m fucking sick of this shit”.streets. Some friends from abroad are amazed that the waitresses. The world as it is now doesn't seem to be the moment and the place to be happy.. Ignorance and collective denial seem to be the main strategies in use. For instance. we continue to protect the status quo and to operate according to an economic logic that pushes us to the wall. sometimes even winning in confrontation with Police. Unlike #occupy. a FULL COMMUNISM meme appeared on Twitter. Maybe even fear is a good idea. maybe because it is too late. however.. between the hundreds of the 1% elite that saved themselves on that ark. Probably the best way to go through this panic and anxiety era is to stay afraid. (4) Similarly in Romania people preferred to #occupyRomania. and somehow we can feel it. For instance in all statistics Romania is one of the most depressed nations. as a reaction to the softening of the discourse around the Occupy movement.. Maybe it is time to see what is happening when . Here is a very good description of this meme: Like #occupy. But this is an important sign of sanity. but what for. it also holds an added threat: “I’m so fucking sick of this shit I have no desire to reform it. in order to cope with the depression related to our present and (no) future. of connection with one's own feelings. Without necessary wanting it. In a perverse way. And there are also small signs that are visible everywhere in the daily life. hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of Athens. I want to fuck shit up”. miraculously there was also one family from the 99% to show that even in the midst of the catastrophic end of the world there is still some hope.

mixed with fear and an apocalyptic awareness. at an arm's length and it's always watching us. until the day it taps us. in its own language. War: The Horsemen Of Apocalyptic Capitalism. When the faith and the hope will disappear. John Bellamy Foster. If we don't block them anymore and we let them work. the 200 species of animals and plants that are disappearing every day . or.well.On FULL COMMUNISM: cursory notes on the evolution of mimetic non-demands Climate Change.. In capitalism. everything is based on faith. the apocalypse will come. Here is an archive of articles about the current mass extinction http://www. depression. Apocalyptic awareness can be the constant transformative presence that we need. like in any other religion. Death awareness is essential for a different perception about what is important and to give the necessary impulse to start the radical change of subjectivity needed for becoming a man of knowledge or 3. What if we do the same with apocalypse at a social scale? Being aware that Apocalypse is at the length of an arm away can be the social equivalent of Castaneda's individual approach to death. In one of Castaneda's books (4) Don Juan speaks about a kind of death awareness as the base of some very powerful transformative processes. http://controlledfolly.the collective energy of hopelessness. accumulates. Food Crisis. Overpopulation. He speaks about Death as our eternal companion that is always to our left. Carlos Castaneda. It works as an advisor and puts the things that we deal with in a new. if not. 1. http://t. http://t.html 4. Having all the time in our peripheral view the current collapse the thousands of starving children that are dying every 2. And it looks like it is happening. apocalypse should be created as maybe the only weapon-concept that can create possibilities and potentiality in a dead world. Capitalism and Environmental Catastrophe.can give us the real dimension of what is happening. Let's learn to talk with the 'elephant in the room'. @Spitzenprodukte. Gilbert Mercier.googlepages. much more productive 5. the needed urgency and a real impulse for a radical . Journey to Ixtlan.

