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JUL 2013

oRDER No. 33 s. 2013

Burcau Directors Regional Directors Schools Division/City Superintendents Heads, Public Elementary and Secondary Schools All Others CoDccrned

L. Thc Learn€r Information System (LIS) rvas implemented in governm€nt schools and Community Learning Cenlers (CLCS) ir Septembcr 2012 lhrough DepDd Order Nos. 67, s. 20ll a'ld 22, s. 2012. The implementation dirccted tir€ issuance of a unique Lcarner Reference Number (LRNI to learr1ers enro]€d in public schools and Alternative L.anling System (ALS) lcaJn€rs in CLCS for School Year (SY) 2012-2013. It also enabled lhe establishment of a centralized "Learner Registry" whcre basic learner information is capt.ured, stored and accesscd through a secured facility to enharce tracLing and decisior making on learnerc at various levels of DepEd management. 2
Prlor io updalrng tbe Lea er Registry lor SY 2013 2014, public schools, ALS CLCS and divisioD oflices {DOs) shall undertake the review and clean up (housekeeping) of learner data in lhe LIS !o resolv€ data issues identified from the review ofthe prcvrous
school lrear's data.

Alter the housekeeping activity is completed, public schools and ALS CLCS shall procccd with the updating of the Lcarner Rcgishl' for SY 2013-2014 following the scheclule of activiti€s siipulared in this Order. The updating shall invoh.e isstrance ofLRN lo the lea-rners who are not yet irr tbc registry and uPdating of enrolmcnt data and lcarncr information.



'lhe following limeline in the conduct ofLIS activities shall be obsen'ed:
LIS Activity


tIS H*sek..ptng

Revic{, and l.lousekeeFine ol Lcarners Data Subm ssion of Housekeepins R€port signed b! lhe Ucad (SIl) ro the Schools Dn''sionr'cily ntend--nt iSDSI

".d I'npl"'n



S;fiol u"^d
School Head

Aueust 5-22, 2013 August 23,2013
SeDtember 2-13. 2013

Uodaftrs ol L.arn.r Resistry lor SY 2013 201.+ Gcneralins trIasterlist of Learoers ior SY 2013-20i4

School tlcad

ber 13,2013

D.DEd com?rcx, M..arco Aven!., Pa3is cn-r.' 1600

I urr rao",orrrr"",ur.',au, Su,u




eo' pi,

The regional directors (RDs) through the Regional Planning Units (RPUS) and the schools division/city superintendents (SDSS) through the Division Planning Units (DPUS) to ensule sh?Lll jointly provide tecb. 11. No other parq/ sha1l be gmnted access to any informatron ir] the system unless a request for such security clearance is submitted and approved by the Ofiice of the Secretary' 8. DepEd through the Of6ce of the Secretary shall ensure the security and conlidentiality of leainer information in th€ LIS and that processing of leamer information and access to the same is in accordance witl the prcvisions of the Data Privacy Act of 2012.2013 August 26September 6. CLCS. with the use of the most approp. auditing ru1es. accuracy and compieteness of daia submitted' The DOs sha1l oversee the encoding of data for schools and CLCS with no access to Internet fac. l. The LIS sh€. 2.]l be secured. personnel involved in the LIS at the schools.nical assistance to the schools and ALS implementom the timeliness. The ALS Facilitator shal be responsible for colleciing and updating information on leainers in ALS. district and division levels to render oveflime (OTl services during wiekdays' weekends arrd holidays ^ff. ensuring that data captured is suppoded by appropnate legal documents.-"a t"".r ensurc that learner informatlon are secured and protected. 9.. subject to the usual accounting and *tr".lit-les. The Schooi Head sha11 be responsible for implemeniing necessary policies a. while the procedure for CLCS is specilied in Enclosure No.nd procedures.. 2013 September his/her school to ensurc that the collection and processing of learner inJormation is carried oul in accordance \i.iate standard r€quired by the infonnation and communications technolos.ith the guidelilxes provided in this Order and tiat sensitive learner inforrnation are protected trom unauthorized access or disclosure.LIS Actiwity LIS Hou6eke€Dlns end Imbl€mentatton ld CLCS Revien and Housekeeping of Data on ALS Revielv and HousekeeDine of tf.""rrry to oeet the LIS target schedules. as far as practicable.* A11 . The Class Adviser shall be responsible for collecting and updating infomation on learners in the formal school. The LIS Housekeeping dd Implementation Procedure for Public Schools is specified in Enclosure No. 2013 ceneraiins Masterlist of Ledners for SY 2 0 1 3 20 14 5. and 7. .following 6. updating and processing of inlormation shall be subject to the. ij1dusrry. These procedures must be done following the schedule that is provided. Further. in order t.2013 ALS Facilitator Ausust 12-16. ensuring that data captured is supported by appropdate legal documents and that sensitive learner information aie protected lrom unauthoried access or disclosure. The afor€mentioned parties arc granted secudBr clearance to have access to lhe information in the LIS in their specific areas of responsibility.amer Data Updating of l-earner Registry lor cY 2013 2014 Ofiicial Auexst 5-9. the collection. 10.

