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BEGININGS The Roman Conquest was an event that i like.

The first reason was the fact that their civilisation was urban and they modernised Britain.They fonded about 20 la rge towns and around 100 more (micute).As a result ,London became the most impo rtant trading center of britain.They influence the BRitish populations in variou s domains of lives although linguistic ally speaking the influence was litlle. BEGININGS The event that i don't like is the Anglo-Saxons Conquest.Their coming meant putt ing an end to the Roman civilization.Being preponderly agriculture the Anglo-Sax ons were looking for fertile lands and they had nothing in common with the urb an civilisation .They destroy the science an learning of Rome.Predominantly a ru ral people, they settled in small villages scattered throughout the country and farmed the land.They penetrated the island by way of its inland rivers, ravaging as they advanced. Roman civilization was destrnjoyed; its language, religion, a nd customs disappeared. Most of the native Britons, a Celtic people, were killed , enslaved, or driven into Wales and to Brittany (in France). EVUL MEDIU The event that i like is the normand conquest .It playes an major role in the hi story of britain.It influenced Britain at different levels:socialy,politicaly a nd linguiticaly.The Normand feudalism was imposed ,the chivalery apperared and 3 languages were simultaneously used:latin,french and saxon.A new political and social structure was established. EVUL MEDIU Reason that i don't like is the Black Death witch spread to almost all cornes of Britain leading to a dramtic reduction of the population by a third .The result was economic changes.To keep economic and social situation under control the St atute of Laboures was passed Parliament increasing the level of wages and the pr ice of food. The population began to think differently about God and religion and man's place in the world. This lead directly to the Protestant Reformation, the Renaissance , the Age of Exploration, the Age of Reason, which lead to the direct formation of the modern era of governments which embraces the ideas of the rights of man a nd democracy. many people would be alive today if the black death never occured. Farming changed and the wool industry boomed. People became disillusioned with t he church and its power and influence went into decline. This ultimately resulte d in the English reformationThe Black Death was therefore also responsible for t he decline of the Feudal system.Farming land was given over to pasturing, which was much less labour-intensive This change in farming led to a boost in the cloth and woollen industry.Trade st opped since cities closed off their ports to merchant ships for fear of the plag ue brought on the ships.


The event that i like is henry 8 desion to break with rome although he initial attemp had failed ,he finally managed to meet him head of the church of englan d.Under the act of Supremacy Henry was given the freedom to more........ being the initiateur of the protestant reformation in england ILUMINISM the event what i don;t like is the restauration age .Cromwel imposed himself as a dictator establishing vary strict measures.He had efect upon culture and as he closed theatres as a result the protectorate didn't lost of a long time ,is p olitical offered enjoying litlle pupularity