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id PAGULIY oF FRILOSOPHY VSS Rust PEERSBIS PReSENTED TO THE GRADUATE scHooL OF LAVAL UNIVERSITY ® oBYALN THE HWGHEE OF DOGLOR OF. PHILOSOFEY BY CORTLNGINOY THE MODERN SoLasTIcs JANUARY 1955 1% SROPOSTTIONS Forma ot materia aunt sibi invicem causa, Oma nomen cum defectu est, Finis cet nobilior {isy quae sunt ad finem, Ba quae aliguendo fuerunt vel erunt, licet de praesenti non sint, Deus cognoscit praesentiallter in sua aeterni+ teto per scientiam visionis; guse vero negue sunt, neque fuernnt, neque srunt eognesclt per acientiam aimplicia intelligenti Quae sunt eadem imi tertio sunt eadem inter ae. FOREWORD ¥ CHAPTER I LOGICAL POSSIBILITY 1. Potenoy and posstbilitysserseeece z 2. The logically possible. is defined aecording to a non-repugnence of terme. 9 3. The logieslly possible embraces both necessery end contingent beingsess. 17 CHAPUSR IT _ PHYSICAL POSSIBILITY AND ‘WHE DIVISIONS OF CONTINGENCY 1. The possible "per potentlen in eltero"., 22 2. the threefold genus of contingsncys.see. 25 3e Physioal poseibility 34 and intrinsic contingonoyseessssseseeers CHAPTER TIT ABSOLUTE AND CONDITIONAL NECESSITY 1. The two kinds of necessity defined and expleined. 2. Necessity and the Modern Scholesticase.. 3. The “hypothetical necessity of the lews of nature” sesesessscvesseees 77