Say Goodbye to Feast or Famine

A Translator’s Secrets to Attract Higher-paying Clients and Create Consistent Income

By Joy Mo

Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine



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Author: Joy Mo Certified court interpreter in BC Canada, freelance mandarin/Chinese translator, blogger, founder of

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Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine

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Actively seek out strategic alliances Who can be your strategic alliance? How to find your strategic alliance 26 26 27 5.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Table of Contents Introduction 1 – Your Business Depends On Marketing Make time for marketing Where and how to start? 4 6 10 11 12 4 2 – Make the Choice Obvious Motivate your supporters Exist on Consistency 13 14 16 3.Cold Calls With a Warm Twist Find a good reason to contact prospects Get your friends working for you 34 35 38 Copyright 2012 .translators-biz-secret. All rights reserved.Attract Clients with Constructive Criticism Spot your opportunity Write a letter they can't resist Getting to the right person Don't be boring or bland Basics of a good critique letter Get the most wanted response 18 18 20 22 23 24 25 4 .

com. the rest will 73 follow Copyright 2012 www. All rights reserved. .translators-biz-secret.Do what you love.Growing your services Find your specialty Do your research Time is of the essence Resources available for little to no cost 57 59 61 62 63 8.Build A Responsive Email List Publishing your own ezine How to build a responsive list? Build a list without an ezine 66 67 69 70 The Final Point .Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine 6.To Thrive is to Diversify Sell your service Outsource your work Offer advice as a paid service Build a fee-based membership program Leveraging 40 40 43 46 49 50 5 7.

when I first started my freelance translation career in This is not me saying how great I am. Nine years ago. but rather. attended quite a few interviews and gave out tons of business cards. These were accompanied with a great sense of anticipation. .Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine 6 First. All rights reserved. The strategies discussed in the following pages have been proven effective through my own trial and error. I thought all I had to do was to apply to as many translation agencies as possible and wait for the phone calls to pour in. the job requests didn’t pour in. to my surprise. I knew very little about marketing. let me tell you a little bit about myself. I had just graduated from the court interpreting program in Vancouver. Copyright 2012 www. I sent out nearly a hundred resumes. I want you to understand where I come from. With my previous BA degree in translation. However. I didn’t have any business background before I came to Canada. What I did bring with me was a passion for language translation and the determination to make it work for me.translators-biz-secret. an introduction… Before I spill the beans.

Many translation agencies and companies have good relationships with your local colleges and universities. public relation companies and sometimes even government offices. take a related program at a reputable college or university. A few months later I began to get more calls and assignments from various translation agencies and other independent clients. Now. It is a source of recruitment for them. but you’ll have the advantage of becoming an instant member of that network. Plus. I hated it. anything that would bring me more income. I was. my throat dried up and my voice shook. Let me tell you – those moments were some of the most uncomfortable experiences in my life. 7 So here’s my first advice – if you are starting as a translator from scratch. . but it’s a big one as first ones go. never mind my lofty expectations. I had no idea where I should go to find work.translators-biz-secret. by establishing that connection. by most people’s standards. Not so much that I am a shy person. or feel like a huge step. This may not seem like much. I wasn’t Copyright 2012 www. I just knew I had to do something. It may cost you some money. But my income just didn’t match up with the effort I was putting in. but I stuck it So I took the bold step to visit law firms. quite busy. All rights reserved. but every time I started to pitch my services to a stranger. you’ll have a relatively easier time in finding those first few clients. Therefore.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine My patience wore thin. back to my frustrating first steps.

It seemed that way for me. The jobs were scattered across town and sometimes cancelled without notice. I knew something had to give. I was barely making ends meet.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine getting any results. found myself a business mentor. even if it meant I had to cancel family plans. So I did my research. Stability and regularity were just not a part of the picture. But their answers were equally discouraging – this is what a freelance translator’s life is like. with regards to how to run a profitable business. Before long I had to dump the cold calling idea altogether. my priorities changed completely. and most importantly. I couldn’t afford to undervalue myself any Soon we had our first baby and then a second child. read books on marketing. Pretty soon I felt burnt out. 8 It took me over a year before I had what I would consider a busy practice. . Somebody said that life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.translators-biz-secret. I wasn’t going to sacrifice my family life for any job or business. I recall that I regularly asked my fellow translators how they found work. Copyright 2012 www. It was mostly agency work and the occasional clients who had heard about me through my past clients. It just wasn’t for me. However. Then. I was working so hard – I wouldn’t turn down any job that was offered. I learned more in a few months than all the previous few years combined. All rights reserved.

They have worked for me and I know they will work for you. . It began to show positive results. And the best part? I didn’t have to pretend to be someone who I wasn’t. I was pleased. It was me – very authentic.translators-biz-secret. All rights reserved. These strategies are simple and hands-on. All you need is a willingness to learn and take action. Copyright 2012 www. 9 Needless to say.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine I began to apply my new strategies to my translation business. my income doubled. while I was working about half the hours I had the previous year. Now I am going to share with you the most effective marketing strategies I used to turn my business from diving to thriving. Marketing my business was fun. That same

Your Business Depends On Marketing Marketing is not a magic trick. 10 It often takes about six months to a year to develop a full translation practice. The reality is most translators do almost nothing to promote their business other than handing out business cards. All rights reserved. . The reality is.translators-biz-secret. it does take time to build your reputation and credibility to where you are people’s first choice. virtually everyone has to go and find that door and open it themselves. so be patient. and lots and lots of careful planning. Copyright 2012 www. you are not alone. They are waiting for that proverbial door of opportunity to open. there was little or no time spent on teaching us how to get clients consistently and continuously. After all. While we were learning how to be a translator.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Chapter 1 . If you feel you suck at marketing. It requires It’s a system you use to attract clients. But it will eventually bring the results you want if you implement the right strategies diligently.

Or you may have more pressing matters to deal with at that moment. Remember those youthful ideas – painting.translators-biz-secret. But to win and be successful.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Here’s the good news for you – you can do it. by the time you realize you need to market your services Copyright 2012 www. What you can do is create a daily routine. you will never do it. Make marketing a habit and part of your business mindset. 11 1. you need to spend serious time on marketing. . quite often you say you’ll do something. All rights reserved.Make time for marketing The truth is. There are effective ways to get good-paying translation clients and secure lucrative translation not excuses. It may be only 15 minutes or one hour a day but it needs to be separate from your other duties. but you just never do it. you need to make time. All you need to do is to get down to the nittygritty and actually do the work. learning a musical instrument – that due to time you just never got around to doing? My point is. Maybe you just forget. If you have just started your translation practice. if you don’t create time for marketing in your daily business operation. There is always a good excuse why you can’t or won’t take on a marketing task. If you don’t apply a steady schedule of marketing to your business strategy.

com.many opportunities will have passed by. 2. develop an effective marketing strategy and create new.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine it’s often too late . Copyright 2012 www.Where and how to start? The best way to begin is to consider your client profile – make a list of past clients and what exactly brought them to you: • What was the type of translation work? • What were they looking for in a translation service provider? • How did they find you? • What makes them happy to be your clients? (Hint: low price shouldn’t be a major reason. Don’t let that happen to you. in-demand products/services/programs. All rights reserved. .translators-biz-secret.) • How do they think you can improve as a translation service provider? • Have they ever tried your competitors’ service? Were they happy? Why or why not? • What other communication or language needs do your clients have? • Would they be happy to refer business to you? 12 These answers will contain important information that will help you improve your business.

