Is a One World Government plausible?

When the United Nations published Our Global Neighbourhood in 1995 funded by the Commission on Global Governance headed by a clique of powerful private interests from Maurice Strong to the Rockefellers. The report caused a lot of controversy because it ignited the whole, “One World Government New World Order”, “conspiracy theory” by those who are alleged, “paranoid.” Since then, the idea of One World Government has not gained as much attention as it did. Six years later, when September 11, 2001 transpired in the City of New York and the Pentagon, the idea of a, “New World Order” was once again accelerated and pushed forward by its advocates. Those, “advocates” include the powerful, bipartisan, omnipresent, and omniscient Council on Foreign Relations, during a, “debate” the next day, when Gary Hart stated that it would be a good idea for George Bush Junior to carry out his father’s statement of a, “New World Order.” In simple English, take advantage of the crisis, become a dominant imperial force worldwide, and crush any dissidents. Once again, the idea of, “World Government” to deal with a, “global crisis” did not seem too bad for those too naïve and gullible to see the overall pattern of things in politics. My argument is that not only is World Government plausible, it is coming very fast, and unless the populace wake up from their dreary, nine to five, “careers” and start thinking about the implications and intentions of these New World Order proponents and their, “plan” there will not be a world to live in where people can be free much longer. Firstly, though, I must do a history lesson of where the idea of a One World Government comes from. After the manipulated conflicts of World War One were over, the League of Nations was formed as a, “test” for World Government, and the first attempt by the elites of the planet to take over the world. They tried to do this initializing the destabilization and chaos of the Middle East (Israeli-Palestinian conflict) by the signing of the Balfour Declaration. Who are “they?” “They” are the Global Elite. The Global Elite are 13 key families (mostly Jewish, allegedly). They include the powerful Rothschild’s, who founded the Bank of England, a private for-profit banking corporation much like the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. The Elite includes as well the Rockefellers, the Reynolds, the Kennedys, the Merovingian’s (European Black Nobility, includes the infamous House of Windsor who are originally GERMAN). Each of the 13 key bloodlines play a role in this New World Order One World Government (from now on abbreviated as N.W.O O.W.G). All of this information can be found throughout the internet. “They” also includes the world’s most powerful secret societies: The Freemasons, many of the United States Presidents were and are Masons. Many of them are also related to each other and many other European royalties, especially George W. Bush whom is related to almost every single monarch in Europe on and off the throne, as well as almost all of the former Presidents of the United States, and especially of importance is that Bush Junior is the 13th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Elections are frauds. Elections are based on blood, not ballot. Ballot is just another theatrical, “show” of a supposed, “democracy” in action. America, like the tightening grips of the European Union are no more free than serfs serving their feudal masters, blissfully unaware of their self-inflicted slavery. World domination is the goal of all the world’s most corrupt and subversive secret societies. They control the media, education, entertainment, politics, religion, academia, military, corporations, banking, and investment, and the major industries. The most notable of all secret societies is the infamous Masons who once led the French Revolution and the American Revolution, and are responsible for every single act of horror, war, terror, atrocity, mass genocide, destruction, revolution, and artificial poverty inflicted on the planet. Just look up Juri Lina and his books for more detail: Under the Sign of the Scorpion and Architects of Deception.

