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Fruits & Supermarket Special Needs Lesson Hamatonbetsu Elementary on June 17th, 2009 for 40 Minutes From 11:10 to 11:50 for 3 4th Grade Students and 1 6th Grade Student A = ALT S = Student(s) HRT = Home Room Teacher Teaching Materials • Fruit Cards • A Smile • Lesson Plan • Computer to play “How are you?” song Lesson Focus(es), & Measurable Outcome(s) • The students enjoy English. o Whether or not they are smiling and laughing. • Introduce [review for some students] the names of fruits. o When I subsequently ask some students fruit names at the supermarket, see if they remember. Why? • Students and I can get to know eachother better. Students can get a break from their regular classes. English class can be used as something to stimulate their minds and a place to have fun. Plan 1. Greeting 2. TPR Warmup a. Jump, Spin, Spin Jump, Star Jump, Run, Sleep, Disco, Twist, Eat 3. How are you? Song 4. Fruit Card Game 5. Trip to Supermarket a. On the walk, stop and ask for the English names of objects we see, as well as their color. 6. Memory a. Play memory with playing cards, having the students practice numbers in English. Extra Time • Pirate Stab Game

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