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Vigilante Biography

Rapper Vigilante stormed on to the UK hip-hop scene in 2006 with his first
single, Holla Bak. The debut track came soon after the 21-year-old turned his
back on crime and found his true calling - music.

Vigilante, born Vikram Singh Riat, quit his turbulent life of college exclusions,
hell-raising behaviour and run-ins with the police and decided to turn his life

In order to pursue his dream Vigilante detached himself from old friends and
vowed to pursue a more positive route – As the world’s first Indian rap star.
Using his life experience to express himself through words, Vigilante crafted
a unique sound and captured the ears of peers and fans alike.

Vigilante’s road to becoming a rapper wasn’t without its hurdles. In an almost

fatal turn of events on Christmas Eve 2004 Vigilante became painfully aware
of what lay ahead if he continued down the same path. After months of
rehabilitation and physiotherapy he emerged with a desire to make his mark
on the music scene.

His first mix-tape, Bring It To Da West, was a local hit but Vigilante quickly
realised he would need a solid team and began forming his own production
house, SL Conxion.

After hooking up with talented producer, Wizzy Wiz, the duo began working
together creating what they describe as a ‘Nu Breed of Rap.’

Besides his lyrical ability, Vigilante’s image speaks volumes. The rapper
sports 11 tattoos, each with their own meaning, and always dresses to
impress. They may call him VIG but with his unique look and trend setting
ways he’s also Swagger King!
His sophomore single, 2 Young 2 Die, which samples and takes its title from
Jamiroquai’s 1993 track, Vigilante has a staunch anti-violence message and
calls for youths to put an end to the increasing violence.

Besides his solo projects, Vigilante’s collaborations have included some of

the biggest names in UK bhangra. In early 2006, he featured on the track
Sohneeya Aaja, produced by Ravi Bal, and featuring singer Alisha Chinai. In
2008/9 he collaborated with Jaz Dhami on two smash singles Sona Munda
and Roj Milie. More recently, Vigilante remixed British chart star Beverly
Knight’s Keep It Burning which makes up part of a 22 track mixtape They Call
Me... VIG. (Available free for download see facebook Vigilante SL for details)

With a steadily growing fan base and further collaborations in the pipeline, it
seems there is no stopping Vigilante. The rapper says he is tired of the same
old lacklustre lyrics he hears from emcees and is aiming to revolutionise the
industry with his ‘Nu Breed of Rap’. (Search Vigilante SL)