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Executive summary

Increasing globalization, new products, services and innovative marketing have resulted in a very market savvy consumer. The production-based success philosophy of marketers has now been replaced by a customer oriented philosophy. Competition have become intense, the sector will witness severe competition which may lead to price war company should concentrate on doing meaning full adverting in electronic and print media , more advertisement is electronic media with clear vision and target , weekly and monthly advertisement about QALCO lubricants in local and national news paper. Banners and print advertisement should be increased, more schemes should be given to distributors, retailers/ dealer and mechanics and consumers. The QALCO lubricants blending plant is the first of its kind in the State of Qatar, and is owned by Qatar Industrial Services Establishment (QIS). The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of QIS is Sheikh Sultan Bin Jassim Bin Mohamed Al-Thani. The USD 15 million plant is situated within the port area of Mesaieed Industrial City, which is approximately 40 kms. South of the capital, Doha, constructed on fenced land leased from the Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (QGPC).




Pakistan's Strong And Vibrant Lubricant Industry
Pakistan remains a welcoming country and a highly lucrative and vibrant market for lubricant producers as the consumption patterns have largely been favorable to the marketers in the recent past - especially because of the ever growing number of vehicles and the massive demand of power generators in Pakistan. Such is the demand that the number of exiting lubricant procures do not produce enough products to cater for the local market demand. The existing gap in meeting the local increasing demand has left a yawning gap which has allowed some of the world's top lubricant producer to enter the Pakistan market -which is often considered the most lucrative and profitable in the POL category.

The overall demand of lubricant products in Pakistan stands around 300,000 liters, only half of which is met through local production. The other half is inevitably filled through imports from various parts of the world. And the demand has not been stagnant and indeed has witnessed a sharp surge in the recent past, Making the market more competitive with every passing day. Moreover, power sector is an important contributor towards the lubricant demand, other than the automobile industry. With the power sector reforms likely to take shape in the near term and a large number of IPPs to be added to the national grid, the demand is expected to increase at a rapid pace going forwards, making more room for the other big players from around the world to increase and strengthen their presence in Pakistan’s high demand market.




Not everything is rosy about the lubricant business though, as the local procurers often cite the high import tariffs and smuggling of lubes as two major loopholes in the system, which need to be addressed on priority basis, if the lubricant industry is to be strengthened. Lubricant sales in FY11 by and large remained flat when compared to the corresponding period last year, registering a meager growth of 0.88 percent. There was not a significant change in the sales mix either, as the market share gradient remained virtually unchanged in comparison to FY09 with SPL having the lion's share of 27 percent, closely followed by CPL and PSO at 19 and 17 percent respectively, in the domestic lubricant market off-take.

Heavy duty trucks and long route automobiles remained the core to lubricant sales as Heavy duty Engine Oil remained the highest volume lube variant in the product basket claiming 41 percent market share, according to the latest statistics revealed by the Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC). Passenger Car Motors Oil (PCMO) and Industrial Oil followed with identical shares of 22 percent each, not much different to the previous year’s numbers.

A vertical analysis of the company market share provided by the OCAC shows a considerable jump in Pakistan state Oil's (PSO) market share, which increased by 300 basis points. PSO's gain turned out to be SPL's and CPL's loss, the market share of which dipped by 200 and 300 basis points, respectively.


which was nearly 7 percent higher than the corresponding period last year. A problem currently been faced by Pakistan's lubricant industry is the smuggled product from Iran which is hampering the local industry. With the level of projected expansion in the power and electricity generation. with the segment sales reaching 40672 tons during FY10. produced 177. having lube in the product arm is an advantage that other s in the industry crave for. who otherwise have very low profit margins on other products.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 5 Domestic lube products continued to dominate the market. in addition to 27 reclamation plants. nearing Passenger Car Motor Oil. Industrial lubricant oil is the fastest growing sub segment within the lubes industry.916 tons of lubes during FY10. National Refinery Limited. as evident by an overwhelming share of 98 percent in the overall ales. being the only domestic base oil source. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . while the other 2 percent gap was filled by imported lubes. The government has largely remained inactive in this regard despite calls from the industry players to resolve the long standing issue. it is tipped to go beyond the passenger cars segment in no time. The industry demand is only seen going up in the coming few years. The industry players are optimistic about the future as lubricant business is considered a high margin business and often acts as the savior for refineries. so it is al good for the lube makers. In fact. according to the OCAC report. The current status of the total number of blending plants in Pakistan has reached to 42.

