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RAJALAKSHMI ENGINEERING COLLEGE THANDALAM 602105 From the Department of Biotechnology,

August, 2013

- innovative and informative Volume No. 2 Issue No. 1



To produce globally competent biotechnologists with a commitment to serve the society.

To promote research and development in the field of biotechnology and establish a Centre of Excellence for product development.


Our graduates have the ability to apply knowledge across the disciplines and in emerging areas of biotechnology for higher studies, research, employability and product development. Our graduates have the communication skills, sense of responsibility to protect the environment and ethical conduct towards their profession and commitment to serve the society. Our graduates possess academic excellence, managerial skills, leadership qualities and understand the need for lifelong learning for a successful professional career.

Program outcomes are narrower statements that describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation. These relate to the skills, knowledge, and behavior that students acquire in their matriculation through the program. Engineering programs must demonstrate that their students attain the following outcomes: An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufactur-ability, and sustainability. An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams An ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility An ability to communicate effectively The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context An recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning A knowledge of contemporary issues and An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice. An ability to carry out research in different areas of Biotechnology resulting in patents, journal publications and product development.


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June 2013

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Department News and Activities

5 students from third year went for three days training in Central Drug research Laboratory , Periamet, Chennai during summer vacation. 12 students from third year Biotech went for one week training to Aristogene, Banglore. Students from Final Year went to Poonga Biotech, Chennai, Nestle, Mysore and Viswagen Biotek Centre, Hyderabad for implant training Our staff member Dr.N.Chakravarthy got post doctoral fellowship in National Fisheries Research Centre, Saudi Arabia Our alumnus Preetis work on Prostate cancer treatment along with her colleagues in University of Texas got appreciation through publication in the International Journal Nature Communications.

July 2013
T.Revathe of final year acquired a Summer fellowship and attended a three month training programme at IIT Ahamedabad.

August 2013
Nandini Narayanan of final year won first place in the Speech competition conducted by US consulate on the topic I have a dream.. Mrs. Rekha Ravindran, Asst. Prof. presented a paper on Effect of poly herbal formulation Ambrex on lipid profile in isoproteranol induced Myocardial infarction in rats at the CSIR sponsored National Conference on Recent Trends in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering organized by Veltech Engineering College. M. Swetha of final year presented a paper on In Vitro Regeneration of Nodal Segments of Phyllanthus debilis Klein Ex Wild and won First place at the CSIR sponsored National Conference on Recent Trends in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering organized by Veltech Engineering College. Educational Tour Final Year Students visited BIOCON and Aristogene, Bangalore on 7 th and 8th August 2013

Guest Lecture on Cell signalling in prostrate cancer

Dr. S.BANUDEVI, Postdoctoral Fellow (PDF) at Centre for Nanotechnology and Advanced biomaterial (CeNTAB), School of Chemical and Biotechnology, Sastra University, Thanjavur delivered the lecture on 20/08/2013




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ity Affects Novel Worm Commun ean Methane Release in Oc

tists have disAug. 12, 2013 Scien ne seep in the tha me covered a supercharged created its s ha t tha ocean off New Zealand much more in ing ult own unique food web, res the ocean floor into methane escaping from of that methane, a the water column. Most es more potent than greenhouse gas, 23 tim our atmosphere, carbon dioxide warming logical systems in is likely consumed by bio say. Thus, it will not the water, the scientists here, where it could make it into the atmosp ing. However, the exacerbate global warm t scientists limited discovery does highligh bal methane cycle understanding of the glo logical interactions and specifically the bio of the ocean systhat create the stability dy, which was funded tem. Results of the stu l Oceanic and Atmoprimarily by the Nationa and the Federal Minspheric Administration search in Germany, istry of Education and Re online in the journal have just been published phy. Limnology and Oceanogra (Credit: ImWorm outside its tube. iversity) Un te Sta age courtesy of Oregon Journal Reference: A. Levin, Ashley A. Andrew R. Thurber, Lisa er, Peter Linke and Rowden, Stefan Somm macrofauna, and Kerstin Krger. Microbes, community fueled by methane: A novel seep Limnology and aerobic methanotrophy. 13, 1640-1656 DOI: Oceanography, 58(5), 20 40 10.4319/lo.2013.58.5.16

