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What is Article 371?

Falls under Part 21 of Indian Constitution (Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions). Article 371 and its sub-articles, deal with special provisions for Assam, Nagaland, Gujarat, Maharashtra etc. Usually, they are about establishing special Development board for the particular backward regions to grant more funds, and/or reservation in local Government jobs-colleges etc. For example Article 371 (D), Telengana region has a provision of local cadres for reservation in direct recruitment and admission to educational institutions and setting up of an administrative tribunal. (Domicile requirement/ sons of soil policy in education and employment) Has been amended many times, to include new articles, for example What is Article 371-J?

Itll grant special status to six backward districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka region to

1. Establish of a separate Development Board 2. This board will see that sufficient funds are allocated for Development of the region. 3. Local reservation in education and Government-jobs (Domicile requirement.) What is Domicile requirement? Domicile means you must be a resident of the given area for getting college admission, job, land purchase, fighting elections etc. Where do Domicile requirements apply? 1. Jammu and Kashmir- outsider cannot purchase land. 2. Similar provisions for Scheduled and tribal Areas (5th and 6th Schedule of Indian Constitution) 3. Recruitment in Army for below-officer ranks. Theyve district / area wise vacancies and separate educational qualifications according to areas. For example Soldier (General Duty) minimum requirement a. Candidate should have passed class 10, if he is from Jaisalmer and Barmer Dists of Rajasthan. b. But if hes from Andaman & Nicobar Group of Islands, he can compete even if he is merely passed class 8. 4. Earlier, if you wanted to contest for Rajya Sabha election from a particular state, you had to be ordinary resident of that state (e.g. Mohan had to buy a house in Dispur to get the voters card and fight Rajya Sabha elections from Assam.) But then parliament amended to Representation of People in 2003 and removed this provision.

1. Who is the Indian Ambassador to USA? Ans) Ms Nirupama Rao 2. Who will be the next Foreign Secretary of India? Ans) Ms Sujatha Singh

3. Who is the new Home Secretary? Ans) Mr Anil Goswami 4. Who is the new CM of Karnataka? Ans) Mr Siddaramiah 5. Who is Chairperson of National Women Commission? Ans) Ms Mamta Sharma 6. Who is the new chairman of DRDO ? Ans) Mr Avinash Chander 7. Who is the new CM of Meghalaya? Ans) Mr Mukul Sangma 8. Who is the Chief Vigilance Commissioner? Ans) Mr Pradeep Kumar 9. Who is chairman of Press Council of India? Ans) Justice Markandeya Katju 10. Who is the new Railway Minister? Ans) Mr Mallikarjun Kharge 11. Who is the Chief Election Commissioner? Ans) Mr Syed Nasim Ahmed Zaidi 12. Who is the new chairman of IndianBanks Association? Ans) Mr K R Kamath 13. Who is the new CAG? Ans) Mr Shashi Kant Sharma 14. Who is the new Defence Secretary? Ans) Mr R K Mathur 15. Who has been given additional charge of NDRF and civil defence? Ans) Mr Ajay Chadha ( Dir Gen of ITBP) 16. Who is the new chairman of National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO)? Ans) Mr R Chandrasekhar 17. Who is the union Minister for Labour and Employment Ministry? Ans) Mr Sisram Ola 18. Who is the Union Minister for Housing and Urban poverty? Ans) Ms Girija vyas 19. Name the congress leader who was the founder of salwa judum and recently killed by naxalites in chattisgarh/ Ans) Mr Mahendra Karma 20. Who is the new chairman of NASSCOM? Ans) Mr Krishna Kumar Natarajan. Important Abbreviations: CRR- Cash reserve Ratio SLR- Statutory Liquidity Ratio PLR- Prime Interest Rate FII- Foreign Institutional Investor FDI- Foreign Direct Investment IPO- Initial Public Offering SDR- Special Drawing Rights SEZ- Special Economic Zone NASSCOM- National Association of Software and Services Companies ASSOCHAM- Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India NABARD- National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development SIDBI- Small Industries Development Bank of India SENSEX- Sensitive Index ARMS- Adjustable-Rate Mortgages APR- Annual Percentage Rate APY- Annual Percentage Yield ACH- Automated Clearing House ATM- Automated Teller Machine CIFs- Collective Investment Funds EFT- Electronic Funds Transfer ECOA- Equal Credit Opportunity Act FEMA- Federal Emergency Management Agency FDIC- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

