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I liked... the fact that daily we had some time in our rooms. obviously, the lunches were wonderful. meeting dismissal times were honored. meetings were beneficial for the most part. In all honesty, I simply cannot remember much about this time! The content of what was presented. For the most part, I didn't feel like we were meeting for the sake of meeting, and that I was actually taking away things I could take back to my classroom. I loved the casual feel of preplanning. I loved the fact that Joe just sat with us, like one of us, joined in conversations at tables, and that he felt approachable. It's amazing how far that goes to change the vibe of the school. I really liked the activities where we worked together in groups, as a new faculty member it gave me a great chance to get to know my coworkers. lunch, afternoons in my classroom, happy half hour, departmental meetings (EED/UED), -Happy 1/2 hour -progress report PD -Small group discussions I liked having the links to places for signing up and I loved having some choice in when to take CPR etc. It was a good back to school and I loved, loved having the extra day so we could slow down a bit. I liked the 3:00 half happy hour presentations. It was a nice, short social and idea-bearing time. I also liked the summer reading list/idea and discussion. I loved the fact that the schedule allows Teacher Option Time. We had the opportunity to schedule mini meetings, meet new folks, collaborate on projects, etc. I liked that we got required things like CPR, Concussion, 1st training opportunities in the summer or pre-planning so that we did not have to stay late early in the year when we had a million and one things to do and had not yet recovered our teacher stamina. I like the little treats and climate activities. Actually, it seemed to go quickly and I can remember a single negative thing EXCEPT we have to get the audio cranked up and hand a mic to folks making a comment or asking a question. GOOD JOB! 1. the emphasis on using technology. Our book discussion was recorded digitally and sent to all of us after the meeting 2. the socials in the afternoon 3. the staff meeting with Joe ...that the document was interactive. It was easy to sign up for things, find our collaborative notes, etc all in one place. I'm glad to be back! Lunches with friends after a break is fun and the menus were delicious. I'm happy that the tone of Trinity has taken a turn towards less stress and more camaraderie with the arrival of our new year. Everyone seems to have taken a deep breath and relaxed a bit. ...that we had the opportunity to get together with our colleagues at the 3:00 Happy Half Hours and that we were able to take CPR during the day rather than after school hours. I also loved the yummy food that was provided each day - what a treat! I enjoyed the book conversation (partially because I enjoyed the book!) having time in the day for CPR, first aid, Stewards, etc having lunch provided - saved time starting at 8:00 -the active Climate/Wellness gathering -option to take some training in the summer -multiple options for the long training sessions so that we could do what works best for us -the cold snacks! -the overall positive tone (with fewer new initiatives than in the past, people didn't seem as anxious) -Outside speaker (Greg) to walk us through an internal issue that we gathered as a community each day for happy 1/2 hour! The popcorn, king of pops, presentations from Ashley and Vicki, playing in the AWAC were all great community building activities. I liked that the faculty was eager to learn new things and had a positive attitude about it. I liked that Joe didn't wear a suit and tie each day, he joined in all of the meetings and participated like a faculty/staff member. Everything was great we had plenty of time to get the room organize. And didn’t feel rushed.

