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Community Church

Vacation Bible School


September 2013
Community Meal
We are trying something new this year as we extend our influence into the community. Our quarterly community meals are being well received. These Wednesday PM suppers give people unfamiliar with our church a chance to interact with us over food in a nonthreatening environment. Likewise it gives our church people who may not have many friends outside of the church a chance to meet new people. The ground is level as insiders and outsiders eat a hot dog, spaghetti, or whatever is being served. I hope you will make it priority to come be a part of being good news to a few of our neighbors.

The Food Serving Line

Bethel College
The singing group Justified will be in concert at FCC on Sunday morning September 15th.

Maybe this would be a good time for you to invite that friend or cousin who doesnt attend a church to come check us out. -Pastor Randy

Sunday Worship 10:30am Sunday Small Groups 9:30am Wednesday Groups 6:30pm

Praying for the Baptismal Candidates

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Baptized into New Life

Baptism is a highlight of the Christian walk, with accepting Jesus as our Savior being the main event. Baptism follows up on this internal heart decision and makes a public statement to all that the person has begun a new life in Christ. This year we tried something different by first having a Sunday morning service focused on baptisms, then immediately baptizing down at the river. Of course many churches follow this pattern, but it is often easier for those that have a dunk tank (baptismal) built right into their platform. We have always needed to journey down to the river, making for a very public statement of faith. Since we began at the church, we were able to clearly hear what each person had to say. Mike, Lauri,

Chris, Kent, and Claire each told how they had arrived at the point in their spiritual lives to where they wanted to take this step of public faith and obedience to Jesus. It was truly inspiring (click to listen online).


Good Habits
With summer behind us, it is time to focus on reestablishing good habits for the next season. Students are back in school and suitcases are stuck in the closet. How is your walk with Jesus doing? Is it time for some growth? I encourage you to make personal prayer and reading the Bible a regular part of your day. Find a time that works for you and try to stick with it. I also encourage you to commit yourself to others in the local church family. They need you and you need them. Make being around your friends in the family of God a habitual part of your week. Dont simply show up (although you have to show up to actually interact), rather take an active interest in the lives of others. Serve in some capacity. Eat with one another. Hang out at each others homes. Care for the persons life as a whole, but especially their walk with God. You are part of the reason why FCC is successful.


30046 CR 16 W, Elkhart, IN 46516

(formerly Jimtown North Elementary School)