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Republic of the Philippines Province of Bukidnon

City of Malaybalay Barangay 3


Minutes of the Barangay Assembly October 13, 2012 The Assembly started at 8:30 am. The arrival of participants was facilitated by the Barangay Secretary Mr. Benjamin Miasco and the SK Chairman Natasha Allado and her SK Kagawads. While the participants were registering for their attendance, those children below 18 years old also registered their names for enrolment in the Pupil Eyewatch Organization. The Barangay Secretary is the official emcee of the program. The program proper was opened with a prayer led by Mr. Felipe Quijote. It was followed by the singing of the National Anthem led by Day Care Worker Ms. Carol M. Salga. The Barangay Secretary then introduced the participants per purok. The opening remark was made by no other than the Punong Barangay Michael P. Daniot. The Punong Barangay welcomes the participant and reiterated the importance of participation. He encouraged the constituents to be more responsive in their participation in the Barangay activities. After the opening remark, this was followed by the reporting of the various committees. The Committee on Education Chairman Kagawad Jean Paul C. Moreno reported the committee plans and programs for 2012. He explained the institution of the Pupil Eyewatch and laid down the objectives as well as the Vision-Mission of the organization. Kagawad Moreno also explained his proposed ordinance and resolution. The Committee on Peace and Order followed the reporting represented by the the Peace and Order Chairman Kagawad Calvin M. Sario. Kagawad Sario succinctly reported the seminar on radio handling and protocols. In addition, Kagawad Sario assured the constituents that the Barangay is generally peaceful and that the BPSO are doing their best to preserve peace and order. Kagawad Jovino M. Albasin, Chairman on Agriculture and Environment took the next turn of the reporting. In his report, he emphasized the observance of Ordinance 669 which is the segregation of waste disposal. Kagawad Albasin also announces the observance of the Earth Hour on March 26, 2012. Aside from those, Kagawad Albasin introduced the implementation of the MRF in the Barangay. This was followed by Kagawad Maandig who reported on the various infrastructure projects. As committee chairman on infrastructure, he deliberated on the projects in which the recipient will be the different Purok of the Barangay. For the Committee on Health and Sanitation, Kagawad Genie Ybanez reported on the creation of the VAWDesk. In addition, she announced the blood letting program of the Barangay. Next is the report of the Committee on Finance in which Kagawad Olano reported on the budgetary financing of the Barangay. After the finance report, the Committee on Youth and Sports Development headed by the SK Chairman Ms. Natasha Faye Allado. The SK Chairman reported on the Sports Program of the SK. Lastly, the Barangay Treasurer reported the financial status of the Barangay. Mrs. Ma. Lida A. Sacro explained the disbursements of the Barangay. For the Issues and Concerns, the Barangay constituents expressed no doubt as the reports were thorough and clear. The program was formally closed by Mr. George Tabios in which he motioned a Performance Appraisal of the

Barangay Officials in which the Punong Barangay replied that there is already a creation of the Citizens Charter. The program ended with the singing of the Bukidnon My Home.

Page 2 Approved this first day of October 12, 2012 CERTIFICATION I HEREBY CERTIFY to the correctness of the foregoing resolution.

Approved by: MICHAEL P. DANIOT Pb/ Presiding Attested & Certified To be duly adopted BENJAMIN S. MIASCO Brgy. Secretary Date Approved: First day of November 2012

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