1-A Fil 1 Math 6 PE 1 NSTP I Second Semester Math 9 Math 11A CHEM 4A/L Eng 2 Phy 1A/L PE 2 NSTP II SECOND YEAR First Semester Math 15A Phy 2A/L Fil 2 Draw 11/D Hist 1 Eng 3 ICT 1A PE 3 Second Semester Math 19A Soc Sci 1 CHEM 3B/L Hum 1 Draw 12/D Anthro 1 Philo 4 PE 4

Course Description General Chemistry College Algebra Com. Arts/Skills & Composition Kumunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino Trigonometry Self Testing Activity CWTS I / ROTC 11

Analytic Geometry Solid Mensuration Organic Chemistry Speech & Oral Communication Elementary Physics I Fundamental of Sports (Basic Swimming) CWTS II / ROTC 12

Differential Calculus Elementary Physics II Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik Engineering Drawing I (Basic) Philippine History Writing for Academic Purposes Intro to Computer & Programming Fundamental of Rhythmic Activities

Integral Calculus Rizal & Other Heroes & Heroines Analytic Chemistry Humanities & Arts Engineering Drawing II Society & Culture w/ family planning Logic & Ethics recreational Activities (Advanced Swimming)

THIRD YEAR First Semester Mech 31 Math 20 ME 35 GeoSci 11 ICT 2A Pol Sc 4 PET 31 Second Semester Mech 32 Math 21 Stat 3 PET 38 PET 40/L Psyc 1 GeoSci 21 FOURTH YEAR First Semester GE 41/L PET 41/L EE 41/L Mgnt 01 IE 41 PET 43 EE 31A Second Semester PET 42 PET 46/L PET 48 EE 43A GE 34 PET 44 RES 01 FIFTH YEAR First Semester PET 57/L PET 52 RES 02 GeoSci 22 Engineering Mechanics Differential Equations Thermodynamics I Physical & Structural Geology Programming Languages Politics and Governance & Constitution Physical Principles Strength of Materials Advance Engineering Mathematics Probability and Statistics Petroleum Thermodynamics Material Science General Psychology Petroleum Geology Fluid Mechanics Drilling Technology Electrical Machines Project Operation Management Engineering Economy & Accounting Unit Operation I AC/DC Circuits Reservoir Engineering Drilling Fluids and Cement Formation Evaluation Control and Instrumentation Environmental Science/Engineering Unit Operation II Methods of Research Process Plant Engineering Safety. Contracts & Ethics Project Study/Thesis Petroleum production Geology . Laws.

Skills in Human Relations Reservoir Simulation Petroleum Production Engineering Plant Design Elective 2 Well Completion Primary & Remedial Subsea Engineering Technology Human Behavior in Organization Petroleum Engineering Elective Subjects: Polymer Science Petroleum Engineering.PET 55 PET 59 Ssci 51 Second Semester PET 50/L PET 54/L PET 56 PET 60 PET 53 PET 58 Ssci 52 Equipment Design Elective I Comm. Cryogenic Engineering .