HELOC- Home Equity Line of Credit IRA- Individual Retirement Account LTV- Loan-to-Value Ratio PIN- Personal Identification Number PMI- Private Mortgage Insurance RESPA- Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act SFHA- Special Flood Hazard Area TILA- Truth in Lending Act UCC- Uniform Commercial Code UGMA- Uniform Gift to Minors Account AEZs- Agricultural Export Zones AIDB- All India Development Bank AIFI- All India Financial Institution ALCO- Asset-LiabilityManagement Committee ALM- Asset/ liability management AMC- AssetManagement Committee ADR- AmericanDepository Receipt APEDA- Agricultural and Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority. ARF- Automatic Refinance Facility ASB- Accounting Standards Board BIFR- Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction. CAR- Capital Adequacy Ratio CIBIL- Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd. CLB- Company Law Board CRAR- Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets Ratio. CRAs- Credit Rating Agencies. CRISIL- Credit Rating and Investment Services of India Limited DRT- Debt Recovery Tribunal. ECGC- Export Credit Guarantee Corporation. FRNs- Floating Rate Notes. IRR- Internal Rate of Return NBFC- Non-Banking Finance Companies. SEBI- Securities and Exchange Board of India. SEBs- State Electricity Boards. SCC- Selective Credit Control SICA- Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provisions) Act. VCF- Venture Capital Fund. VRS- Voluntary Retirement Scheme Fathers Of Different Fields : *************** **** 1. Astronomy : Copernicus 2. Economics : Adam Smith 3. Biology : Aristotle 4. Chemistry : Antoine Lavoisier 5. Geometry : Euclid

6. History : Herodotus 7. Genetics : G.J. Mendel 8. Botany : Theophrastus 9. Classical mechanics : Newton 10. Computer : Charles Babbage 11. Comedy : Aristophanes 12. English poetry : Geoffrey Chaucer 13. Homeopathy : Heinemann 14. Indian Green Revolution :M.S.Swaminathan 15. India's Communication Revolution : Sam Pitroda 16. Medicine : Hippocrates 17. Modern physics : Galileo 18. Nuclear physics : Ernest Rutherford 19. Nuclear science : Marie Curie , Pierre Curie 20. Pentium Chip : Vinod Dham 21. Periodic table : Dmitri Mendeleev 22. Political science : Niccol Machiave lli 23. Quantum mechanics : Max Planck 24. Relativity : Albert Einstein 25. Robotics : Al-Jazari 26. Thermodynamics : Sadi Carnot 27. Zoology : Aristotle Important Abbreviations: 1. NABARD - National Bank for Agricultural & Rural Development 2. RTGS - Real Time Gross Settlement 3. NEFT - National Electronic Fund Transfer 4. NAV - Net Asset Value 5. NPA - Non Performing Asset 6. ASBA - Account Supported by Blocked Amount 7. BIFR - Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction 8. CAMELS - Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management Earnings, Liquidity, Systems & Controls 9. BCSBI - Banking Codes & Standard Board of India 10. BIS Bank for International Settlement 11. BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision 12. BOP - Balance of Payment 13. BOT - Balance of Trade 14. BPLR Benchmark Prime Lending Rate 15. CCIL Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. 16. CIBIL - Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd. 17. CRISIL - Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd. 18. CBLO - Collateralised Borrowing & Lending Obligation 19. CPI - Consumer Price Index 20. ADR American Depository Receipts 21. GDR Global Depository Receipts 22. ALM - Asset Liability Management

23. ARC Asset Reconstruction Companies 24. FINO - Financial Inclusion Network Operation 25. CTT - Commodities Transaction Tax 26. CRM - Customer Relationship Management 27. KYC - Know Your Customer 28. SLR - Statutory Liquidity Ratio 29. CRR - Cash Reserve Ratio 30. MSF - Marginal Standing Facility 31. REPO - Repurchase Option 32. NBFC - Non Banking Finance Companies 33. OSMOS - Off-Site Monitoring & Surveillance 34. IFSC - Indian Financial System Code 35. BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange 36. NSE - National Stock Exchange 37. SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Tele communication 38. FSLRC Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission 39. LAF Liquidity Adjustment Facility 40. DRT Debt Recovery Tribunals.