2013 | 5 24 /7'ra )t=lr^R IMENI cF 6DtlcA-. L'IJISTRO Secreiary Encls. A[ 13. Joll f c-('' il.r- iFaro \ \-aAl . ARMtr{ A. 2012 and 67' s 201il To be indicated in the Perpetuai Index under the following subjects: ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM DATA FORMS POLICY PROCRAMS PUHLS . SCHOOLS STUDENTS Madel LIS Final aa64-May 2\ . s. Immediate dissemination ofand strict compliance \qith this Order is directed.: References: DepEd Order: (Nos.!l i'()\ 8Y. 22.previous issuances relative to this Order which ar€ found inconsistent deemed superseded or modified accordingly 12.jffiO .

33 s..2013 Lea.2013 July 23. SAN ANTONIO Director lll Officer-ln-Charge Office ofthe Regional Director Schools Division Superintenden! Dlvision of I RECEIVED AND DISSEMINATED BYr Distrid Supervisor District of: SchoolPrincipal Name ofschool District: Divhion of: lnformation and Comhunication Technology office .er lnfolmalion:Sirldiil I 'lirplementatioili6t&&iql year ACKNOWLEDGMENT RECEIVED M.r DepED Order No.

MotlEr's Maiden Name. FatlEr's Name. 2. . and {specifies a learner's disabjliry based on medical certiflcation or by the teacher's obsewation). 2013 LIs Implenrentation for sY 20I3-2O14 1. 33. All public schoois shall update their lea-rner records for SY 20i3-20i4. The additional learner data. which are captured in the Registry. to be coilected are as folows: School Form 1: School a. EthnicitA (refers to the ethnic group to which a learner who is e. c.. s. Enclasure No. b. d.lity L Balik-aral is an indicator to identify a learner enrclled in the current school year. finished a grade leve1 and stopped schooling after a yea. Enrolmcnt Date lt:he date when the learner first reported to class for a given schooi year).r or .is@b. I to DepEd Order No. an indigenous people (by definition in IPRA Chapter 11. Section 3) by selfascription alrd ascription by others beiong.

The LIS Registry for c The schools shall also update the leamer's enrolment status as of March 31. ii. The ALS Educalion Prcgram Supersisor I (EPs I) shal have the responsibi. and . guaidian and address. ALS Learning facilitators a. corrcct haccurate or incomplete information on bifth date. Campletedwhich means the learner is promotcd to the next lcveli Retained which means the leamer is retained in the same Brad€/year level. sha-1l bc respoDsiblc for ensuring prompt and accurate review of their respcctive learner registr. Reviewing and housekeeping ofALS lea-rnels enroled through co[tractors and Supewisor and authorized ALS Iacilitalors may access this facility using thei LIS usemame and 2. The rcview and cleanup of data rn the LIS shall be dorle through an online housckeeping facility which is accessible through the web address: http://lis.eov. identily valid LRN for a leamer lvho has been issued multiPle LRNS and tas the invalid LRNS for deactivation.. ALS Education ProS.ies in the LIS and record data corrections in rhP sysrem follownB Lhii process. and c.ded from rhe link "lnstructions for Housekeeping'' sholrn in the main page. name. identiiy LRNS in the LIS Registry which are not in the School Registry/ Leaner Profrle and tag thcse LRNS for deaclivation: and ir.s Learner Registry only after he/she has completed the housekeeping of ALS learning facilitators. CY 2012 to April 2013 shall be compared with the MIS002A l. Direcdng ALS learning facilitators to commence housekeeping of Al. following a. 3. 2013 ro one ol rhe 'ollo\ving: i. sex. crcode data of leamers $'ho are in the School Registry/karner Profile but are not in the LIS Registry' LRN for these newly encoded learners shall be issued at the DepEd Central Office (CO) 3nd will be available in the LIS before the beginDing of SY 2013-2014 updating A set of procedures to guide the housekeeping process can bc viewed or dowrloa.I Enilosurc No 2 to DepEd Order No 33 s 2013 Enclosure 2: LIS Data Housekoeping atrd Implementatlon Procedule for Communlty L€arning centeE LIS Data llou3ekeepine l. . iii. Thc LIS Registry for SY 2012-2013 shall be generated from the online LIS housekeeping facility.carner Profile to resolve data issucs in the following ways: i. gender. i|.litres: password.deped. Ensuring prompt and accuratc revierv of the registry of ALS learnmg facilitators in the LIS and r€cording of data cori:ections through the online housekeepins fa( rh ty: b.

t.ii\! data.isobilitV (specifies a leamer's disabilily based on medical certification or by thc teacher's observation). A&E Test Leuel laken indicates whether the A&E test registrant is elementarf ]evel or secondary level: and h A&E ?esl Res.ascdption ajrd ascriptlon by others belong. The additional iea. a]ld . which are captured in ALS MIS002A: Learner Profile. They shall encode data corrections ar}d updates through the online LIS housekeepins faciliW. . d. Seclion 3) by self. LIS Implementation for SY 2013-2O14 t. Mother's Maiden Name. A[ 2 CLCS shall update the learner records for SY 2013-2014. No Lotqer ln school which means transferred out or dropped.anf indicates whether the ]earner is an A&E test registrant (drop down Yes or No). Erhnicity (refers to the ethnic group to whlch a l€arner who is an indigenous peop'le (by definition in IPRA Chapter 11. the learner has eitier d. to ile colected aJe as follows: a- EntTImEnt Date (the date when the leamer first reported to class for a given school yea:r or the date when the ALS learner is enlisted in the MiS002A of a]l ALS learning tacilitator): b.lll specifies whether the A&E Test Registrant has passed or fniled the latest A&E Test. A&E ?est Regist.

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