Copyright 2012 www.translators-biz-secret. “I’m a communication expert helping businesses prepare marketing and sales materials in multiple languages” or “I’m an experienced language specialist who assists businesses to attract new customers in [your languages pair here]. I always tell my potential lawyer clients that my excellent note-taking skills will ensure that minimum content is lost during a legal proceeding. You’ll be super lucky to get any job requests at all. All rights reserved. I assure them that the message they send will remain as intact as possible in a different 13 Instead of telling people that you are a translator looking for work. In this day and age.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Chapter 2 – Make the Choice Obvious Try going out there and telling everyone that you are a translator who is waiting to be hired. For example. try doing something expansive but to the point. with the technology and competition. stating the obvious just doesn’t work. For example. You have to stand out.” Always focus on the benefits and advantages your clients will get when working with you. .

are well-informed. Make sure your letter is friendly and personal. All rights reserved. You can send it by email or by regular mail. Let them know what you are doing and ask for their advice and help. but also bring me tons of referrals. make sure your friends and family . . They not only give me lots of work. Copyright 2012 14 One important tool you can use is a letter sent to your friends and family about your business. Make it relevant so that they are more likely to reply to your message. Before you go out there to promote yourself.your closest allies . Here’s a sample letter that I used: Dear Pat. or a mix of both. 1. Few people will respond to such an email.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine As a result my clients that request legal interpretation and translation are all very loyal. do not send out mass or group emails with dozens of email addresses listed in the “to” or “cc” line. However.translators-biz-secret. That includes legal professionals and translator agencies.Motivate your supporters Never under estimate the power of your own personal network.

I also help other translators and interpreters find their clients and quality translation jobs. Sincerely. . Would you please keep an eye open for people in your circle that might need my service or could benefit from my skills? I work with people locally.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine How are you doing lately? I hope your trip to Brazil last month was great. As you know I started a new translation business after my maternity leave ended two years ago. I work with business owners and other professionals to develop effective communication in different languages. nationally and internationally thanks to the help of the All rights reserved. I really appreciate your input! Thank you so much for your help. Pat.translators-biz-secret. I`m so excited to update you on my new business endeavor. I’m looking for translation projects as well as multilingual communication projects. Also. I`m pleased to say that my business has grown quite a bit since then. Joy 15 Copyright 2012 www. if you have any new ideas and suggestions for my business. please don’t hesitate to share them with me. If there`s anything I can do for you please let me know.

you have to integrate them into your daily life. you can write a business update letter every half year or so. All rights reserved. Can you imagine cold calling Copyright 2012 www. One important point to remember -. The message would more or less remain the same – letting your contacts know how you are doing and what you are asking for from them. To be able to keep up with your marketing tasks. Set an initial goal of 6-8 per week. Remember. To actually talk to them on the phone or meeting them face-to-face often provides that extra personal touch that motivates people to do something for you.make sure you come across as confident but not over the top. 2. This helps remind your supporter group that you are there and you need their help.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine You can adjust the wording and style to your particular situation and send it out to everyone in your contact book.Exist on Consistency Marketing is not a one-time deal. Make it an on-going task.translators-biz-secret. .com. It is an on-going requirement. you don`t have to send all these emails or letters at once. You should also follow-up with a phone call within 48 hours – maybe even set up a coffee or lunch meeting for further discussion. be humble but not begging. 16 If you’ve been in business for a while.

All rights . 4 and 5. Copyright 2012 www. You have to make your marketing fun and authentic. I will explain in great detail about three very effective ways I often use to attract quality translation projects and high paying clients.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine clients on a regular basis? I can`t! And frankly I think that it’s a waste of time and energy. In other words: • Your potential clients have to know it`s you • You need a compelling message • You have to be different from the pack • You have to do your own homework • You have to do it in a way that won`t put people off • You can`t do anything that`s unethical • Your marketing strategy has to be true to who you are 17 All right. are you ready for the real gig now? In chapters 3.

you need to contact the potential client by email or regular mail. pamphlets and other marketing documents.Attracting Clients with Constructive Criticism This is my powerful client attraction tip # 1: Spot your potential clients and let them know what you can do for them 18 1. And trust me – there are more poor translations out there than you might believe. Show them the problems you’ve Copyright 2012 www. All rights reserved. spelling mistakes or even odd choice of words etc. you need to make a note of it. Look for poorly translated copies and awkward sentences.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Chapter 3. Decide what type of clients you are trying to attract. although you may score with these ones too. What I’m talking about is the kind of mistake that might confuse the readers or cause an unintended result. read their translated brochures.translators-biz-secret. After you’ve picked a winner. . Keep an eye on the translated literature of these potential clients. I’m not talking about just minor errors such as typos. online and offline. Visit their websites.Spot your opportunity Identify the niche market you are going to target. Make a list of all your possible future If you do spot a mistake like that.

find out who is the decision maker of your target business is. .translators-biz-secret. Let me tell you – this strategy often works wonders. they feel you are a real person that can be reached more easily. you want to ask for assistance from your existing circle of friends and family. Then suggest how you can fix and that you need their help to find a personal or professional connection to that company or even that person if possible. Preferably. If this is the case. you need to do the following: First. On the other hand. don’t be afraid to approach a non-local business if you have a strong case. if you are new to this strategy. Most people let their guard down when introduced to someone through a personal or professional connection. you will want to start with a local business or at least the local branch of a company. Copyright 2012 www.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine found and tell them how these mistakes can negatively affect their corporate or business image in the eyes of the public. It’s also presumably easier to check your background if you are local. Tell them that you are trying to contact this person at XYZ company. don’t be afraid to initiate contact even when there’s no personal connection you can rely on. All rights reserved. Instead of contacting him or her directly. This is simply because of the trust factor – when they know you are local. When you do find a case of bad translation. 19 On the other hand.

translators-biz-secret. you’ll need to prepare a well-crafted letter to that person. If you don’t mind. I just came across your website the other day and was impressed with just how informative your site is! As I proceeded to the Chinese section. . I was a little disappointed at the overall poor quality of the Chinese message. Smith. Below is an example I often use for this purpose: 20 A sample letter Dear Mr. Will people understand it? Absolutely! But will the message be as powerful? No! Copyright 2012 www. First of all. Create a compelling message that the recipient simply cannot resist.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine you’ll have to make that initial contact a very impressive and convincing one.Write a letter they can’t resist Once you know who. the headline is very strangely worded and it has lost the punchiness that the original text in English had. All rights reserved. I understand that you use this Chinese section to attract Chinese speaking clients. but there are a few translation spots that are awkward or misleading. I’d like to make some suggestions. Obviously it’s the translated version of your English section.

