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Adaptation Research and Policy Network for Asia and the Pacific (ARPNAP

ARPNAP aims to enhance interactions between researches and policy makers in the region and to promote regional cooperation in adaptation research and policy making. ARPNAP will build on its links to existing global change research programmes and networks to build capacity in the region through the APN Project on “Strengthening Capacity for Policy Research on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors”. Members of ARPNAP are invited to participate and contribute their expertise in all activities organized by the group. Interested parties are requested to log on to for more information and registration. Founding members: • Malaysia: LESTARI-UKM, Malaysia Role: Project coordination and implementation of activities in Malaysia and networking in Archipelagic Southeast Asia • India: MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Role: Project implementation in India and networking in South Asia

No: 32 / Dec 2009

LANGKAWI AWARD goes to Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Komoo

• Vietnam: Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN), Vietnam Role: Project implementation in Vietnam and networking in Mekong countries • Japan: Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Hayama Role: Project implementation in Japan, networking in East Asia and mentoring for developing methodologies in adaptation policy research

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Komoo was awarded the Langkawi Award by the Government of Malaysia on 21st October 2009. The award was presented to him at the launching ceremony of Malaysia Environmental Week National Level 2009 and the launching of ‘Rakan Alam Sekitar’ Sarawak State Level by Y.B. Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. George Chan Hong Nam, Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak at the Borneo Convention Centre, Sarawak. The most prestigious environmental award in Malaysia, which includes a plaque, a certificate signed by D.Y.M.M. Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and a cash prize, is given in recognition of significant contribution to the field of environmental management, conservation and protection, locally and globally.
- Wan Daraputri Razali

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Langkawi Award goes to Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Komoo 1 Dari Meja Pengarah/ From The Director 2 Malaysian Network for Research on Climate, Environment and Development (MyCLIMATE) 3 Current Research Initiatives of LESTARI on Climate Change 4 Newly Awarded APN-Funded Project, 2009 5 MyCLIMATE Events 6 Workshop on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change In Agriculture and Water Sectors 7 MyCLIMATE in Action! 8 Consolidating the National View on REDD 10 Pendidikan Untuk 12 Penerbitan/ Publications Pembangunan Lestari 11 Kekurangan Bekalan dan Kenaikan Harga Beras: Punca dan Penyelesaian 14 15 Adaptation Research and Policy Network for Asia and the Pacific 16

Institut Alam Sekitar dan Pembangunan (LESTARI) (Institute for Environment and Development) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 43600 UKM BANGI, Selangor MALAYSIA Tel : +603 8921 4144 / 4149 Fax: +03892 55104 E-mail : Website:





LESTARI telah menyambut ulang tahun penubuhannya yang ke-15. Memulakan operasinya dengan empat program penyelidikan. Puteri Khairani Khirotdin. This report also contains details of postgraduate programmes offered at LESTARI. Congratulations! This issue of Salam LESTARI focuses on the Malaysian Network for Research on Climate. 2 15 . MyCLIMATE was established in 2006 with support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Felo Utama LESTARI dan Pengarah SEADPRI-UKM yang telah menerima Anugerah Langkawi 2009. 17: A NEW APPROACH TO CLIMATE CHANGE: BALANCING ADAPTATION AND MITIGATION Editors: Raja Zaharaton Raja Zainal Abidin. and the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS). MANAGING CONSTRUCTION WASTE IN MALAYSIA Editors: Joy Jacqueline Pereira.e. From its humble beginnings of four research programmes. Kajian Dasar Perubahan Iklim bertindak sebagai tunjang kepada Dasar Perubahan Iklim Negara pada masa akan datang. Section two presents five more articles related to rock aggregates and concrete. Wan Daraputri Razali. This is an achievement that we are proud of! We are also proud of Prof. will mobilize key researchers in the region and channel their findings to the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Against this background. based on findings of the research project on “ Waste Minimisation and Recycling Potential of Construction Materials” funded by the Construction Industry Board (CIDB). the development of international groupings and coalitions in the climate change regime. one of the nine Core Groups at LESTARI. The fourth section presents two articles on waste management experiences in Malaysia. the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE). universities. the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Malaysia. Nik Mohd Noor Faizul Md Saad. MyCLIMATE kini menerajui sebuah projek yang dibiayai oleh APN bertemakan ‘Strengthening Capacity for Policy Research in Mainstreaming Climate Change’. corporate sector. Rd. Melalui ARPNAP. Nurul Safaniza Che Ani. Principal Fellow of LESTARI and Director of the Southeast Asia Disaster Prevention Research Institute (SEADPRI-UKM). economics and finance to social sciences. comprising the main movers of the climate change agenda in the region. The paper begins with some brief remarks about the science of climate change and its impacts and consequences both globally and locally in Malaysia. Mohd Dahlan Jantan and Gerald Sundaraj This book is published by the Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI). An expected outcome of this project is the Adaptation Research and Policy Network for Asia and the Pacific (ARPNAP). from 2002 to 2005. The study has also provided inputs to the National Focal Point of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in framing the country’s positions on that platform. Penyelidikan ini Prof. Ibrahim Komoo. Mazlin Bin Mokhtar memberikan input kepada ‘National Focal Point’ dibawah ‘United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)’. It examines international responses and Malaysia’s state of preparedness in coping with climate change issues both at home and abroad. hosting nine Core Groups. MyCLIMATE now helms the