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Richard Asm us Mobf

November 13, 2003

Kansas Cily Star

1729 Grand Blvd. /9/11 Personal Privacy
Kansas City, MO 64108

To the Editors:

White House Records

In his 1 1/12 letter, presidential counsel Alberto Gonzalcs claims that Bush is
cooperating with the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks. Bui "2 million pages"
sounds more like a snow job than cooperation/
Long-standing FAA and DOD procedures demand an escort fighter be dispatched as
soon as commercial airliners arc off course. Airliners cannot be shot down without
presidential orders. Bui ordering the escort is a standard procedure that was ignored on
9/11 ... on four separate cases. It is impossible for the 9/1 1 attacks to have happened
without high-level cooperation on the ground.
My opinion, as a patriotic American; a Vietnam veteran, and a telecommunications
engineer with a masler s degree and 3/7 years experience, is that Bush has had 2 years to
cook the records he is now reluctantly handing over If the Bush administration told me
it was raining, I would check outside before I looked for an umbrella.

Richard Asinus
BA, Arizona Slate University/
MFA. Brooklyn College. CitV University of New York


c: National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

Washington Office: 202-296-5545
New York ORice: 212-264-1595
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November 12, 2003

To: Thomas II. Kcan

As a Vietnam Veteran I see alarming similarities between ihc government deceptions of the 1%0's and
today The "Pentagon Tapers" proved that the Vieimim War had nothing to do with liberation, and
everything 10 do with oil profiteering" These "classified" papers were primed in the New York Times.
The case finally got to the Supreme Court, who summed up by saying that il was a disgrace that
Washington had sent American youth to "die of foreign shot and shell" for the sake of corporate profits.
During that era we had several disasters that were direct results of government deceptions:
1 58,000 US troops killed.
2, Hundreds of thousands of US troops injured 01 maimed.
3 Millions of Vietnamese killed.
4 An entire generation that had lost respect for the principles of law and order
5 Millions of disillusioned youth turning to drugs for consolation from a corrupt government
6 College students killed on campus demonstrations at Kent Slate,
7. Massive demonstrations iliai put many important issues on hold, injured many citi?ens and
witically divided ihc nation.
8. Hundreds of disgusted American Soldiers, otherwise heroes, spitting on their medals and throwing
them back at Washington, saying they were ashamed ofhavint; served in the US Armed I-'orccs

loday we have a government, dominated by the oil industry, that cannot or refuses to explain why fighter
jets were not dispatched to escort and/or intercept the *M l attack planes when they were first found to be
oT course, per standard FAA and DOD procedures. Both the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense
have been caught lying about this issue. These officials have a history of claiming that they need "another
Pearl Harbor" to initiate their undefined agenda There is .strong evidence that government officials either
acted totally irresponsibly or were deliberately implicated with the greatest disaster to befall this nation in
its history.

We do not need u repeat of the Vietnam Era disasters. And virtually everyone responsible for 9-11 needs to
be brought to justice, with absolutely no amnesties for irresponsible or corrupt public officials

The investigation of the 9-11 commission is by far the most important activity going on in the world today.
The future integrity of the United States of America is at stake and perhaps the future welfare of the World.

I commend you for your tireless and unrewarding work. ] understand that you are met with frustrating and
overwhelming opposition. But I strongly encourage you lo continue your efforts to the best of your
abilities. Please do not get discouraged. I love my country I and I want to see it nursed back to a healthy
nation that we can all rcspeci for generations and generations to come


Richard Asmus


9/11 Personal Privacy