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Genre characteristics The genre of this song is known as electro house. Martin Garrix is a 17 year old deutch DJ.

It is a fast paced song and video with a variety of beats and shots throughout. The characteristics of the genre are shown within the middle of the clip, this is where the so called animals enter what seems to be presented as a club which involves a group of males and females dancing, specifically showing the attractive females. This can be seen as a characteristic to the genre because electro house is music, which would most likely be heard when out in clubs etc. dis-including this there is obvious conventional links to house music styles. Relationship between lyrics and visuals? The lyrics within the song are extremely minimal, with the only lyrics being were the fucking animals therefore it would be expected hard to distinguish a link between that, however a link is unique and strong. This is because the main people included in the video are dressed up in animal masks, messing around, dancing and being antisocial. This can give of an impression of a human who could be described as an animal, what I mean by this is people in reality who are anti-social and quite extraordinary when it comes to certain activities, what society could class as an animal, this can include violent behaviour (smashing up a car and setting it on fire). Relationship between music and visuals? The visuals can coincide and connect well with the music because it is fast and creative visuals built up of a variety of different length shots, ranging from close ups to long shots, and also different editing techniques to match the tempo of the song and beat at the current time, for example continuity editing and fading is used on the clock one of the animals is holding in the air at around 0:45 seconds when the tempo and beat is reduced significantly to add to the next beat and the build up to the main drop. I like the use of the effect because it keeps the audience engaged with the song. Furthermore because of the anti social and party elements involved the video suits a younger audience, therefore I feel younger people could connect with the music and visuals better. Are there close ups of the artist and star image motifs? There is only one close up of the artist shown, and this is when he takes his mask of at the end of the song revealing his face. Specific attention is shown to a motif on the back of the group in masks hoodies. This is an image of a roaring bear, which looks fierce and violent, correlating with the behaviour of the people wearing the hoodies and masks. This motif appears continuously throughout which allows the audience to establish a connection. Is there reference to the notion of looking? Yes, there is small reference to notion of the looking. it doesnt seem like they are supposed to come across sexual in any manor, for the short fast shots shown of the woman screaming she seems to be resembling the motif of the bear on the back of the jumpers. Furthermore there is a fast cut shot of a woman kissing a males neck, this can be seen as reference to the notion of looking. Is the video category illustration disjuncture or amplification?

I believe the video is a mix between performance illustration and amplification. This is because I believe there is a clear illustrative behaviour shown within the video where the creative director has illustrated the meaning of the lyrics used(very little) effectively. However it can also fit into the genre category or amplification because the conventions demonstrated are surreal approaches and also the use of unusual ideas have been illustrated creatively, this can be shown by the use of smashing up a car and using animal masks to get across the portrayed animal.