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Widely used by universities in the US and across the globe as an indicator of Thisproficiency, is a low level testoften of English that often English and required for acts as the first step in English language admission. Increasingly used by government qualifications. It covers input for a range agencies, scholarship programs and basic of everyday situations which require licensing/certification agencies. and predictable use of language.

Full Name: Test of English as a Foreign Language Full Name: Key English Test Exam Board: ETS (For Schools version also available) American English Exam Board: Cambridge ESOL CEF Level: n/a British English CEF Level: A2 Where: ETS-recognized testing centre How: Paper-based or Internet-based More info:

EXAM STRUCTURE EXAM iBT 1-5 (internet) Paper 1 STRUCTURE TOEFL Parts Reading skills tested with a range of short texts

Reading 60-100 mins 3-5 passages from academic texts, 12-14 questions per passage Reading/Writing Parts 6-9 Basic writing skills tested 1hr 10 mins Listening 4-6 lectures and class discussion each 3-5 mins long, 6 questions on each 60-90 2 mins 2-3 conversations 3 mins long, questions on each Paper Parts 1-5 each Listening tasks 5 include short conversations, Listening interviews and messages Speaking 2 tasks to express an discussions, opinion 30 mins 20mins 4 tasks to speak based on what is read and listened to Paper 3 Part 1 based Students with listened examiner Writing 1 task to write on what interact is read and to Speaking 50 mins 1 task to support an opinion on a topic Part 2 Students interact with each other 8-10 mins per candidate

EXAM STRUCTURE TOEFL Paper-based test MARKING Listening Comprehension (30-40 mins) 50 questions


TheTOEFL iBT gives a score Where: Recognised CESOL testing centre The final score is an aggregate of all between 0 and 120 Structure and Written Expression (25 mins) 40 questions When: Monthly (paper-based exam three papers. The TOEFL PBT gives a score Reading Comprehension (5585% mins) 50 questions bi-monthly) Pass with Merit = approx. between 310 and 677 : Paper or computer-based Writing mins) 70% 1 topicHow question Pass =(30 approx. More info: Narrow fail = within 5% of passing PREPARATION FROM MACMILLAN EXAMS

Direct To TOEFL iBT

PREPARATION FROM MACMILLAN EXAMS A short, concise course that combines print and online materials. The website includes three online KET Testbuilder TOEFL iBT practice tests for an TESTS THAT TEACH accessed authentic test experience, through a unique code found at the back of the Students Book. tests Four complete practice Guided analysis of answers Check Your Vocabulary for Focus on common problem areas

The Heinemann TOEFL Preparation Course

A principal preparation course, a supplement to a general English course or a self-study guide.

TOEFL Testbuilder

Testbuilder for TOEFL iBT

with answer key
Testbuilder for TOEFL iBT
IELTS Testbuilder 1 is designed to improve exam performance and increase language competence for success in the International Language Testing System (IELTS). This book is suitable for students who are aiming to achieve a minimum of IELTS Band 6.0.



Activities to help build, improve and revise vocabulary for the TOEFL exam.


www.macmillanenglish. TOEFL Practice com/exams

With Key

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Two complete practice tests with a guided analysis of answers and a For more information focus on common problem on examareas. preparation materials visit
Four completely new practice tests
Clear introduction to IELTS Full range of IELTS task types Reading and Writing Tests are for the academic module



Further Practice and Guidance pages

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Test-specific exercises to develop exam techniques Focus on common problem areas in the tests Builds confidence in all exam question types Useful language and ideas for the Speaking Test Guided analysis of model Writing Task answers

Answer key

Complete answer key with useful explanations Includes listening scripts

Authentic student writing answers with examiner comments

Accompanying audio CDs contain all four Listening Tests.

For other titles in the Testbuilder series see

Pamela Vittorio

Tests that Teach

Pamela Vittorio

Use your Macmillan English Dictionary with this book