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Ride the winds of change

Introducing Architectural Wind for urban and suburban communities.

That’s because wind typically has to blow
at speeds of 12 to 14 miles per hour to
turn the turbines fast enough to create
electricity. They also need to be placed
on tall towers, because the higher you go,
the faster the wind flows. This can translate
into a good amount of vibration and
noise, and many people complain that
T he concept of using wind as a power acres upon acres of wind turbines detract
source has been evolving for over 5,000 from the beauty of wide-open spaces.
years. The ancient Egyptians first used Now, AeroVironment has created
wind to sail ships on the Nile River. Then, a wind turbine system for urban and
windmills that were used to grind grain suburban communities by making it small
and pump water were invented in Persia and quiet and by eliminating the need for
in about A.D. 500-900. Centuries later, a tower. Architectural Wind is the next step
farmers in Holland integrated propeller- in the evolution of wind power, and the
type blades into the basic design of concept behind it is as powerful as when
windmills, making them much more the first seafarers put wind to their sails.
Wind power is perhaps the
Today, windmills have evolved into
greatest success story.*
wind turbines that are used to generate
* “More Profit With Less Carbon,”
electricity. Conventional wind turbines are
by Amory B. Lovins, Scientific American,
usually clustered together into wind farms September, 2005
that stretch off into the horizon and require
massive amounts of open, windy spaces. “Architectural Wind” is a trademark of
AeroVironment, Inc. September 2006.
A wind turbine designed the way buildings are designed.
A s our product name suggests, our wind an increased rate of speed. As a result, in energy production. help eliminate problems such as leaks.
turbines are architectural in nature. This the wind patterns at a building’s parapet Architectural Wind takes advantage of This all translates into a fast and easy
means that Architectural Wind harnesses a generate more energy than those on the this “chimney effect” of rapidly rising wind way to add an alternative source of
building’s own aerodynamic properties to flat section of a roof, and that means more by mounting our wind turbines on the energy to your building, while enhancing
generate electrical power. energy. For instance, this increase in wind parapets of buildings rather than on their its architectural integrity. That’s why we
Here’s how it works. When wind hits speed can result in up to a 30% increase roofs. Since there’s no need for a tower, named the product Architectural Wind.
the side of a building, it travels upward at the roof is not penetrated, and that can

Start small and build from there. Wind energy is abundant, inexhaustible, widely distributed, and
clean, and it mitigates the greenhouse effect.
S ince our modular turbines are scalable, significantly reduces noise and vibration.
you can start with as little as 6kW Also, unlike large turbines that require
and then add more as your need for brisk wind speeds, Architectural Wind can
renewable energy increases. As a result, operate at wind speeds as low as 5 mph,
many buildings can add 100 or more but they are still designed to withstand
wind turbines. And remember, once they gusts above 100 mph.
are all connected to your power line, you An optional color-matched canopy
will have a dependable source of energy module ensures visual integration with
that’s as natural as summer breeze. buildings, as well as a screen to maximize
No matter how many wind turbines you avian safety. Architectural Wind is
decide to mount on your building, they designed not only to provide you with a
are designed to perform their job smoothly steady source of affordable, renewable
and quietly. These sturdy, dependable energy, but also to blend seamlessly into
turbines feature a unique blade design that the design of your building.
Everyone will see your commitment to clean, renewable energy.