prestigious APN-funded Project on Strengthening Capacity for Policy Research in Mainstreaming Climate Change. the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol. which is due in 2013. Pencapaian ini adalah membanggakan! Kami juga amat berbangga dengan kejayaan Prof. who received the Langkawi Award 2009. with over 30 projects. LESTARI envisions that MyCLIMATE through ARPNAP. kini LESTARI telah mempunyai 9 Kumpulan Teras dibawah tiga buah Pusat Penyelidikan dengan lebih 30 buah projek. Agenda-agenda mengenai perubahan iklim diperkasakan oleh MyCLIMATE di peringkat kebangsaan dan antarabangsa melalui penyelidikpenyelidiknya. Semoga MyCLIMATE terus maju dalam penyelidikannya untuk kesejahteraan manusia sejagat Terima kasih. LESTARI now consists of three Reseach Centres. MyCLIMATE ditubuhkan pada 2006 dengan kerjasama dan sokongan daripada Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar. the politics of climate change is discussed with a focus on three major areas i. The group represented a multidisciplinary background ranging from the sciences. UKM. annually funded by various national and international agencies. workshops and symposium organized by LESTARI and a list of LESTARI publications during the year 2008. Papers in this book were presented at roundtable dialogues. Malaysia. Akmalhisham Jasni and Sharina Abdul Halim. seminars. Dato’ Dr. dibiayai oleh pelbagai agensi di peringkat kebangsaan dan antarabangsa. The Policy Study on Climate Change has served as the basis for the upcoming National Policy on Climate Change. This annual report contains research and development activities which were conducted by Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI) during the year 2008. physical planning. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The book is divided into four main sections comprising 15 articles from numerous disciplines which discuss various issues on construction waste management. LESTARI celebrated its 15th anniversary on 1 October 2009. Koh Fui Pin and Tan Ching Tiong The Roundtable Dialogue on “A New Approach to Climate Change: Balancing Adaptation and Mitigation” was held on 25 February 2008. Dr. ROUND TABLE DIALOGUES NO. Bisharuzi Omar. The first section of this book contains five articles focused on policy and economic considerations. Environment and Development (MyCLIMATE). Thank you. LESTARI ANNUAL REPORT 2008 Annual Report Comittee Members : Mazlin bin Mokhtar. MyCLIMATE has championed the climate change agenda at national and regional levels. We wish MyCLIMATE all the best in their endeavours for the benefit of mankind. Dato’ Dr. THE POLITICS OF CLIMATE CHANGE: INTERNATIONAL RESPONSES AND MALAYSIA Author: Sham Sani This monograph is concerned with the politics of climate change. Three papers on timber and wood waste are included in the third section. Saiful Arif Abdullah. Ibrahim Komoo. seminars and workshops organized during the project period. and the outcome of the recent UNFCCC meeting in Bali in December 2007. non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations participated in this Round Table Dialogue. research institutes. Ahmad Fariz Mohamed. About 50 participants from government agencies. penyelidik MyCLIMATE dapat menyalurkan hasil penyelidikan mereka kepada ‘5th Assessment Report of the Interngovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC)’ yang dijangka terbit pada 2013. Tahniah! Isu Salam LESTARI pada kali ini berfokus kepada salah satu Kumpulan Teras di LESTARI iaitu ‘Malaysian Network for Research on Climate.Dari Meja Pengarah Penerbitan Publications From The Director Dari Meja Pengarah Pada 1 Oktober 2009. Through its researchers. Environment and Development (MyCLIMATE). It was jointly organized by the Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI). Joy Jacqueline Pereira. Hasil yang dijangkakan daripada penyelidikan ini ialah satu rangkaian penyelidikan yang dinamakan ‘Adaptation Research and Policy Network for Asia and the Pacific (ARPNAP)’ yang terdiri daripada penggerak utama agenda perubahan iklim di peringkat serantau.

The UKM membership of MyCLIMATE comprises the Policy Tools and Responses Research Group within the Climate Change Policy Responses Research Cluster of UKM’s Climate Change Research Niche. community-based organisations and universities. tanah luas dan keupayaan modal. bekalan air dan faktor cuaca merupakan batasan-batasan kepada penyelesaian segera. Oleh demikian. encompassing researchers and experts in government agencies. and • APN-CAPaBLE Programme: Strengthening Capacity for Policy Research on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors. komunikasi juga harus dilakukan secara berterusan bagi meningkatkan akses penduduk kepada makanan dan seterusnya kualiti hidup mereka. community based organisations. please log on to: Tanjung Karang. Keadilan perdagangan antarabangsa perlu diwujudkan bukan sahaja untuk negara miskin tetapi kepada keselamatan dan kesejahteraan manusia sejagat. which is chaired by Prof. Bagi menjayakannya sektor pertanian perlu diransang terutamanya kepada tanaman berasaskan bijirin. pemasaran. MyCLIMATE has also developed a Directory of Climate Change Experts in Malaysia. sektor pertanian negara miskin tidak mampu bersaing dan dalam jangka masa panjang petani terpaksa meninggalkan ladang mereka untuk mencari peluang-peluang penghidupan lain. Wujud pendapat bahawa Revolusi Hijau Fasa Kedua perlu dilancarkan untuk menangani masalah pertumbuhan output.Artikel Article dengan barangan perkilangan yang mampu bertindakbalas pantas apabila berlakunya peningkatan permintaan. The Secretariat of MyCLIMATE is hosted by the Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI). insentif dan galakan. ketidakadilan semakin melebar. khidmat pengembangan. Di kalangan negara maju. memperbaiki sistem infrastruktur pertanian dan kemudahan asas luar bandar dan juga akses pasaran untuk petani kecil. R&D. Negara pertanian miskin kurang cekap dalam pelbagai aspek terpaksa bersaing negara kaya yang mempunyai kelebihan seperti skala pengeluaran. • Assessment of Socio-Economic Impacts and Responses. buruh. Vulnerability & Adaptation Working Group of Malaysia’s Second National Communication. elektrik. Pembukaan pasaran domestik kepada negara luar menyebabkan produk tempatan perlu bersaing dengan produk eksport yang jauh lebih murah dan berkualiti. