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Future Group is India's leading retail company operating businesses in three sectors: Retail, Allied Services and Finance.

It was founded on a simple idea: Rewrite rules, retain values. This fundamental belief
created a new kind of marketplace, forever transforming Indian retail. Today their core values continue to guide how they do business and improve the quality of life of the people they serve. It has about 35,000

direct employees and more than 1,50,000 are indirectly employed. The corporate structure has been established to infuse pace and flexibility in decision-making and implementation, with empowered managers across their group operations. Future Group is committed to being a catalyst of positive change in the communities, societies and business sectors in which they operate. It envisions Indias transformation into a super-power, taking wings to reach greater heights. Future Group takes pride in their Indianness. Their belief in inclusiveness for long-term sustainable growth and economic prosperity evokes trust among consumers, employees, suppliers, partners, shareholders and the community.


Customers and stakeholders shall be served only by creating and executing future scenarios in the consumption space leading to economic development. Be the trendsetters in evolving delivery formats, creating retail realty, making consumption affordable for all customer segments for classes and for masses. Infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed ambition. Be efficient, cost- conscious and committed to quality in whatever we do. Ensure that their positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us successful.


Indianness: Confidence in theirselves. Leadership: To be a leader, both in thought and business. Respect & Humility: To respect every individual and be humble in their conduct. Introspection: Leading to purposeful thinking. Openness: To be open and receptive to new ideas, knowledge and information. Valuing and Nurturing Relationships: To build long term relationships. Simplicity & Positivity: Simplicity and positivity in their thought, business and action. Adaptability: To be flexible and adaptable, to meet challenges. Flow: To respect and understand the universal laws of nature. With a growth strategy tempered with localization and an inclusive business model, Future Group is the only pure play local retailer poised to lead Indias consumption story with sustainable value creation.

Its multi-format retail strategy captures almost the entire consumption basket of Indian customers. As modern retail drives new demand, efficiency and consumption in new categories, its strategy is based on its deep understanding of Indian consumers. Future Group understands the varied buying behaviour of the Indian consumer across regional ethnicities and are constantly innovating to craft strategies that address the subtle differences. Future Group's strategy is aimed at achieving inclusive, sustained and profitable growth with three levers: Customer-orientation - The bottom line in each of their retail success stories is "know their customer". Insights into the soul of Indian consumers - how they operate, think, dream and line - helps us innovate and create differentiating functionally. Continuous-innovation - As India's largest retailer, we understand the importance of innovation. We rethink strategies and realign businesses with increasing agility to provide diverse customer groups with refreshingly different retail experiences. Collaborative transformation- Creating a collaborative environment combining their strengths with their suppliers and vendors helps them create immense value for their customers.

Future Group believes that modern Indian retail rests on the strength of two pillars scale and efficiencies. As front-runners in both areas, it firmly believes its core responsibility lies in providing protection to customers from the overall rate of inflation. While the scale and size of its operations helps the group improve efficiencies, the group also ensures it delivers greater value to its customers. Their retail thrust is focussed on four principal verticals of Food, Fashion, General Merchandise and Home. The four categories together account for nearly 65% of the consumption in the country and represent mass consumer aspirations. Acknowledging this, Future group is creating retail pure play through divestment and demerger of non-retail businesses to concentrate its efforts on these verticals.