Parliament Names of Various Countries # Country Name :: Parliament # Afghanistan :: Shora # Australia :: Parliament # Bangladesh :: Jatia Parliament # Bhutan :: Tasongadu # Canada :: Parliament # China :: National People Congress # Denmark :: Folketing # Egypt :: People's Assembly # France :: Parlement # Germany :: Bundestag # Great Britain :: Parliament # Hungary :: Orszggyls # Iceland :: Althing # India :: Sansad # Iran :: Majilis # Ireland :: Oireachtas # Israel :: The Knesset # Italy :: Parlamento Italiano # Japan :: Diet # Kuwait :: Majlis-al-Umma # Lativa :: Saeima # Malaysia :: Majilis # Maldives :: Majilis # Magnolia :: Khural # Nepal :: Rashtriya Panchayat # Netherlands :: States General (Staten-Generaa l) # Norway :: Storting # Oman :: Majlis # Pakistan :: Majlis-e-Shoora # Poland :: Scym # Russia :: Duma # Spain :: Crotes # Sweden :: Riksdag # South Africa :: Parliament # Switzerland :: Federal Assembly # Taiwan :: Yuan # Turkey :: Grand National Assembly # USA :: Congress # Uzbekistan :: Oliy Majlis

Abbreviations: 1. ITEs: Intra-Group Transactions and Exposures 2. LCR: Liquidity Coverage Ratio 3. NSFR: Net Stable Funding Ratio 4. LRMT: Liquidity risk monitoring tools 5. CBS: Core Banking Solution 6. DEAF: Depositor Education and Awareness Fund 7. CRAR: Capital to Risk-weighted Assets Ratio 8. ECB - External Commercial Borrowings 9. SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication 10. FSLRC: Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission 11. MIBOR: Mumbai Inter-Bank Offer Rate 12. LIBOR: London Inter-Bank Offer Rate 13. LAF Liquidity Adjustment Facility 14. GIRO - Government Internal Revenue Order 15. EEFC - Exchange Earner's Foreign Currency 16. FRBMA: Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act ACRONYMS BPL : BRGF : CCPA : HDI : IMR : KPSC : MLAs : MLCs : MMR : PHC : SC/ST :

Below Poverty Level Backward Region Grant Fund Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs Human Development Index Infant Mortality Rate Karnataka Public Service Commission Members of Legislative Assembly Members of Legislative Council Maternal Mortality Rate Primary Health Centre Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe

Important abbreviations related to internet :FM >Frequency Modulation SIM >Subscriber Identity Module RIM >Removable Identity Module GSM >Global System For Mobile LAN >Local Area Network WAN >Wide Area Network RTF >Rich Text Format MAN >Metropolitan Area Network URL >Uniform Resource Locator ISP >Inter Net Service Provide @>At The Rate Of DVD >Digital Versatile Disk CD >Compact Disk EDGE >Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution GPRS >General Packet Radio Service