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia. adaptasi teknik dan teknologi moden. For more information. Oleh demikian penyelesaian jangka panjang melibatkan penggubalan dasar dan strategi makro untuk menangani isu ini. Selangor oleh Rospidah Ghazali 14 3 . buruh mahir dan berilmu. These include the following: • Policy Study on Climate Change. Namun jurang ketidaksamaan antara negara maju dan negara miskin masih luas dan pasaran eksport lebih berpihak kepada negara pertanian maju. Through UKM members. MyCLIMATE is currently undertaking major initiatives at the national and regional levels. Usaha ini memerlukan pakej atau gabungan strategi merangkumi dasar. Dr. Environment and Development (MyCLIMATE). infrastruktur dan kapasiti penyimpanan. Setelah sekian lama pelaburan luar bandar diabaikan. Pembaikan kemudahan luar bandar seperti bekalan air. khidmat pengembangan. Pertumbuhan output merupakan penyelesaian jangka panjang untuk menangani kekurangan bekalan dan kenaikan harga. strengthen linkages with government agencies. non-government organisations. the private sector. input-input pertanian.ukm. maka ini adalah masa untuk mereka memperbaiki dan menyemak semula dasar pembangunan pertanian dan luar bandar di negara masing-masing. Negara Sedang Membangun perlu menambah pelaburan R&D pertanian. state and local levels. Sharifah Mastura Syed Abdullah.Rospidah Ghazali Penyelidikan Research MALAYSIAN NETWORK FOR RESEARCH ON CLIMATE. kuota dan beberapa bentuk perlindungan lain. pendidikan dan latihan. coordinating and reviewing the implementation of climate change activities at national. MyCLIMATE provides research support to the National Focal Point for UNFCCC and the National Steering Committee on Climate Change in planning. Di bawah dasar liberalisasi perdagangan. Kesediaan faktor-faktor pengeluaran seperti tanah. ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (MyCLIMATE) The Malaysian Network for Research on Climate. halangan dagangan sektor pertanian masih lagi tinggi walaupun beberapa perubahan di bawah perjanjian perdagangan serantau dan dua hala telah dimeterai merangkumi penghapusan subsidi. bayaran pindahan.. non-government organisations and the private sector. universities. aims to consolidate partnerships among researchers within UKM. to conduct R&D that is policy relevant.

Bagi menangani masalah ini strategi meningkatkan program-program perlindungan sosial atau juga dikenali sebagai program jaringan keselamatan (safety nets programs). malahan turut membawa kepada kemusnahan keseluruhan tanaman. Dalam pada itu. forestry. Institut Penyelidikan Beras Antarabangsa (IRRI) dan Institut Penyelidikan Dasar Makanan Antarabngsa (IFPRI) telah bergerak lebih proaktif merangka program berkaitan pemakanan. livelihood and health. keperluan domestik. Kawasan padi berpengairan mengalami penguncupan kesan penukaran jenis guna tanah kepada tanaman lain yang lebih bernilai komersial seperti sayur-sayuran dan buah-buahan. Case studies will be conducted on how to bring about carbon reduction through behavioral changes at the community level. Peralihan diet daripada berasaskan bijirin gandum berpunca daripada harga gandum yang tinggi berbanding harga beras. Vietnam. MyCLIMATE provides research support to the National Focal Point for UNFCCC in climate change activities at national. THE ASIA-PACIFIC NETWORK FOR GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH (APN) PROJECT The Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research Project on “Strengthening Capacity for Policy Research on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors” was initiated by the Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI). Perkembangan ekonomi global menyaksikan ekonomi dunia terutamanya China dan India bertumbuh tinggi. Hayama. Greenhouse Gas Inventory. agriculture. penyelidikan dan bantuan makanan. CLIMATE RESILIENT DEVELOPMENT – LINKING SCIENCE AND GOVERNANCE FOR SUSTAINABILITY This flagship project of UKM was initiated by the Southeast Asia Disaster Prevention Research Institute (SEADPRIUKM) in collaboration with the Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI. READINESS AND CLIMATE CHANGE RESILIENCE OF MALAYSIAN SOCIETY Climate change has the potential to create negative impacts to the community especially to the economy. FAO. Walau bagaimanpun kenaikan sebanyak dua kali ganda harga beras telah pun berlaku semenjak tahun 2000 lagi. to include social and economic aspects into Malaysia’s National Communication. 2006-2010 (RMK 9) by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE). The aim of the project is to develop a national policy and strategies on climate change in fostering sustainable development in Malaysia to meet the needs of the country and respond to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). India dan Pakistan tidak meningkat berbanding semasa fasa Revolusi Hijau pada 1960an hingga 1970an. The Support Group is chaired by LESTARI-UKM and aims to strengthen socio-economic inputs for seven key sectors i. Dalam pada itu. The ethical living concept willserve as the basis for this study. Other collaborators include University of Philippines Los Banos (Philippines). bantuan pendapatan dan program makanan berzat disasarkan terus kepada golongan yang dikenalpasti. Vietnam. Masalah kekurangan sumber bekalan air turut mempengaruhi pengeluaran padi secara berterusan. taufan dan kemarau berpanjangan menyebabkan hasil pengeluaran padi berkurangan. Proses perindustrian dan perbandaran berlaku dengan pantas dan pendapatan per kapita rakyat mereka juga meningkat. benih dan upah buruh. Interested parties are invited to participate and contribute in all activities organised by the group to build capacity and enhance awareness on climate change adaptation. Japan. Overall socio-economic assessments will then be conducted on a region specific basis. The aim of the project is to review and adapt suitable methodologies for assessing vulnerability and adaptive capacity to climate change at the local level in a tropical region. a support group on Socio-Economic Impacts and Response has been established for the first time. The project is currently expanding its partnership to researchers and policy makers in the region. kos pengeluaran per hektar semakin meningkat dan ia berpunca oleh kenaikan dalam kos input seperti baja. The project aims to strengthen research capacity on mainstreaming climate change adaptation in the agriculture and water sectors and also create a network for adaptation policy research in Asia. It is important to understand its potential impacts to the community to assess how resilient they are in managing after effect of any disasters related to climate change. Pengeluaran padi dan beras terutamanya di negara pengeluar utama dunia seperti Thailand. This project was designed to understand the readiness of community towards changes in climate and the environment. Penganalisis ekonomi membahagikan punca kekurangan bekalan dan kenaikan harga beras global kepada beberapa faktor utama. Penyelesaian jangka pendek lebih mensasarkan golongan termiskin dan berpendapatan rendah yang tinggal di bandar dan luar bandar. Meningkatkan bekalan beras secara drastik sukar dilakukan kerana ciri-ciri komoditi pertanian adalah berbeza >> muka surat 14 4 13 . Organisasi atau badan pemakanan dan pertanian antarabangsa seperti Pertubuhan Kesihatan Dunia (WHO). Three working groups were established for this purpose i. Faktor kemerosotan sumber asli dan alam sekitar turut menyumbang kepada kekurangan bekalan dan kenaikan harga beras. Dalam pada itu. Serangan penyakit. kesihatan. Bantuan langsung seperti bantuan bekalan makanan. