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Capacity Building for Promoting PPP in Urban Infrastructure Hyderabad – Aug gust 20-21, 2008

BRTS Ahm medabad

BRTS in Ahmedabad d

I P Gautam

City area of 466 sq km - radial structure City population of 55 la akh 19 lakh vehicles vehicles, growi ing @ a lakh pa 2 wheelers-73 wheelers 73 percent Bus trips- 9 lakh per da ay Shorter and more dispe ersed average trip length 5 5.8 8 km compare ed to other cities Successful tradition of operation of municipal transport service in the e form of AMTS

000 (July ’08) .responsibility of its owner/operator Results … The AMC d decides id th the sche hedules d l f for b bus deployment and also c collects the revenue Major improvements in efficiency of operations service qua operations. … Increase in number of pa assengers per day „ 355. ality ridership ality.Experience of PPP P model in AMTS a unique i PPP experim i ent t outsourced supply & operations of buses to private sector p … 20 operators … 560 CNG buses … Driver hired by operator r … Bus operations and maintenance.000 (March ’05) to 93 30. cost per km of bus o operations came down from Rs. 40 per kilometer to below b Rs 25/km … Improvement in quality of o buses (New Euro-III) … Number of buses increas sed from 460 in 2004 to 1060 (2008) leading to in ncrease in frequency and coverage.

Key y Issues and Ch ll Challenges Determining scale. Individual bus operators obtained license for a route.BRTS Ahmedabad . BUS PROCUREMENT CONSOLIDATION OF EXISTI ING BUS OWNERS MULTIPLE PRIVATE CONSOR RTIUMS/OPERATORS CITY PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT ONBOARD FARE COLLECTI ION BY BUS OWNERS No route rationalization or new w regulations were made. 2004 Phase II INFRASTRUCTURE DEV VELOPMENT BUS PRO OCUREMENT BUS OPERATIONS AND MA AINTENANCE CITY PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT CONSOLIDATION OF EXISTING BUS OW MULTIPLE PRIVATE CONSORTIUM (paid b INFRASTRUCTURE MA AINTENANCE FARE COLLECTION CITY PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT PRIVATE FARE COLLECTOR (escrow accou New institutional structure was formed Trunk . c and design Who should invest in: … „ „ Infrastructure Develo opment p … Operation and Maint tenance Infrastructure … Bus B Procurement P t … Operation p of Buses „ „ What should be the institutional arrangemen f managing for i BRTS ? Who and how should Operating Losses b compensated. Phase I STRUCTURE MAINTENANCE FARE COLLECTION SYSTEM REGULATIONS BOGOTA COLUMBIA) 2004. coverage. Old O buses used the segregated corridor where e it coincided with their respective routes. in case e they arise. ERATIONS & MAINTENANCE BOGOTA (COLUMBIA) ( ) 1988 2000.

feeder and AMTS Automatic vehicle tracking g system Chandkheda Sabarmati Rly. stn Odhav Industrial estate Soni ni chaali Bopal Shivranjani GSRTC terminals University/ educatio campus I d t i l estates Industrial t t Kalupur Rly. stn Sola RoB RTO Ahmedabad A A Airport. t Nehrunagar Odhav Vatva Industrial estate Narol Phase 1 corridors (58 k Phase 2 corridors (30. Man ninagar Rl stn. Rly.AHMEDABAD BRT SYS STEM . St tn.5 . N d Naroda village Naroda GIDC Airport Railway Stations Naroda AEC Gujarat University Gandhigram Rly.KEY DESIGN ELEMENTS Closed Cl d system t – trunk t k and df feeder d services i t to work in integration with oth her modes Central bus lanes Median bus stops ‘Closed’ bus shelters Distance based fare – sma art cards Integrated ticketing system m – Trunk.



ctronic Fare Collection Sys stem Communicatio n Link Inspectors BRTS fare collection Datacenter RTS feeder/ AMTS INTERGRATED ndheld machines) ON ENTIRE BRT stops TICKETING (off-board collection) ) PUBLIC TRANSIT SYSTEM Central databas h yp ll ti g g Pass issuing cente E Sh W Ramp RSPECTIVE VIEW .

g monopoly p y commercial rights etc.Assessment of Different Imple ementation Models for BRTS PUBLIC Delayed implementation High cost of project nefficient operations (monopoly) Non-viable (service quality deterioration) Govt. PP Potential in BRTS – International Example Curitiba URBS Bogota TransMilenio Private Private Private Private Public Public Public Public Public Santiago Beijing BRT Private urement Operations Collection t Fund rol Center rational ning ng the Fare em Design ice dards Private Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Private Private Private Private Private Private Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public . creates infrastructure while bus oper rators invest in buses Govt. takes guarantee of other services Efficient bus operations Proper regulation can lead to sustainable operations o VATISATION OF ALL ELEMENTS Timely construction Project Costs could be high Monopoly -may may harm public interest Low level of service / high fare may lead to fall in rider ship Critical city y level network in p private hands may m y create issues of integration.

system (due e to historical background) .PP PP AHMEDABA AD MODEL City Specific Des sign Integrated BRTS. AMT TS and Feeder buses S Seamless l T Transfer f .ITS elements T ffi circle Traffic i l improvem i ments t Unique operational arrangement angement-AMTS AMTS is supplementary system m and not the main operating system.One O ticket ti k t for f all ll modesd integrated g ticketing g sys ystem Common control cente er.

vices BRT Tru services AMTS services Feeder services Ahmedabad Ja anmarg Limited AJL is g going g to opera p ate the BRT and also has the responsibility y of integration of the existing i i AMTS systems into i the h l larger framework of efficien nt public transport network. .