As you may know. I can be reached at ###-###-#### and I’ll be happy to show you how your marketing message can wow your potential customers with the right translation. Copyright 2012 www. It’s how you receive the most out of your marketing campaign. A successfully translated marketing message requires more than just an accurate meaning of the content. 21 While everyone makes mistakes occasionally. consumers have high expectations for well-established companies such as It’s also about how to send the same POWERFUL message in a different language and provoke the very response you want from your target audience.I am a trained professional translator who specializes in marketing and sales related translations. To achieve that. . Also. a translator must possess both the language skills and the marketing knowledge.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Sorry if I sound a bit picky here . All rights reserved.translators-biz-secret. In my practice I focus on how to naturally and accurately translate a compelling marketing message from English to Chinese and vice versa. it detracts from your overall message of quality and consistency. an overall weak and awkward presentation like the one I mentioned will hurt your marketing results.

com 22 3-Getting to the right person Now. I recommend sending an email with a condensed version of your written message – this also alerts them to your mailed letter. When you make an extra effort. Do NOT send an email with an attachment. At the same time. your potential clients will notice. so play it safe. On the Copyright 2012 www. These days very few people take the time and effort to write a good letter. Most people worry about computer viruses.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Sincerely yours. Knowing how to get your message delivered is also important. Others may simply have a different computer operating software that can’t open your attachment. Why? This is because people are more likely to open and read an actual handdelivered letter. If you can somehow find an insider through your social network or other connections. getting this message to the right person is critical. just in case someone else filters their mail for by all means go through that channel. Ideally you want to send a letter via regular mail. Joy Mo Certified court interpreter/expert translator Translators-biz-secret. All rights reserved.translators-biz-secret. .

Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine

other hand, don’t let the lack of an inside connection slow you down. Go ahead and contact them - you’ve got nothing to lose after all. The key is to write a compelling letter.

4- Don’t be boring or bland
I receive several soliciting emails and letters every day, but most of them sound like this: “Hi, we have a 20-member team to serve your needs. Our professionals are highly qualified and our price is very affordable.” “We are a Chinese translation company. We do translation in most language combinations. Our service is reliable and affordable.”

Guess what I did with the messages? I hit the delete button. Sorry, I just don’t want to waste my precious time on these same old mass sales pitches. They are a distraction, not a serious attentiongetter.

There’s another version that is almost funny if it wasn’t so bad: “Hi, I just found 23 bugs on your website. If you don’t remove those bugs, your site will be banned by Google. Contact us and we will fix your problem.” Wow, since when is a threat a good marketing tactic? Anyone who thinks I would beg to buy their service after some vague fearmongering must be kidding themselves. So, I delete again!

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Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine

Don’t ever lower yourself to that level. Be well prepared before you reach out to a potential client. Speak (or write) in a way that expresses respect and confidence.

5- Basics of a good critique letter

There are basically really just two conditions that will elicit a response: a) You know exactly what you are talking about b) The potential client feels that they would benefit from talking to you

Just keep in mind – never promise anything that’s impossible for you to deliver. Be professional and be respectful. Present your case with facts and examples. Any misleading statement may come back to bite you later on.

It might take some guts to send out the first letter. When I first started doing this the thought of sending a letter to a sizable company just scared me. “Who do I think I am? Why would anyone listen to me?”

I never expect that anyone would pick up my letter and say – “Wow, what a genius! We have to outsource all our translation work to her.” But if I don’t try, I would never know what their response will be.

Make sure you proofread your letter a few times before sending it. It should sound natural, just as though it was something you told

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Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine

them face-to-face. It also shouldn’t sound like a lecture or be overly critical of the company or any particular person.

Yes, companies have pride too. A compliment goes a long way. Be as respectful as you can be without pandering. Also, make your points crystal clear. The last thing you want is to force your potential client to guess the intention of your letter.


6- Get the most wanted response
In the past 2 years I’ve sent out 3 dozen such letters and got quite a few good contracts. Some are well on their way to becoming my long-term clients. It’s absolutely worth the effort and time I put into it. I recommend you make this a regular task.

Once you’ve formed a good working relationship with those companies, they may even send referrals to you. A happy client is your best advertisement.

There’s another edge you should know: those that respond to my message are businesses that are also active on social media. They are communicating with real clients in real time. They appreciate real, timely feedback.

So make sure you do some detective work before taking on this job. Do they use Twitter? Do they have a Facebook page? How can you turn that to an advantage? Keep reading!

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Actively seek out strategic alliances Here’s my powerful client attraction tip #2: Finding businesses or professionals who are already marketing to your target audience.Who can be your strategic alliance? There’s nothing wrong with going it alone as a business. To grow your translation business you may need to build strategic alliances with others. . Get to know who could be targeting your potential clients: • • • • • • • • Virtual office services Public relation firms Lawyers Accountants Writers Web designers Consultants Local businesses who need to reach an ethnic community These are some examples of industries and businesses (often independent and owner-operated) that can become a helpful ally. All rights reserved.translators-biz-secret. 26 Copyright 2012 www. But it’s also important to realize that working together with other businesses or professionals you can achieve amazing results.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Chapter 4 .

.translators-biz-secret. you don’t find them randomly on the street (usually). Before you take the next step. i.How to find your strategic alliance When I mention this method to my fellow translators. “But where do I find these people?” The truth is that it’s easier than you think. not-for-profit fundraising. start strategizing on how your work can complement them if given the opportunity. 27 2. All rights reserved. or an ethnic business that is struggling to get into the mainstream marketplace. B) Get involved in the community Copyright 2012 www.e. charity gatherings. they often ask. etc. But here are a few ways to find these professionals and businesses: A) Pay attention to what’s going on around you Identify the kind of professionals and businesses you are trying to reach through news stories. online reports and brochures. Some may be having trouble reaching a growing ethnic community. Of course. architecture or construction company may find your services valuable. Consider companies and business leaders who advertise and contribute to community events.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Even your local gardening service.

For example. Just make sure that you only commit to projects that you will follow through on. It could be a Toastmasters club or an ewoman network. I find many high profile community leaders tend to sit on social committees and participate in volunteer groups to gain visibility.translators-biz-secret. Latino or Chinese chambers of commerce).com. Social causes and hobbies are two major ways for professionals and businesspeople to share their values with the community. It’s most beneficial if it is something you already have an interest in. professional organizations. 28 You can do that too. It is. This is an important part of everyday life – meeting new people. There’s nothing wrong in joining a social group for networking and business opportunities. All rights reserved. Pick the ones that likely would attract your chosen target group. and events are listed. any business connections you meet there will be a bonus! Focus on meeting people and trying to help others.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Look into your local newspapers or your city’s website – there is often a section where community groups. or even an ethnic-based business group (i. You may be amazed at how this simple strategy can have beneficial side effects! Copyright 2012 www.e. potentially harmful to join one just for the sole purpose of monetary gain. The rest is a bonus. be sure that your prime interest is to lose weight/get in better shape. however. . if you join the local Weightwatchers or TOPS group.