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Ini mendorong mereka meningkatkan permintaan terhadap beras dan berasaskan beras. state and local levels. The study is funded under the Ninth Malaysia Plan. Persaingan penggunaan air berlaku antara aktiviti pertanian. The study was awarded a gold medal at the 19th International Invention. Penambahan permintaan didorong oleh pertumbuhan penduduk yang pesat. Vulnerability and Adaptation. Dianggarkan lebih 60 peratus pendapatan yang mereka perolehi digunakan untuk membeli keperluan makanan. UKM and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). marine and coastal resources. A major outcome of this study is the draft of National Policy on Climate Change based on stakeholder consultations. Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN).e. contohnya di India tidak dapat diusahakan. energy and public health. ribut. Menurut Badan Makanan dan Pertanian (FAO). Another major outcome of this project is the establishment of the Malaysian Network for Research on Climate. Perubahan dan ketidaktentuan iklim dunia merupakan cabaran alam sekitar semasa yang menyumbang kepada kekurangan bekalan dan kenaikan harga beras global. India and Institute of Meteorology. racun kawalan perosak. and to reduce risk of disasters and negative impacts to livelihood. Kenaikan harga beras bermakna mereka perlu mengurangkan penggunaan beras atau mengurangkan perbelanjaan ke atas makanan lain seperti ikan. Within the Vulnerability and Adaptation Working Group chaired by the National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM). Local level case studies will be conducted and its findings documented in peer reviewed journals to benefit the preparation process of the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). fenomena kemarau berpanjangan pada tahun 2007 di Australia telah menyebabkan eksport beras dari negara berkenaan terhenti. The state of community resilience in responding to extreme weather will also be studied.e. Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2008) organised by the Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS) in May 2008. Environment & Development (MyCLIMATE). Kejadian banjir. One of the key elements of importance for mitigation is reduction of carbon emission from human activities. biodiversity. Bantuan makanan seimbang dan berzat diperkenalkan di sekolah-sekolah atau di kawasan-kawasan pedalaman yang terletak jauh dari pasaran. perindustrian dan perbandaran. and Mitigation. with support from the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF). penggunaan input kimia seperti racun kawalan perosak dan baja yang keterlaluan menyebabkan tanah mengalami gangguan kesuburan dan memerlukan rawatan pemulihan untuk jangka masa panjang. Contohnya. Preskripsi dasar dan strategi berbentuk jangka pendek dan jangka panjang digubal dan dilaksanakan bagi mengatasi masalah ini. Pembukaan kawasan pengairan baru bagi negara-negara yang masih mempunyai sumber tanah pula memerlukan kos modal dan kos alam sekitar yang amat tinggi. makhluk perosak yang menyerang sawah padi bukan sahaja telah mengurangkan hasil. Tanah dan air sebagai input penting kepada aktiviti ini telah berkurangan. Sementara itu wujud persaingan antara jenis guna tanah pertanian dan lain-lain jenis guna tanah seperti perindustrian dan perbandaran. daging dan sayur-sayuran yang penting kepada kesihatan fizikal dan mental. amalan sistem intensifikasi monokultur iaitu menanam padi dua atau tiga kali setahun dalam jangka masa panjang. Kelembapan pengeluaran padi dan beras menyebabkan berlaku ketidakseimbangan dalam permintaan dan penawaran beras. The initial expected outcomes from this Support Group is to harmonise the methodologies for socio-economic impact assessment in the key sectors. kenaikan mendadak harga beras global telah dikesan semenjak bulan Januari 2008 di mana meningkat sebanyak 20 peratus. Stok beras antarabangsa semakin menyusut. Kekurangan bekalan dan kenaikan harga beras juga disumbangkan oleh pengurangan pelaburan dan perkembangan perlahan daripada aktiviti-aktiviti penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) dan pembaikan infrastruktur sistem pengairan terutama di negara-negara pengeluar padi dan beras utama. Pelaburan R&D untuk menghasilkan benih padi dan penemuan teknik penanaman moden adalah perlahan kerana faktor kekurangan dana penyelidikan dan komitmen di kalangan badan penyelidikan antarabangsa dan negara-negara maju. Program Makanan Dunia (WFP). Golongan miskin terutamanya kanak-kanak dan ibu-ibu mengandung memerlukan perhatian segera agar kesihatan mereka tidak terencat dan terganggu. SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACTS AND RESPONSE SUPPORT GROUP Malaysia has started preparing its Second National Communication since 2006. water.Penyelidikan Research Artikel Article Current Research Initiatives of LESTARI on CLIMATE CHANGE POLICY STUDY ON CLIMATE CHANGE The Policy Study on Climate Change is conducted by the Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI). The project is funded by the AsiaPacific Network for Global Change Research and will be conducted over three years from 2009 to 2012. Sementara kejadian taufan di Bangladesh pada awal tahun 2008 telah menyebabkan negara berkenaan terpaksa merayu bantuan makanan antarabangsa untuk mengelakkan rakyatnya kebuluran. muncul negara-negara pengguna beras baru seperti di wilayah Afrika yang beralih kepada komoditi beras dan berasaskan beras. Kekurangan bekalan air menyebabkan terdapat beberapa kawasan padi. UKM) and various faculties of UKM. Royal University of Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia).