An intelligen t knife that ca n sniff out tumo urs to improve cancer surgery has b een developed by scientists.
The Imperial Co llege London teams hope to overcome the da ngerous and common pr oblem of leavin g bits of the tumor in a pa tient, which can then re-grow. Early results, in the journal, Sci ence Translationa l Medicine show ed the iKnife could ac curately identify cancerous tissue on- th e-spot. It is now under clinical trials to see if it saves liv es . To avoid leaving ca ncerous tissue be hi nd, surgeons also re move the surrou nding tissue. They can even send sampl es off for testing while the patient is st ill in theatre, but this takes time. Yet on e in five patients who have a breast lu m p removed still ne ed a second op eration to clear the tum our. For lung ca ncer the figure is about one in 10. For more info: vi sit http://www.b bc. th -S. Vimala Devi, Asst. Prof.

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uds than boys. Girls have more tasteb

s. s asleep in seven minute The average person fall

Now you can bu y Einsteins face in a Petri dish by BACTE RIOGRAPHS

Take a look at th e crimson spots like the ink-dots that look of a comic strip pr g pin ecisely spaced kee in bu e bb ein les caff n in tha nt th cie e br effi ight areas that let Apples are more a tawny background peek thro rnings. ugh the notebook people awake in the mo -paper-size petri dish and the fam ous photo of Albe t rt Einstein sticking out his tongue p you burn 5 to 20 percen comes into focus. Eating breakfast will hel Its one of the fir st . Bacteriographs t the day Zachary Copfer, more calories throughou a microbiologist-turned-artis t, created with his patent-pending . m am et dre ho you d re of mo de the veloping living ar The higher your I.Q. t with help from bacterial colonies . s que 437 s ask ld During his gradua d chi te research Zach On average, a 4-year-ol fer invented a ne ary Copw medium that co . day a ns tio mbines photographic process with microbiolog ical practices. Th process is very sim that moderate drinking e ilar to darkroom Research has concluded photography on ly th e en larger has been . els lev IQ st boo replaced by a radia can source and inste tion ad of photograph ic paper this pro n. bor ce are ss y us the es en wh a d pe blin tri or dis col h coated with a liv All babies are ing bacterial emulsion. Heres ho w Co pfers method wo men first takes a supp rks: he er 7,000 words a day; ly of bacteria like On average, women utt Serratia marces ce ns a sp ec 00. ies 2,0 r of Gram-negative, manage just ove rod-shaped bacterium in the fam ily Enterobacteriac ea e. S. marcesc suffi en es s duc pr pro od in uc bra es a reddish-orang When awake a human e tripyrrole pigm called prodigiosin. b bul ent a er pow to Grow a culture of cient electricity these bacteria, spread it evenly ov er an agar plate, ov p. erlay a photographic negativ y mammal that cant jum e, expose the pla The elephant is the onl te to UV radiatio to kill the bacter n ia in the light area s but preserve those in the dark g a cave. tin exi en wh left n ar tur ea s, let the remain Bats always ing bacteria grow, then fix th e bacteria and se d al it in acrylic an hea its re h sin wit an eks we d l th era d e sev BA CTERIOGRAPH is A cockroach can live ready. Copfer writes that his project is intende cut off. counterexample d to be a to the false dicho tomy of art and sc n ien ope ce eye : one h wit Dolphin always sleep As a former micr obiologist recent ly turned behind itself with- visual artist, I have be see can t tha ls ma ani 2 gun searching fo The only sy r wa nt and he ys to bit siz rab e the th e seemingly dicho out turning its head are tomous fields of ence and art. I be scilieve that the sepa the parrot. ration of art and science is a misconception sh ared by many wh are unfamiliar wi 1500 years old. o th the simple ele An olive tree can live to gance of scientifi theories. For me c the world of scien ce has always to sell or own chewing been a beautiful poetic place In Singapore, it is illegal , more artful than place else I have anyever known - Le gum. onardo da vinci... -M. Millicent Mabe -Dr.Jayasree.R, Professor l, Asst. Prof.

