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RE: my attempt to be provided access to the grievances filed today​

From: Patrick King (

Sent: Mon 4/02/12 3:57 PM To: (

This sender is in your safe list.

Dear Mr. Coughlin,

I have opened 3 disciplinary files against you. They are identified by number below:

NG12-0204 Zachary B. Coughlin, Esq. Bar No. 9473 (2005) Mr. Hill

NG12-0435 Zachary B. Coughlin, Esq. Bar No. 9473 (2005)

Judge Holmes

NG12-0434 Zachary B. Coughlin, Esq. Bar No. 9473 (2005) Judge Gardner

You have received the grievance from Mr. Hill and also the grievance from Judge Holmes. The Grievance from Judge Gardner relates to her “Order After Trial” in the case of Ashwin Joshi v Barti Joshi, Case Number DV08-01168, wherein she describes your conduct at pages 12 and 13. I have received certified copies of the contempt orders, a certified copy of the conviction at Wal-Mart, and an incident report from Marshals Thompson and Coppa regarding your conduct on March 22, 2012. I also have the recordings of the court proceedings at issue.

At this time, I do not expect to be providing you with any additional information.

you have additional information that you want me to be made aware of in response to the grievances identified above please feel free to mail them to me.



Patrick King, Assistant Bar Counsel

From: Zach Coughlin [] Sent: Monday, April 02, 2012 2:39 PM To: Patrick King Subject: RE: my attempt to be provided access to the grievances filed today

Mr. King,

I need for basic procedural due process protections to be afforded before any consideration of any arrangement you have in mind would be appropriate. It is my understanding that we are still in the stage of the process where you are providing me indication of the allegations against me and documentation in support and explanation thereof, and that there is still additional materials and complaints which you have so far chosen not to allow me access to, even to view upon my responding to your stipulation that I could only so view such materials upon visiting the Reno office of the State Bar of Nevada in person. Such as, please answer the questions I have posed you in my recent emails, especially with regard to providing copies of and information related to these "other different judges" supposedly submitting written complaints about me to you. Further, please explain whether you requested materials from Judge Nash Holmes, as her letter to you appears to indicate, in her statements that

she "apologizes for taking two days to get these materials to you" that you requested such materials rather than she sending them to you on her own accord? Please explain.


Zach Coughlin, Esq., PO BOX 60952, RENO, NV, 89506, tel: 775 338 8118, fax: 949 667 7402;

Nevada Bar No: 9473