Once you feel more comfortable in the group. Ask them if they can either use your service directly or market with your translation service as an added convenience to the clients. A couple of weeks later.translators-biz-secret. Begin by asking for advice. Most of the time people are eager to tell you what they know. which offered useful phrases and words for what the team was going to do and see on the trip. We happened to know a Spanish language translator who was willing to create a one-page handout.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Here’s another example: A friend’s daughter was going on a sports team trip to Central America. 29 He presented it to them as a gift. You’ll be surprised at how many of them will be glad to work with you. he got a job through a referral from one of those parents! Be a good listener before you take the next step. . and received the players’ and parents’ gratitude. C) Pitch your idea After you’ve become comfortable and established yourself as a member. Copyright 2012 www. Do not make random calls as they generally don’t work. Send an email with your suggestion or new idea and follow up with a phone call asking to discuss the proposal. All rights reserved. you can pitch your ideas to a select you may start reaching out to some of them.

don’t take it personally. They also listen to what you have to say. While becoming a member of a local or regional translators association can be helpful. you’ll like it.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Even if you are rejected for some reason. you need to establish good connections. When people have mutual interests. . This may sound like a counterproductive step at first. presuming you are a good listener as well. Instead. Maybe that business is simply not ready to provide additional services to their market yet. try to offer help and ask for advice. Copyright 2012 www. In order to secure quality translation projects and attract high paying clients. they tend to communicate more with each other on a regular basis. but once you absorb it. a mom-preneur club or even a political organization when it comes to creating stronger business alliances. Just don’t expect it to be as beneficial as a public speaking club. that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join one. Just move on! D) My little observation I find participating in interest-based groups as being more beneficial than a translators association. 30 However.translators-biz-secret. All rights reserved. I have yet to see any produce quality projects for its Do not try to push your translation service onto others. a chamber of commerce.

But it takes some creativity and effort to build additional value to any existing service and/or product. you want to market a process that would enhance the value of other businesses or Products and services can change from time to time according to the needs. 31 You’ve got to have something different to make your name stand out. So. But a smooth process is evergreen. Basically.translators-biz-secret. If what you offer can improve the customer experience. E) Process over Product To make a real impact. do not offer your translation service as a sole product on its own. . while it’s true that imitation is a true form of flattery. But in this competitive market. All rights reserved. you’ve got a winning formula. and Copyright 2012 www. Instead. in business it’s important to add your own twist. it’s your service and work that will speak wonders – but that initial break is the tough one to find. you’ve got to have a compelling and unique message. It is way too easy to pick a freelancer for any single job these days. Once you have the job. you need to demonstrate how your translation service can make their business more irresistible to their customers.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine A big mistake many translators make is that they just copy what others are doing and hope it will work for them as well.

In my practice I offer virtual assistance such as translation. how your service is a valued addition to their scheduling and bookings. I run a translation business myself and I thought we might be able to work on some projects together. Pat and I were having a conversation about virtual assistance the other day and she mentioned you and your company. they are more likely to take the plunge. I noticed that you are offering office space and the use of office equipment to your clients who are usually start-up small businesses that don’t have the funds to have a full-blown office and staff. Copyright 2012 www. If they feel they have something to gain and nothing to lose from working with you. In other words. .Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine show how you are going to add value to the overall experience of their clients. I took a good look at your website yesterday and I was really impressed. How’s it going? The event last Saturday at the community center was such a great experience.translators-biz-secret. I have access to a number of qualified virtual assistants. and other administrative tasks including writing. All rights reserved. As you may know. 32 F) A Sample letter Here’s a letter I used to pitch a business idea to a new contact: Dear Lynn. It was nice talking to you and I hope you enjoyed that as well.

translators-biz-secret. Cheers.. I can be reached at .com. I believe the additional services I have suggested will enhance the value of your business.. Joy Mo www. All rights reserved. we should meet to discuss how we could make it beneficial for 33 After following up with a phone call. Copyright 2012 www. . I just secured myself another future project.translators-biz-secret. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about doing any additional work on your tel: 9999999999 email: info@translators-biz-secret. Let me know what you think.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine If you think offering such services to your clients or potential clients is a viable option for you..

To break the ice and introduce yourself. etc. business anniversaries. you can look for stories and advertising that feature your potential clients.Cold Calls With A Warm Twist 34 This is my powerful client attraction tip #3: Building rapport before you contact a new potential client. received an award or announced a sponsorship for a worthy community event. Be alert with what’s going on I love reading newspapers. opening. or gain knowledge on a possible new alliance. etc. Look for people who have been positively interviewed or featured. . a sure-fire winner is a short note congratulating them on their award.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Chapter 5. expansions or businesses moving to a new location. Don’t forget to put couple of your business cards in the envelope. There’s so much information you can find that can be used to your advantage. All rights reserved. Other occasions may be business openings.translators-biz-secret. particularly local ones. Copyright 2012 www. article. For example.

editors. Yes. professionals. Don’t forget to include your contact info and a business card.S. 35 Focus on people and small businesses in your local community those that you know would appreciate your efforts. Just remember. 1. writers.Find a good reason to contact prospects Did I also mention that you need to have your cool idea ready and thoroughly rehearsed before you contact your prospects again? The idea should be about how you can work together in a manner that the benefit for them and their clients is obvious. . be sincere and be interesting.translators-biz-secret.avoid hype and excessive praise. when you compliment them. Copyright 2012 www. Find a unique angle on it. you need to do both. All rights reserved.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine You can put a P. I find it works extremely well with small business owners. But don’t make that suggestion overshadow your main message of lawyers. consultants and even politicians. note and say that you have a very cool idea to share with them. Sign your name and handwrite a line or two to give it that personal touch. Make sure to proofread and spell-check your letter. Be relevant. keep it sincere and short -.

I want to say thank you for your commitment and dedication to our community. As I was reading the story in the newspaper. Congratulations on winning the 2010 Spirit of Community awards. I would be glad to help in any way possible. Dear Mr. Yang. Joy Mo Tel: 999999999 Copyright 2012 www.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine A Sample letter Here’s a letter I used to get in touch with a new prospect in my community. All rights reserved. Now he is one of my regular clients. . I was deeply touched by your generosity and your willingness to help those in need. 36 As an immigrant myself I know that the volunteer work you provide has helped many newcomers as they get accustomed to their new Sincerely yours. Thanks for making us proud! If I can be of any assistance to you or your business please contact me at ----. I truly feel our community is such a wonderful place to live because of people like you and businesses such as yours.

com Certified court interpreter/expert translator Owner and Founder of www. . Anything less is a waste of both yours and other people’s time. Let me tell you. they become more receptive to your ideas and proposals. once you have found a common cause with a business owner. Yang happens to be the owner of a successful local public relation firm.translators-biz-secret.translators-biz-secret. this Mr. See how I did not mention anything about hiring me or giving me a job? That’s because you want to make a connection on a personal level first. Sending such wishes and congratulations demands a personal Goodbye To Feast or Famine Email: info@translators-biz-secret. This has proven to be a fantastic way to build my social network. Copyright 2012 www. All rights reserved. I don’t suggest you fake your enthusiasm for community involvement –if you offer either time or financial support. business communication and virtual assistance services to businesses and We offer multilingual services including translation. 37 By the way. be ready to give it.