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Alzheimers diseas e is a form of de mentia which lead loss of memory an s to progressive d thinking. People affected with this due to a painful disease die stroke occurring at the cerebral re Researchers led gions. by Dr. Dan Frenke l of Tel Aviv Univ ment of Neurobio ersitys Departlogy at the George S. Wise Faculty of ences are workin Life Scig on a nasally-del ivered 2-in-1 vacc cine promises to ine. This vacprotect against bo th Alzheimers an new vaccine repa d stroke. The irs vascular dam ag e in the brain by troops from the rounding up bodys own immun e system. The va function even wh ccine can also en the disease sy mptoms are pred Modifying a vacc ominant. ine technology ow ned by Glaxo Sm multinational drug ith Kline, a company, Tel Aviv Universitys new approach activat therapeutic es a natural mec hanism in our bo against vascular dies that fights damage in the br ain which is a mai the disease. n symptom of The vaccine activ ates macrophages large proteins that swallow fore in the body ign antigens. Whe n the vaccine activ numbers of thes ates large e macrophages, these macrophag clear up the amyl es are said to oid proteins occu rring at the brain. tion of the vaccin The administrae has proved to be non-toxic and ca to be cure for th n greatly prove e disease. Animal models sh owed that once th ese proteins are the brain, furthe cleared from r damage can be pr evented, and exist due to a previous ing damage stroke can be repa ired. The vaccine was administered to mice and the MRI confirmed that, th screenings e administration of vaccine furthe vascular damage r prevented the and the object re cognition experim that those animal ents indicated s treated with th e new vaccine retu behavior. rned to normal Dr. Frenkel believe s that this admin istration of the va the human popu ccine amongst lation, having ea rly signs of the dise tia symptoms ca ase and demenn greatly reduce or prevent the sa me from prolifer -J.Jaidev, IIIrd ye ar

Cure for Alzhei mers disease [A D]