but also to keep the right to reproduce for a very limited minority globally. In a series of analyzes. these communities have their own responsibilities to the material and spiritual life and development of that person. scientifically and artistically as a right of blood. Therefore. there is no social reproduction taking place and LGBT people are part of this anti-national conspiracy. the country and even all of humanity). breaks the normalization of identity categories. whole communities that it will be part of (the extended family. otherness and interdependence of human beings. (Dana Mihailovici) Following last year's census. to not only maintain population growth and a strong nation. The Charter of Principles of the Romanian Federation of Orthodox Organizations “Provita” states: The family based on heterosexual and monogamous marriage is the work to which God calls human beings to achieve through the origins of human nature. Queer subjectivities resist these narratives and the pro-natalist discourse that is governing our symbolic reality of which we should be part. I use queer as an umbrella term for people that are marginalized on the basis of sexuality and gender.10.The nation will disappear. The mythological image of the Child is the dominant narrative of our times. From an historical point of view.The imaginary child and the queer vampire apocalypse Mihai Lukacs Romania is slowly extinguished. Therefore. The right to life includes a discourse of blood and even further: the purity of the nation. the queer approach includes a critique of transphobia and sex. to different degrees. a critique of reproductive state policies and also an intersectional connection to other forms of social marginalization. the existence of the fictional innocent Child cannot be questioned. It works as a literal truth to whom we owe our existence as subjects and the social relations in which we live relationships for which we are willing to give up our lives just to keep them functional. Besides criticizing homophobia. Queer does not define sexual identity. the “unnatural” category (where I position the queer existence) functions as a collection of concepts in order to ensure the right to life and keep intact the "laws of nature". On the contrary. unity. increasing birth at all costs becomes a priority. God blesses not only parents but. The right to life was conceptualized legally. I will offer a queer reading of those fears and I will propose an alternative discourse as suggested by a theater performance I saw recently.In this respect.1This discourse emphasizes the imaginary Child as our only salvation from the queer apocalypse that awaits us.It is no secret that we are an aging country. the diocese. the parish. class and ethnic phobia. the family based on heterosexual and monogamous marriage is the only proper place of the expression of sexual love and the only proper place of procreation. the nation. these approaches sentence those who cannot or will not provide this right to life based on blood to a metaphorical or literal death. It is “the promise of .7. but with a declining birth rate.There are many international forecasts which predict that Romania will be among the first countries to disappear or that the population will reduce by half in the next few decades. the city. With the arrival of a new human being. The child of the future has become the providential hero that will save the aging population. a very strong fear was established in Romania. with a high death rate.

the monogamous family and the laws of nature. The right to life is not just a slogan for the unborn but for the sexuality of those who are producing children. which can produce the imaginary children who will save the future of ethnicity. . see Lee Edelman. performs the compulsory culturalization of social reproduction. Because the queer apocalypse is perceived as an attempt to destroy the Child. whose future is built and put in danger by various "social diseases" such as queer sexuality. queer desires break the life/death and reproductive/destructive dichotomies and move beyond a heterosexist notion of being. an unnatural practice. queer sexual practice exits the category of the living. the queer people stand for sterility. class and heterosexuality itself. on the other hand. a new type of being. This disciplinary image of the Child.2 "I. through the possibility of succession. The vampire reconnects historical unnatural desires to the current social situation in Romania. apocalyptic reading of the biblical narrative that associates a gay sexual practice with the destruction of the future." by Paul Dunca is a theatre performance that took place at the National Library in Bucharest as part of the LGBT History Month. 2004. a nonreproductive imaginary person who surpasses the mandate of the right to life. the right to life functions as a contradiction between the queer sterile sex and the fertile heterosexual practice. This agreement follows the famous slogan. Vampirizing queer people introduces an alternative discourse that exceeds the imagination of the heterosexist society. 2. “No Future: queer theory and the death drive”. "Feminist and queer performance: critical strategies". and the apocalyptic end of the future. It tells the story of a queer vampire from Romania. Sue Ellen Case. The lives. 1.From this reading. derived from a homophobic.the rainbow” after the queer storm. "Romania is not Sodom". From a heterosexist perspective. These rights for adults can exist only in the future tense.a divine act or a blessed sexual practice that is socially acceptable while giving life becomes a natural trait of human beings. unusual or even supernatural. the social practice of producing children is associated with “giving life”. death of the nation. Equations like “hetero = sex = life” or “homo = sex = unlife” generate. nation. ridicules the apocalyptic fears and proposes a reversal of the pronatalist and homophobic speech. and therefore not eligible for the same rights to life as everyone else. imagining sexual practices in the area of unnatural. 2009. In contrast. by transmiting these rights to their future children. Attacking the core of a marginalizing discourse. its future and childhood in general. always watching us. a queer discourse that relies on morally forbidden desires.C.Directed against queers. discourses and rights of adults in Romania are under the threat of the imaginary Child.