*the time we had to collaborate *time scheduled for meetings *community building time *meetings were beneficial *3:00 fun time The most positive productive pre-planning I have experienced in years I liked the way information was presented, time to reflect--all good Being able to determine my own schedule for the last few days. I liked the flexibility and choice. I liked that we were given ample time to get to know one another throughout preplanning. I got to meet new faculty and staff, as well as catch up with people I may have not seen since May. It really makes me feel comfortable in the Trinity Community. I also liked the summer book discussions. I learned a lot from the other members of my group, and it was interesting hearing how they might use what they took from the book in his or her classroom. Being a new teacher this year...I liked having the Stewards and CPR training. I think everyone should know what to look out for when it comes to our students, since they are our number one priority. Having our meetings as a whole group. I felt it helped to create a larger feel of community. It was very well organized! Kudos Jill! There was a lot of good information. I liked the book group and the fact that we could do first aid and cpr during the day and there were several choices. The 3:00 Happy Half hour was a great idea. having built in pre-planning days for all of the various training we needed to complete. The time spent together during happy hours, working in rooms, and especially the wellness day! I felt such a great feeling of moral at the school that day. afternoon treats, guest speaker, blocks of time (2 hours or more) to work in our rooms; that meetings were well organized and efficiently run; returning to shiny, clean, organized rooms that the teachers had more days. The feeling around the school was so much less stressed than in previous years. The Happy 1/2 Hours gave everyone a little time to unwind and relax.........and with the added days everyone seemed be more inclined to be willing to have some fun. (plus they were delicious!) I also liked that some of the required events (Stewards for example) were offered during the summer for those people that were working or were in town. Gave a little extra "preplanning time". Lunches (as always) were delicious.........and was a positive way to reconnect with everyone. People really "mingled" during lunchtime and did not just sit with their grade level! Hearing updates from over the summer, having everyone together, and VERY impressed overall with the school and professionalism. I have never been somewhere before where EVERYONE is treated the same and I LOVE that. CPR and other trainings offered during the regular hours. Happy 1/2 hours were a great community builders. all of it! As a new faculty member, I found the information helpful. I liked coming in a day before the rest of the faculty. I also liked having independent work time in the classroom. I liked that some things (like the Mac 101 session) were made optional. I liked the way the book talk was set up. I felt very comfortable sharing out because our group was small, but I also liked that it was diverse among grade levels. I liked the smaller My Learning sessions with Rhonda. I liked that everyone is required to be CPR and first aid certified. Even though at first I thought the length of time for pre planning was a bit too much, I realized that we needed the number of days to accomplish all . It was so nice to have time for meetings, time for work in the rooms and then time for things like CPR and OSHA. There was time to get to know each other and enjoy great meals also. I also liked ending each day on a positive note with everyone from both departments coming together at 3:00. I appreciate you guys being respectful of our time and all we needed to do. Our whole group gatherings were productive and not too lengthy. Thank You for that. Thank you for all of the creative goodies you guys had for us during the Happy Half Hour!!

I liked getting all the routine training out of the way before the year started. (OSHA, Stewards, & CPR) I liked the speaker on progress reports, but I wish it could have been on a staff development day rather than during pre-planning. My brain was on overload by the end. I liked the communication and the online agenda. I liked the thought and planning that went into getting everything ready for us. Positive meetings, chances to catch up from the summer away, time in the classroom to work, CPR and First Aid classes, TIME to plan so we were ready for the kids, treats in the afternoons (hearing about summer trips, popsicles). -the amount of time in the schedule for working in rooms. Don't change this. This was brilliant. -the flexibility of choice of when to train for OSHA -the summer training for the Stewards of Children -the online training for concussion--awesome! -the focused and deliberate effort placed on faculty and staff camaraderie and fellowship -the length, it was longer and better with time considerations used wisely and purposefully I liked the two week pre-planning schedule. I felt the most relaxed this year than any other teaching year in my eleven years of teaching. In the past, I would come to school prior to school beginning and this is the first year that I felt that we had enough time. I liked that there was a balance in the schedule between meetings and time in your room. I liked that the meetings were scheduled in the mornings and there was time in the afternoons to work in your classrooms. I liked the Gelato and King of pops! I liked that we started school on a Friday this year! I liked the sessions with Greg Bamford - I thought they were incredibly interesting and valuable. I liked the Happy Half Hours because they provided an opportunity at the end of the day to connect with colleagues and get to know new ones. I also liked the ample time we were provided to work in the classrooms. *All of the meeting, trainings, etc. *The time we had in our classrooms *The amount of pre-planning