Keadaan darurat ini menggesa badan-badan antarabangsa campurtangan memberi bantuan makanan kecemasan. serta mengambil tindakan positif melaksanakan agenda pembangunan lestari. Technical. The project will contribute to the characterization of adaptive policies and identifying gaps in existing agriculture and water policies. Di for more information and registration. Kekurangan bekalan dan kenaikan harga bermula pada Disember 2007 di mana rakyat Mexico telah melakukan kekacauan membantah kenaikan mendadak harga tortilla yang meningkat empat kali ganda berbanding sebelumnya. pendidikan untuk pembangunan lestari memberikan perhatian kepada usaha untuk mengintegrasikan prinsip. Prinsip ini perlu diterapkan dalam semua disiplin ilmu yang didedahkan kepada pelajar dan masyarakat. Semua hidupan. A comprehensive assessment of national capacity for research and policy making on adaptation will be conducted through indicators such as number of research institutions. identification of practical options for mainstreaming and metrics for monitoring the effectiveness of adaptation policies and measures. akhirnya pendidikan lestari perlu memberikan tumpuan kepada hubung-kait antara disiplin dan pembinaan kurikulum yang bersifat terintegrasi dan holistik. Pendidikan untuk pembangunan lestari boleh diterapkan secara beransur-ansur dalam sistem pendidikan negara. Manusia perlu bersifat warga dunia yang bertanggungjawab. The project. mereka dijalin melalui kitaran tabii dan sistem ekologi. One of the most important barriers identified was the limited capacity of researches in the region to provide adaptation policy-relevant information. . yang mengamalkan kepenggunaan yang mencemar dan menyebabkan degradasi alam sekitar. Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN). Pengguna miskin di serata dunia yang begitu tertekan dengan situasi ini melakukan bantahan atas kenaikan harga bijirin seperti beras. Individu. The proposed ARPNAP network will be unique in the region to enhance interactions between researchers and policy makers. para pembantah di tiga buah bandar utama Burkina Faso telah menyerang pejabat kerajaan dan kedai-kedai atas kenaikan harga makanan dan lain-lain keperluan asas. komuniti. For example. Kuala Lumpur A Kekurangan Bekalan dan Kenaikan Harga Beras: Punca dan Penyelesaian P enghujung tahun 2007. Beberapa prinsip penting yang boleh diterapkan ialah: • Berhati-hati – tindakan yang telah diambil sebelum memperolehi bukti saintifik sesuatu itu boleh memberi impak negatif kepada alam sekitar atau kesejahteraan komuniti lazimnya akan mengakibatkan kerosakan yang luar dugaan terhadap masyarakat dan alam. Penduduk Haiti melakukan keganasan apabila kehabisan bekalan beras sehingga dilaporkan kematian akibat kelaparan. jagung dan soya. masyarakat dan bangsa yang terdidik mengenai pembangunan lestari merupakan penggerak utama untuk melihat pembangunan sesebuah negara secara lestari dan benteng terakhir untuk mempertahankan bumi dari terus termusnah oleh tindak tanduk manusia. Pada peringkat awal prinsip. Networking and communication among researchers and policy makers focusing on adaptation is also extremely limited. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF). 2009 Research by LESTARI Workshop on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors. Japan. and Institute of Meteorology. Bagaimanapun. secondly. It was in this context that a project on “Strengthening Capacity for Policy Research on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors” was initiated in August 2009 by the Institute for Environment and Development. Pendekatan pendidikan. Vietnam. peer reviewed articles. namun bekalan hanya mencukupi untuk beberapa hari sahaja. Pembangunan lestari memberikan tumpuan kepada beberapa prinsip sejagat yang merentas budaya. NWP (Nairobi Work Programme) and LCA (Linking Climate Adaptation) mailing lists. nilai dan amalan pembangunan lestari ke dalam semua aspek pendidikan dan pembelajaran. iaitu berlaku kenaikan inflasi ke atas barangan berasaskan pertanian kesan daripada kenaikan berterusan harga komoditi berkenaan. nilai dan amalan boleh diterapkan dalam semua mata pelajaran dan disiplin pendidikan. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (LESTARI. sama ada formal dan tidak kepada semua golongan masyarakat – pelajar hingga masyarakat awam dilihat sebagai strategi jangka panjang yang paling kritikal bagi mengubah set minda masyarakat untuk memahami dan menghayati isu kelestarian. Prinsip-prinsip di atas lazimnya terabai apabila pendidikan tertumpu kepada objektif dan kandungan disiplin ilmu. and policies that integrate climate change concerns. It is currently expanding its membership and welcoming all experts in the region to contribute their expertise. researchers. Pada umumnya. including reservoir construction and canal design are implemented without consideration of projected impacts of climate change. . and lastly. Interested parties are requested to log on to our project website at http://www. which is funded by the Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research under its CAPaBLE Programme. India. Tan Ching Tiong & Mohd Khairul Zain 12 5 . gandum. ekonomi dan alam sekitar tabii adalah saling-bergantung. dissemination of outputs beyond the project boundaries. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) telah mengambil inisiatif untuk mempelopori gagasan pendidikan untuk pembangunan lestari melalui pengwujudan sebuah pusat dan melaksanakan beberapa program di peringkat kebangsaan dan rantauan. exchange of adaptation policy-relevant information through creation of a network called ARPNAP (Adaptation Research and Policy Network for Asia and Pacific). dan • Warga dunia – semua manusia adalah warga dunia yang menggunakan sumber asli yang terhad. Setiausaha Agung Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB). and policy makers. • Kualiti kehidupan dan keadilan – kualiti kehidupan bergantung kepada sistem ekonomi. Warga Indonesia pula melakukan protes jalanan atas kenaikan harga kacang soya. UNFCCC COP side events and the project website. Semua manusia mempunyai hak dan peluang yang sama untuk meneruskan kualiti hidup yang boleh diterima. dunia dikejutkan dengan “agflation”. M. Pada Februari 2008. in collaboration with the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). • Keupayaan tampungan – keupayaan tampungan suatu ekosistem ialah jumlah penduduk yang boleh ditampung secara berterusan tanpa memudaratkan sumber dan perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh ekosistem tersebut. Firstly. produktif dan mempunyai makna hidup. research on indicators for monitoring the effectiveness of adaptation options at different spatial scales is completely lacking. Nur Eli Diyana. Ini merupakan tindakan ¢mementingkan diri dan tidak adil’ kepada generasi akan datang.Sh. ARPNAP will be linked to the NetRes (Network of Research Institutions) initiative under APFED (Asia Pacific Forum for Environment and Development) of IGES. and contribute to shaping of nationally appropriate adaption polices and measures within the context of sustainable development. institutional and regulatory barriers to integrating climate change adaptation concerns at both policy and operational levels will be examined. The project adopts a three-pronged approach to strengthen research capacity on adaptation in the agriculture and water sectors. • Saling-bergantung – Masyarakat. >> muka surat 13 nalysis of policies in select countries revealed that important decisions in the agriculture and water sectors. Project findings will be disseminated through project reports.S. Ban Kimoon telah mengisytiharkan bahawa krisis makanan dunia kini sudah sampai ke tahap kecemasan dan mengancam keselamatan makanan global.UKM). Corus Hotel.Ibrahim Komoo Penyelidikan Newly Awarded APN-FUNDED PROJECT.ukm.Artikel Article Oleh itu. aims to strengthen research capacity on mainstreaming climate change adaptation concerns into agricultural and water policies and also to create a network for adaptation policy research in Asia. sosial dan alam sekitar yang melahirkan komuniti semasa dan akan datang yang sihat. Beras merupakan salah satu komoditi bijirin yang mengalami kekurangan bekalan dan kenaikan harga mendadak. A framework for developing adaptive policies and assessing the effectiveness of adaptation investments will assist decision makers by providing a reference against which evaluators and stakeholders at all levels can monitor progress on adaptation. agama dan bangsa. with a view to provide tools to assess progress in adaptation in a measurable manner. termasuk manusia adalah bergantung antara satu sama lain. Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu melalui UNESCO sebagai agensi penggerak telah mengiystiharkan tahun 2005 – 2014 sebagai Dekad Pendidikan untuk Pembangunan Lestari.

termasuk Malaysia. 17 October 2008 National Consultation on the Draft National Policy on Climate Change 7. telah menubuhkan Institut Alam Sekitar dan Pembangunan (LESTARI) pada tahun 1994. satu deklarasi mengenai Alam Sekitar dan Pembangunan telah dipersetujui oleh kebanyakan negara dunia. Venice Italy 13-17 July 2009 Environmental Policy: A Multinational Conference On Policy Analysis and Teaching Methods organised by KDI School of Public Policy & Management. 5. 4. • Sistem governans yang diwarisi sejak zaman British lagi juga bersifat sektor. 8. tanpa mengimbangi keperluan memperkukuhkan kesejahteraan masyarakat dan pemuliharaan alam sekitar. pembuat dan pelaksana dasar. Seoul. 7. Antara tindakan susulan untuk melaksanakan agenda pembangunan lestari oleh kebanyakan negara ialah melakar dasar dan perancangan yang bersesuaian. 23 July 2008 Roundtable Dialogue on A New Approach to Climate Change: Balancing Adaptation and Mitigation Bilik Majlis. Genting Highland 27-28 April 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference 2008 (COP14). dan • Model pembangunan negara adalah berteraskan ‘pembangunan ekonomi’. Seremban. 1 August 2008 8 Consultation with the NGOs – Policy Framework on Climate Change Danau Golf Club. Spain 2-6 November 2009 31st Session of the IPCC. UKM Bangi. Pembangunan lestari pada umumnya menuntut tindakan bersifat holistik dan terintegrasi. Semua sektor ini mempunyai hubungan yang rapat antara satu sama lain. Putrajaya. terutamanya negara Malaysia. Walaupun kenyataan ini nampaknya mudah. Poland 2-13 December 2008 3rd Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction organised by National Security Council Malaysia & International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR). Kuala Lumpur. the Ministry of Natural Members of MyCLIMATE have actively participated in key Resources and Environment (NRE) and other collaborators. 6. First World Hotel. Bangunan Canselori UKM. 3. dan saling-hubungan antara sektor memainkan peranan yang penting untuk menjayakan agenda pembangunan lestari. secara jangka panjang tiada negara dapat meminggirkan isu genting ini kerana ia melibatkan hidup mati warga dunia. kadar kemiskinan penduduk dunia bertambah. Bagaimanapun. Ia menuntut perubahan set minda dan pengukuhan iltizam dari semua golongan pihak berkepentingan seperti ahli politik. Oleh itu. 2. usaha untuk menterjemahkan kepada program dan aktiviti pembangunan yang bersifat lestari adalah sangat sukar dan kompleks. United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP 15). kemahiran berfikir dan cara membuat keputusan oleh kebanyakan warga juga bersifat disiplin dan berasas sektor. Dalam Persidangan Kemuncak Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu di Rio de Janeiro pada tahun 1992. Manusia masih berkelakuan yang sama jadi tidak ada salahnya cara kita membangun sekarang! Alam sekitar tidak memerlukan manusia. di mana pengukuhan ekonomi merupakan prioriti. 