In his seminal book “Planet of Slums”. In the close future the most pressing issues. sub-standard. All these stats are strictly related to global poverty and in some countries are almost a direct consequence of the Structural Adjustment Programmes (especially in Africa) of the ‘80s and ‘90s. It seems that as soon as 2015 “Black Africa will have 332 million slum-dwellers. long term social development and life strategy in general. Africa’s slums are on the extreme side as well. a number that will continue to double every fifteen years”. densely packed slums of Nairobi and Mombasa”. Dhaka. Even World Bank and IMF (that implemented SAP).taking into consideration that by then the urban population will outnumber the rural one for the first time in history at a planetary scale. slums. and a 50 percent reduction in poverty no sooner than 2150…” and so on. before 2015 earth will reach seven billion inhabitants and in 2050 almost ten billion. Adding that natural reserves are not augmenting in any scenario of the future while “redistribution” is almost stigmata for contemporary policy makers and we already have a dystopian image wherein the architectural dimension and life conditions are still to be conceived and adapted to these cruel social realities.Survival architecture in the global slum (Part 1) Candidatul la Preşedinţie – opposition will not be sustainable - 1989 and 1999 was absorbed in the fetid. at their annual joint meeting. as Mike Davis continues. Examples are numerous. already in 2004. Mumbai will reach 33 million inhabitants by 2050. as studies show. together with Karachi. will be overpopulation and access to resources . “an incredible 85 percent of Kenya’s population growth between . Jakarta and Shanghai going about 25 million each and Mexico City already today accounting for more than 20 million enforced by the periurban development on the rise.the demographic figures never looked more flourishing and. declared: “SubSaharan Africa will not achieve universal primary education until 2130. that will affect any architectural planning. Mike Davis argues that mega-cities “will account for virtually all future global population” in vast conurbations that will have informal living as core practice with much of the city explosion happening in the peripheral. In spite of the aging population in some of the former western societies if we eliminate the “west” as a reference . An exponential growth that started in the twentieth century Whether your are from Romania or from another country on a different continent is of little importance.

N. “sustainable” has become nowadays the forefront slogan for all major multi-national corporations. we have to imagine the social-political and economical context of this anxious present/future in a realistic and pragmatic way. Of course any kind of predictions are submitted to the same historical risks that any idea. European Central Bank and the indigenous population. Cities from zero as Brasilia or Astana (Kazakhstan) seem now strange experiments. Together with the replacement of all ideologies with profit imperative and the rising empires of Asia the picture of this future world may have a totalitarian shade. As it was already predicted fifty years ago by Aldous Huxley: .and doesn’t seem to diminish in its acceleration any time soon. World Bank. competition and survival of the fittest attitude. By 2050. some of them involved directly in anti-environmental industry (see Gold Corporation and Rosia Montana case in Romania). Although echoes of the declaration have reached a wide segment internationally in terms of awareness to new problems that humanity faces in the contemporary era. in order to see what kind of architecture is possible. or the MMBB bureau of architecture from Sao Paolo. manifesto. and more important. As them. Department for Economic and Social Affairs (population division) by mid-century there will be more than nine billion people on planet earth. It is thus fundamental to describe the future following today’s hints and symptoms. Eastern Europe and Germany being the only places that will not contribute to this demographic growth. arguments that would only reinforce the highly unsustainable status quo. politics will be reduced to economical efficiency. involved in innovation for shantytown dwellers. Traditional parties will grow obsolete and local governments will act only as an interface between IMF. According to U. both of the major ideologies that produced urban planning have shown their limitations and severe faults. from its proclamation to its implementation. but if socialist state housing architecture (central planning in general) has failed in a specific sense (spawning large proletarian ghettos) and is now a thing of the past. through market dictatorship. chart or prophecy has carried within. again at a global scale. Teddy Cruz (US) both dealing with slum accommodation. For example the 1993 UIA Chicago declaration of “inter-dependence for a sustainable future” may look very cynical from the 2012 perspective. Japan. The formal city vision that has surfaced subsequently to Athens Chart in 1933 has also faded and proved inoperative at the end of the twentieth century. The “political equator” (Teddy Cruz) will grow in clarity and thus the slum dwellers of the South will continue to work in sweat-shops for the corporations of the North providing the labour force for the former colonists. This situation requires political and architectural solutions such as the ones that are already pioneered by architects as Jose Castillo (Mexico City). like anger management buffer apparatuses. for whom? The financial criteria and one’s position on the power map will stand by far as the most important conditions for all developing architectural projects and this will force the new generation of architects to integrate moral and political principles. Any kind of ethical and emancipating principles can become tools for the ideologies in power. the capitalist paradigm of housing through ultra-private space and individual unassisted initiative is still ongoing. Moreover.

