Visit of the Technology/New Media Delegation

April 19-23, 2009 Sunday, April 19 16:00 17:00 17:30 18:15 Arrival from Amman to BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) via milair Helo from BIAP to LZ (Landing Zone) Washington Check into Embassy housing Welcome and program overview with Helen LaFave, Cultural Attaché, Jinnie Lee, Deputy Cultural Affairs Officer and Veronika Arky, Cultural Affairs Assistant Briefing / Courtesy call with Susan Ziadeh, Embassy Spokesperson and Acting Counselor for Public Affairs Security Briefing by RSO (Regional Security Office) – Protective Operations, Ken Davis and Tony Groh Dinner at the residence of General Nasier Abadi, Vice Chief of Staff, Iraqi Armed Forces– briefing on security situation in Iraq

18:30 19:00 20:00

Monday, April 20 0745 0845 0915 Breakfast at the DFAC (Dining Facility) Briefing with MG (Major-General) David Perkins, Director for Strategic Effects, CJ9, Multi-National Force Iraq (MNF-I), on military strategic communications Briefing by MAJ Ralph Steen, MNF-I CJ6, Officer-in-Charge of the national fiber network installation project and LCDR Blake Eikenberry, MNF-I, IZFN Project Manager Briefing with Embassy senior staff (Ambassador Robert Ford, Counselor for Political Affairs; Michael Dodman, Counselor for Economic Affairs; Susan Ziadeh, Embassy Spokesperson and Acting Counselor for Public Affairs) Briefing with Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih via teleconference Lunch with Foreign Service Officers serving in Embassy Baghdad Visit Crossed Swords and Monument to the Unknown Soldier


1115 1215 1330

1430 1630

Briefing with the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council on education led by Dr. Saad Ibrahim, Education Advisor to PM Maliki Briefing led by Ambassador Marc Wall, Coordinator for Economic Transition in Iraq (CETI), with ECON (Economics Section), FCS (Foreign Commercial Service), ACCO (Anti-Corruption Coordinator’s Office), ITAO (Iraq Transition Assistance Office) Briefing by the Office of Hostage Affairs, Peter Ford Meeting with the National Investment Commission - Dr. Sami Al-Aaraji, Investment Commissioner and Salah Mohamed Ameen, Deputy Investment Commissioner Dinner meeting with Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Raad Fahmi and Dr. Samir Salem Attar, Senior Deputy Minister

1745 1800


Tuesday, April 21 0730 0900 1100 1330 1645 1830 Breakfast at the DFAC Tour of Iraq National Museum and meeting with the Faeza Al Ubadi, Chief Engineer Symposium with private sector and government telecom and technology representatives hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Lunch briefing and tour of Zain Roundtable discussion with Iraqi youth at Al Rasheed Hotel Reception at DCR hosted by Chargé d’Affaires, Ambassador Patricia Butenis

Wednesday, April 22 0730 0900 Breakfast at the DFAC Visit to University of Baghdad - meeting led by Dr. Mousa Al Mosawa, President, University of Baghdad and moderated by Dr. Suha M. Hadi, Professor, Al Khawarizmi Engineering College, University of Baghdad Meeting with President Talabani at Dar-as-Salam Palace


1215 1445 1545 1600 1630 1900 2215

Visit to University of Technology, meeting led by Dr. Qahtan Khalaf AlKhazrajy, President and session with students Arab Media Roundtable with print and online journalists for executives from Meetup, Blue State Digital, YouTube and AT&T CNN Interview with CEO of Twitter TV Interview with Arab media executive from Howcast Roundtable with Western press – all members of delegation Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Barham Salih DVC with State Department Press in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, April 23 0500 0900 PSD (Protective Security Detail) to BIAP MilAir from BIAP to Amman

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