time we had this year, it made things very enjoyable! All of the training sessions were well run and informative. I appreciated that there were several options for times to accommodate our own planning schedules. the Happy Half Hour gatherings. Not only was the food delicious, it was great to come together as a community at the end of the day. that first aid and CPR training were during the regular hours and not after 3:30. I felt better prepared after this trainer than the ones we have had in the past. I liked that the technology sessions were optional so you could go and get help with those areas causing you problems. I liked the opportunity to hear other well-known educators. I liked that the teachers who had summer grants were able to share their experiences with us. It was fun having yummy treats provided for us at the end of the day. I loved the agenda links right to the sites. It saved time and helped me go back and re-read material that night. I loved so many things - meeting all the new people, meeting the heads of the departments, loved the faq's booklet that Carole put together (very helpful)!! The food is/was amazing, staff is so kind and helpful. The sessions were on task and didn't run over, which was a nice benefit. The agenda was thoughtful and well laid out. I loved how much time we had in our rooms! cpr and other mandated classes offered during preplanning or in the summer i am sure i liked other things but i have misplaced my schedule and am a little brain dead organized The happy 1/2 hour at the end of a long day was a welcome treat. I also enjoyed the speaker that came to talk about Progress Reports. I thought he had a lot of great information. that we had time to work in our rooms. Talking about characteristics of individual students who need support.

I wish... I had had a little more time to work in my room. We'd had more 30-minute chunks in which we all got to get up and move/be active in AWAC and/or outside. we had had more time in our classrooms to prepare, as we felt a bit rushed the last couple of days. less whole group meeting (no space and you lose audience), more drop in workshops (for technology training, cpr, and all others meeting- give more options if it is required) -Happy 1/2 hour was sometimes during the day rather than at the end It would be great to have more time in our classroom but that might not be possible. As a new teacher, I felt like I could have used a little more instruction just for newbies. Flourish, Haiku, FAWeb, Evernote, Emergency drill procedures, printers, computers, just general procedures. In addition, I wish I had more time for independent planning, and maybe some scheduled time for team planning. Also as a newbie I had to get certified in everything, and that took a great deal of time from my planning time as well. It made me feel even more behind the ball and intimidated. I am hopeful that the same basic format will continue. there was more time to talk about benefits ...the links opened in a new window or something else. Whenever I went to a link and then tried to go back, it reverted to the top of the pre-planning document, and I had to search for my spot again. Minor issue, I know, but for the most part, it was great. I wish that the workdays didn't start so early and weren't for so many days. When you don't have a classroom to prepare, supplies to sort, bulletin boards to put up, and so forth, 8 days of planning is excessive. ...that specials had had time to meet with grade levels for planning. there was some time for specials to plan with grade levels -We didn't have to hear negative (yet ultimately helpful) information about our incoming students before we've even met them (could this be pushed to a Faculty Meeting?) -Meetings always started on time with a distinct plan (a few started late and some seemed to almost surprise the presenter) We had a little more time in our classrooms. I know that we talked about the fact that there was MORE time than in the previous years, but I felt like I was constantly in a meeting...mostly because I wear so many hats and need to be present at many of them. I wish that we had a dance party upon entering the building each day!!!! Whoop Whoop! We had known that progress reports were going to be staying the same format this year before the progress report meetings. I went into them thinking that a change would be announced, so I was a little surprised. I may have taken somewhat different things away from the meeting if I had known. I wish we had more time allotted to working in the rooms. It felt like every time my assistants and I got started on something we had some where else to be. Not only are we trying to set up our classrooms for the first day, but we are also trying to meet to write the first few weeks of lesson plans. It would be nice to have a few whole days just dedicated to "pre-planning". I wish we would have had less meetings because it took away from the teachers working on what they needed to get done in the classrooms. Also, most meetings did not apply to assistant teachers or the younger classes. I wish it wasn't as overwhelming. Especially as a new teacher, there was so much information thrown at you and it got very stressful. I wish that Greg could have met with smaller groups. I felt like since our progress reports in 3's and Pre-K aren't really changing his conversation didn't pertain to us as much. ...it wasn't so many days. I honestly think it is WAY too long. we had more elaborate haiku training-- embedding widgets, slideshows, twitter, etc. on pages. that the "teacher return date" was communicated earlier, more often, and clearly; I could only find the "first day of school" posted on Trinity's on-line school calendar; it seemed earlier this year and it would have been helpful to know this well in advance We could offer more classed during the summer.............like first aid and CPR. Also would like some Tech classes for staff. Could we possibly do some Tech classes the week prior to the teachers coming back?