11-13 June 2009 Workshop of Working Group on Vulnerability & Adaptation. dan jurang perbezaan antara yang kaya dan miskin semakin meluas. pendidikan dan perindustrian. antaranya – pertanian. 4. Copenhagen. Barcelona. kesihatan. 12 March 2009 Dialogue on Indicators for Climate Change and Sustainable Development Hotel Pan Pacific KLIA. Phnom Penh. Denmark 7-18 December 2009 Barcelona Climate Change Talks 2009. Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur. Indonesia 26-29 October 2009 Workshop on ‘Environmental Science Research Field Study’ organised by Royal University of Phnom Penh & United Nations University. Pembangunan keupayaan. Warga dunia yang prihatin sedar aliran pembangunan yang membimbangkan ini akan membawa seluruh warga dunia menuju ke arah kemusnahan. cabaran utama untuk melaksanakan agenda pembangunan lestari ialah: • Sistem pendidikan di peringkat sekolah hingga ke universiti adalah bersifat ‘disiplin’ atau sektor. keupayaan untuk melaksanakan perancangan pembangunan lestari sangat terbatas. organised by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). perlombongan. menyediakan strategi peralihan daripada pendekatan sektoral kepada holistik. 5 March 2009 Review of Macro Economic Models Application for Assessing Climate Change Impact on Various Economic Sectors LESTARI-UKM. dan pembangunan keupayaan individu dan institusi untuk melaksana agenda ini. sumber air dan udara juga semakin tercemar. organised by UNFCCC. perancangan pembangunan ekonomi mula memberikan perhatian kepada keperluan untuk memulihara alam sekitar dan sumber asli. Bali. Agensi pembuat dan pelaksana dasar diwujudkan untuk melaksanakan aktiviti pembangunan bersifat sektor. aliran pembangunan yang bersifat tidak lestari masih berterusan. Malaysia respon kepada keperluan untuk berubah ke arah pembangunan lestari dengan pelbagai cara. 24 – 25 September 2008 Consultation with Business and Industry Groups – Policy Framework on Climate Change Danau Golf Club.Aktiviti Activites Artikel Article MyCLIMATE Events On behalf of LESTARI-UKM. Tuntutan untuk melaksanakan agenda pembangunan lestari sangat sukar dan kompleks. Cambodia. 25 July 2009 Scoping Meeting for the IPCC 5th Assessment Report (AR5). meetings on climate change at national and international levels. Workshop on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors Corus Hotel. kemahiran dan pengetahuan untuk melaksanakan pembangunan lestari disalurkan kepada pelbagai pihak berkepentingan. bangsa atau negara. 9. 10. UKM Bangi. melaksanakan program dan aktiviti penting berkaitan pembangunan lestari. 24-25 November 2008 1. South Korea. Pendekatan dan tindakan untuk pembangunan lestari memerlukan keupayaan berfikir secara multi-disiplin dan rentas-sektor. dan masyarakat awam. 2. 3. LESTARI berusaha untuk menyelidik dan memberikan latihan bagi membolehkan pendekatan. Palm Garden Hotel. Bagi kebanyakan negara. Second National Communication (NC2) organised by National Hydraulic Research Institute Malaysia. Selected meetings are listed below: MyCLIMATE has organised the following activities: 1. pihak peniaga. Walaupun pertumbuhan ekonomi merupakan satu daripada komponen kelestarian yang penting. tenaga dan bahan asas. khususnya melalui program Pendidikan untuk Pembangunan Lestari dilihat sebagai kunci kejayaan untuk mengubah set minda masyarakat ke arah kelestarian. pemimpin dunia sepakat untuk melaksanakan Agenda 21 iaitu satu agenda pembangunan abad ke-21 yang akan memberikan perhatian kepada pembangunan lestari! Apa itu pembangunan lestari? Secara prinsipnya pembangunan lestari boleh ditakrifkan sebagai pembangunan yang memenuhi keperluan masyarakat semasa tanpa menyekat keupayaan generasi akan datang untuk memenuhi keperluan mereka. Selepas lebih 15 tahun Deklarasi Rio dilaksanakan oleh kebanyakan negara dunia. UKM Bangi. 25 February 2009 Workshop on Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Tools for Climate Change Klana Beach Resort. terutamanya kepada institusi penggubal dan pelaksana dasar. Sesetengah agensi pelaksana telah memulakan peranannya dengan memperkenalkan konsep kelestarian sektoral dengan mengambil kira unsur kelestarian dalam sektor pembangunan masingmasing. >> muka surat 12 Training Course on Vulnerability Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation: The Spatial 6. asas pertumbuhan ekonomi akan menjadi rapuh dan dalam jangka panjang akan memusnahkan kelestarian sesuatu komuniti. Oleh itu. 10-11 August 2009 National Workshop on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) Legend Hotel. tetapi manusia memerlukan alam sekitar untuk terus hidup di permukaan bumi ini. 2-4 December 2008 >> to page 7 Pendidikan untuk Pembangunan Lestari C ukup bukti saintifik yang menunjukkan tindak tanduk manusia melaksanakan pembangunan ketika ini menuju ke arah ketidaklestarian! Kualiti alam sekitar sedang mengalami kemerosotan sumber asli. dan pembangunan sosial dan alam sekitar dilihat daripada perspektif pengukuhan ekonomi negara. organised by UNFCCC. 25 February 2008 9 6 11 . Pada prinsipnya. Di peringkat institusi. organised by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) umpamanya. terutamanya bagi negara yang sedang membangun. Poznan. perhutanan. Planning Perspective Danau Golf Club. 5. Pada masa yang sama.

