Supercharging your GSM network for high-speed mobile data
With businesses and consumers embracing multimedia services, the importance of wireless data is increasing on an unparalleled scale and driving savvy operators to seek affordable ways to boost data rates. If you are looking to do this, look no further. Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) has arrived. A here-and-now radio interface, EDGE introduces new coding schemes, improved link adaptation, and increased spectral efficiency to boost performance. Fully compatible with legacy GSM/GPRS network infrastructures, EDGE is the evolutionary step towards highspeed mobile data and multimedia services.

Beyond that. EDGE enhances GPRS while leaving options for future voice improvements open. What’s more. Applications EDGE empowers operators to introduce high-speed data applications in legacy GSM/GPRS and TDMA networks. A cost-efficient way to optimize high-quality data services’ availability. And EDGE networks will prove their merits in the field in regions throughout the world.6 Kbps) Mobile Internet Access HSCSD 57. Asia and even Central Europe. EDGE improves spectral efficiency to deliver capacity gains. And it outperforms GPRS data throughput capacity by up to 300%. EGPRS (Enhanced GPRS) introduces nine new modulation and coding schemes (MCS1-9) right out of the box. EGPRS In contrast to GPRS’ four coding schemes. thereby optimizing cost of ownership.6 Kbps (+ data compression GPRS Pilot System) EDGE (9-480 Kbps per subscriber + data compression) UMTS (9-2000 Kbps per subscriber + data compression) 1993 1996 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Product evolution according to mobile data demand .5x9. Multimedia Messaging (MMS) Audio streaming Video streaming Game. The first choice for operators who do not own UMTS licenses. EDGE also features an improved link adaptation mechanism whereby MCS are switched dynamically according to the radio conditions . Fully compatible with all existing GSM standards and protocols and designed to use legacy GSM or TDMA frequency bands. EDGE’s performance satisfies both subscribers and operators.6 Kbps luti fM on o obil e aS Dat ervi ces GPRS (9-170 Kbps per subscriber + data compression) Data compression (2. EDGE also provides ubiquitous coverage to operators seeking to deploy UMTS in densely populated areas. image downloads File downloads Fast Internet access Provided service W-CDMA Video conferencing Video Telephony EDGE Audio streaming Video download GPRS Multimedia Messaging Service SMS 40 Kbit/s Video streaming Audio download Rich call services Content-to-person services Messaging E-mail 75 Kbit/s 220 Kbit/s 2 Mbit/s Higher performance rates capacitate more demanding applications Evo Fax/Data/SMS 9. ring tone. EDGE is a "natural” progression in the evolutionary path from GSM and GPRS. The higher MCS5-9 coding schemes utilize the new modulation scheme (8-PSK). including North and South America. the lower coding schemes continue to address the prevalent GMSK modulation scheme.Beef up your network Fully in step with mobile data services' evolutionary path. EDGE boosts the speed and efficiency of packet-oriented transmission threefold over GPRS.even during calls. Combining several EGPRS time slots in an uplink or downlink enables packetoriented data transfer rates of up to 473 kbit/s.

offers excellent value. Highest RF transmission power per BTS footprint. carrier structure and cell planning process. Easy upgrading: Simply add or replace EDGE CUs in the BTS and download software. EDGE significantly improves the quality and speed of consumer services: Multimedia Messaging (MMS). Satisfying speed even for complex WAP portals. New EDGE and old GSM cell sizes are identical courtesy of high-powered Siemens TRX.complements UMTS. protocol. Fully backward-compatible with GSM to minimize investment risk. User benefits: The latest generation of handsets features color displays. Faster downloading of games. Smooth evolutionary path. creating real demand for higher bandwidth. . and AMR over 8PSK. .supports GPRS services. Siemens ECU’s best-in-class architecture is ready for future applications like interference cancellation.Operator benefits: EDGE paves the road to mobile multimedia applications while protecting your investments: No new network elements required. polyphonic ring tones. particularly in terms of its cost-to-bandwidth ratio.will deliver extra voice capacity when AMR over 8PSK is introduced. . Fast Internet access with high data throughput. bandwidth. ensuring costefficient network evolution. and polyphonic ring tones. Improved voice quality with wide band AMR. and Reduced EMI due to more efficient modulation. pictures. and . . VoIP. even with data rates exceeding 400 kbit/s. Siemens ECU – the most powerful and advanced EDGE TRX on the market Visited MSC/VLR Gateway MSC PSTN ISDN BTS ECU BSC HLR Internet ServingGSN Gateway GSN TRX extension by EDGE CU + SW New Abis I/F (SW download) Intranet PSPDN SW download packet switched: GPRS Impact of EDGE on a legacy GPRS network infrastructure .affords new business opportunities in a strong growth market. Java. EDGE: .uses the GSM spectrum.

The products and services described herein are subject to availability and to change without notice. A50001-N3-P68-4-7600 This publication is issued to provide information only and is not to form part of any order or contract. 51 • 81359 Munich • Germany Order No.com/btob 8-PSK AMR BSC BTS CU ECU EDGE EGPRS EMI GMSK GPRS GSM GSN HLR ISDN 8 Phase Shift Keying Adaptive Multi RateCodec Base Station Controller Base Transceiver Station Carrier Unit EDGE Carrier Unit Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution Enhanced General Packet Radio Service Electro-Magnetic Interference Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying General Packet Radio Service Global System for Mobile Communication GPRS Support Node Home Location Register Integrated Services Digital Network Modulation and Coding Scheme MMS Multimedia Messaging Service MSC Mobile Switching Center PSPDN Public Switched Packet Data Network PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network RF Radio Frequency SMS Short Message Service TDMA Time Division Multiple Access TRX Transceiver UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems VLR Visitor Location Register VoIP Voice over IP WAP Wireless Application Protocol W-CDMA Wideband Code Division Multiple Access MCS Printed in Germany • D01003M • 0703PoD © COPYRIGHT • Siemens AG 2003 Information and Communication Mobile • Networks Hofmannstr. .www.siemens-mobile.

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