All rights reserved. Avoid using words or phrases that can be applied to anyone or any occasion. And frankly. Always add a personal touch such as: • relating it to your own experience or situations • signing your name with your title • always including your business card and a number that you can be reached at .set up a half-hour coffee or lunch meeting with that prospect. It’s a good practice to be specific about the compliment. Even better .but which does not appear on the card 38 And do not forget to follow up with a phone call a day or two later.Get your friends working for you When time gets tough and business is slow. how much time do you have anyways? Copyright 2012 www. making cold calls is not a good idea. many freelance translators tend to do 2 things: • think about quitting or changing careers • turn to cold calls While quitting may not be a solution for you. either. I’ve seen how it often leads to one quitting the Be genuine. 2.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Make sure you come across as sincere and do not try to sell your service. .

translators-biz-secret. twitter. and then ask them for advice or Facebook. Always express your appreciation for their business first. 39 You will be surprised at how much valuable information your friends have to share with you. . When you contact businesses through social media. You must also put social media to work for you. All rights reserved. Copyright 2012 www. go back to your contact list and send an email to all your friends asking them if they know anyone who might need your service. In fact. do this once a job is completed to everyone’s satisfaction.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Instead. Contact your past and current clients and ask for referrals regularly. they tend to respond quickly. Be specific if you can be – name companies or general industries that you know they are familiar with or know someone who is in it. yet very few people actually use their existing support network for this. linkedIn are wonderful places to find warm leads – when used right.

You may feel that your passion only lies in translation work itself. All rights reserved. . but passion alone is not going to pay your bills. This is also the most common business model for language professionals. Copyright 2012 www.translators-biz-secret. Now let’s look at a few different income models: 1. you are missing out on some real profitable opportunities. 40 If accepting freelance translation projects is your only way of earning income.To Thrive is to Diversify One of the biggest mistakes freelance translators make is not monetizing their knowledge and skills in as many ways as Goodbye To Feast or Famine Chapter 6.Sell your service Most freelance translators offer their translation services in a oneon-one model. That’s how most of us get started as a self-employed language professional. This do-it-yourself model is simple – you jump right in to this by setting your own rate and seeking out your own clients.

All rights shows in their translation work. Other than avoiding grammar mistakes. you need to focus on the natural flow of the sentences and content structure. That way you’ll get paid regularly and your income is more predictable. I’m actually astonished to see that many selfproclaimed top professional translators demonstrate very poor writing abilities. But to be able to attract lots of clients. You’re probably asking ‘What more of my service can I sell?’ One thing you can do is to direct your service towards a repeat project. Fail to do that. Say you offer virtual assistance that is specialized in translation to businesses that have regular needs – legal and business translation and interpretation. you’d better be good at what you do. you are now in their mind as a multi-service provider. and you’ll find it hard to improve your skills and abilities. 41 By promoting the skills as a package. The 2 most common problems many freelance translators have with their work are: Copyright 2012 www. It’s great to be confident. which is obvious.translators-biz-secret. . but you also need to find a way to make a fair assessment for yourself. for Goodbye To Feast or Famine There’s nothing wrong with this business model but it puts a limit on your income potential and doesn’t maximize either your time or skills. It’s those subtle differences in your communications that will set you apart from your competitors. And trust me .

Copyright 2012 www. Languages are always evolving. You need to read a large number of updated papers. Updating your skills of listening and speaking on a daily basis is also a must. you’ll have trouble with quality control.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Too wordy Awkward choice of words This is not only my personal opinion. books and other materials written by native speakers. You either go big or go home. Regularly improving your skills and professional abilities is critical to running a successful translation business. Now you may decide to take on all the freelance work yourself or you may want to hire someone else to do the work for you. but also from the feedback of many of my clients. 42 The solution? There’s no shortcut to this one. You’ve got to expose yourself to the natural environment where your working languages are spoken. There’s no place for complacency if you are running a serious business.translators-biz-secret. But unless you have a solid evaluation system in place. You have to consistently and continuously raise the Of course I’m one of the sinners too. . All rights reserved.

You set your own rate and decide to accept the jobs. you are more likely to deliver it. you won’t need to reject you’ll collect the money that’s paid to you by the client. When you sell a professional service to clients. You pay this person an agreed rate. You get all the detailed information regarding their job requests.Outsource your work How many times have you had to turn down work because you are unavailable due to another job. You’ll keep a portion of the money and pay the translator as agreed. quality is everything! And when you know what good quality is. Copyright 2012 www.translators-biz-secret.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine So please do yourself a favor by setting the standard high from the beginning. . When the job is done. 43 For example: You go out to find clients who need professional translation services. 2. You then give this person all the detailed information regarding this particular job. All rights reserved. or because you are waiting to hear back from another client? But if you build your freelance business to accommodate outsourcing. You screen them carefully and choose one who is most suited for the job and can match the expectations you have promised. You also build a list of qualified translators who are eager for work.

It can be a simple broker service where you match up clients with service providers. You don’t even have to start a translator agency if you don’t want you have to take full responsibility and make it right. All rights reserved. however. It’s important not to mislead your clients. you need to make sure two key issues are taken care of: • You have to effectively market your services so that you have plenty of clients to generate on-going job requests. If they believe they are hiring you for the job. as does your pool of potential clients. Pros: Your income should increase significantly. if a client is at all dissatisfied. . this has to be established well before any work is passed on. Here are some good sources where you can find freelance translators: Copyright 2012 www. Also. It can be tricky to find qualified translators while adding another task – overseeing other’s efficiency.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine The process itself is not complicated. Cons: You’ll have to spend more money and time on marketing. 44 For this business model to work. • You need a pool of qualified language professionals who will meet your expected standards. let them know that you often use another translator to help with your work – and that you take full responsibility for the final product.

quality control is the key to a successful outsourcing • For small jobs that require a quick turn-around time go to fiverr. All rights and translatorsbase. .com.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine • Students from translation programs • Local translators association • Through my own professional contact list • Use freelance websites such as • Through local forums • Referrals by friends 45 Obviously. Here’s what you can do to maintain the quality of the services you provide to your clients: • Check past client reviews before hiring a freelance translator • Review previous work done by a freelance translator • Try to communicate with the job candidate in writing (emails can reveal a lot about a person’s language skills) before making your hiring decision • Let the freelance translator know what you expect from him/her • Make sure this person does not subcontract this work to someone else Copyright 2012 www.

com. try your best to keep them (Sending a card or some sort of present on his/her birthday or a major holiday is always a good gesture) • On the other hand. (The ones I often use cost me about half cent per word.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine • Hire an editor/translator to edit translation work done by your freelance translators on a regular basis until you are absolutely confident about the quality. you are basically a consultant. it’s definitely worth it). For example. All rights reserved.Offer advice as a paid service In this business module. . or the most effective type of language used in an Arabic sales letter.translators-biz-secret. But for the peace of my mind. etc. You’ll read more about this in Chapter 8) 46 3. you may offer advice on how to effectively communicate with Mainland Chinese customers. • Let the translators know that their work will be checked routinely and that future jobs for them depend on the quality of work produced • When you find reliable freelancers. (Using an email system is a great idea. Copyright 2012 www. You bring your expertise to your clients by working with them directly one-onone. don’t be afraid to let go of some freelancers who simple can’t measure up to their promises • Keep communicating with your freelancers and clients. It’s important to convey your appreciation while reminding them of your presence.