As new employees we had more information given to us on all the technology things we need to keep up with. A lot of people did not know how to even use a mac (which they learned) but then how to get to zoe, notebook, etc. and how and when to use them. It takes a lot from the lead teacher to teach that. I also wish we had more opportunity to spend with each other where it is set up to have to meet new people. I also wish we maybe did planning (workshops, information, etc.) for a couple of days and then able to work in classroom a couple of days. It was hard to stop and start in classroom everyday. there was not the discussion of past students as grade levels I would rather discuss certain students with just those teachers. I wish that we had CPR and first aid the first week and more time in classrooms the second week. During new faculty orientation I wish we had talked about fire, tornado, and lock down drills. I wish and hope we can always keep meetings to a minimum. I wish we could have more uninterrupted time in our classrooms. Having 30 minutes or an hour here and there is difficult. I would rather have all training up front and then be left alone to work in our rooms for 2 days. The was a compounded problem because we could not stay in the building after 6:00 pm nor could we come in on the weekend. I wish we didn't have to have the vertical meetings to discuss children. Children change over the summer, children react differently to different teachers, and we individually go to teachers with comments that we want to share anyway. we didn't have to go back to school the first week in August - it seems so early! Honestly, there's so much to be said for hiring a gelato truck, that I feel silly offering this tidbit. However, in the past I have really enjoyed breakfast at school. Bagels, cereal, or full on with grits and bacon. It's always nice to arrive to food. That may be the southern girl in me. The concrete suggestion (considering possible budgetary limits) would be to alternate happy half hour and breakfast, so we get breakfast and afternoon treats on alternating days. I wish other schools and teachers had it this good. Truly, our pre-planning is a model example. The best I've had in all the schools I've ever taught or observed in. I didn't brag about it at all (my teacher friends would've died at the words "gelato truck" or "King of Pops"), but it feels so good to be in such a great place--where you are so regarded that all parts of your soul are fed! Especially, your sweet tooth! I mentioned to [my teaching partner] that I wished we could have alternate days of happy half hour snacks and breakfast in the mornings. Don't get me wrong, I did love the snacks in the afternoons, however, it is so wonderful to come to school and eat breakfast in the mornings. I enjoyed the breakfast options that we had in the past whether it was cereal or bagels:) I wish that the cross grade meetings did not overlap. I would have liked to attend all the meetings for my grade levels but a few of them were scheduled for the same time. there could be an audio version choice for the required summer reading I would have liked some time to meet with the grade level teams that I teach for an overview of their yearly curriculum plans. that Specials had more time to meet with classroom teachers. we had more time for preparation in the classroom -- always a problem. I wish I had had more time to spend learning more of the tools that I will use in the classroom Explain Everything, Evernote ... but I was able to go home and spend some time with these great tools! We could have had some vertical coordination time. there were fewer meetings lunch was optional one day in case teachers wanted to go out report card and my learning information provided closer to when needed and in small groups or on a Wednesday meeting it is a bit overwhelming getting so much information do early

We had more time in the classroom. It felt like there was less time to plan and we were in meetings a lot more. We could have time to discuss each student.