and is owned by Al-Alfia Holding.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 6 Company Profile Vision: To be a World Class brand known for caring and delighting the customers with high quality products and innovative services following best practices. professionally built the plant. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Al-Alfia Holding is Sheikh Sultan Bin Jassim Bin Mohamed Al-Thani. The Local construction company.Base oil storage tanks are connected to Berth 10 at Mesaieed Port by two pipelines of six inch and four inch diameter respectively. Introduction of QALCO Company: The QALCO lubricants blending plant is the first of its kind in the State of Qatar. The USD 15 million plant is situated within the port area of Mesaieed Industrial City. Doha. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . which is approximately 40 kms. Petroserv Limited. Mission: To deliver the Best Quality of products and services with best practices and ensuring total customer satisfaction. constructed on fenced land leased from the Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (QGPC). South of the capital.

All are fitted with mechanical agitators and internal heating coil. pail and small pack filling. The six inch line is for base oils. and connected to bulk raw material supplies and blending tanks. Blending is by Automated Batch Blending (ABB). Additional tank age is planned.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 7 These are buried along their lengths. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . which includes atomic absorption equipment. and incorporates five storage tanks with existing capacity of 6. while the four inch line will be used at a later date for oilfield related chemicals. All tanks have level indicators. with a total capacity of 60 cubic meters. with a total capacity of 120m3. for later filling and road tanker bulk deliveries. There are four finished product storage tanks. with Thermax equipment installed. Master fill equipment from the United Kingdom is in place for drum. A modern laboratory. programmed with all formulations. The base oil storage are is contained within a bund wall. Hot oil is used as the medium for heating the tanks. with Allen Bradley computerized equipment. This is controlled from one main computer. feeding information to the main program for the computerized Automated Batch Blending system. The plant can be mechanically operated through pre-set flow meters if required.000 tones. terminating in tow chambers at the berth. There are five blending kettles installed inside the main building. . supports and complements the plant. Contract work is already undertaken for outside companies.

The Company is committed to health. QALCO supports local industry. and has been successful in a number of government tenders. API and ISO standards and ASTM laboratory tested. The QALCO objective to become an integral part of the Qatar industrial mix and play a part in the development of the country has been met. Jordan. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . QALCO use top-quality virgin base oils and additives from Lubrizol. which also supplies many international oil companies. The close association QALCO enjoys with Lubrizol places QALCO and the forefront of technical advancement. Stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures are in place. QALCO has become an active in exports. Lebanon and Pakistan. The company continues building and extensive customer base in the retail and commercial sectors of the market. safety and care of the environment. Bahrain. The corporate web site continues to generate numerous inquiries from interested parties. having already gained an enviable reputation for technical support. the large American Company.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 8 All QALCO products are blended to SAE. Yemen. and countries to date include Saudi Arabia. The blending of lubricants generates no waste.

This sector potential will be developed to the maximum. including atomic absorption. built on land leased from Qatar Petroleum. Submissions have been made to the Department of Consumer Affairs (Ministry of Finance. of modern design. A base oil tank farm of 6.000 tonnes per annum per single shift. with undertakings given that no further licenses will be granted for similar projects. France. It is situated within the port area at Mesaieed.A. The US $ 16 million plants was built on a turnkey basis by international specialist contractors in collaboration with local construction company. utilizes the computerized Automated Batch Blending (ABB) system. the large American oil additives company. U.K and Italy. The Plant. The plant has a design capacity of 20. All equipments is to the highest industry standards. A state-of-the-art laboratory complements the plant with the latest equipment. Qualified and experienced chemists check all lubricant output daily and external analysis work is also undertaken. thus Government work. It was finally decided to work closely with Lubrizol. This not only gave immediate access to the latest industry techniques.S. Before operations began. It is the first and only lubricant’s blending plant in the state of Qatar. a technical services agreement was considered and discussed in detail with a number of international oil companies from U.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 9 The Group Qatar Lubricants (QALCO) is owned by Qatar Industrial Services Establishment (QIS). Economy & Commerce) which should lead to accreditation. but also flexibility and independence allied to substantial cost saving.000 tonnes capacity has the advantage of the tank age linked to excellent deep water berthing facilities by two dedicated pipelines. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .C. The corporate marketing strategy was to enter the retail automotive market with basis products whilst. Qatar is no exception. on the establishment of a Qatar Lubricants Standard aimed at eliminating substandard imports and upgrading market criteria. Economy and Commerce. Military. Qatar Armed Forces. Other market factors include products from G. Accepted tenders include:. Ministry of Finance. QALCO obtained a health share of this market sector by product excellence. For decades. These include:-The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW). QALCO. QALCO has been granted important approvals from Daimler-Chrysler and Volvo. QALCO continues to work with the Department of Consumer Protection. Additionally. The Interior Ministry. exporters which are duty free while others a bare 4%.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 10 The Lubricant’s market in any county is very competitive. increasing product credibility in the commercial sector as the product range was extended and new additives were received. faced a hostile marketing situation with traditional built-in-resistance to a newcomer.C. Other submissions arebeing processed. NODCO (QGPC).U. The industrial sector was defined as predominantly Ministers and large Government organization being supplied by tender. QALCO followed up its success in obtaining significant approvals by winning competitive tenders. QALCO usage approvals were granted by numerous organizations. at the same time. Service Classifications.S. major international lubricant supplier has been represented by well established local agents. The use of high quality virgin base oil with Lubrizol additives enabled QALCO to qualify for a number of American Petroleum Institutes’ (API). therefore. Government Sand Plant. advertising and promotion activity in spite of fierce competition and imports of low specification products. By offering its products for testing under controlled conditions followed by used oil analysis.