Ob bu Ticket revenues to be determined. Sector Maintenanc AMC Pvt. Diesel Buses of Floor Height g of 860 mm selected. Sector Pvt. Sec ctor P S Pvt. Sector Pvt Sector Pvt. Sector P S Pvt. promised to th he operator p in a y year’s time without an Minimum of 72000 km p monthly commitments. Pvt. ctor Pvt. AMTS & Feeder Operated O as integrated t BRT Bus Provisio on Fleet Strength of 250 buses envis saged to be provided through operators p . Sector Pvt. . operate and maintain buses of give specifications p on specified p routes un nder AJL supervision p for a p per kilomete charge. Sector P S Pvt.sessment of Infrastruct all options. Sector Pvt. Sec ctor Operation AMC Pvt. Sec ctor Pvt. Sector Pvt Sector Pvt. Sector Public Creatio on AMC AMC/A AJL Pvt Sec Pvt. AMC has ture carefully created its own model for BRTS mentation t ti of f BRTS lement oadways us Stations RT Buses MTS Buses eeder d Ownership AMC AMC/AJL* Pvt. Sector Pvt. . Sector Pvt. 3- Bus Service Providers to purchase. charged g and retained by y AJL. advertisement revenues to be shared d between operator and AJL in the rati of 20:80 Selection of Bus Provider through a two t stage bidding process • Qualifying Criteria • Ownership of 40 buses or 200 taxis • Rs R 300 lakh l kh turnover t • Bidding Criteria – Quoted Per kilo ometer charge . Sector P S Pvt. Sec ctor Pvt. Sector OB/Skywalk AMC TS Bus Stations advertisement rights with AJL RTS. Pvt.

Thi This allows ll variation i ti i in allo llocated t dk km f from d day t to d day t to optimize ti i rations. minimum km guarantee per day. Guara antee of km only over a longer period o ( annual l) ). Mone ected from fines would be redistributed amongst good performers 6 FoBs planned in Phase I to allow access to BRTS bus stations Revenue model based on advertisemen nt charges. lease for commercial space.infrastructu ure construction / outdoor advertisement Process has attracted five key players s for first package. Only kilom meter contract. contract This allows changing the ber of buses allocated on each route on o a regular basis based on change in senger movement patterns.ey y Terms and Conditions of Bus Contrac permanent route allocation allocation. all of who have qual and moved to RFP stage. . g . Two stage bidding process with length of o concession period as bidding criteria Private sector experience . te per kilometer is fixed based on formula which is adjustable on external ors like fuel cost. te per kilometer would be sufficient for bus operator to provide good ntenance but not so high that the system has to be heavily subsidized Key Terms and Conditions of FOB Creation on PPP basis s FOB Design provided by AMC • walkway supported by three elevato ors • commercial space for kiosks/coffee shops • toilets and lighting • advertisement/ display space es would be charged in number of pay yable kilometers for the operator operator. inflation indicators etc c.

Key y Issues and Ch ll Challenges Determining scale. in case e they arise.BRTS Ahmedabad . co overage. and design Who should impleme ent: … „ „ Infrastructure Develo opment p … Operation and Maint tenance Infrastructure … Bus B Procurement P t … Operation p of Buses What should b be the institutiona arrangement t for f ma anaging i BRTS ? „ Who and how should Operating Losses b compensated. TITUTIONAL STRUCTURE FOR BRTS SP PV manage ement Board of Directors General Manager M CE EO Administration • Financial manageme • Human Resource • Physical Resource Marketing and communications „ Operations & Planning Planning • Fare Model • Route Planning • Financial analysis • Long term vision erations heduling ntrolling lection ality Control .

Financing BRTS Capital Expenditure fu unded through NURM Operating p g Expenditur p re funded p partly y throug g ticket and advertisem ment revenues. Any shortfall would be e funded by AMC. in case they arise. and design Who should impleme ent: … „ „ Infrastructure Develo opment p … Operation and Maint tenance Infrastructure … Bus B Procurement P t … Operation p of Buses What should be the institutional arrangemen f managing for i BRTS ? „ Who and how sho ould Operating Losse be compensated.Key y Issues and Ch ll Challenges Determining scale. co overage. N New revenue models d l being b i explored l d further: f th … „ „ „ „ „ PPP for Bus Stop O& &M … Commercial exploitat tion of Terminal/ Depot land … Leveraging land use pattern … Outdoor O td h di hoardings and d advertisement d ti t rights i ht .BRTS Ahmedabad .

Institutional Capacity to t monitor and supervise nee augmentation. l d While entire project p j may y not lend itself to PPP unbundled projects suc ch as FOB may find application.Conclusion and Key Lessons Ahmedabad BRTS is su uccessfully using a numbe of PPP formats in infras structure and bus provisio The journey so far has h thrown up some ke lessons : … … … Indigenous and city spe ecific model of PPP needs to b evolved. THANK YOU .