FDM >Frequency Division Multiplexing SDR >Software Defined Radio ATM >Asynchronous Transfer Mode DCA >Dynamic Channel Allocation FCA >Fixed Channel Allocation AMPS >Advance Mobile Phone System IMTS >Improved Mobile Telephone System CDMA >Code Division Multiple Access MTSO >Mobile Telephone Switching Office HTTP >Hypertext Transfer Protocol FIDI >Fiber Distributed Data Interface ISDN >Integrated Services Digital Network PSTN >Public Switched Telephone Network CSMA >Carrier Sense Multiple Access RADAR >Radio Detection AndRanging SONET >Synchronous Optical Fiber Network DAMPS >Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System WWW >World Wide Web IP >Internet Protocol TCP >Transmission Control Protocol HTML >Hyper Text Markup Language USB >Universal Serial Bus PAN ->Personal Area Network TDM ->Time Division Multiplexing. SOME IMPORTANT MOVEMENTS IN INDIA & THEIR FOUNDERS 1. ARYA SAMAJ - SWAMI DAYANAND SARASWATI 2. BRAHMA SAMAJ - RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY 3. SARVODAYA MOVEMENT JAYAPRAKASH NARAYAN 4. SREERAMA KRISHNA MISSION SWAMI VIVEKANANDA 5. BOODHANA MOVEMENT ACHARYA VINOBHA BHAVE 6. KHILAFAT MOVEMENT - ALI BROTHERS 7. SERVANTS OF INDIA SOCIETY GOPALA KRISHNA GOKHALE 8. PRARTHANA SAMAJ ATMARAM PANDURANG 9. THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY - ANNIE BESANT 10. ALIGARH MOVEMENT - SIR SYED AHMED KHAN 11. SWATHANTRA PARTY - C. RAJAGOPALACHARI 12. VANAMAHOTSAV - K. M. MUNSHI 13. CHIPCO MOVEMENT SUNDARLAL BAHUGUNA 14. CHINMAYA MISSION SWAMI CHINMAYANANDA 15. ABHINAV BHARAT - V. D. SAVARKAR 16. GADDAR PARTY - LALA HARDAYAL 17. VISWABHARATI - RABINDRANATH TAGORE 18. RED SHIRT - KHAN ABDUL GAFFAR KHAN 19. BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY MADAN MOHAN MALAVYA 20. SATYA SHODAK SAMAJ - JYOTHI RAO PULE

21. ATMIYA SABHA - RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY 22. PEOPLES EDUCATION SOCIETY - B. R. AMBEDKAR 23. HOME RULE MOVEMENT - BALAGANGADHAR TILAK, ANNIE BESANT 24. INDIAN BRAHMA SAMAJ KESAVA CHANDRA SEN 25. INDIAN ASSOCIATION SURENDRANATH BANNERJEE July 18: Top 10 Current Affairs Today on the birthday of Nelson Mandela, world leaders sent their "warmest wishes and prayers" to him, as the former South African president and anti-apartheid icon who has turned now 95. o Mukesh Ambani, ranked as Indias most powerful CEO, represents the changing face of Corporate India. He exemplifies the glory of India Incs success, global prowess and competence. A study by The ET Corporate Dossier rates Indias top CEOs on the basis of leadership, strategy & innovation, performance, stature, social contribution and governance. o

o o o o o o

Students pay for JEE percentile calculation goof-up. In yet another goof-up in the Joint Entrance Examination 2013, it has emerged that school boards and the IITs had calculated the top 20 percentile of students in different ways and this may have affected the admission prospects of a number of students. Veteran Tamil film lyricist Vaali died at a private hospital here today. He was 82. Vaali was undergoing treatment at a private hospital for respiratory problems for a month and was on ventilator support. Facing widespread criticism over the death of 23 children after eating mid-day meals in Chhapra, the Bihar government on Thursday denied receiving any alert from the Centre over shortcomings in its implementation and insisted that the food was 'poisonous'. British Indian actor Paul Bhattacharjee, who played the role of a doctor in James Bond film 'Casino Royale', has been found dead in London. He was 53. Veteran Communist leader Samar Mukherjee died in Kolkata this morning. Samar Mukherjee was suffering from old age diseases.He was elected in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and state assembly number of times. He joined in the CPI(M) after the division of Communist party in 1967. Professor Amartya Sen recently launched his new book An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions, written with Professor Jean Drze, at LSE. He pointed out that despite concerns about Indias recent economic slowdown, the countrys main problems lie elsewhere, particularly in the lack of attention that is paid to the essential needs of the people, especially the poor. Setback for Vedanta as Dongaria tribals reject mining on Niyamgiri hills. Its a resounding no from the Dongaria Kondhs of this hilly village to the bauxite mining project proposed on top of Niyamgiri hills, a natural treasure trove which the tribals value more than their lives and consider too sacred to part with.

Auto-components manufacturer Hinduja Foundries has appointed G R V Rajan as Managing Director in place of B Swaminathan who has resigned.