Government Sand Plant. QALCO’s products are second to none in the industry and fully supported by technical representatives and engineers – new and appreciative customers include Doha International Airport and Chiyoda Corporation. Qatar Sand Plant. QALCO’s initial objectives to become an indispensable part of the industrial mix has been achieved. Coupled with trouble-shooting and service planning. Qatar Sand Treatment Plant. Qatar Armed Forces (QALCO appointed main lubricants supplier). Qatar Telecom (Q-tel). UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . Interior Ministry. Qatar Steel Company (QASCO). Hamad Medical Corporation.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 11 Agriculture. A very satisfactory market share has been secured in a relatively short period of operation. Qatar Fuel Additives Company (QAFAC). QALCO has established a reputation for unmatched technical support and liaison with customers thus ensuring correct choice and applications of lubricants.

This is made possible by a close relationship with Lubrizol. the American Additives Company. Any complaints receive immediate attention. and facilities available in the well equipped laboratory at the QALCO plant. Ongoing technical support from QALCO is an integral part of initial and after sales service. QALCO warrant products to be of genuine quality and free from defects. and a visit by QALCO technical personnel. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . either in material or workmanship. API and ISO standards and ASTM tested. where equipment such as atomic absorption is included.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 12 Business Process Quality: It is QALCO policy to market only products which are produced to SAE.

INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 13 Environment: Protection of the environment is paramount objective of QALCO and it takes maximum care in storing . The blending of lubricant product generates no waste. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . production and delivery of all it products. Advantage should be taken of any service available for the collection of the used lubricants. It is a stick requirement that not petroleum products should enter sewers and natural waterways nor be allowed to soak into the ground. handling . Municipal or Governmental regulations should be strictly adhered to.

mandatory first aid know-how and availability are strongly recommended against potential hazards.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 14 Safety: Petroleum industry standard protective clothing.For any work involving lubricating products.         Do wash hand and arms before eating and on finishing work. the products should be removed immediately with Disposable Wipes only. should skin contact occur. the following general precautions and actions are recommended (in addition relevant product MSDS should be carefully studied Useful Do’s and Dont’s. Do use protective hand cream where possible Do get first-aid for all cuts and scratches Do keep the work area clean. Do clean up any spilled products immediately. Use waterless hand cleaner or soap with clean towel. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . However. Don’t use petroleum products to remove oil or grease from the skin.  Direct skin contact with petroleum products should be avoided. Routine procedures in the case of accident misuse. Do follow appropriate operating procedures Don’t ever put oil rags or tolls in the pockets of overalls or clothing. spillage and disposal should be firmly in place at any handling location.

  Standing drums should be covered Bungs should be carefully wiped before opening to ensure removal of any foreigh matter which could lead to contamination. Care in handling and storage after delivery will ensure they remain so.   The storage are should be clean and free from dust All products should be clearly labeled /sign written to avoid confusion. should be of the shortest duration noting the following: Bungs must be tightly sealed.  Low or high extremes of temperature should be avoided where products are stored.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 15 . Storage outdoors is not recommended and. Storage: Qalco products’ manufacturing process is overseen at every stage to achieve technical excellence.   Drums should be laid on their sides with the bungs facing 3 and 9 ‘O’ clock respectively. where necessary. The process is designed to ensure the products reach the customer in pristine condition. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .

INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 16 Distribution: "Development of export market has played a major role in Qalco`s success. with setting up of a professional distributor network in many parts of the world". UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .

is constructed of high grade steels to resist the corrosive compounds present in crude oils.6 to 10. A typical high-efficiency fractionating tower. inside. the thousands of UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . it is fitted with an ascending series of condensate collecting trays. Within a tower. 25 to 35 feet (7. which undergoes a preliminary purification process (sedimentation) before it is pumped into fractionating towers.6 meters) in diameter and up to 400 feet (122 meters) tall.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 17 The Manufacturing Process Lube oil is extracted from crude oil.

fuel oil. As they cool. such as sand and rock. wherein vacuum pressure lowers the residual oil's boiling point so that it can be made to vaporize at a lower temperature.  Fractionating Next. they condense and are collected in different trays installed at different levels in the tower. During this process.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 18 hydrocarbons in crude oil are separated from each other by a process called fractional distillation. followed by gasoline. lubricants. The heavier compounds with higher boiling points. the crude is pumped into large holding tanks.  Sedimentation The crude oil is transported from the oil well to the refinery by pipeline or tanker ship. such as tar and the inorganic compounds. the oil undergoes sedimentation to remove any water and solid contaminants. kerosene. The remaining 20 percent of the oil is then reheated and pumped into a second tower. and return to liquid form at different rates determined by their respective boiling points (the lower the boiling point of the fraction. condense. the crude oil is heated to about 700 degrees Fahrenheit (371 degrees Celsius). Here. that maybe suspended in it. Natural gas reaches its boiling point first. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . remain behind for further processing. the hot hydrocarbon vapors float upward. At this temperature it breaks down into a mixture of hot vapor and liquid that is then pumped into the bottom of the first of two fractionating towers. As the vapors rise up through the tower. and about 80 percent of the crude oil vaporizes. and tars. In this tower. where the water and oil are allowed to separate and the contaminants settle out of the oil. At the refinery. the various fractions cool. the higher it rises before condensing). normal atmospheric pressure is maintained continuously.

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . contain six-carbon rings that would affect the lube oil's viscosity if they weren't removed in a process called solvent extraction. the aromatics dissolve. At this point. inspection.  Additives. When the lube oil is treated with the solvent. one such contaminant. Aromatics. later.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 19  Filtering and solvent extraction After further processing to remove unwanted compounds. the lube oil that has been collected in the two fractionating towers is passed through several ultrafine filters. color. the oil is mixed with additives to give it the desired physical properties (such as the ability to withstand low temperatures). and packaging Finally. which remove remaining impurities. Oil that meets quality standards is then packaged for sale and distribution. after the solvent has been removed. specific gravity. the aromatics can be recovered from it. and fire points. flash. the lube oil is subjected to a variety of quality control tests that assess its viscosity. Solvent extraction is possible because aromatics are more soluble in the solvent than the lube oil fraction is.


if the oil is too viscous. The specific gravity of an oil depends on the refining method and the types of additives present. a lube oil's resistance to flow at specific temperatures and pressures. it will be squeezed out from between the mating surfaces and will not be able to lubricate them sufficiently. pale-colored. The oil's flash and fire points vary with the crude oil's origin.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 21 Quality Control Most applications of lube oils require that they be non resinous. Common physical tests include measurements for viscosity. which is the time in seconds required for 50 milliliters of oil to empty out of a Saybolt viscometer cup through a calibrated tube orifice at a given temperature. specific gravity. Of all the properties. The application and operating temperature range are key factors in determining the proper viscosity for an oil. For example. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . viscosity. is probably the single most important one. The lube oil's color indicates the uniformity of a particular grade or brand. The fire point is the higher temperature at which the oil vapor will continue to burn when ignited. while typical chemical tests include those for flash and fire points. The Saybolt Standard Universal Viscometer is the standard instrument for determining viscosity of petroleum lubricants between 70 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit (21 and 99 degrees Celsius). Over a dozen physical and chemical tests are used to classify and determine the grade of lubricating oils. The flash point is the temperature to which an oil has to be heated until sufficient flammable vapor is driven off so that it will flash when brought into contact with a flame. and color. and oxidation-resistant. odorless. it offers too much resistance to the metal parts moving against each other. such as lead. which gives the lube oil the ability to resist extreme mating surface pressure and cold temperatures. if it not viscous enough. On the other hand. Viscosity is measured in the Say bolt Universal second.


INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 23 QALCO MT Super Super Max XLT Super Max XLT Supreme All Season Super Outboard Motor Oil DIESEL ENGINE OIL QALCO Super Diesel HDX Diesel XL Super Special Diesel Special Turbo Diesel Diesel XL QALCO Diesel HDX Super Diesel Oil Super Diesel HT Oil Super Diesel DMB Super Diesel Advance Super Diesel MAX UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .

INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 24 Universal UHP HYDRAULIC OILS Hydraulic S Oil Hydraulic 37 Hydraulic Oil AW Hydraulic HD 10W Hydraulic HD 10W Plus Hydraulic VHI 68 Hydraulic VHI 77 QALCO Hydraulic AW 68 Synthetic COMPRESSOR OIL Compressor Oil SS MARINE OILS Super Diesel Oil M (Marine) Marine HTO Marine MDF UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .

INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 25 TURBINE OILS & CIRCULATING OILS Turbine Oil Turbine Oil T GEAR OIL & TRANSMISSION FLUIDS QALCO Gear Oil Super Gear Oil Super Gear Oil EPHD Gear Oil Super Gear ZP Oil Super Gear ZX Oil Super Gear ZX Oil Super Gear ZX Oil Syntech GL 460 Syntech GL 680 ATF TX-2 ATF TX-3 Transmission TDT Syntholube GX Series UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .

INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 26 GREASE (Auto & Industrial) QALCO MP Grease QALCO Moly Grease QALCO EP Grease QALCO High Temp Lithplex EP Grease SPECIALTY PRODUCTS QALCO Syntech BB Super Tractor Oil Universal RR Loco IV Lynsol D Performance Oil Performance Oil SW Performance Oil Performance Oil HVI Therm Z Oil Therm ZX Oil Performance ND UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .

INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 27 QALCO Mould RSO Oil Rock Drill Oil QALCO SL 1 ATF TX-A Bearing Greases 41 Brake Fluid HD Compressor Oil SS Eurol Lithex 1300 EP GASTECH 440 QALCO Glycol Water Mixture HOF D 80 HOF Fluid 2 Patricia KOE 32 POLYLUB(R) HVT 50A Premium Motor Oil QALCO Syntech AA Renolit FEP KNITT Plus 2022 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .


In liason with the sale department. QALCO international consists of the following major departments.e the crude oil into outputs which are the Lubricant oils in case of Qalco Ltd. The quantity and quality of products coming off a production line will be closely monitored. an appropriate production plan is formulated. The Production Manager is responsible for making sure that raw materials are provided and made into finished goods effectively. He makes sure that work is carried out smoothly. Each department contributes to the running of the business. components and equipment required. the production department forecasts targeted sales of Lubricants and hence. would help the purchase department to pace orders of crude oil and else related raw materials. and supervises procedures for making work more efficient and more enjoyable.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 29 Department Function Analysis Every organization is made up of different department. through the stages of production processes. An essential part of this responsibility is to ensure that stocks arrive on time and are of good quality. The production plan once formulated. Purchasing Department This department will provide the materials. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . The production department is responsible for converting inputs i. Production And Planning They will set the standards and targets at each stage of the production process. There are five production sub-functions at Qalco ltd.

Human Resource Department The role of Human resource department is in charge of recruiting. It may also be due to technological improvements. training programs are held by the HRD to improve the employees skills. and the dismissal of employees in an organization. Redundancy is when the business needs to reduce the number of employees either because it is closing down a branch or needs to reduce costs due to falling profits. as well as to motivate them. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . and the workers are no longer needed.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 30 The Stores Department The stores department are responsible for stocking all the necessary tools.    The workforce required by the business in the future. raw materials and equipment required to service the manufacturing process of lubricant production. Recruitment and selection. training. Failure to do this could lead to too few or too many staff or staff with inappropriate needs. Dismissal is where a worker is told to leave their job due to unsatisfactory work or behavior.

INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 31 Marketing Department These are the main section of the market departments:     Sales department is responsible for the sales and distribution of the products to the different regions. through loans. Research & Department is responsible for market research and testing new products to make sure that they are suitable to be sold. Promotion department decides on the type of promotion method for the products. Management of wages: The wages section of the finance department will be responsible for calculating the wages and salaries of employees and organizing the collection of income tax and national insurance for the Inland Revenue. and UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .  Raising Finance: The finance department will also be responsible for the technical details of how a business raises finance e. Finance Department     Book keeping procedures: Keeping records of the purchases and sales made by a business as well as capital spending. Preparing Final Accounts :Profit and loss account and Balance Sheets Providing management information managers require ongoing financial information to enable them to make better decisions. Distribution department transports the products to the market.g. arranges advertisements and the advertising media used.

In addition it will supervise the payment of dividends to shareholders. That’s probably because accountants oversee many of the back-office functions in a business as opposed to sales. the accounting department is responsible for the following  Cash collections: All cash received from sales and from all other sources has to be carefully identified and recorded.  The accounting department prepares all these checks for the signatures of the business officers who are authorized to sign checks. Typically. The accounting department keeps all the supporting business documents and files to know when the checks should be paid. The accounting department makes sure that the cash is deposited in the appropriate checking accounts of the business and that an adequate amount of coin and currency is kept on hand for making change for customers. a business writes many other checks during the course of a year — to pay for a wide variety of purchases. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . Accounting Department Most people don’t realize the importance of the accounting department in keeping a business operating without hitches and delays. makes sure that the amount to be paid is correct.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 32 the repayment of interest on that finance. not only in the cash account but also in the appropriate account for the source of the cash received. to pay property taxes. and to distribute some of its profit to the owners of the business.  Accountants balance the checkbook of the business and control who has access to incoming cash receipts Cash payments (disbursements): In addition to payroll checks. to pay on loans. and forwards the checks for signature.

Quite literally. records the cost of the goods sold. So this area of responsibility includes keeping files on all liabilities that arise from purchases on credit so that cash payments can be processed on time. but this list gives you a pretty clear idea of the back-office functions that the accounting department performs. complete.  The accounting department also keeps detailed records on all products held for sale by the business and. many of them on credit. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . a business could not operate if the accounting department did not do these functions efficiently and on time.  A typical business makes many purchases during the course of a year. and timely.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 33  Procurement and inventory: Accounting departments usually are responsible for keeping track of all purchase orders that have been placed for inventory (products to be sold by the business) and all other assets and services that the business buys — from postage to forklifts. the accounting department must design a good bookkeeping system and make sure that it is accurate. when the products are sold. which means that the items bought are received today but paid for later. To do these back-office functions well.  The accounting department may be assigned other functions as well.

Porter's Five-Forces analysis. It is a very popular tool with marketing students because it is quick and easy to learn. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers to focus on key issues. Qalco is having product innovation as it frequently introduces new products according to the requirements of its consumer. It can be used in conjunction with other tools for audit and analysis. they feed into marketing objectives. Qalco is having good competitive skills.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 34 SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment. The whole company is fully computerized. Promotional activities add value in brand awareness and attraction of new customers. The Qalco industry oil clients are also users the of the Qalco motor Oil because of strong relations Quality is granted because it oil in bottle at it main factor in Qatar so no mixing can be done. Once key issues have been identified. Strengths:        Qalco is a multination company. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .

Introducing the new product having the features that are very first in the market i. It is likely in the future that the organization is going to expand the business and enter into the new market. There is faster market growth. not in any other product offered by any competitor.e. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . Caltex or total . Increase the financial resources or increase the market share. Less developed website. Plagued with internal problems Vulnerable to competitive pressures Opportunities:      Add some complementary products in the future. Falling behind in Research and Development.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 35 Weaknesses:       Lost and dissatisfied customers of Qalco are major weakness as they are causing the perception of inefficient. No retail outlets is also a major weakness as they are not enough capable to compete the Shell.

Pso. Buyer’s needs and tendencies may change and they are not fully satisfied by the existing products and may switch to the other products offered by the competitors. Growing competitor pressures can be proved as threat to the survival of the organization. Identification Of Problems UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .  Availability of the product. government may increase the taxation rate on the products offered to the customers. Adverse government policies i. Zic.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 36 Threats     The biggest threat for Qalco is the well established companies such as Total .e.