Ampang. A new funding arrangement has been initiated by the World Bank. organised by UNFCCC. The four partners. A strict set of criteria would be developed to certify the reductions. Kuala Lumpur. research institutes and selected universities in Southeast Asia. Hutan Bukit Hijau. the Workshop also provided a platform for researchers and experts of various disciplines to interact with each other. MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) India. Kedah by LESTARI Bangkok Climate Change Talks 2009. and monitoring and financing of climate change adaptation. The main objective was to develop an understanding on the issues of REDD.ukm. namely Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) to provide necessary financial support. country status and experiences in climate change adaptation. Kuala Lumpur involving about 50 participants from government agencies. >> from page 6 10. to provide a forum for the stakeholders consultation. and thus reduce global warming. It was jointly organised by the Institute for Environment and Development. It is envisaged that REDD provides a new framework to allow deforesting countries to break this historic trend. . In order to create strong economic incentive for developing countries to reduce the clearing of their tropical forests. It was jointly organised by the Forestry Department of Malaysia (FDPM). led by LESTARI-UKM. organised by Young Presidents Organisation Secretariat. Previous approaches to curb global deforestation have so far been unsuccessful. in conjunction with selected organizations in the region will serve as founding members of the Adaptation Research and Policy Network for Asia and the Pacific (ARPNAP) Interested organizations in the region are welcome to become members of ARPNET to contribute and access outputs from the APN Project. Japan in order to achieve its mission of strengthening research capacity on mainstreaming climate change adaptation. Financing and Alternatives to REDD and also REDD and Greenhouse Gas Accounting. Following the presentations a panel discussion was convened with representatives of Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia. Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and WWF Malaysia as panel members. Indonesia 13-14 December 2007 10 7 . Some Thoughts on REDD. The Effects of Climate Change on Business. The philosophy behind REDD is to provide financial support for countries that are willing and able to reduce emissions from deforestation. Further information can be obtained from http://www. in collaboration with IGES.Aktiviti Activities Aktiviti Activities Consolidating the National View on REDD R EDD. Bhg. share expertise. Tan Ching Tiong & Sh. The project aims to strengthen research capacity on mainstreaming climate change adaptation concerns into agricultural and water policies and to create a network for adaptation policy research in Asia Pacific. Mazlin Bin Mokhtar who also gave an opening address at the meeting. and once a country reaches its emissions target and the reductions are certified. Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). forests continue to be converted to other land uses.UKM). REDD will be amongst the controversial issues that will be deliberated and negotiated during the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December 2009. Forest and REDD. Kuala Lumpur by LESTARI T he Workshop on “Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors” was successfully convened on 10 August 2009 at the Corus . with relatively modest funding.Shaharuddin Mohamad Ismail Workshop on “Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sector” The Workshop was organized in conjunction with the inception of the new project currently funded by the APN on “Strengthening the Capacity for Policy Research on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors”. Sabah Forestry Department.4 April 2008 International Seminar on Climate Variability. Sarawak Forestry Department. In this connection. Puan Aziyah binti Mohamed. There were five papers presented during the Workshop. 18 January 2008 United National Climate Change Conference 2007 (COP13). and the Institute of Meteorology. The Workshop was officiated by the Director of LESTARI. developing countries particularly tropical rich nations must gain from REDD negotiation and not allow developed nations to use the REDD mechanism as a strategy to further hamper sustainable and economic development of developing countries. The Workshop was officiated by Y. 26-27 February 2008 12. Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE). In addition. The Many Faces of REDD. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (LESTARI. build capacity and enhance awareness on climate change adaptation. Twelve papers were presented on three themes: regional and national perspective towards mainstreaming climate change adaptation. Nur Eli Diyana Corus Hotel. Prof Dr. MSSRF and IMHEN. Asia Pacific Network on Global Change Research (APN) and Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). The discussion served as a basis to delineate practical options for mainstreaming climate change adaptation and measuring the effectiveness of adaptation policies. Kuala Lumpur. vehicles and power plant. Bangkok. Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN) Vietnam. IGES. and also to provide recommendations on a provisional national position on REDD. Change and Extreme Weather Events Towards Enhancing Understanding of Climate Variability Change in the Maritime Continent and Indo-Pacific Region organised by Malaysian Meterological Department (MMD). UKM). agriculture and water sectors. is an innovative approach to protect and conserve tropical forest. these countries would need to be paid more than they could make by clearing the land and using it for agricultural activities such as crops cultivation and cattle rearing. REDD can greatly reduce tropical deforestation. an acronym for Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in developing countries. it would likely be eligible for monetary compensation. It turns out that REDD is an affordable solution for reducing global warming pollution because the cost of compensating tropical countries is considerably lower than the current costs of reducing carbon emissions from industries. Therefore.Mohd Khairul Zain. 24 January 2008 National Environmental Conference: Facing Market Realities: Going Green for Sustainable Development organised by Asia Executive Programmes. Young Presidents Organisation: Outlook for the Year 2008. a National Workshop on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) was held in Kuala Lumpur on12th March 2009. 14. LESTARI-UKM. In this regard. Thailand 31 March. and also Institute for Environment and Development. Bali. 13. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (LESTARI. 11. namely Climate Change.

Sepang National Consultation Workshop on the Draft National Policy on Climate Change 24 & 25 September 2009 Palm Garden Hotel. UKM Workshop on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors 10-11 August 2009 Corus Hotel. Putrajaya Training Course on Vulnerability Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation: The Spatial Planning Perspective 17 October 2008 Danau Glof Club. Kuala Lumpur 8 9 .Aktiviti Activities Aktiviti Activities MyCLIMATE in ACTION! MyCLIMATE in ACTION! Dialogue on Indicators for Climate Change and Sustainable Development 5 March 2009 Hotel Pan Pacific KLIA.