I wonder... or What if... was the report card guy worth paying for. He gave us great examples, but it felt a little repetitive of what we did last year and didn't lead to any change in our format. stewards of children wasn't just common sense... meetings could be streamlined... A variety of PD sessions were offered rather than just one, allowing teachers to choose the PD opportunity that best suits their needs/goals I'm too tired to think of anything right now! What if we had a little less pedagogic reflection time, and a little more planning, or nuts and bolts time? I think it would be better to see a balance of those two things. What if we did offer folks a chance to read more than one book, or be in a group that would be reviewing several books I wonder if new employees would find it beneficial for the business office to have a little time over several different days for short snippets. We could discuss 1 topic at a time instead of trying to cover everything at one time. At the end, we could have a longer time to re-emphasis things and do paperwork Suggested topics might be broken out health care health savings account child care reimbursement retirement plan synopsis how to order supplies with a purchase order how to change deductions on your check ...we can put everything we need for the beginning of the year on the same document - recess and lunch duties, carpool duties, Wednesday Workshop schedules, etc. If we just add everything to the same interactive document, it cuts down on extra emails and the number of places we have to look for all of our information. I wonder if some of the training couldn't have been part of Wednesday meetings. It seems like we have meetings just to have meetings. It's a long time to sit, especially when the topic of the meeting doesn't apply to faculty that are not in the classroom full time. I wonder if there would be a way to fit in everything necessary in a shorter time - I was anxious to start the year with children! I wonder if any of the guest speaker’s talks could be wrapped into a PLU class for credit for the state? -What if we ended everyday in an active, healthy way? -What if the first day had more "play" in it and a little less sitting? We had more choice options next year? I wonder if next year...if the meetings did not apply to the younger grade teachers or the assistant teachers then those teachers could stay in the classroom to get what they need to get done. What if we could have split into groups, much like we did for My Learning, and made it a little more specialized to each Grade level. each classroom had a private instagram or twitter account to post for parents? Instant window into #trinitylearns!! if we would have had enough time to prepare our room if we hadn't returned for three days in advance of pre-planning

We had the pictures of Faculty and Staff up for us during Pre-Planning instead of waiting until Back to School Night? Just trying to think of a way for everyone to get to know our new employees better.........I LOVE the way they were introduced by FSLT, very original and gave us some insight into their fun side, but with almost 20 "newbies" I think people still need some help! (and it might help the "newbies" too!) We all read the same book (at least for teachers) because we all had great ideas but when every teacher reads a different book and has a different way to change things in their classroom it make it hard to incorporate. Or have another meeting after individual on how to collaborate all thoughts into one so we can hear from other groups that read other books. I wonder if we really need two wade-in days for Pre-K? I wonder if new faculty orientation could be two days? What if the professional books could be read during the school year so that there could be on-going book clubs. I wonder if the discussions would be more meaningful, especially if we could form our groups rather than being assigned. What if we could have lunch on our own for one or two days so that we could go out to eat with our team which is something we do not usually have the opportunity to do. I wonder how it is that so many of the meetings hit on themes and big ideas that I spent time on reading or doing online classes? It was wonderful to see these ideas in action. I wonder if ALT will decide to do this again. I loved it and it seemed too good to be true. I even loved starting our first full day on a Friday, but I wonder how parents felt about that. I think it made sense to get a taste and have the weekend to adjust. Even though it was daunting, I really liked our K students having to do Friday carpool first. That makes M-R carpool seem like a treat, and there were NO tears on the first full week of school, Friday carpool. I wonder if CPR could be offered over the summer, before pre-planning. Naturally, I have to do mine next year. I'd love to come in over the summer... :) I wonder what the progress reports will look like in the future? When will we start making bigger changes? I can't wait! What if we had some scheduled time to work in our "specials" teams when the grade level teams did? we could have all CPR training in one session so more time is available in the classrooms. I wonder what would happen if we did have a set "sweats" day/athletic wear day? You offered differentiated options for technology classes, because most of the offerings were about topics or applications I already know about. sharing of summer books took place on a Wednesday meeting feedback was done sooner have more uninterrupted time to work in the classroom I wonder what the Progress Reports will look like after all the discussions... if we ever have time to share what is happening in each classroom as far as curriculum goals.


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