On Wednesday, December 4th at 10 AM at City Hall (260 Broadway), the NYC Health Committee will hold a public hearing on an ordinance that senselessly bans e-cigarette use by classifying their use as “smoking” under New York City’s Smoke-Free Air Act. Mayor Bloomberg and other supporters of this ordinance don’t want the Health Committee to hear e-cigarette success stories from tens or hundreds of vapers. After all, Bloomberg waited until 12 PM on the day before Thanksgiving to announce his intentions. Please attend Wednesday’s hearing and speak out against this senseless law. However, even if you can’t attend, please reach out to the legislators below. What to say:
   You would like them to vote NO on the e-cigarette usage ban ordinance because it is wrong and deceitful to claim that e-cigarette use is “smoking.” Tell your story on how switching to an e-cigarette has changed your life and how you have greatly reduced your health risks. Explain that numerous studies have shown that e-cigarette vapor is nonhazardous to those nearby users Direct them to the website for more information.

So please, take out your cell phone right now and make some quick phone calls to the members of the NYC Health Committee to stop this ordinance! (You can leave a message if calling after hours.)
Bronx Maria Del Carmen Arroyo / 718-402-6130 Helen D. Foster / 718-588-7500 Joel Rivera / 718-842-8100 Brooklyn Mathieu Eugene / 718-287-8762 Albert Vann / 718-919-0740 or 718-919-0741 Manhattan Inez E. Dickins / 212-678-4505 Rosie Mendez / 212-677-1077

Queens Julissa Ferreras / 718-651-1917 Peter F. Vallone, Jr. / 718-274-4500 James G. Van Bramer / 718-383-9566 James Gennaro / 212-788-6956 *Sponsor*

Staten Island Deborah L. Rose / 718-556-7370