Abbreviation of major IT companies...... .!!! GOOGLE :- Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language of Earth APPLE:- Asian Passenger Payload Experiment HP :- Hewlett-Packard IBM:- International Business Machines Corporation HCL:-Hindustan Computer Limited WIPRO:- Western India Product Limited GE:-General Electronics INFOSYS:-Information System TCS:- Tata Consultancy Services AOL:- American Online BPL:- British Process Laboratory INTEL:- Integrated Electronics CISCO:- Computer Information System Company DELL:- michael DELL SONY:-Sound Of New York AMD:- Advance micro devices LENOVO:- LE(Legend),NOVO COMPAQ:- Compatibility And Quality >>CURRENT LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS & ADMINISTRATORS<< >>> OF UNION TERRITORIES <<< ************************** 1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands - Lieutenant-Governor A. K. Singh 2. Chandigarh - Administrator Shivraj Patil 3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli- Administrator B. S. Bhalla 4. Daman and Diu - Administrator B. S. Bhalla 5. Delhi - Lieutenant-Governor - Najeeb Jung 6. Lakshadweep - Administrator H. Rajesh Prasad 7. Puducherry - Lieutenant-Governor Virendra Kataria IMPORTANT GAMES VENUES * 2013 World Chess Championship -India * 2014 Asian Games - Incheon (s.korea) * 2014 Commonwealth Games Glagow (scotland) * 2014 World Cup Football - Brazil * 2013 Confederation Cup -Brazil * 2016 - Euro Cup - France * 2015 World Cup cricket -Australi & Newzealand * 2014 20 -20 world cup- Bangladesh * 2016 Summer OlYmpics - Reo De Genero (Brazil)

* 2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi (Rassia) * 2014 Youth Olympics - Nanjing (china) * 2014 Hockey world Cup - Hague (Netherland) IMPORTANT POSITIONS AND PERSONS OF INDIA IN 2013 * CAG -Shasikanth sharma *Attorney General - Gulam E Vahanvati *Solicitor General - Mohan Parasaran * Supreme Court Chief Justice - Altamas Kabir *14th Finance commission chairman - Y V Reddy *Finance Advisor - Raguram Rajan * National Security Advisor - shiva ShankaraMenon * principal secretary of Prime Minister Pulok Chatterji * Principal secretary of President - Omita Paul * Law commission chairman -D K Jain *chief Election commissioner - V S Sampath * Lok Sabha Head - Sushil Kumar Shinde * Rajya Sabha deputy Chairman - P J Kurien * permanent Representative to UN -Asok Kumar Mukarji *Representative to International court of Justice - Dalveender Bandari *TRAI chairman - Rahul Khullar *Atomic Energy commission Chairman - R K Sinha *RAW Head- Alok Joshi * National women commission chairperson - Mamta Sharma *Army Head - Bikram Singh *Navy Head - D K joshi * Air Force Head - N A K Browni *central Vigilance Commissionor pradeep Kumar * Secretary of Foriegn Affairs - Ranjan Mathai * Union Home Secretary - anil Goswami * N I A Head -S C Sinha *IB director - Sayed Asif Ibrahim * BSF Director - Subash Joshi *CBI Director - Ranjith Sinha *Indian coast Guard Director - Anurag G Thapliyal * UGC Chairman - Ved Prakash * President of Association Of Indian Football Federation - Praful Patel * President of Indian Olympic Association - Abhay Singh Chautala Oscars 2013: The Complete Winners List Best Picture - Argo Best Actor - Daniel Day-Lewis for 'Lincoln' Best Actress - Jennifer Lawrence for 'Silver Linings Playbook' Best Direction - Ang Lee for 'Life of Pi' Best Writing - Original Screenplay - Quentin Tarantino for 'Django Unchained' Best Writing - Adapted Screenplay - Chris Terrio for 'Argo'