Over-territorialisation will be an unquestionable necessity for the ones that govern the flow of capital while open-source knowledge and sharing procedures will be inevitable for the “South”. because opposition would not be sustainable. In a continuous crisis of resources morally it will be easier to cut to the chase.“overpopulation will be one of the main enemies of freedom”. the “state of emergency” will rule without debate/opposition. collective negotiating will no longer be a leftist scope but an unavoidable strategy following a fast expanding precarity. In the slums. (end of part 1) Paradis Garaj .

And still ninjas keep on turning up again and again. landowners or opressive boyars in Romania. Gekiga manga was the dramatic. Somehow we have to imagine the haiduk tradition as being some sort of balcanic romanticized versions of the ninja. It is not a Japanese animation movie. Their enemies think they finally put an end to the revolt. arrested. Shirato's works are based on historical records of Japan. There is a rich tradition of such accounts that has been excluded out of history books in the last couple of 20 years in Romania. It was a sort of graphic novel tradition in Japan with more serious and more demanding subject and core economic and social issues. These revolutionary men and women were hunted down.the generation that was actually labeled as the "manga generation". Oshima didn't want to sacrifice or modify the celebrated work of gekiga mangaka SANPEI SHIRATO. Closca and Crisan peasant revolts against feudal masters. Most of the manga generation were student opposing the US-Japan Security Treaty and the establishment of a semi-permanent American military especially in the pacifist Okinawan islands. Most of the protest movements were left-oriented and Labor movement related. They share the fate of many indentured peasants and always take up their cause. This is the context and background of Oshima's movie and Shirato's manga. mainly dealing with ninja's fighting against oppression. The same order of post-war Japan that was otherwise accepted by the mainstream super stars such as Tezuka. This manga is a clear example that we can find and should search in the overlooked historical records for revolutionary content that has been left out by official histories. discrimination and severe exploitation of the peasant masses. In the 60s it was a clear act of rebellion against the establishment. Other people take the ninja road and keep on escaping and tricking their captors in an endless series of riots and clashes with superior forces. it is not a movie either. more adult version of the manga .Ninja Bugeicho Ştefan Tiron NINJA BUGEICHO is the 1967 movie of Nagisa Oshima. but the struggle goes on as long as the oppression will continue. escaping out of impossible odds and recurring throughout historical accounts. Basically the history of the revolutionary ninja's reads like the Gheorghe Doja or the Horia. NINJA BUGEICHO was a manga published in 1957 that got the attention of both students and intellectuals at the time in Japan. They are dismembered. decapitated and burned to the stake. Actually such histories provide inspiration an vital hope during difficult moments of . It was filmed close-up of the manga(Japanese comic) pages. Firstly it was a historically-based manga inspired on the doings of revolutionary deeds of ninja's from the 16th century. or like any other peasant uprisings anywhere in the world since then till now. slain and their remains publicly exhibited publicly to bring fear and scare away anybody who would think to fight the landlords or their minions.

armies. the voice-over and sound effects adding to the action. multifunctional. You can admire the original manga without any animation other than slow movement across the page or quick cuts from one slide to the other. of policemen or the gendarmes. You can feel the care and respect Oshima had as a manga-reader himself for this revolutionary manga. How else than miraculous can one consider the weapons of the weak ones. the socially oppressed that always had to know everything about the forest or the neighborhood.defeat or situations without any escape. What more miraculous. both young and old. the lessequipped. multi-use. multi-tasking peasant weapons such as the nunchaku or the burning bottles with gasoline. austerity measures and neo-feudalistic caste systems. the class-struggle and the fight against economic oppression is common for the whole of humanity and echoes down during the ages. It is an incredibly intense and quick-paced movie even if the technique seems so unusual. . became illustrated manuals for future uprisings against economic terror. We hope they will sustain future protest movements. Such ninja tales like the Ninja Bugeicho have to circulate and be kept alive as an inspiration for future student uprising and protest movements. The epic is really great and seemingly an endless struggle. The fight against all sorts of discriminations. fast and stealthy in the face of overwhelming power. I think these techniques were considered miraculous in the face of what they had to face. The ninjutsu arts and techniques where considered miraculous because they literally rendered the practitioner invisible. of the unequal battle which they had to wage. with many ninja characters male and female.