but try to find a narrower niche. etc. so you’ll have a much easier time to establish an expert status on a specific subject. That’s simply because there are fewer competitors. the outsourcing demand should be big enough to find enough work for your business.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine To be able to do that you’ll have to establish certain credibility in communication. Why? Because the broader you go. the more difficult it is for you to stand out and establish credibility especially when you are just starting out. you also need to have a profound knowledge in the area you are going to offer advice for. For example. All rights reserved. A background in marketing and sales is definitely helpful. As a result of being too general you’ll have trouble attracting consulting clients. Once you are known for one specialty. localization. 47 In addition to You may still want to offer those services. . your reputation will help you sell other services. Copyright 2012 www. Meanwhile. Avoid big subjects such as business communication. The rule of thumb is that you choose a niche as narrow as possible.translators-biz-secret. calling yourself an ‘outsourcing consultant’ is way better than a ‘business consultant’.

This is where strategic alliance takes place.translators-biz-secret. but also helps you adapt to new business trends. your education background and previous training (and so on) can all qualify you for that position. In this case. .com. 48 Such information should always come from the market your clients are in. To be able to offer professional advice. Copyright 2012 www. Your experience. China. All rights reserved. “I hope you can tell us how to recognize and avoid that type of mistake…” etc. if you have a great number of industry contacts in a foreign country such as the Middle East. you obviously need to have a certain level of knowledge on the subject.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine To spot such an opportunity. then this can be priceless to some businesses in North America (and visa versa). you should always find the need before you prepare for the job. On the other hand. “I wish you could also do…”. This not only prepares you for the expert status you are trying to establish. Like I said before. Do not try to invent something that you think would attract clients. That’s why it’s always important to immerse yourself in continuous learning. Often they are the ones who would tell you if there’s a need for any type of language consultation work. the client often would say. you can always work with other consultants whose target market is similar to yours. You can read more in Chapter 4. And. you may want to keep an on-going communication with your current and past clients. or India.

Or. you may want to start a membership based group inviting people who love to learn foreign languages to share ideas and practice what they’ve learnt. simply host a monthly call inviting other experts to talk about different language/communication related hot topics. . As a language expert. Copyright 2012 www. Other programs such as “understand your legal documents in English” and “business etiquette in English” are also great ideas. All rights reserved. a fee-based membership program that helps people develop leadership. You can also organize weekly workshops teaching something like accent reduction or how to create information products in different languages. build solid public speaking skills and gain confidence. depending on the format you choose. 49 For or a per-class drop-in fee basis.translators-biz-secret. The key here is to meet an on-going need. That is where the money is – an on-going need helps to create recurring revenue. You charge these members a monthly or annual fee. you all know Toastmasters.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine 4.Build a fee-based membership program In this business model. you need to come up with ways to rally like-minded people around your passion.

and then create a couple sessions beforehand and get it going. Don`t think you have to provide all the answers people are looking for. you can adjust and then adapt to new issues and ideas. try to provide like-minded people with a place to talk about their problems. Instead. You can either do that together or not over-complicate things! If you start a membership program.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine It’s very important to remember one thing . you can create more info on demand. and seek possible solutions. you can share your profits accordingly. to find information and tools. As it proceeds. As a result. group support and a positive environment. Also. try to focus on offering mutual beneficial as you listen to your customers/clients.translators-biz-secret.Leveraging Many translators ask me this question when I talk about income diversification: Copyright 2012 www. Another thing is you don’t have to create all the content by yourself if you don’t want to. All rights reserved. You can’t. You can always reach out to other experts who may have something valuable to offer to your don’t need to create all the content before you start such a program. 5. You just need to decide on the theme. 50 Remember . .

But I also love to help as many clients as possible. in a way that multiplies the outcome of your efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources. you talk about doing all these different things. I’m not trying to persuade scholars to forge into the business world. Copyright 2012 www. rewarding option with great potential. leverage is the advantageous condition of investing an amount of time or money in exchange for a high level of return. like you. Oh. particularly if that is where your passion lies. of course. you can achieve more with your language talents. I love being a professional translator. However. This is when you need to use leverage: 51 Here’s my definition of business leverage It is the ability to build a system in your business. if you are willing. . I also want to make more money.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine “Joy. All rights reserved. All the while I love to spend more time with my wonderful family. take it easy! Nobody is suggesting you should be an expert for everything and do everything yourself. The answer? You’ve got to use leverage! Let me be honest with you here – providing personal translation service is great. In other words.” “How on earth would I be able to find time to get around and do all these things?” but I simply don’t know about anything other than translation.translators-biz-secret. My aim is to share a viable.

Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine In many parts of the world. But unlike lawyers and accountants. being a professional translator alone is not going to win you financial freedom. . But that kind of opportunity is like winning the lottery – it is very rare! 52 Using leverage properly in your business will dramatically boost your income. translators do not have the exclusive right to practice their profession. I hire 2 virtual assistants to help me with aspects of my business that are neither my expertise nor my pleasure to take on. Of course there are always exceptions. Here are a few areas you can use leverage: • Leverage through delegating You can hire freelancers or contractors to take on tasks that you don’t have time to do or are not good at doing. • Leverage through your own expertise Serving your clients one-on-one is a great business model. such as developing a viable marketing plan and pursuing other income The bottom line is that you need help to grow your business. then you have no business. even if you are certified or belong to a translators association.translators-biz-secret. Copyright 2012 www. like if you got an exclusive deal to translate the Harry Potter books. If you are all your business has. It frees you up so that you can focus on more revenue-generating tasks for your business. All rights reserved.

Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine That less favorable marketing condition dictates the outcome that many translators are not well paid. that’s $1200 per year. You may also find more information on other income models discussed in Chapter 5. Did I also mention the expert status you’ll gain because you are now a published author? You’ll learn more about how to create an information product online in Chapter 7. All rights reserved. . there are way too many people who claim to be top professional translators out there – more than we’d like to see.translators-biz-secret. The best part? You can sell that eBook over and over again without any extra effort other than the initial work required to set it up. 53 What do you do to rise above all of this? You need to find ways to repackage your expertise and reach out to a large number of clients at the same time. Let’s see an example here: You may charge $50 an hour for your one-on-one translation service. This is the power of leveraging! • Leverage through others’ expertise Copyright 2012 www. But if you create an eBook and charge $10 for each purchase and you get 10 sales each month.