After the deliberate instructed failure of the League of Nations, the Great Depression was precisely calculated to bring Hitler to power in the Weimar Republic. Roosevelt, Hitler, and the powers of Communism came into full swing in 1933. Stalinist Russia after the infamous Bolshevik Revolution paved the way for World War II, as this is the struggle between supposedly, “opposite” sides, when in actuality they are both one. Both fascism in Nazi Germany and communism in Stalinist Russia were paid for by the Wall Street bankers. More can be read in Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Anthony C. Sutton. The more discrete and incremental (more sinister, seductive, subtle, subliminal) Fabian Socialist in London and the City of London knew better, but the Second World War was designed to accelerate the process of World Government since it would pressure more world leaders into the idea that, “sovereignty” must be done away with. The League of Nations was made to fail because of its deliberate stalling when Italy invaded Ethopia, and the League did nothing. From then on, the League was failing very much as the idea of , “collective security” was apparently, never enforced and never really used. The United States refused to participate, being the main reason for its failures, but I believe that the policy was deliberate, as it permitted the League to fail and to create a bigger and more powerful organization: the United Nations. It was during this inter-war period that many things happened that affected the future outcome of the world after World War II: the birth of the Council on Foreign Relations; the realization that America is bankrupt in 1933 (1913 being the year of the founding of the Federal Reserve) when Federal Reserve Notes were formally recognised in the United States after 137 years of financial freedom by Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Lenin’s exile from Soviet Russia, and Stalin’s rise to power; and the death of the Russian Royal Family, the Romanovs. Each of these major events were the catalysts for World War II. It was also during this time that Germany was beginning to secretly re-arm and recruit, and the infamous, humiliating Treaty of Versailles was torn to shreds by the British through their policy of appeasing Hitler (part of the game plan as decided by the ruling class). Hitler was allowed to take over Czechoslovakia, annexed Austria, and eventually invaded Poland before the end of 1939. World War II began on September 6, 1939. The war ended in 1945 on September 8. Six years of intense fighting led to the bombings of innocent civilians by both Hitler and his Axis o, “Evil” and the, “Allies.” Both sides were responsible for War Crimes that would make Israel look like an amateur. The bombings and especially the nuclear bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima on Japan in August 6, 1945 killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Even the Allies were involved in torture of enemy, “combatants.” The Holocaust propaganda came into being only once the United State entered the war, near the war’s end. The Holocaust, as I would explain in another essay, is an over exaggeration, a tool that has been exploited no better than by the Israeli and American Christian Zionists. This is significant because the further deepening of the Middle East crisis is the next and final state for the New World Order One World Government. A religious war is in the planning for World War III. When the War ended, there were no surprises, as in, I, a conspiracy researcher was not surprised by the plan of the Elites in the post-war era. Immediately after the war, the United Nations was born, and its main headquarters were placed in New York City on a graveyard, land that was donated by Rockefellers. The European Steel and Coal Community was formed, the precursor the Council of Europe, then the modern European Union. Those may be the news…but what was not in the news in the post-war era was the formation of the secretive Bilderberg Group, founded by Retinger and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Both were and still are advocates of World Government, and are friends with the powerful Rockefellers. During the Cold War era, and beyond the Bilderberg Group, which holds

no website, and has maximum security during its secretive two to three day conferences at five star resorts and hotels with Private Security and Intelligence agencies from the United States, Britain, Israel, and France and other major countries, this closely knit group of 130 or so individuals would meet up every year to decide policy. Bilderberg is named after the first hotel the group of elites met up for the first time in 1954. Its members include heads of state, royalty, banking, finance, industry, media, military, education, and even religion. It is a club for the elite. Considering the high degree of security and paranoia by the elites these days when people protest outside their meeting places, you can only wonder why the conspiracies exist. The logic works like this: if people are meeting in secret to discuss things, and are using private security and intelligence as well as military people to protect them and they refuse to publish anything whatsoever, one then does have a very good reason to get suspicious, even paranoid about this kind of situation. Especially when you have the world’ most powerful people discussing issues behind closed-doors, and are breaking every international law on the planet. It is against United States law to have international leaders, private interests and powerful tycoons meet up behind closed doors, because it violates the people’s right to know and to hold their, “leaders” accountable. During the years between 1945 and 1990, over 50 wars or more have been waged across the fragile blue planet. During that same period, America was responsible for the deaths of over at last 10 million people throughout the planet from Cambodia to Chile to East Timor and Nicaragua. The Anglo-American terror machine is far more formidable and devastating than Hitler’s Nazi Party. American state-terror is far more effective and destructive than Stalin’s Russia. After all, the goal of world domination is not a new idea. Remember Rome, Greece, Persia and Babylon. Remember the Portuguese, Spaniards, British, and now, the Americans. Every great power had strived for empire, whether purposely or not. Today, the goal to establish One World Government is carried out through the global, “war on terrorism” led by the United States. On other fronts, the global financial crisis also gradually eases the population into accepting, “World Government.” There are many articles written by reputable scholars and academia who calls for One World Government based on tyranny and an oligarchy of the ruling elites with the science of death as the primary form of coercion. Finally, the supposed threat of, “man-caused-Global-Warming” also brainwashes the masses into thinking that humanity is the cause of everything wrong with the world, even though there is not a single shred of actual scientific, empirical proof or strong enough evidence to convince me, personally that Global Warming is actually happening, or, if it is, caused by mankind. Besides, climate always changes. We are not responsible for global warming, anymore than we are responsible for the death of the dinosaurs. Get over it humans. We are not all self-important. Find your True Selves, and let go of this False Ego that we supposedly embrace. I learnt this from Kymatica, by Talismanicidols on Google Videos. It is a great documentary that explains and emphasizes how we let our False Ego overpower us and our True Selves from actualization and illumination. This relates to this New World Order subject because each of the major world events are projections of this False Egos desire for crisis and alertness. We need to grow up, not be ready to bomb the next nation that is not responsible for us bombing ourselves. One World Government, the New World Order is plausible, and it is in the planning processes and it is near its final stages. It is a matter of time before World War III is declared and enough, “False Crises” emerge that will brainwash the ignorant population into accepting the New World Order. We had better wake up from this illusion of, “liberty” before we become slaves to this System ruled by Elites. Discover Your Self…and Free Your Mind. We can stop it. Now.

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