You want to know: why do they have this or that banner and this or that symbol. who just want a decent living. in environment. in matter of rent.. in food supply. And you ask them. who take decisions for you and not only for you.m. in nondiscrimination. in cultural stuff. At 4 p. These are decisions that influences your life. And you decide to go out in the street... in employment. in freedom of expression. and suddenly you realise that in the darkness there are monsters next to you: this is bezna! .You make friends in darkness and wake up with monsters next to you Arnold Şlahter You are young. who see the problems. it is already dark and you join those who have slogans like yours. you see that there are things you do not like at all. to join the people like you. And it is winter and it gets dark very early. putting limits to it. Some of them answer you. because you do not know them: why are they here just like you. you make friends in the darkness. a possibility to live with a little bit of safety: in health. you see in the distance some people. conditioning it. others are far. in education. and others. you see the problems..

in Athens for a couple of years. a new Guevara. there is a great chance that the social movements of the past year around the world will not succeed.About safety and heroism in activism Ciumafaiu Exactly one year ago. or conversely. but most of the time it seems that the State could not care less about democracy. I felt immediately that this title alone speaks to so many of my own experiences. we might realize that consensus means that individuality can be enhanced in a collective. This is not to say that my ‘ego’ has to be in any way subdued – quite the contrary – I discovered how emancipatory and empowering it can be to actively participate in a collective action. The following lines are written with this sentence in mind – we are not going to be famous. As I write this. one of the articles had as a title ‘We are not going to be famous’. If we agree that we won’t become heroes. and equally as many failures. people have been protesting in Cairo for more than a year. Precisely because I do . Unfortunately. it uses social movements as a pretext to tighten up austerity and security measures. we first have to fight the cops inside our head. stereotypes. no. nor do I want to. and the most powerful – my own prejudices. I mean that in order to fight the cops on the street. we might achieve some tangible objectives. More concretely: I will not become a hero. I came across a brochure in London called simply ‘The Paper’[1]. my own behavior as a privileged. But I believe that there are lessons that we could learn from each other’s mistakes. Well. but something close. and think that I mean some sort of personal redemption. Sometimes. which might even seem utopian. so many attempts to build something. Even worse. Rather. I will write from my own perspective and about my own experiences and feelings. This means that I don’t want this to be a sermon about activism. the people who have been out in the Bucharest or Cluj winter cold for the past one month. this element is solidarity. I’m not in a position to lecture anybody. instead of the usual alienation that I was feeling when I was supposed to either follow the tasks delegated by the ‘leader’. solidarity. there is a very important element missing from this picture. in radically challenging all existing dominant structures. to tell others what to do and be responsible for it. For me at least. Some of you might already start to frown here. modesty or security. In the groups where I work. and creating alternative and parallel ones. white. Of course. This word – consensus – seemed to me an impossible idea because I believed that there is no way that a bunch of people with strong individualities would be able to reach a common view on important decisions. decisions are being taken by consensus. not even a name in a future chronicle of today’s movements. But I don’t want to say that it’s all in vain. if there would not be so many instances of it actually happening everywhere where there is consensus. as a ‘leader’. I want to say that I believe in underground change. arrogant East European male. something less pretentious and quieter. But I discovered that the key is exactly in how we perceive our ‘individuality’. This is first of all because I am trying to eliminate my own need of hierarchy. educated. I will not be an icon of the movement. this challenge to ALL dominant structures had to start first of all with the ones that were closer to me. especially you. in Germany (against nuclear waste transports) for over two decades. In it. and if we strive for a non-hierarchical interaction with the others.