translators-biz-secret. You can record all of the questions and answers and then sell that recording. Copyright 2012 www. you will have to reach an agreement with the lawyer. Another example is: Say you want to write a book on legal documents. you will want to find a real expert. Some of the income models in Chapter 5 and Chapter 7 may sound good to some translators. 54 What do you do? You can take advantage of other people’s expertise. you can always strike a deal with other experts. Did I also mention the possibility of running in trouble with your local legal society for providing legal advice? Ouch! Take it easy! I don’t want to get you in trouble with but not everyone has that ability or desire to implement these strategies. . You may find learning everything about legal documents is not as easy as many people may think. send referrals their way and get paid for doing so. In this case.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine There’s so much information and knowledge out there. and do an interview with him/her. Of course. All rights reserved. such as a lawyer. but you don’t have the complete knowledge required to do so. Obviously a deal like this will have to benefit both you and that lawyer. and it’s simply not feasible to learn it all by yourself. For example.

etc. Publishing an ezine is a good way to maintain that connection with your past clients. When you first start your business. Besides it is way more costly to attract new clients. it is essential to get new clients. As your business grows. Copyright 2012 www. Wrong! Your profit in business is built on past clients.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine The sales result of that product will depend on lots of factors.translators-biz-secret. Find the market first. Many freelance translators I know never keep any kind of on-going communication with their past clients.make sure there is a decent demand for such expertise. In fact. and then provide a solution . such as how thoroughly you’ve conducted your market research and how interesting the topics are. your list will also grow. You don’t want to spend 2 months writing a book and then find out that there’s no demand for As word spreads. You can read more about publishing an ezine in Chapter 8. you’ll attract more new clients too. A word of warning: I always like to emphasize on this . All rights reserved. you should focus on getting repeat clients. . But the long term financial impact for both of your businesses can be huge. But after your business is stabilized.not the other way around. 55 • Leverage through past clients Research shows that your past clients are 6-9 times more likely to buy from you again as opposed to total strangers. your pot of gold lies in your existing customers.

Copyright 2012 www. Your business simply can’t survive without a list of past 56 Chapter 8 will discuss how to build a list of loyal followers. . They give you feedback and help spread the word about you and your business. All rights reserved. and buy new services or products from you.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Past clients are also more willing to give you referrals.translators-biz-secret.

I know by now you may be all excited about the possibility of creating other forms of income.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Chapter 7. But don’t forget – never create a product without knowing who your clients will be. Besides.Growing your Services 57 Those income models mentioned in Chapter 5 are great extensions of your translation and interpreting talents. your products simply won’t sell. All rights who are you going to promote your product to? Why create re-sellable products? Copyright 2012 www. In fact I encourage all translators to look into this income model and find ways to generate other sources of long-term income.translators-biz-secret. But you should always focus on the basics first. Creating information products and programs is not as difficult as you may think. As a result. . But there is also a major opportunity for people who are willing to think outside of the box. Why? Without a solid client base you won’t be able to tailor your products to the market needs. It’s about repackaging the knowledge you already have and selling it over and over again.

creating e-products is becoming easier and more affordable 58 The benefits can go on and on.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine • It helps you establish an expert status that makes you stand out from your competition • It helps you generate re-occurring income • It helps you reach more clients in less time • As a result of software development and industry competition. . your competitors may very well do it. I can almost hear you screaming in the background: “But it sounds too techie for me…” “But that’s a lot of work and I just don’t have that time…” “I don’t know what kind of product I should create…” Copyright 2012 www. All rights reserved.translators-biz-secret. but you get my The tricky part is if you don’t do this. You simply can’t afford not to tap into this opportunity. Here are a few types of product ideas you could explore: • • • • • • • an ebook a video an audio an e-course a tele-class a webinar a membership program Now.

. take a deep breath. Simplicity rules! These key issues are what you need to focus on: 1.translators-biz-secret. All rights reserved. you need to think The biggest reason most people do not go out and create their own products is because they are too afraid of the process. 59 But to successfully create your own products. if you do a lot of social/non-profit/medical translation or interpretation: A simple eBook on “The 50 most used terms when you visit your doctor. But what about local hiking/cycling trails.Find your specialty Most people are searching for a solution for a specific problem. local events and cultural celebrations. not big. create an ebook in your 2nd language on spots of interest. and focus on how to access local services.” If you are connected to a local travel agency or municipal tourism group. If a major attraction in your city is recreational sports. or spectator sports opportunities? Copyright 2012 www.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Before you get overwhelmed by the idea of creating your own products. For example. It is not as difficult as you may think. Do not over-complicate things. either participatory or spectator. so that niche may already be covered. For example. golf tourism is a booming industry. write an ebook spotlighting that element.

All rights reserved. Another interesting fact you might want to consider is that shorter ebooks (less than 25 pages) are more likely to go viral and therefore get noticed quickly. I’ve also read (or at least began to read) some boring ebooks that are well over 100 pages. . Price it so that it is affordable but also reflects the valuable content inside. There are plenty of quality and lengthy ebooks out there. A narrower topic helps you get ahead of your competition. There’s a market for that type of ebook. However.translators-biz-secret. the best bet for someone just starting out is a short. 60 An ebook doesn’t have to be long but it definitely has to contain exceptional value.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Remember. the more specific the better. Copyright 2012 www. well-grounded one or two idea of course. Quality over quantity I’ve read many pretty amazing ebooks ranging from 5 pages to 25 pages. But it’s much more time-consuming to produce and requires a lot of research. when it comes to writing an ebook. It’s better to be highly focused than to be all over the place. It also gives you a relatively easier time to become an expert in that specific area.

not just free information they can find on the web.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine People these days are increasingly busy and therefore becoming There are several ways to do this. All rights reserved. Communicate with your past and present clients to see what their needs are and how you can help them with your expertise. it’s highly unlikely that you would have a oneof-a-kind solution to your clients’ problems (If you do. congratulations! you are in a great place to start). and these solutions are most likely not going to take up 100 pages. They are looking for value in a Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and see what the hot issues are. . 2. 61 What is important is that you must have a unique way of delivering that solution.surveymonkey. Simplicity is the king Copyright 2012 www. Keep a newsletter going and create an on-going dialogue with your target market.translators-biz-secret. Send out surveys to your target audience you can create free surveys at www.Do your research To create products that sell you need to do some market research. On the other hand.

translators-biz-secret. That way your content will be highly targeted. This is the format that I find very effective if you don’t know where to start: • Create the audio program first • Have the audio transcribed • Edit it into chapters Copyright 2012 www. Getting your idea out is the most important issue consider creating a video or an audio product instead of an eBook.Time is of the essence When you have an idea for a product. Don’t get too hung up on finding the perfect language for your idea. What happens if you have more ideas? Simply create more products. you need to keep it as simple as possible. . you should aim at getting it out as soon as possible. Make sure each of your products is focused on one idea only. All rights reserved. marketing such a product becomes a lot easier. It can range anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. If you are not much of a writer.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine When you create a product such as an ebook or an ecourse. As a result. Do not over-complicate things. 62 3. available for little to no cost There are a whole range of services available online with very affordable price tags. They are all aimed at helping people like you create products online.html If you don’t. . For ebooks: If you have access to the Adobe you can create a PDF document pretty easily http://www. here’s a free program that helps convert your document to a PDF file https://www.acrobat. they’ll likely come back once you have other products for sale.cnet.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine • Turn the document into PDF file • Sell the audio and transcripts as a package If your clients are convinced that you provide good value.html Here’s another free program to convert your document to a PDF file Copyright 2012 www. 63 4. All rights reserved.

and free recording and you need to upload it to your webhost.aspx/we b_conf.aspx Copyright 2012 www.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine After your e-book is completed. . FreeConferenceCall. No Cost Conference: Free. All rights reserved. available 24/7 with no scheduling required. call Free. instant. 2. unlimited teleconference services available 24-hours a day for up to 50 parties on each call. listen-only mode. There are no restrictions on call free 64 Free teleclass tools: 1. reservationless conference calling that provides a dedicated dial-in number and an access code. automated conference calls. Don’t have one? Here are couple free file-hosting services you can use: http://www. 3. Webinar tools: http://smallbusiness. 24/7 access. Free Conference Service: Free.verizon. up to 96 callers and maximum of 6-hour conference calls. They also provide an unlimited conference time.