Best Original Song - Adele for 'Skyfall' Best Original Score - Mychael Danna for 'Life of Pi' Best Production Design - 'Lincoln' - Rick Carter (Production Design); Jim Erickson (Set Decoration). Best Film Editing - William Goldenberg for 'Argo' Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Anne Hathaway for 'Les Miserables' Best Foreign Language Film Amour Best Documentary - Feature Searching for Sugar Man Best Documentary - Short Subject - `Inocente` Best Short Film - Live Action - Shawn Christensen for `Curfew Best Make-Up and Hair Styling - Lisa Westcott and Julie Dartnell for `Les Misrables` Best Costume Design - Jacqueline Durran for Anna Karenina Best Visual Effects - `Life of Pi` Best Cinematography - Claudio Miranda for `Life of Pi` Best Animated Feature Film - `Brave` Best Short Film - Animated - John Kahrs for `Paperman` Best Supporting Actor - Christoph Waltz for `Django Unchained` 1 Chief of Army Staff General Bikram Singh 2 Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne 3 Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi 4 Chief of Integrated Defence Staff Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha 5 Director General, Border Security Force Subhash Joshi 6 Director General, Central Reserve Police Force Pranay Sahay 7 Director General, Central Industrial Security Force Rajiv 8 Director-General of Military Intelligence R.K. Loomba 9 Director, Central Bureau of Investigation Ranjit Sinha 10 Director, Intelligence Bureau Syed Asif Ibrahim 11 Director General, National Investigation Agency S.C. Sinha 12 Director, Research and Analysis Wing Alok Joshi 13 Member (Investigation CBDT) KV Chaudhary POINTS to REMEMBER ABOUT OLYMPIC GAMES

First ancient Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. in honour of Greek God Zeus. First modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece. Olympic Games are so called because they were held in the city of Olympia. The person known as the father of modern Olympic Games is Pierre de Coubertin. The International Olympic Committee which was formed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1894 has its headquarters at Lausanne, Switzerland. Olympic Motto is "Citius-Altius- Fortius"(swifter, higher, stronger).

The colours of the five rings on the Olympic symbol representing five continents (The Americas are treated as one continent) are Red, blue, green, yellow, and black. The Olympic flag was first flown during the 1920 Olympic Games at Antwerp, Belgium. The Olympic oath was written by Pierre de Coubertin. The Olympic oath was first taken during the 1920 Olympic Games by Belgian fencer Victor Boin. The first opening ceremonies were held during the 1908 Olympic Games in London. The Greek team always leads the procession of athletes in the opening ceremony followed by all the other teams in alphabetical order in the language of the hosting country. The last team is always the team of the hosting country. Olympic games were not held in the following years due to the two world wars 1916, 1940 and 1944. Women participated for the first time at the Paris Olympic Games of 1900. The country which won the most medals at the first Olympic Summer Games in 1896 Greece (47) The cities which have the held the summer Olympics twice are Athens (1896 & 2004),Paris (1900 & 1924), London (1908 &1948) and Los Angeles (1932 & 1984) The city which has the hosted the summer Olympics thrice is London (1908, 1948 and 2012) The country which has hosted the summer Olympics the maximum number of times is the United States - Los Angeles (1932 & 1984), St. Louis (1904) and Atlanta (1996) To qualify as an Olympic sport, that sport must be widely played by men in at least 75 countries and on four continents, and by women in at least 40 countries and on three continents.

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT TEA :Whether it is white tea, green tea, oolong, pu-erh tea and black tea, All tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis.

1. Tea is a rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids which are scientifically proven
to aid in the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

2. Tea can also help regulate cholesterol. Drinking tea is also good for the heart. 3. A cup of tea may keep the dentist away. This is because tea helps fight cavities.

4. The Camellia sinensis tea plant can produce tea for 50 years !!!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * COMPUTER RELATED FULL FORMS AVI = Audio Video Interleave RTS = Real Time Streaming SIS = Symbian OS Installer File AMR = Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec JAD = Java Application Descriptor JAR = Java Archive JAD = Java Application Descriptor 3GPP = 3rd Generation Partnership Project 3GP = 3rd Generation Project MP3 = MPEG player lll MP4 = MPEG-4 video file AAC = Advanced Audio Coding GIF = Graphic Interchangeable Format JPEG = Joint Photographic Expert Group BMP = Bitmap SWF = Shock Wave Flash WMV = Windows Media Video WMA = Windows Media Audio WAV = Waveform Audio PNG = Portable Network Graphics DOC = Document (Microsoft Corporation) PDF = Portable Document Format M3G = Mobile 3D Graphics M4A = MPEG-4 Audio File NTH = Nokia Theme (series 40) THM = Themes (SonyEricsson) MMF = Synthetic Music Mobile Application File NRT = Nokia Ringtone XMF = Extensible Music File WBMP = Wireless Bitmap Image DVX = DivX Video HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language WML = Wireless Markup Language CD - Compact Disk. DVD - Digital Versatile Disk. CRT - Cathode Ray Tube. DAT - Digital Audio Tape. DOS - Disk Operating System. GUI - Graphical User Interface. HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. IP - Internet Protocol.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

