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Job Advert: Judo Community Manager

Community Manager

Organisation Information
The organisation is a National/Continental/International governing Body for the
Martial Art and Sport of Judo. Looking to promote all aspects of the organisation
and of Judo the organisation is looking for an individual to act as a hub between the
community and the organisation to assist in the delivery of the goals for
participation and performance Judo.

Job Description
We are seeking a Community Manager to work with in a cross-departmental
manner to supports a community of Judo participants, Judo coaches, Judo
volunteers, organisation staff and stakeholders from outside of the direct Judo
community. The Community Manager will communicate across a wide variety of
mediums ranging from face-to-face visits to clubs through to online websites, blogs,
podcasts, forums, social networking sites, online video etc.

The Community manager will be an advocate for members of the community,

working to bring ideas, opinions, concerns from the wider community to the
attention of the staff and volunteers of the organisation.

The Community manager will act as an advocate for the organisation and for
Judo in general. They will communicate the objectives and activities of the
organisation to the wider Judo community.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Analyze how the Judo community interact and develop the best ways to
engage and communicate with our community. Improve interactions between
the organisation and the community to help meet the goals and objectives of
the organisation.

Communicate the needs and expectations of all related departments to our

community of Judo participants, coaches, volunteers and professionals.

Engage with the Judo community to assist the tasks of the organisation's staff
and volunteers.
Roles of the community manager

1) A Community Advocate:
As a community advocate, the community managers’ role is to represent the
Judo community members. This includes listening, which results in
monitoring, and being active in understanding what coaches, players,
referees, volunteers, parents, teachers, etc. are saying in both the
organisation provides mediums but also via other mediums such as external
websites and in dojo situations. Secondly, they engage the community by
responding to their requests and needs or just conversations, both in private
and in public.

2) Brand Evangelist:
In this evangelistic role (it goes both ways) the community manager will
promote events, products and news to the community by using traditional
marketing tactics and conversational discussions. This will involve using the
organisation's own mediums (websites, magazines, forum etc) as well as
external opportunities such as FaceBook, external websites, external events
and club visits.

3) Savvy Communication Skills:

The community manager should be very familiar with the tools of
communication, from forums, to blogs, to podcasts, to twitter, and
understands the language and jargon that is used in the community. This
individual is also responsible for mediating disputes within the community,
and will lean on advocates, and embrace detractors –and sometimes
removing them completely. Importantly, the role is responsible for the editorial
strategy and planning within the community, and will work with many internal
stakeholders to identify content, plan, publish, and follow up.

4) Gathers Community Input:

Community manager is responsible for gathering the requirements of the
community in a responsible way and presenting it to the organisation. This
may involve formal product requirements methods from surveys to focus
groups, to facilitating the relationships between internal teams and the

Given the seniority and importance of this role, the community manager will
be given a budget to manage and a large amount of autonomy. As such they
will need to exhibit the high levels of dedication and self-management skills
are a must.

The community will at all times work to enhance and protect the reputation of
the organisation and will behave at all times in an appropriate manner.

Required Job Related Skills and Experience

Degree level education
Prior experience managing online communities
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Judo Black belt (1st Dan) or above
Ability to effectively speak in front of large groups
Ability to maintain objectivity when dealing with emotionally charged
Excellent knowledge and experience in web communication mediums, blogs,
forums, podcasting, video, social networking etc.

Hours and compensation:

The community manager's role will involve flexible working hours, and
working environment. The community manager will be based from home, and
will be expected to travel considerably to interact with the community and with
the organisations staff and volunteers.

This is a fulltime role 37.5 hours per week, however the community manager
will be expected to work some evenings, weekends as required.

The community manager will receive a salary and package comensurate of a

senior management role with anti-social hours. Consideration will be given for
the public facing nature of the role and the impact this will have on the
community manager's life and shall be compensated appropriately.

The community manager will be expected to attend the organisations key

events such as AGM, large tournaments and ceremonies. They are also
expected to attend community events such as workshops, club training
sessions, competitions and the like.

All applicants should send their CV to and be prepared
to make a presentation to a panel as part of their interview process.

Judo Organisations please contact should you wish to

hire a community manager.