The cop in my head would have never allowed for that. I try not to get pissed off at people. we have to learn how to take care of ourselves. care. and I take what they say for granted. if I’m in solidarity with them – what would be the point? All these things may seem banal or utopian. As for the concrete security stuff. because he was too proud and too afraid to let the guard down. But this text is about security and safety in public actions. emotions or disabilities. by being holier-than-thou about my merits. to be modest and to make compromises. I see no reason to be offensive or to hurt someone deliberately. I try not to speak loud in discussions. For me. modesty and (non-offensive) humour. and by being blind to my priviledges. by belittling what others do. And generally. but for me they were a better way to approach the people that I work with. I think it will end up being eaten by the same system against which it fights. not only in actions. but that I had lots in common with. by emphasizing others’ weaknesses. It is crucial that buddies take care of each other. assuming that they actually mean what they say. I try to keep my personal ambitions low. And since we can’t really count on any state agencies for our protection.not want to become a hero (or a martyr). to signal silently when I want to say something. allowed to speak and listened to without prejudice and with patience. by bragging about my achievements. care. For me. patience and love – I don’t think that we can really be safe in front of the huge machinery of the State. even if our protests fail. and that I had talked with a lot beforehand. but rather on how these affect the entire group. here goes: in my groups we always operate with the buddy system. consensus. trust. and there is as much solidarity and mutual care as possible. this means that everybody in the group should feel safe. The idea is that the buddy group can function both in solidarity with the main group. I want to say that without all these things – lack of heroism. my focus is not on my own merits or defects. no more. and don’t try to deceive me. solidarity means that I treat everyone as a friend – with love. empowered. I try to trust people. comfortable. and it was ok. otherwise. and another day when they . and from among our selves. and to actually have more authentic connections and relationships with those around me. by shaming others whom I feel have not done enough. patience. And this is why it is more vital to build these ways of living as alternative structures to the system. Usually. I also try not to place myself in a position of superiority to others. This is an autonomous cell made up of 2-3 people. Also crucial is that buddies discuss each other’s confrontation level. and not to talk past anyone in the group. Any revolution has to start from our head. and as an autonomous cell. know each other’s personal info and possible health or mental needs. Among the buddies there is of course no hierarchy. and how the group itself can operate. This level is not something that universally characterizes one person – some people may have a day when they just don’t feel like standing outside in the cold. and you may ask what the hell is this person ranting about? Well. to wait until the speaking person finishes. I apologise. but I have been in actions with buddies that I barely knew. where actually most of the activity happens. and whenever someone gets offended or hurt. buddies are friends. but in the daily discussions of the group. in which all members have to fully feel comfortable with each other and trust each other as much as possible. solidarity.

Having buddies and affinity groups is also one of the ways (although there’s never a sure one) to stay safe from infiltrators. Usually. but the idea is to have a name that is easily shouted. and fortunately. This means exactly that – a bunch of people that have some affinity among them. There may be cameras and police everywhere. In my experience. If we play the Lord Bravery by ourselves in an action we might endanger the others. Because there is affinity. running away as a group. The smaller the group is. the person has to decide on the course of action with her or his buddies. we don’t shout each other’s names out loud in a protest. Also for security reasons. I have no experience with this issue. to talk about sensitive stuff only to people that we fully trust. and we take care of each other. I spent so much on buddy groups. It doesn’t matter if this sensitive stuff is illegal or not. And nobody should be mocked or called names for wanting to leave the action. it’s of no use to give out our strategies and ideas to people that can use them against us. usually the easier it is to stay safe and decide quickly and consensually. The affinity group can be always easily dispersed in buddy groups in case of emergency. because I find them the most important security and organizing thing to care about in a collective action. and decisions are made quickly and through consensus. we get together and stay as one. decisions are usually taken easily and people rarely veto. If a veto happens. expressing and accepting emotions is the most important thing. and buddies always know exactly where their buddies are. if they’re not in the grourp. Nobody should be left alone. Other affinity group signs can be: following each other. and that everybody in the group can recognize as their own. the affinity group uses hand signals just like the general assemblies. the buddies follow him or her. alerting that there is a danger.would be over-excited. whether they come from the same organization. and at the same time make the larger group work easier. I just think that it’s good to be precautious. As a matter of fact. When we hear the name shouted. run for cover. buddies follow the person with the lowest confrontational level. Buddies are always attentive and open to each other’s feelings. decide quickly and consensually in emergency situations. disperse in buddy groups and meet at the agreed meeting point etc. The way I witnessed the solution to this is to invent easily remembered names for the buddy group and for the affinity group. I discovered that among the buddies in particular. and a bit secretive. since I mentioned them. it uses the ‘huddle’ sign to get together in a close and closed circle where everybody is listened to. This also does not mean that we should be paranoid. These things should be accepted and cared for. I don’t . My groups had usually ridiculous names like ‘kiwi’ or ‘abba’. disperse easily. or are just very good friends. and because there have been prior discussions and consensuses before the action. This larger group is usually an affinity group. This affinity ensures that the people in the group have some common ground to stay and act together. Buddies can stay safe. We are not heroes. or have the same political views. There is a lot of writing about this topic[2]. and I found it useful sometimes that a larger group that planned an action together split into 2-3 smaller affinity groups. not to mention infiltrators or undercover cops. and treat everyone in the group as a potential informer. or in case that some people want to leave the action. so if a person feels uncomfortable with a situation in an action and wants to leave. and our buddies are not cowards or chickens. Affinity groups should not be very big.