ISP - Internet Service Provider. TCP - Transmission Control Protocol. UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply. URL - Uniform Resource Locator. USB - Universal Serial Bus. VIRUS - Vital Information Resource Under Seized. 3G - 3rd Generation. GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication. CDMA - Code Divison Multiple Access. UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunication System. SIM - Subscriber Identity Module. HSDPA - High Speed Downlink Packet Access. EDGE - Enhanced Data Rate for GSM [Global System for Mobile Communication] Evolution. * VHF - Very High Frequency. * UHF - Ultra High Frequency. * GPRS - General Packet Radio Service. * WAP - Wireless Application Protocol. * TCP - Transmission Control Protocol . * ARPANET - Advanced Research Project Agency Network. * IBM - International Business Machine Corporation. * HP - Hewlett Packard. * AM/FM - Amplitude/ Frequency Modulation. * WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network BANK ----- Headquarters: -State Bank of IndiaMumbai -Allahabad BankKolkata -Bank of IndiaMumbai -Bank of Maharashtra Pune -Canara Bank Bangalore -Central Bank of IndiaMumbai -Corporation BankMangalore -Dena BankMumbai -Indian BankChennai -Indian Overseas BankChennai -Oriental Bank of CommerceNew Delhi -Punjab National BankNew Delhi -Punjab & Sind Bank New Delhi -Syndicate BankManipal -UCO BankKolkata -Union Bank of IndiaMumbai -United Bank of India Kolkata -Vijaya BankBangalore -Andhra BankHyderabad -Bank of BarodaMumbai

6 Negatives lines ,with positive meanings....!! 1.Money can't buy happiness, but its more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle . 2.Forgive your enemy, but remember that bastard's name: D . 3.Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again. 4.Many people are alive only because its illegal to shoot them(n) . 5.Alcohol doesn't solve any problem, but neither does juice** . 6.Smoking kills, but if you don't smoke, doesn't mean you'll never die... 25 AWESOME TIPS FOR BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!! 1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. & while you walk, SMILE. It is the ultimate antidepressant. 2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. 3. When you wake up in the morning, Pray to ask Gods guidance for your purpose, today. 4. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants. 5. Drink green tea and plenty of water. Eat blueberries, broccoli, and almonds. 6. Try to make at least three people smile each day. 7. Dont waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment. 8. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card. 9. Life isnt fair, but its still good. 10. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Forgive them for everything ! 11. Dont take yourself so seriously. No one else does. 12. You dont have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. 13. Make peace with your past so it wont spoil the present. 14. Dont compare your life to others. You haveno idea what their journey is all about. 15. No one is in charge of your happiness except you. 16. Frame every so-called disaster with these words: In five years, will this matter? 17. Help the needy,Be generous ! Be a Giver not a Taker 18. What other people think of you is none of your business. 19. Time heals everything. 20. However good or bad a situation is,it will change. 21. Your job wont take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch. 22. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need. 23. Each night before you go to bed, Pray to God and Be thankful for what youll accomplish, today ! 24. Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed. 25.Share this to everyone on your list to help them lead a happier life!!!! Some Computer Related Abbreviations:C.P.U:- Central Processing Unit C.M.O.S:- Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor P.C.I:- Peripherals Component Interface B.I.O.S:- Basic Input Output System