.mindbites. All rights reserved. you can either market it on your own website or find another place to sell it.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine http://www. Here’s the website you might find helpful: http://www. 65 Once you are happy with the finished product.webex.translators-biz-secret. you can prerecord a video or audio containing the content people are Copyright 2012 If you find the idea of hosting a live tele-conference or webinar as too intimidating.

we all know what happens when you bombard people with sales you have to build trust and credibility among your target audience before you try and sell anything to them. according to statistics. All rights reserved.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Chapter 8. As a result. 66 In fact. In other words.Build A Responsive Email List To be able to consistently and continuously attract high paying clients and secure lucrative projects. So. they’ll want more and more from you. With that in mind. Very few people will buy from you the first time they meet you. They just turn their back against you. you have to find a way to attract your potential clients towards you. you should include these people on your email list: • Your past and current clients • People who have expressed interest in your services Copyright 2012 www. it takes an average person about 69 times of being exposed to your message before they make a decision to purchase. Of course. you need to build a responsive email list. . And that’s when you can sell with ease and success.

With an ezine. it helps you establish an expert status in your language combination • With the right strategy. It provides me with ongoing business leads and builds trust among my target audience over time. or without an .Publishing your own ezine I’ve been publishing my monthly ezine for over 3 years now and it has been a great boost for my business. All rights reserved. you build a constant presence in front of your target market • The information you get through a two-way communication channel helps you tailor your services and products to real demand You have two ways to publish your ezine: Copyright 2012 www. Just to name a few benefits of having an ezine: • It’s a very cost-effective way to reach your target market in large numbers • If used properly. 67 1.translators-biz-secret.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine • Your friends and family members • Anyone who is interested in what you have to offer There are two ways to build a responsive email list.

com/email-marketing/grow-withemail. Remember to protect your list by backing it up regularly. but it also saves you a lot of headaches with many additional services such Copyright 2012 www.jsp Aweber http://www. Paid professional ezine services: constantcontact It can be time-consuming. 68 This only works when you have a small list of fewer than 50 addresses. so that when a virus hits you won’t risk losing the list you’ve built with months of hard work.bethjones. As your list grows this may not work for you as you may have to split your list into several groups with the same message. .Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Do it yourself Without getting help from others. All rights reserved.constantcontact. you can start with your own email program such as There’s a monthly fee associated with the 2nd option.

I receive dozens of spam emails selling their translation and other services to me on a daily basis. This works the best when you have a somewhat large list. The messages you send to your list should be helpful and valuable.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine as surveys and ezine templates that you can use. Besides. spamming is against the law!  Provide helpful information that your target audience actually wants Copyright 2012 www. the quality of the list matters more than the quantity. Never spam people with unwanted emails. Do not forward any chain letters or some unfounded rumors or to build a responsive list? Obviously. Only a highly responsive list will yield the kind of results you would like to see. . advice and other great offers from you and other credible sources. There are a few things you can do to make your list responsive:  Don’t spam Let your target audience make their own decisions. 69 2.translators-biz-secret. What do I do? I hit the delete button as soon as I see them. All rights reserved. That includes tips.

. You can use your ezine to educate your list about your line of business. This is called pre-selling. Please do not forward any irrelevant jokes or some sensational anecdote to your list. Copyright 2012 www. you’d better make sure that it works. When people know what to expect from you. All rights reserved.Build a list without an ezine For beginners it may not be feasible to start an ezine right away. However. 3. There’s a lot of work involved in creating and maintaining a quality ezine. that doesn’t mean you cannot build a responsive list. There’s too much information on any given subject these days.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Create content that’s helpful and valuable to your clients. they are more likely to read your messages. stick to it.translators-biz-secret. Only send information that you are certain about and are helpful to your list. If you give a link to your list.  Keep your promise If you have an ezine publishing schedule. 70 And if you recommend someone or some business. Don’t forget – it’s your reputation that’s on the line. you should also make sure that person or business can live up to their You want to be viewed as a credible source of information.

Copyright 2012 www.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine Here’s something I would recommend: Always remember important dates for your clients! When you begin. The bottom line is that you need a good reason to initiate a contact to your list. All rights reserved. a good deal that’s coming up or simply reminding them of something they may otherwise neglect.translators-biz-secret. Links of news stories and interviews can serve the same purpose as well. you may not have a large list. but you may know most of the people on your email list. . It can be a new idea that’s helpful to them. 71 Here a list of dates that you should keep a note of and make some sort of acknowledgement for: • Your clients’ birthdays • Anniversaries • Business openings • Any kind of award or recognition your clients receive Another thing you can do is to forward articles and tips that are helpful to your clients’ specific Collect some basic data from your clients – you should be able to do this while working with them through casual conversations and other means of communication.

Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine After you’ve built a reputation as a credible information source.translators-biz-secret. people will be willing to take you up on your offer of services or products. 72 Copyright 2012 www. .com. All rights reserved.

If you also want to make money from this profession. Ultimately. to absorb the information. try to do it as a business.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine The Final Point – Do what you love. When you understand how to attract the right type of clients elegantly and effortlessly. Apply the strategies I revealed in the book to your advantage. I don’t care how much you care for this profession and how little you worry about money.translators-biz-secret.if you are not rewarded handsomely for what you do. most language translators would be rich. there’s never a better time to do so than now.” Well if that’s the when you grasp the concept of leveraging your time and knowledge. It’s packed with tips and ideas that you can use to run a profitable business with your Copyright 2012 www. then you are ready for the next step – taking action. Some chapters you may want to go over multiple times. If you haven’t already signed up for my free ezine yet. . 73 The unfortunate reality is . you have your own loved ones to take care of and there are many things you can’t do without money. the rest will follow! You may have heard people say this: “Do what you love and the rest will follow. your passion will fade sooner than you think. All rights reserved.

translators-biz-secret. So take action now. All rights reserved. 74 Finally. Just go to www. let me borrow an old saying here: The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago and the second best time is right and sign up.Say Goodbye To Feast or Famine language skills. take action today! Copyright 2012 www. I will also share with you information about new programs and services available that may help you achieve more success in .translators-biz-secret.

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