Company official should visit retailer/dealers regularly so far only sales executives have more interaction with the retailers. there are less cash discounts on the purchase of large volume as compared to their major competitor Zic Oil.  Automotive lubricants buyer have high bargain power because they have large number of choice to choose the product from their suiting cost is.      Should invest more capital and find effective distributors. Few of the problems which were noticed are the following. retails/dealers and mechanics with more profitable schemes . and mechanics and consumers.their current distributors have the capital but they still have a weak coordination with centre which effects the supply chain.  Most of the large volume buyers are brand loyal so it is very difficult to target those customers so special activated should be conducted so that the people get aware of the qualities of the Qatar lubricants products at a large scale which is not being done. more schemes should be given to distributors. retailers/ dealer. Company lacks organizing for mechanics to promote Qalco as a brand and make them learn about Qalco and its advantages. Banners and print advertisement need to be increased to aware of the company. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . Weak product shuffling. Pamphlets and social proof actives lack.   There is no Adverting in electronic and print media.  Qalco auto motive should improve distribution network and to provide distributors.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 37  Qatar lubricant is growing its market share in Pakistan but still there is a lot of challenges they have to face to be a market leader.

INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 38  Increasing prices of all products on regular bases is observed and Qalco should act aggressively to increase customers based in the market in that we have served  Sales forces should be improved to cover a market in a better way.  No retail outlet of Qalco in the known area. most of the sales executives have conflict and their problems should be resolved and more incentives should be given. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | .

Weekly and monthly advertisement about Qalco in local and national news paper. retailers/ dealer. Retailers and Dealers:      More cash discounts on the purchase of large volume . Yearly points schemes should be introduced. Crash cards schemes should be there for the whole year Some company official should visit retailer / dealers regularly. Improve the service . Banners and print advertisement should be increased More Schemes should be given to distributors. Open Qalco Retail outlet. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . More advertisement is electronic media with clear vision and target. mechanics and consumers.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 39 Suggestions  Qatar lubricant is growing its market share in Pakistan but still there is a lot of challenges they have to face to be a market leader. Few of the suggestions and recommendation which might help them are the following.        Company should concentrate on doing meaning full adverting in electronic and print media. More margin should be given along the credit.

Retailors/distributors should be given priority and should be provided with good promotion schemes advertisement should also be take care of.      This is the time in Qalco should act aggressively to increase customers based in the market in which is observed. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . being a multination company Qalco also have a good image and quality products .INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 40 Mechanics:      Company should be organize for machanics to promote qalco as a brand and make them learn about qalco and its advantages . Make a Capability department for the idea generation for the promotion and attractive schemes. Contract a social media marketing company for electronic media support and build social proves. Sales forces should be improved to cover a market in a better way. Free gifts should be given at the time of camp to make them interested to attend it This will instill a feeling of promoting qalco as a brand Customers scratch card scheme for the customers should be continue Free pamphlets should be distributed to make them aware of all the products of the company Recommendation exclusive for the business development:  Castrol is increasing prices of all products on regular bases we have observed that because that there are people for Castrol which shows the people do spend for Castrol because of its quality and their product image.

This explored my academic activities understanding of the corporate business and industry conditions. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | . In other way to increase the market share is that they can be made to switch Qalco brand by offering prices lower then the competitors offering gifts and incentives . This provided me the opportunity to have close look into the business activities. I came to know how to communicate in the business world and attitudes of personnel and I got confidence to move in the practical field.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 41 Conclusion It was a great experience working in Qalco lubricants since it was my first experience to make a report on marketing. During this short spam I have analyzed that In order to increase market shares the company should increase its distributors. It improved my oral observational presentation skill.Quality is also major factor during selection and buying of the lubricants . ability to work with others in an actual business environment.It should be continuously improve and is its grade also must be improve depending on the technology growth as the technology the automobile sector is continuously changing so its quality and grades should improved dynamically according to technology. interpersonal skills and communication skills. The market shares can be increase by setting Qalco garage and should be available in the major cities and by implementing this in present market . http://www.qalco.zawya.nsf/web/mic_businesses UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PUNJAB | http://www.%20LTD.php?p=1&i=11706&c=757&cmp=QATA R%20LUBRICANTS%20CO.%20(QALCO) http://www.INTERNSHIP REPORT AT QALCO-MARKETING/SALES EXECUTIVE 42 Bibliography http://www.nsf/web/mic_qalco_berth6