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e, day dreaming at college, hom .We spend most of the time ya ght Cau s ! pre s!!! ally oop ysic ing ph am as Day dre who frame it stly caught by our professors about travelling etcetera etcetera, mo have a different perspective to se tho all article may make s Thi . e itiv ent pos abs a e lly hav nta do me s ent and t day dream ntifically its been proven tha scie and y call hni Tec . ing am daydre ts some good news). effect on our brain (wow tha te more precisely defined as a sta familiar to one and all is g erin on and ng d-w goi min is or at wh ing to am Daydre ual are unrelated are experienced by an individ next, of mind where thoughts that in flits from one thought to the bra the , When wandering m. the und aro nt me iron env in the ughts and feelings. generating images, voices, tho rs, although to one-half of our waking hou ird -th one for am dre day we ly boost Psychologists estimate that that daydreaming can actual few minutes. Ironic but true a y onl s s allow last am am dre dre day t, day le bes a sing lly.At their almost everyone does natura ing eth som kind off its its s, so Plu e, ty. sibl tivi pos produc arent in the hard cold light of reality, ich, wh s litie sibi pos of ge ran you a ce or princess . living a fantasy of being a prin mind wandering are of Some of the positive effects ich a break, a mini-vacation in wh ing allows your mind to take am dre iety day , anx tion ling dita trol me con Like for . Relax very useful and return refreshed. Its also to release tension and anxiety t is about which college you tha re futu the t youre afraid of tha le, mp exa attendfor , Say s. bia and pho the various steps involved like sing ear reh lly nta me By k. wor ps to prepare may join or where you may college you want etc. This hel the from er lett e anc ept acc ing an interview, getting an during rejection. ones mental condition even curb -- or visualization -- used to d of organized daydreaming kin e sam you As The t. e. tap flic the con g e din Manag it rewin conflicts. Psychotherapist call al son g per din for pon ful res use e gin also is ima anxiety back and you had with someone, you go ent um in arg beg an ll d you min r and you e, in tim review ntly each a few times, responding differe this Try you . ps did hel you lly n rea tha e rcis ntly differe re. This exe ling with the person in the futu to figure out better ways of dea reactions, avoid your many of awkward youre trying to am about scenarios in which dre day you en Wh . ues val w Cement your beliefs and also in a sense getting to kno you believe in strongly, you are ing eth som of e eon som ce convin for better. yourself and what you stand ible. ams is that nothing is imposs goals. The beauty of daydre e iev to ach wn and sho y n vit bee ati has cre ich Boost ation, wh use this same kind of visualiz ers form can s per lete and ath s ic lete mp ath Oly ic en Olymp does. Wh that actual physical practice way the in e anc form per ir the help do why cant we ???? guards, often factory workers and security like s, job us ono not mo h wit Relieve boredom. People them through the day. ir minds stimulated and to get the p kee to ing am dre day use negatives. As still there are some potential but nts poi e itiv pos of ds loa Though day dreaming has tration. y and may cause lack of concen w our it can hinder day to day activit but not in class as we all kno n atio gin ima new world of our a into off der wan lets nds So frie and pathways. world of structures, chemicals professors introduce us to a IVth year , RYA WA - N.AISH

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nthia is the The synthetic biological cell Sy is not a livent par ose first living organism wh ing thing but a computer.

Some migra tory birds hav e a magnet compass in ic their body (a sense called Magnetorece ption) to hel p them navig using Earths ate magnetic fiel d.

Humans share 60% of DNA with a ban


The Horsesh oe crab has blue blood.

human The jaw is the strongest muscle in the body in terms of exerting force.

The little Ala skan Wood Fr og is capable of reviving it self back to normal life af staying com ter pletely froze n for months, during which its heart, bra in and other organs stop functioning.

a few minAn adult Mayflys life is as short as year. utes, but its body hatches for about a

When the qu een of a clow nfish school dies, a male clownfish ch an ges its gend to become fe er male and take s her place.

The tiny Wat er Bear (Tard igrade) can vive environ surments extrem e enough to any other an kill im al rt sho - with temper than low as -273C atures as The nails on long fingers grow faster cl o se to Absolu es faster as high as te Zero to 151C. fingers; and fingernails grow four tim

than toenails.


H, IInd year.

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Restriction Enzyme Gel Electrophoresis PCR Genome

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Word Bank
taq Polymerase Genetic Engineering Recombinant DNA Human Genome Project DNA Fingerprint Transgenic Animal RFLP Analysis Plasmid

DNA Ligase Forensics Gene Therapy RNA Polymerase

1. Branch of science that collects and studies crime scene evidence 3. A circle of DNA taken from a bacterium and used to store genes of interest 4. Examination of DNA bands left behind on a fingerprint 6. A picture of DNA banding; each individuals DNA pattern is different 8. Manipulation of DNA for practical purposes 13. Project that focused on study and sequencing of the human genome 15. An organism containing DNA from two different sources

2. Enzyme that recognizes a DNA base sequence and cuts the DNA 5. Process that uses an electrical current to separate DNA fragments 7.Enzyme that bonds DNA bases during PCR 9.Treatment of genetic diseases with healthy DNA 10. Enzyme that glues DNA fragments together 11. DNA combined from two different sources 12. A technique that artificially simulates conditions for DNA replication 14. Enzyme used to make RNA during transcription

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