M ost people take the issue of dwindling turbines are prominently mounted on
energy resources very seriously. In fact, the building parapet and will constantly
Nine out of ten Americans are worried about dependence on
a Gallup Poll* found that the availability be communicating your environmental
foreign oil, and even greater numbers want government to develop
and affordability of energy was one of stewardship. As Architectural Wind
new clean energy technologies.*
*Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy’s Environmental Attitudes and Behavior
the top five concerns that people have, turbines rotate at low wind speeds, they
(EAB) Project.
and as our energy prices remain high, this create a form of “kinetic architecture,”
concern will likely continue to grow. communicating clearly that you are
Architectural Wind will help you to committed to the generation of clean
send a strong message to the community energy.
that you’re helping to make a difference Investing in Architectural Wind turbines
through your commitment to alternative is also an investment in a powerful public
forms of renewable energy. Unlike relations tool.
photovoltaics that typically reside on the *Gallup Poll (March13-16, 2006)
roof and out of sight, Architectural Wind
Mix and match your alternative energy resources.
W ind power, solar power, have a solar photovoltaic system installed generated from Architectural Wind medical expenses, and environmental
hydroelectric power, biomass power, on your building. Now, you can easily will contribute to reducing greenhouse degradation.
geothermal power, and other clean add to these clean energy resources with gasses and air pollution, which, in turn, So, help solve the energy puzzle with
energy solutions are all pieces to the Architectural Wind. will help to reduce externalities such as Architectural Wind. It can be an important
energy puzzle. And solving that puzzle Our wind turbines can be installed damage to human health, the associated piece of your total energy strategy.
depends on how you put all those pieces to work alone or with other renewable
together. energy technologies such as
Perhaps you are already using some photovoltaics. They connect directly to
of these clean energy resources. The your current utility system to provide a
electricity you receive from the power dependable source of energy that will be
company could be generated from there for years to come. Plus, electricity
hydroelectric power. Or you may already

Wind power doesn’t directly

produce carbon dioxide, sulfur
dioxide, mercury, particulates,
or any other type of air
pollution, as do conventional
fossil fuel power sources.
Let Architectural Wind energize your bottom line.

B usiness leaders throughout the world to expand, so will their appetites for
stand at a crossroads. energy, and that will put even more
On one side are increasing energy pressure on energy prices. Unless
costs that can negatively impact the alternative sources of energy are
profitability of their companies. On developed and implemented on a large-
the other side are renewable energy scale basis, the cost of energy is likely
systems that can help bring those costs to continue to rise. This may affect your
down. cost of doing business and, ultimately,
The chances are good that energy the competitiveness of your company on
already represents a significant expense the world stage.
for your company. Yet, many experts The use of renewable energy
believe that the high energy costs we is an important decision that all
are seeing today are just the tip of the business leaders should consider, and
iceberg. As the economies of countries Architectural Wind provides a new
such as China and India continue option to help with that decision.

In recent years, the cost of wind-generated electric power has

dropped substantially and is now lower than the cost of fuel-generated
electric power.
Make the choice future generations can live with.

U ntil now, the extensive use of wind and future generations.

turbines has not been practical for For more information on Architectural
urban and suburban communities. Now, Wind, call us today at 626-357-9983.
Architectural Wind changes all this with We’ll help you ride the winds of change.
innovative wind turbines that can expand
your energy choices.
Our modular and scalable wind
turbines offer total flexibility. You can start
with just one 6kW utility-grid-connected
wind turbine system and then add
from there as your need for alternative,
dependable energy increases. There
are no cumbersome towers to install
and no excessive noise or vibration to
endure. Our wind turbines are designed
to perform their job quietly and smoothly,
and will serve as a constant reminder to
the community that you have taken action
to make the world better for both ourselves

Approximately 12 acres of forest are necessary to absorb the amount

of carbon dioxide that can be easily eliminated by a single 30kW
Architectural Wind system.
A pioneer in building integrated wind energy.
W ith the increased demand for It was AV that introduced the world’s
renewable energy technologies, many first solar-powered manned aircraft. In
companies have jumped into the wind 1987, AV designed and built the GM
turbine business, and today, you have Sunraycer, which set a record for solar-
dozens of products to choose from. Yet, powered automobiles. Two years later,
Architectural Wind is unique among all of AV created the modern electric car, the
them. GM Impact, a production prototype of the
To start with, the team behind EV1. AV also developed a solar-powered
Architectural Wind includes Dr. Paul unmanned aircraft for NASA that set the
MacCready, selected as one of world altitude record at nearly 97,000
Time magazine’s “Century’s Greatest feet, using only the sun’s rays. Then AV
Minds.” He founded AeroVironment designed, built, and flew the world’s first
(AV) in 1971 with the goal of “helping fuel-cell-powered unmanned aircraft.
businesses and government recognize Each of these breakthrough innovations
and meet their environmental and energy has helped shape a new future for all
objectives.” Since then, AV has created of us. Now, this same dedication to
unique products that help commercial, innovation and excellence has been used
government, and military customers to create Architectural Wind, the next
operate more efficiently and effectively. renewable energy development from AV.

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