and [2] For example http://www. if you can (or wear a mask or scarf. photo cameras. but you will enjoy it even more when it comes. laptops etc. Always have the phone number of a lawyer. Ask your friends to refrain from doing that. I was asked to switch my phone off. My advice is to keep a low profile.crimethinc. or you don’t trust. This also means that the authorities start to employ antiterrorist tools to deal with protesters. Victory will surely come. or at least some medicine (and Maalox). and that’s why it’s better to take care of ourselves as much as possible. and put it in another room.php or http://zinelibrary. cell phones. So watch out for your phones! They can record and transmit even when you’re not using them. or someone that can help you if you get detained. Letting your full faces to be photographed in protests and tagged on Facebook is highly unsafe. and don’t carry stuff that has information about the others (like a note with a phone number. and try to avoid direct exposure to cameras. In the discussions before some actions. you’re in deep shit. part of the whole ‘we’re not heroes’ thing – why would you have photos of you on the internet with a megaphone in your hand. don’t shine too much and stay modest. Always carry a health kit. . or a map with the meeting points).wordpress. Don’t boast and brag about your activism! This is. and eavesdropping with the most state-of-the-art technologies. If you get arrested under a terrorist law. Don’t ask information from people that might get in trouble if they talk. spying. or shouting at the police? It’s not going to grant you celebrity. again. Pay attention to your internet activity! I cannot really emphasize this ty. Watch out for what you carry with you in a protest: personal data can be found in notebooks. Don’t carry weapons or drugs. a lot of profiling. social movements and street actions have been increasingly treated by the police and authorities as issues of terrorism. And this refers not only to the militarization of police – making the cops look like ‘turtles’. it may not be you personally who will bring it. It refers to a lot of data gathering and processing.think there’s any recipe for this. as you were saying in Bucharest :). Don’t give out information to people you don’t know. [1] http://hutnyk. while it’s still legal). and it’s unsafe for you and your buddies.

who think it's democratic. Pier pasolini criticized the student protests in 68' because.. the Hamass. real-estate agents.slaves? Zeros? Oh no. "Us" .. and tomorrow The internazional Will be the whole human kind Somehow it feels as if it has something to do with here. generals. Here there wasn't any rage either . slaves. some occasional pedofile. all of those who for real but for real jeopardize the state called Israel. let's be everything This is the final struggle Let's unite. they're "us" too. with last summer.. Because first of all The Hebrew Spring ‫האביב העברי‬ Roi Alter From the French version of "The Internazional" (romantic but relevant): That's the outbreak of the end Let us erase the past Masses. slaves.. which used to be socialist. sylvesters. Communal. . the civilian protests.000 people went out of their homes on a Saturday night.. generals and settlers. *The work includes plaster copies of the hands of the original “Beit Ha’am” group. "the awakening": .. 300. we are their platform for realising their damned visions of taking over the world. "Our blood". And that's why in our little ghetto we have true rage for example towards the orthodox-jews. forever persecuted. among other claims.. and settlers. and fun. rise up The world is about to change We are zeros. first of Jews as we are reminded so often. for the capitalists and politicians. real-estate agents.. rise up. And for us: "us" are also the capitalists and politicians.those sucking our we are Jews. such rage which can ignite revolutions.firm stand against an ENEMY . who operated in the last stages of the “tent protests”. and which there are still those." And so rose up the slaves."masses. he didn't see authentic rage in them. rise up. disconnected. or any other promise for a combined experience of unity... transcendence.blood."us".who is it in fact . like always in independence-days. in a failed attempt to escalate them. and being the eternal victim is our preffered prism for looking at the world. and hence for analyzing and understanding it.

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