Mhz:- Mega Hetz or Ghz:- Giga Hetz DIMM:- Dual In Memory Modules D.D.R:- Double Data Rate U.S.B:- Universal serial Bus F.D.D:- Floppy Disk Drive SATA:- Serial Advance Technology Attachment H.D.D:- Hard Disk Drive P.O.S.T:- Power On Self Test P.G.N:- Pin Grid Array E.P.P:- Enhanced Parallel Port E.C.P:- Extended Capabilities Port F.S.B:- Front Side Bus L.C.D:- Liquid Crystal Display T.F.T:- Thin Film Transistor S.C.S.I :- Small Computer System Interface P.S.U:- Power Supply Unit Famous Books and Authors**** Ramayana - Valmiki Mahabharatha - Vedavyasa Bhagavath Geetha - Vedavyasa Adhyatma Ramayanam Kilippatu Thunjathu Ezhuthachan Krishnagatha Cherussery Uthararamacharitham Bhavabhoothi Harshacharitha Banabhatta Neethisathakam Bharthruhari Meghdoot Kalidasa Swapnavasavadatta - Bhasan Kumarasambhava Kalidasa Abhijanana Sakundalam Kalidasa Malavikagnimithra Kalidasa Panchathantra Vishnu Sharma Ramacharithamans Tulasidas Gitanjali Rabindranath Tagore Anandamath Bankim Chandra chatterji The Story of My experiments with truth Mahatma Gandhi The discovery of India Jawaharlal Nehru Durgesha Nandini - Bankim Chandra chatterji Godaan Munshi Premchand Coolie Mulk Raj Anand Odyssey Homer Lliad Homer Das Capital Karl Marx Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels Crime and punishment Dostoevsky War and Peace Tolstoy

Important CURRENT AFAIRS : 17th July 2013. 1. The Reserve Bank of India hiked short term rates in the first strong measure to support the Indian rupee. 2. The Reserve Bank opened a special borrowing window of Rs 25,000 crore to help the crisisridden mutual funds tide over liquidity problems. 3. The Supreme Court of India on 17 July 2013 refused to reduce the age of juvenile from 18 to 16 years and dismissed a plea that minors involved in heinous crimes should not be protected under the law. 4. A special meeting of the UN General Assembly will mark the Nelson Mandela International Day on 18th July. 5. The second International Crimes Tribunal today sentenced war crime indicted Ali Mohammed Mujaheed,General Secretary of Jamaat e Islami to death. 6. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav, launched a state-wide campaign to improve family health across 75 districts of the state.HAUSLA (meaning spirit or determination),the campaignstwin goals include galvanizing state health systems to deliver high-quality, accessible health programs and services. 7. Dr Nirmalya Kumar, Professor of Marketing at the London Business School, will join Tata Sons as Member Group Executive Council reporting to the Chairman, Cyrus P. Mistry. 8. The government has approved a proposal to amend Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Act for providing more powers to the market regulator to crack down on ponzi schemes. The decision will also give Sebi powers to conduct search and seizure operations and access call data records. 9. In the biggest foreign investment pullout, world's largeststeel maker ArcelorMittal scrapped its USD 12 billion (Rs 50,000 crore) steel plant in Odisha over inordinate delays, problems in acquiring land and securing iron ore linkages. 10. Engineering and construction major Larsen & Toubro (L&T) wona Rs 2,085 crore overseas order from Oman government for construction of Al Batinah Expressway. 11. Real Madrid has been named asthe most valuable club in the list of the worlds 50 most valuable sports teams released by Forbes yesterday.

Android Hidden Codes: *#06# IMEI number *#0*# Enter the service menu on newer phones like Galaxy S III *#*#4636#*#* Phone information, usage statistics and battery *#*#34971539#*# * Detailed camera information *#*#273282*255* 663282*#*#* Immediate backup of all media files *#*#197328640#* #* Enable test mode for service *#*#232339#*#* Wireless LAN tests *#*#0842#*#* Backlight/ vibration test *#*#2664#*#* Test the touchscreen *#*#1111#*#* FTA software version (1234 in the same code will give PDA and firmware version) *#12580*369# Software and hardware info *#9090# Diagnostic configuration *#872564# USB logging control *#9900# System dump mode *#301279# HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu *#7465625# View phone lock status *#*#7780#*#* Reset the /data partition to factory state *2767*3855# Format device to factory state (will delete everything on phone) *##7764726 Hidden service menu for Motorola Droid