Step 1:Create a String List of Technology to Store 1)java 2)j2ee 3)j2me Step 2: Check the technology List Contains

Java if it Contains Java then remove java and add j2se Step 3: 1)Print the List by Using Iterator 2)Print the List using for Each Loop 3)Print the List Object =================================================================== = Create Two String list First list name is list1 contains below values. Java J2ee J2se MySQL ------------------------Second List name is list2 contains given below. values Java J2se Oracle SQLserver --------------------------------Then do the following task 1) Print list1 values. 2) Print list2 values. 3) Create another one list that list contains only common values of list1 and list2 4) Create a list. that list contains only differed values of list1 and list2 5) Create a list. that list contains both list1 and list2 values.

1)Write a Program to show connection establishment. If not in Map "User Name Wrong". b)check userName is in Map or not. remove the string from the global hashset and convert to uppercase and add the value to the hashset and return the updatedhashset else print 'String is not available' datatoupper method should return original hashset values. j2me. if it is not available then print the Message 'The string is not available' and return the original hashset values. Else print "Login Successful".password a) Check the userName is empty or not. Global variable HashSet whose values are java. b)Check the passWord is empty or not. j2ee. 2)Create method datatoUpper whose argument is String. removeData method business logic as follows if any string passed as argument to removeData method it should check the String as follows if string is available means print 'String is available' and remove the String from hashset and return the updated hashset.Create class.Create Application to Login validation by using Map. else check the password for the corresponding userName. for 5 employee Do the following function in same java application:User have to type his username and password from main and check the inputed username and password with map username . return type is Hashset. If empty display the message "passWord is empty". If passWord is wrong. Variable as follows:class name TechnologyLogic. java 1) Create method removeData whose Argument is String. print "Please Check PassWord". If empty display the message "userName is empty". . Hard Code Global Map variable [Map acts like Database] which includes set of userName and password. Method. datatoupper method business logic as follows. return type is Hash set. if any string is passed as argument to datatoUpper method it should check if string is available in the global HashSet if available print 'string available'. Create the Main class whose name is TechnologyManage 1)Call the removeData method pass the string argument as "java" iterate the returned hashset values 1)Call the datatoupper method pass the string argument as "j2me" and iterate the returned hashset values ================================================================== 1.

password. Sample Output: Name Age Eligibility Saran 20 Yes No Vinodh 15 ===================================================== Create table employeeinfo whose column are empname. . 5) Using JDBC program check whether the person is eligible for Vote or Not. 3)Write a program to perform insert. 2)Write a JDBC Program to Fetch all the values From the table by using CallableStatement.empid and empid is primary key insert atleast 5 rows Using JDBC do the following Functions: 1)retrive the following details from employeeinfo such as empid. If Eligible insert the values with "PersonName" "AgeValue" and "Yes". Otherwise insert the values with "PersonName" "AgeValue" and "No".delete by using PreparedStatement Object.2)Write a program to perform insert.update. 4)Write a program to show Select Operations by using ResultSet Object of PreparedStatement.delete by using Statement Object.update.password available in hashmap or not 2)retrive the following details from employeeinfo such as empname and add in ArrayList and display the list details using iterator 3)retrive the following details from employeeinfo such as empid and add in HashSet and display the Set details using iterator ======================================= Create a table with two fields: SalesPrice and Coffees. 1)Write a JDBC Program to Insert Array of SalesPrice and Coffees into the table by using PreparedStatement.password and store in hashmap and check the empid.

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